Black Attorney Caught Making Racist Phone Calls To Himself

  • 07/06/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
A black city attorney in Petersburg, Virginia, told police that a “redneck” caller was threatening him, the mayor, and two other city officials with racist phone calls.

But now, that city attorney, Brian K. Telfair, is accused of making the threats himself.

The threats were made on February 16, 2016, and led to the city council cancelling their meeting, citing safety concerns. The following day, Telfair explained that the reason for the cancellation was a slew of racial slurs and threatening phone calls against top black leaders.

Court documents allege that Telfair fake the threatening phone calls, making them himself from a prepaid cell phone purchased by a city employee on his behalf.

“Telfair stated he made the telephone call to himself that was reported to Petersburg Bureau of Police as a threatening phone call,” according to investigators, in a court file. “Mr. Telfair also stated that he made the telephone call to preserve the institution of the city.”

They claim that Telfair explained his motive: “While city attorney, he endured a lot of stress because the City Council members were at each other’s throats. He was being blamed for the problem with finances even though he had nothing to do with the money and the mayor was not a leader. No person should have to go through what he went through.”

Telfair resigned from his post in March 2016.

Telfair was scheduled to stand trial on May 23, but that has been postponed to September 1.
 Source: AAN
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