Chelsea Clinton In Big Legal Trouble

  • 07/13/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Chelsea Clinton In Big Legal Trouble
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Did Chelsea Clinton rip off her latest “feminist children’s book?”

Author Christopher James Kimberley seems to think so. Kimberley just filed a lawsuit against Chelsea Clinton and her publisher, claiming that the former First Daughter ripped off his idea when she wrote the children’s book “She Persisted.”

Kimberley is demanding $150,000, plus profits. Clinton’s book is currently number one on the New York Times best-selling children’s book chart.

Kimberley claims that “She Persisted,” which takes its name from an infamous admonishment given to Sen. Elizabeth Warren by Sen. Mitch McConnell, rips off his book, “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys and Girls Smart,” which he wrote 2013.

That book is made up of 15 inspiration stories, along with quotes, from famous women throughout history. Clinton’s book, similarly, includes 13 stories and quotes about historical women. Clinton featured three of the same women from Kimberley’s book.

Kimberley claims that he sent his book to Chelsea’s publisher, Penguin Random House, but never received a reply. He alleges that the publisher saw his book and then ripped it off for Chelsea Clinton.

In April, Kimberley sent a cease and desist letter to both Clinton and her publisher, but despite that, Clinton “persisted”—continuing her book tour.
 Source: AAN
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