Could Obama Be Indicted For Election Meddling?

  • 2018-08-10
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Talk radio legend Mark Levin made a salient point earlier this week emphasizing the Left's hypocrisy. (

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Thursday, host Mark Levin said that if the Israeli government had their own Special Counsel, a Robert Mueller, they could’ve indicted then President Barack Obama and then Secretary of State John Kerry for election meddling.

“Now if the Israeli prosecutors had, or the Israeli government had, a Robert Mueller, I suppose they could’ve indicted Obama and John Kerry and a whole load of Obama officials for interfering with their election,” stated Mark Levin. “Would anybody have had a problem with that?”

Levin’s comments came in response to a report from The Washington Times detailing the Obama administrations meddling in the Israeli election.

 Source: AAN
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