BROKEN Texas Dems Have No Gubernatorial Candidate

BROKEN Texas Dems Have No Gubernatorial Candidate
Well, while Democrats may jump for glee about President Trump’s approval ratings, two things they should know a) they could rebound enough for the GOP to comfortably retain their majority in congress; and b) it really doesn’t matter if the political climate is favorable to you if you have zero candidates to run in those elections. Yes, we’ve all heard the stories about thousands of candidates having interest to run as Democrats next year. How many of them are good, solid candidates? If all they can do is scream “I’m against Trump,” the GOP is going to win—again. The jury is still out, though the Democratic Party seems to heading for a collision course with their geographic wall. In Texas, that’s not even a debate because the Democrats have no one to run against Gov. Greg Abbott next year. Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro is also taking a pass. Meanwhile, Abbott is entering campaign mode, with millions in the war chest. His only threat is if Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick mounts a primary challenge (via Associated Press):


Democratic hopes for something of a state-based comeback drowned with Wendy Davis, who couldn’t break 40 percent of the vote in 2014. They haven’t won a statewide office since 1994. The AP quoted Ms. Davis, who said, “Texas is not a red state. It is a nonvoting blue state.” Well, that would make it a red state, ma’am. Davis was speaking about the high concentrations of Hispanic voters in the state. Also, if Democrats want to keep losing statewide races, take advice from Wendy Davis. 
 Source: Town Hall
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