Court Strikes a Major Blow Against Voter Fraud

  • 2016-12-20
  • Source: AAN
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This is good news for all of those who want to combat voter fraud. As the Washington Post details:

A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld Virginia’s voting rules requiring residents to present photo identification to cast ballots.

The 3-to-0 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit comes only months after a different panel of judges in the Richmond-based court threw out North Carolina’s far-reaching election restrictions, finding its state legislators had intentionally made it harder for minorities to vote.

In the Virginia case, the appeals court sided with attorneys for Virginia election officials who said the state’s requirement for in-person­ voting is far more flexible than election measures in other states and was not designed to discriminate.

“Not only does the substance of SB 1256 not impose an undue burden on minority voting, there was no evidence to suggest racially discriminatory intent in the law’s enactment,” the panel ruled.

This is new. In the past, voter ID laws were struck down for being too restrictive. The difference? A common sense innovation that Republicans clamoring for voter ID have been ignoring for forever: FREE VOTER IDs. What a concept!

As Townhall's Guy Benson, who has wrote extensively on the subject notes, voter ID laws are hated by the left, but they enjoy bipartisan support among voters, and they're important:

Voter ID laws aren't a silver bullet to stop all fraud, obviously, and elements of some legislation sometimes push too far in ways that deserve scrutiny.  But in general, they represent a reasonable and sensible safeguard against illegal voting, and claims of discriminatory and disparate racial impact are overblown. The Left's effective pro-fraud stance is both wildly unpopular and wrong.  This is a worthwhile and winnable political fight to wage -- and if the courts overreach on this front by flouting clear  Supreme Court precedent, they should be criticized harshly.  Pointing to robed lawyers overturning overwhelmingly-supported voter integrity laws is a fairly straightforward method of illustrating and attacking judicial activism.  

 Source: AAN
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