Canada Protects Terrorist Who Killed Americans

Canada Protects Terrorist Who Killed Americans
In the late Sixties, I was standing at the U.S.-Mexican border between San Diego and Tijuana with the Mayor of Tijuana, the Governor of Baja California and the Tijuana Police Chief. We were waiting for the California Highway Patrol Association’s 16 bus loads of officers and their wives coming to Mexico for dinner and shopping.

A screaming match began right in front of us at the pedestrian crossing between Mexican border officers and a van load of long-haired Sixties hippies. The Mexicans were blocking the hippies from crossing into Mexico. The hippie leader screamed, “Jesus wouldn’t object to us entering your stupid country!” The Tijuana police chief walked over and calmly told the screaming hippie: “My name is Jesus (heh-soos) and I object.”

Had we been on the U.S. – Canadian border at the same time, the van-load of hippies would have been welcomed for Canada welcomed military draft dodgers and deserters from the Vietnam Era American military. I have never forgiven Canada for stabbing the United States in the back then, or now.

Within the past few days, Canadian politicians and judges have stabbed the U.S. in the back again. They just handed over $8 million (American) dollars to 30 year-old Canadian-born Omar Khadr who spent a decade in the Guantanamo prison in Cuba for terrorist murder and wounding of American soldiers in Afghanistan 15 years ago when he was a 15 year-old enthusiastic Al-Qaeda soldier. Specifically, he was captured after killing one American soldier and blinding another with a grenade.
 Source: The Daily Caller

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