Chicago Rings in Memorial Day With Killing Spree

  • 2018-05-29
  • Source: Hot Air
  • by: Jazz Shaw
Chicago Rings in Memorial Day With Killing Spree
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Memorial Day weekend is a time when we traditionally mourn the fallen, but that’s specific to the Honored Dead we have lost in our nation’s various wars and military service. Residents of Chicago unfortunately encountered additional reasons to mourn this weekend, though. A lot of reasons. Eight people were killed and more than two dozen others injured in a spate of violence which was even worse than the same weekend last year. And residents are being left with a lot of questions. (Fox News)

Memorial Day weekend proved even bloodier than last year in Chicago.

At least eight people were killed and 25 others wounded in shootings across the city since midnight Friday, police told WLS. Last year, over the entire weekend of the unofficial start of summer, seven people were killed and 45 others were hurt.

The victims, WLS reported, include China Marie Lyons-Upshaw, who was shot in the chest while playing with a gun; Bobbieana Lyons, 20, a young mother shot and killed on her doorstep while celebrating her 2-year-old’s birthday; and a 31-year-old man shot twice in the chest and once in the head after he got into a fight with another man.

 Source: Hot Air
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