BREAKING: Islamic Radicals Shut Down Streets in this Major City

  • 2016-12-15
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

London has a problem assimilating Muslims. Specifically, Muslims want to assimilate Londoners. Via Express:

The street outside the empty embassy in Belgrave Square, London, was closed off as it filled with protestors and Islamic leaders chanting loudly and calling for America to be punished over Aleppo.

The demonstration became an alternative to an official rally calling for an end to the bloodshed in Syria outside Downing Street.

During the speeches which lasted almost an hour the crowd chanted Allahu Akbar 'God is the greatest' and cheered for those calling for a global caliphate.

A poet invited to talk shouted: "We need a Caliph who will clean up these streets. Who will smack up armies and who will back beef [fighting]. 

Great Britain is a country that abandoned free speech when they passed "hate speech laws." Last year, a popular British reality television star was subject to a criminal investigation for expressing her fears regarding Ebola stricken immigrants coming to the UK. Expressing rational fear of a deadly disease = hate speech.

Apparently those don't apply to bearded Islamists threatening to conquer the west in the middle of a London street. "We can expand and take out these fools" is clearly "love speech." Nothing to say here.

 Source: AAN
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