Baby Survives in Bittersweet Miracle

  • 2019-01-25
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Baby Survives in Bittersweet Miracle
First responders say it's nothing short of miraculous that a five-month-old baby survived after being found alive alongside his deceased parents in a house with deadly carbon monoxide levels. (Fox News)

The 19-year-old parents were found dead Wednesday morning believed to be from carbon monoxide poisoning in what was supposed to be a vacant Battle Creek, Michigan home. The baby was transported to the hospital for treatment.

“We don’t know [how the baby survived] -- the grace of God," Detective Sgt. Todd Elliott of Battle Creek Police Department said in a press conference Wednesday. "Talking with medical personnel, with the levels of carbon monoxide that were in that house, the baby should’ve died."

In parts of the house, investigators' sensors showed levels of the gas more than twice the amount considered deadly.

“Just surviving in that concentration of carbon monoxide -- and this is coming from medical personnel -- it’s just amazing," Elliott said.

A contractor working on the house found the family and immediately called 911.
 Source: AAN
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