BEAUTIFUL Trump Gives This Person A Second Chance, Media Silent

BEAUTIFUL Trump Gives This Person A Second Chance, Media Silent
Eleven years ago Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner was almost stripped of her crown after being caught drinking underage and testing positive for cocaine, but Donald Trump gave her a second chance and helped her confront her addiction.

Now Conner is 10 years sober and recently wrote an op-ed thanking President Trump for giving her the opportunity to get help for her substance abuse problem. In an exclusive interview with Fox News Conner detailed her fall from grace nine months into her reign as Miss USA and explained how Trump helped her get back on track.

“Donald Trump had a choice. He could have fired me or he could have given me an opportunity to get help and thank God he chose to give me that opportunity because it was a huge step forward to the recovery movement,” she said. “I believe he saw the good in me and had a deeper understanding of what I was dealing with, having lost a brother to alcoholism.”

The blonde beauty from Kentucky still credits Trump for offering her the opportunity for treatment and is now focused on making that opportunity for the 22 million Americans that struggle with addiction.
 Source: The Daily Caller
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