Conservative Heritage Foundation Gives Trump Higher Marks Than Reagan

Conservative Heritage Foundation Gives Trump Higher Marks Than Reagan
President Trump Signs Executive Order with his staff & advisors (Photo By Office of the President of the United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)
President Trump entered the Oval Office as a populist question mark. But after a year, the conservative Heritage Foundation now trumpets that Trump has a more conservative track record than Ronald Reagan at least according to their standards.

Trump adopted two-thirds, or about 64 percent, of the Heritage agenda, meaning that the administration copied and pasted 334 of the think tank’s unique policy proposals. By comparison, the New York Times reports, Reagan adopted just 49 percent of the Heritage agenda making 2017 a banner year for Heritage.

That was always the plan. When other conservatives kept their distance, Heritage welcomed Trump with open arms. He needed a detailed agenda and they had a stockpile of policy proposals ready to roll. And so, in the absence of his own ideas, the ideological wildcard of an executive adopted the ideas of the biggest conservative think tank in Washington.

While Congress was grinding out tax reform, Trump was picking up his pen and his phone and Trump was leaving the Paris Climate Accord and reinstating the Mexico City Policy and ending Net Neutrality. Heritage has a more complete list of all the achievements on their website.
 Source: Washington Examiner
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