Crazy Feminist Makes Nutty Claim About Men, Including Her Sons

Crazy Feminist Makes Nutty Claim About Men, Including Her Sons
By Anton Bielousov (Own work: Slutwalk (Toronto, ON))
You know my mom is a liberal, a Democrat, and a feminist and she didn’t turn out to be this unhinged lady. Earlier this month, Jody Allard penned an essay where she’s said she’s had it: Men are unsafe and that includes her sons. Well, that’s some comforting parenting advice right there; your mom thinks you’re some sort of monster in waiting. If there’s any reason why feminism isn’t looked upon positively, even among women, it’s because of this unadulterated crap. The irony is that the vast majority believe in equality of the sexes. Now, that’s a mainstream concept. Yet, like Hillary Clinton, writing off half the country as deplorable because they support Donald Trump, you’re going to find the same messaging issues with this equality issue when you think half of the human population are unsafe—whatever that means. If this name doesn’t sound familiar, Allard penned an op-ed in The Washington Post, where she said, again, that her sons are blind to rape culture. The whole essay is, well, rather something if you hadn’t guessed:

Are you kidding me lady? Most men don’t rape, or are rapists-in-waiting, or overall monsters. It’s also weird how rape and political affiliation were combined, as if progressive men are not capable of such horrid violence. Everyone is capable of this—the world is imperfect. She goes on about loving her sons, but could you imagine being subjected to this drivel every day. 

“Son, I love you, but you’re just a monster in waiting.” Yeah, we have the winner of the mom of the year award—Good Lord. 

All I can say is that my mom, the liberal feminist, told me about respecting women without going into an acid-riddled Margaret Atwood crap fest like what’s published above. I was smothered with love once I arrived off the plane from South Korea, so much so that one of my mom’s regrets is that she wished she had let me play with my toys as a baby a little more. I don’t really remember, but it’s because she wanted to hold me all the time. My father, brother, and uncles reinforced what my mom told me, while the women in the Vespa clan are, well, people you don’t want to trifle with—they’re independent, strong, and—pardon the expression, but they will rip you a new a**hole if you get in their way. Everyone’s family is different. I know some aren’t as lucky as I am—but I think we can all agree that telling some members of your family 'I don’t feel safe around you because of your gender' is nonsensical.
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