Fox News Host Fires Back at Bill Kristol

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson unloaded on Weekly Standard editor-at-large Bill Kristol on Wednesday after Kristol falsely accused Carlson of “rationalizing slavery.”

Carlson, who once worked with Kristol at the Weekly Standard, said Kristol’s remark was “libel, but also really stupid.” It went downhill from there for Kristol.

“Last night at the top of the show, we addressed the removal of Civil War monuments from public places around the country. We made the point that the sudden outrage isn’t entirely about slavery, horrifying as slavery is. It’s also part of a larger effort on the left to discredit the Founders of this country and the beliefs they enshrined in law,” Carlson explained.

“Once you believe that any figure in history who once owned slaves is illegitimate and should be erased, it’s hard to take our founding documents very seriously. How can you accept a Bill of Rights when it was written by slave owners? You can’t. Which is why so many on the left don’t — and ignore the First and Second Amendments, among many others. That was the point we were trying to make. You may disagree but it didn’t seem crazy or mean spirited.”
 Source: Daily Caller
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