Comey's Testimony Completely Free of Substance

Comey's Testimony Completely Free of Substance
It seems like everyone in Washington is expecting something big to happen today. Happy hours at local bars are even starting seven hours earlier than normal just to host Comey watch parties. There has not been this much excitement in D.C. since, well, Election Day.

Just like on Election Day, however, there will surely be disappointment with the results.

Many critics of President Trump are not only asking themselves, but fully expecting that James Comey’s Senate testimony will finally take down the Donald Trump White House. Some are even sensing the smell of impeachment in the air. Even with the axe he must have to grind, that’s a tall order, even for the 6’ 8” former FBI director.

As expectations are running high, nothing is being done to calm them. The cable shows have their countdown clocks building anticipation, the national networks will sacrifice millions in ad revenue to take the hearing live, and every pundit with an opinion is lining up to explain how this is the biggest thing since Watergate, Iran-Contra, or even the Army-McCarthy hearings.
 Source: The Hill
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