Baltimore’s 'Please Don’t Kill Anybody Weekend' - Did It Succeed?

  • 08/07/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Jeff Isaak
Can Baltimore go 24 hours without killing? Erricka Bridgeford – who witnessed her first murder at 12 – hopes so.
Bridgeford took to the streets with flyers calling for a "Nobody Kill Anybody" weekend, starting Friday. With 208 homicides and counting so far in 2017, it seemed destined to fail.
One-tenth the population of New York, Baltimore has seen 48 more homicides this year. At the current rate, Maryland's largest city is poised to become America's next murder capital.
Some gang members pledged to hold off killing each other – at least until Monday. The Baltimore Police Department naturally supports the movement, but Bridgeford refuses their help. To her, law enforcement lost the people's trust over allegations of corruption and brutality a long time ago. As a result, she squandered a promising opportunity to foster dialogue between the two sides.  
Despite missed opportunities, city leaders remain cautiously optimistic as they enter the last day of the 72-hour ceasefire. Others' hopes remain dimmed after a similar truce over Mother's Day Weekend ended with four shootings.
None of this deters Bridgeford from canvassing some of America's most dangerous neighborhoods to continue pitching her righteous but badly mismanaged idea.
 Source: AAN
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