Dem Congressman: Blackface is Okay If You're Liberal

  • 2019-02-18
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
We all knew it, but Virginia Democrat Congressman Don Beyer is shameless enough to say it.

Democrats don’t consider blackface to be racist if the offender is liberal.

Beyer appeared on CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday morning to discuss admissions by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring they wore blackface costumes in college in the early 1980s, and why he only thinks one should resign over it.

A former Lieutenant Governor, Beyer called on Northam to resign and hand the office to either the reliably liberal Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, who faces two credible accusations of rape, or to a liberal Northam would appoint Lieutenant Govenor if Fairfax were to resign or be impeached.

According to Beyer, Northam’s appearance in blackface disqualifies him from holding office despite the fact Northam has responded to it by embarking on a “reconciliation tour” with black leaders and citizens

But Beyer doesn’t feel the same about Attorney General Mark Herring who also admitted to wearing blackface in college in the early 1980s.

Making matters worse, Herring demanded Northam’s resignation before admitting he did the same thing and hasn’t gone on a “reconciliation tour.”

When asked by host Margaret Brennan if Beyer’s conflicting positions are merely for “cynical” gain, Beyer admitted -- yes.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You know Attorney General Herring who you just brought up also admitted to having worn blackface at one point. If he resigns, the next in line is a Republican.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Cynics would look at this and say the calculus to not be as harsh on the attorney general is influenced by that.

REP. BEYER: Yeah but I don't think that's actually true. There- there are cynics who say this is about the next election. But I think it's much more about values. We would move from a progressive, very strong attorney general to someone, who is not just a Republican, but someone who is on the arch-conservative end of it. So the way our laws would be administered Virginia would be completely different.

So according to Beyer, blackface isn’t racist if you’re liberal.

Not only does Beyer hold two different positions on blackface, he went from denying it was motivated by politics to admitting it was motivated by politics in the very next sentence.

In fact, the only Democrat who appears will lose his job over a series of scandals set off by a blackface photo is Virginia’s only statewide elected black official -- Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, who’s been credibly accused of two rapes.

Beyer, who defended and supported white Democrats credibly accused of rape in Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, is not offering the same to Fairfax.

“I believe both women,” Beyer told Brennan. “I see no reason why they would come forward. They have nothing to gain. There is no lawsuit. There's no money involved. These were all documented some years back. It wasn't created overnight and I believe the women and I think if you believe the women we have no- no call but to call for his resignation. No choice.”

Beyer publicly opposed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over completely unsubstantiated sexual assault claims that don’t meet the standards he laid out in the “Face The Nation” interview.

This may not be the last time Beyer, who got into office by virtue of a vast fortune he inherited from his father, has a hard time connecting on racial issues or openly admitting to political greed.
 Source: AAN
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