CNN Host Admits Media Went Easy On Obama

CNN Host Admits Media Went Easy On Obama
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In a shocking twist of events, CNN anchor Jake Tapper - who has rarely pulled punches on the Trump Administration - admitted to Rolling Stone that President Obama wasn't the paragon of honesty he's made out to be by the media.

Admist softball questions about how Tapper feels about being lampooned by Saturday Night Liveand whether he thinks Kellyanne Conway was wrong to do a 25- minute straight interview right at the beginning of Trump's Presidency, Tapper gives a refreshing perspective on how journalists have covered the Trump Administration as compared to that of President Obama.

Spoiler alert: he believes they were egregiously uncritical of Obama.

A lot of people on the left didn't like it before, and now they like it. I don't want to compare President Obama and President Trump on these issues because they're different and the scale isn't even remotely the same. But President Obama said things that weren't true and got away with it more for a variety of reasons, and one is the media was much more supportive of him.
 Source: Daily Wire
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