Ex-RINO Dumps $80M to Buy the House for Dems

  • 2018-06-21
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Ex-RINO Dumps $80M to Buy the House for Dems
Good news for the gun-free zones, abortion-on-demand party.

Former Republican In Name Only-turned-Independent Mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, who can never muster enough support to find a path to the White House has found an outlet for his statist agenda while satisfying his aspirations: Make it rain dolla dolla bills on congressional Democrats in the hopes of retaking the House this November.

Doing so would deal a huge blow to President Trump and possibly right-wing populism. It's a stretch to imagine what might happen beyond that, but given Bloomberg's ego, it's likely he'd try to sell his brand of fiscally responsible (lol), socially liberal policies to lukewarm GOP suburbanites concerned that Trumpism is going down in flames. (Hot Air)

The new alliance between Mr. Bloomberg, 76, and congressional Democrats marks a fresh stage in the former mayor’s political evolution. After moving freely between elite circles in both parties for years, Mr. Bloomberg is now poised to become one of the Democrats’ most important benefactors: His spending on House campaigns appears likely to exceed the involvement of donors like Sheldon Adelson, the Republican casino billionaire who recently donated $30 million to a “super PAC” aligned with Speaker Paul D. Ryan, and Tom Steyer, the liberal hedge-fund investor spending tens of millions of dollars on voter-turnout programs and television ads demanding Mr. Trump’s impeachment…

In a sign of Mr. Bloomberg’s deep alienation from the Republican Party, he has recently told associates that if he were to run for president in 2020, he would likely do so as a Democrat, according to people who have spoken with him directly.

Of course, if Bloomberg were to run for president, he'd be 78-years-old and saddled with enough baggage to make Hillary Clinton blush.
 Source: AAN
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