FBI Helps ISIS Recruit Get DOJ Job

  • 2019-02-22
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FBI Helps ISIS Recruit Get DOJ Job
By FBI - FBI, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=58929827
With the territorial collapse of the Islam State's caliphate, the United States and European democracies are left grappling with what to do with Western ISIS recruits now in the custody of American-led coalition forces.

An instance involving the FBI – then under the direction of James Comey – welcoming back a young American named Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya should serve as an example of how to probably not handle these cases.

Bhuiya became seduced by ISIS while attending elite Columbia University. (PJ Media)

Bhuiya was charged with material support for terrorism upon his return and faced 25 years in prison, but a federal judge last June sentenced him to supervised release with no jail time thanks to the intervention and recommendation of his Justice Department co-workers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he now works with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Brooklyn.

Bhuiya's return helped the FBI under Comey to clear up a case they had previously botched.

According to the criminal complaint against Bhuiya, he had been approached on June 5, 2014, by FBI agents who had been monitoring his interactions online and were concerned he might try to leave the U.S. to join ISIS. He later explained that he had been radicalized by a "Muslims in Diaspora" course he had taken at Columbia University.

One week after the FBI visited him, Bhuiya boarded a plane to Turkey where he crossed the border into Syria.

The same day Bhuiya left, ISIS terrorists massacred at least 1,556 unarmed Iraqi Air Force cadets in a brazen attack at a base in Tikrit.
 Source: AAN
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