Three Dead In Charlottesville Protest

  • 08/12/2017 08:23 PM
  • Source: The Daily Caller
  • by: Ted Goodman Phillip Stucky and Henry Rodgers
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — At least three people are dead and 19 are injured in the wake of violent protests that rocked Charlottesville, Va. Saturday.

A car plowed into a crowd in the early afternoon during clashes between white supremacists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other groups. Shortly before 5 p.m., a police helicopter went down in nearby Ivy, Va., killing two.
White supremacists and white nationalists were in the sleepy college town Saturday for a “Unite the Right” rally. The group met at Emancipation Park, formerly known as Lee Park, where they were met by thousands of counter-protesters.

The scene quickly descended into chaos as the two camps traded blows. The white supremacists and counter-protesters hurled projectiles at one another, including concrete blocks, paint and cans. Chemical agents were also dispersed, sometimes from unknown parties.

 Source: The Daily Caller
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