Democrats Are Opposed To Democracy

  • 08/03/2017
  • Source: Town Hall
  • by: Kurt Schlichter
Democrats Are Opposed To Democracy
Yeah, we’re a republic, but we also have democratic rules, norms, and traditions. Too bad the Democratic Party doesn’t believe in them.

Case in point – their bizarre embrace of illegal aliens. Democrats seem to think that foreigners who violate our laws have a greater right to determine what will be America's laws than actual Americans. After all, that's their argument when they whine because some illegal is getting shipped back to his Third World hellhole-of-origin. They seem to think that just because some uninvited, unwanted, unlegal trespasser (we’re not supposed to call them “illegal,” right?) has been violating our laws for an exceptionally long period of time makes his offense less offensive. Huh? That’s like saying getting slugged in the gut once is a no-no, but being pounded in the pancreas a couple dozen times is cool.

We citizens expressed what we wanted through our representatives – remember that “I’m Just a Bill” cartoon? We didn’t want people we didn’t invite in to be in. But apparently what we want – and what our elected representatives enacted into law and the president signed – doesn’t count because the people who blew off our laws, who disrespected us and our country by sneaking in, want something else. And the Democrats side with them against Americans.

Nice. They should be open about it and run on it. Let me help with a slogan for 2018: “The Democrats: What you want doesn’t matter. What the guy who snuck in here from Guatemala wants does.”
 Source: Town Hall
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