Former Presidential Candidate Dies

  • 2019-02-13
  • Source: AAN
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Former Presidential Candidate Dies
Lyndon LaRouche's political organization confirmed the onetime Marxist-turned-conservative conspiracy theorist, who ran for president eight times – including once from prison – has died.

He was 96.

NBC News' Alex Johnson reports:

The group, LaRouche PAC, didn't report a cause of death in an announcement that trumpeted the "big ideas for which history will honor him."

He certainly had big ideas.

LaRouche, who had been a Marxist but evolved into a hard-right conservative, was one of the great odd characters of American political life during the second half of the 20th century, inspiring a following of "LaRouchies" who tirelessly picketed political rallies of all stripes demanding that their leader's claims be heard.

In addition to his thoughts about the United Kingdom and its queen, LaRouche espoused other bizarre theories that managed to encompass extreme elements of both the left and the right, including that:

  • Jews have a monopoly on the pornography trade, and that the Holocaust, which claimed some six million lives, was a hoax.
  • Only the threat of military coups has kept presidents from starting nuclear war.
  • Certain members of President George W. Bush's cabinet were "children of Satan."
 Source: AAN
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