Fast Food Employee Shouts 'F*** the Police' at Cop. It Doesn't End Well.

NORMAL, Ill. - A McDonald's employee is fired after making a controversial statement.

A state trooper went through the drive-thru on Monday, at Normals N. Main Street location. She was confronted by an employee who used an expletive saying, "F the police." The McDonald owners heard about the situation and swiftly fired the employee.

"We were appalled. And we wanted to take swift and immediate action, and we did." said Mikel Petro, McDonalds Co-Owner & Operator. "Of course we can't control the thoughts or feelings of our employees, but we can definitely control the experiences that our customers have, and for a customer to have the experience that she says she did, is absolutely unacceptable."

Petro said he and McDonalds support the men and women in blue.
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