BREAKING: Officer Killed by Violent Thug

This is tragic. A police officer in Orlando, Florida was shot and killed by a murder suspect, who is now on the loose. Per Townhall:

Earlier this morning, a murder suspect accused of killing his 24-year old pregnant girlfriend shot a police officer in Orlando. There are now reports that the officer has died and that a manhunt is underway for the suspect, Markeith Loyd. The Orlando Sentinel reported that when the officer approached Lloyd, he fired at him:

Shortly before 930 a.m. the Orange County Sheriff's Office reported that a murder suspect, Markeith Loyd, was being sought.It reported that he had shot at a deputy but missed this morning while trying to flee.

Lloyd was being sought because he is accused of murdering his pregnant 24-year-old girlfriend, Sade Dixon, in December.

The Sheriff's Office reported that when he saw the deputy this morning, Loyd fired at the deputy near North Lane and Pine Hills Drive. That gunfire hit the deputy's SUV but not the deputy.

Loyd then carjacked a vehicle and fled, the Sheriff’s Office reported. He then abandoned that vehicle near Rosemont and Cinderlane Parkway, a location where officers and deputies concentrated their search.

Loyd is accused of killing Dixon on Dec. 13 and wounding her 26-year-old brother, Ronald Steward. They were shot at a home on Long Peak Drive.

The suspect remains at large. 

The victim, Master Sgt. Deborah Clayton:


The Orlando Police are not approaching this lightly. They released the following statement:

We wish them luck, and we stand with the men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.
 Source: American Action News
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