Alabama Man Pleads GUILTY to Terrorist Plot

Alabama Man Pleads GUILTY to Terrorist Plot
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An Alabama man has pleaded guilty to plotting to execute terroristic acts in America for the Islamic State.

Aziz Ihab Sayyed, a 23-year-old American citizen, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Birmingham.

Federal prosecutors said Sayyed, after watching propaganda videos from the terrorist group, bought the ingredients for an explosive and told others about his hope to use it in a car bomb or explosive belt.

In a release, the Justice Department said, “Sayyed researched and learned how to make triacetone triperoxide (TATP), a highly volatile and extremely dangerous explosive material, purchased the necessary ingredients for the explosive, and professed his aspiration to use TATP in an explosive belt and/or a car bomb, according to the plea agreement.”
 Source: Fox News
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