Chelsea Clinton Refuses to Sign Book for Bill’s Rape Accuser

  • 06/07/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Chelsea Clinton says her latest book, “She Persisted,” is a book for everyone. But there’s one person she won’t sign a copy for: Juanita Broaddrick, the Arkansas woman who accused Chelsea’s dad, President Bill Clinton, of rape.

Clinton was in New York signing her latest children’s book, about women who never take no for an answer.

During the book signing, she was approached by conservative journalist Laura Loomer. Loomer asked that Chelsea to sign a copy of “She Persisted” for Loomer’s “friend,” Juanita Broaddrick.

“Because this book’s for everyone, including women who have wanted to speak up but have been told to quiet down, can you sign it for my friend, Juanita Broaddrick, because she’s been silenced by your parents, especially Bill Clinton, who’s a rapist. Can you sign it for her?” Loomis asked.

Chelsea refused to sign the book. All she said to Loomis was a very terse, “Thank you for coming today.”

Broaddrick first accused Bill Clinton of rape in the 1990s, when the then-President was facing down sex scandals with women like Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. She gave a graphic depiction of Clinton, then-Arkansas Attorney General, coming into her hotel room to discuss professional business over a cup of coffee in 1978—and then proceeding to violently rape her.

Even more shockingly, Broaddrick claimed that Hillary Clinton helped cover up the rape. A few weeks after the encounter, Broaddrick said she was approached by Hillary—who thanked her for keeping her mouth shut.

This isn’t the first time a member of Bill Clinton’s family was taken to task of Juanita Broaddrick. During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton said that all rape victims had a “right to be believed”—prompting an audience member ask her whether Broaddrick also had a right to be believed.

Hillary’s response? A woman “should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence.”
 Source: AAN
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