BREAKING: How Hackers Got Hillary's Emails

  • 2016-12-13
  • Source: AAN
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How did hackers get into Hillary's email? An IT aide answering John Podesta claims he made a "typo" that gave hackers access. The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross explains:

The IT aide, Charles Delavan, tells The New York Times that his error — typing the word “legitimate” instead of “illegitimate” to describe a hacker’s email — continues to haunt him.

“This is a legitimate email,” Delavan wrote to Clinton campaign aide Sara Latham after she forwarded him an spear phishing email designed to look like official correspondence from Google.

“John needs to change his password immediately,” Delavan added, while also providing a link to a Google page that would have allowed Podesta to safely change his email password.

Podesta did change his password, or so he thought. He appears to have clicked on the hacker’s fake email and entered his password there instead of at the link provided by Delavan.

The claim is that he typed "legitimate" when he meant to type "illegitimate." This is total bunk, and it's likely part of a broader effort to lend context to silly claims that Donald Trump "stole" the election with the help of the Russians.

Still, it's funny to think that a candidate who played fast and loose with America's national security couldn't mange her own internet security. 

 Source: AAN
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