Bernie & His Progressive Followers Just Can't Stop Losing

  • 06/01/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Kevin Boyd
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has captured the hearts and minds of socialists all over America. Millions of Democrats “felt the Bern” as he nearly defeated Hillary Clinton to win the presidential nomination. The only way Hillary won was by coordinating with the Democratic National Committee.
Now Bernie Sanders and his followers have been hoping to capture the Democratic Party. So far, it has not been very successful. In most contests, Bernie supporters have been defeated by Democrats aligned with former President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

From Politico:

By many measures, the Bernie Sanders revolution proved a smashing success. Young people registered to vote, and small donors opened their wallets. Economic issues like the minimum wage and student debt were pushed to the forefront of the presidential debate. From big city rallies to the backwaters of precinct-level elections, the progressive movement breathes new life in no small part due to the Vermont senator.

But nearly a year after Sanders’ presidential run fell short, one thing is missing in the afterglow — a reliable string of victories at the ballot box.

The losses are piling up. Earlier this month, Democrat Heath Mello, whom Sanders campaigned with, failed to unseat a Republican in Omaha’s race for mayor. Kimberly Ellis, the candidate endorsed by Our Revolution, the successor group to Sanders’ presidential campaign, lost a fiercely contested race for California Democratic Party chair. And on Thursday night, Republican Greg Gianforte bested Rob Quist, another Democrat for whom Sanders campaigned, in a nationally watched House race in Montana.

There is a reason why Bernie Sanders supporters are not having much success on the larger stage. The reason is that Bernie Sanders may have the hearts and minds of the Democratic party faithful, but the American people do not support his agenda.
The Bernie Sanders message of free just about everything loses support once people realize they have to pay for it. When Democrats do implement the free stuff that Bernie campaigned on, they curtail it drastically as New York State did when they passed “free” college tuition.
Reality is setting in for the Bernie Sanders movement and it is having the same results as socialism does when it is actually implemented. The Sanders movement is failing.
 Source: AAN
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