Enough is Enough: This Country is Fighting Back Against the Refugeehad

  • 01/03/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

Italians have had enough of the refugeehad, and they're finally fighting back. Under its previous leadership, Italy accepted thousands of migrants. Amid growing incidents of refugee violence, Italy's new leadership is standing up for Italians:

A two-page directive has reportedly been sent out to police stations across Italy ordering officers to increase efforts to deport economic migrants.

The document was drafted by chief of police Franco Gabrielli and part-published in Italian newspaper Courier della Sera.

Indicating fear of terror in Europe, the notice says the change is important to battle “a growing migratory pressure and an international context marked by instability and threats”.

Italy will open 16 detention centres for migrants under new rules where those detained will stay until deportation can be arranged.

This is a common sense step. We hope more European nations follow suit. Thousands of migrants enter these nations unvetted, and, as in the case of the Christmas Market Bomber, those who are deemed to constitute a threat and face deportation are never actually deported. 

 Source: AAN
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