Federal Judge Blocks California’s Latest Gun Grab

A Federal district judge has blocked a ban on so-called “high capacity” magazines from going into effect on Saturday. Californians approved the ban as a part of Proposition 63 which also mandated background checks for ammunition.
U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez issued the preliminary injunction that found the law was likely unconstitutional. Benitez reasoned that it was unconstitutional because it did not allow gun owners to use firearms that used, “whatever common magazine size he or she judges best suits the situation.” according to the Sacramento Bee. The law forbid Californians from possessing any magazines that contain more than 10 bullets.
“The State of California’s desire to criminalize simple possession of a firearm magazine able to hold more than 10 rounds is precisely the type of policy choice that the Constitution takes off the table,” the injection also read according to the Sacramento Bee.
The lawsuit was brought by the National Rifle Association’s affiliate, the California Rifle & Pistol Association.
The sale of “high-capacity” magazines has been outlawed in California since 2000. However, those who had the magazines before the ban went into effect were allowed to keep their magazines. Gun rights advocates believe that there could be hundreds of thousands of those type of magazines in California homes.
Before the court injunction, Californians had several options on getting rid of magazines. They could take those magazines out of state. They could sell them to licensed gun dealers. The magazines also could be destroyed, permanently altered to be accept 10 rounds, or turned into law enforcement.
For what it’s worth, pro-gun California sheriffs were not exactly lining up to enforce the new ban. “We’re not going to be knocking on anybody’s door looking for them,” Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said. “We’re essentially making law-abiding citizens into criminals with this new law.”
It’s always a good day whenever a judge tosses out one of California’s anti-freedom laws. This particular law not only made criminals out of law-abiding citizens, but it also makes them less safe. When facing multiple criminals such as in a gang home invasion, it’s good to have a high-capacity magazine weapon.
Cases like this are why pro-gun presidents and judges are important. They act as a firewall to whatever lunacy the anti-gun left comes up with.
 Source: American Action News
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