A Town Council Approved A Demon Worshiping Cult From Desecrating Veterans

  • 07/12/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Residents in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, are outraged—after their town government approved a Satanic monument for a local veterans park.

The town is allowing a group called The Satanic Temple to build the monument after they were threatened by a religious freedom group over another statue in the park that featured overtly Christian imagery: a soldier praying over a grave marked with a cross.

If built, the monument will be the first Satanic memorial built on public property in the United States.

The new monument to Satan will be put in an area of the park deemed the “Free Speech Zone,” where any group is allowed to put up a memorial as long as it honors veterans. The Satanic monument, which won’t feature any images of Satan, will in fact honor fallen troops by featuring an upturned military helmet on top of a black cube.

City officials are still figuring out a date for the monument to be installed in the park, but residents are already furious that their veterans park could be dedicated by a monument to Satan.

“They said they were putting it up and I did not like it,” local resident Donna Karnitz told the Minnesota CBS affiliate. “I am hoping and praying that it doesn’t [actually] come into the park here.”

Karnitz isn’t the only Belle Plaine resident upset over the monument: there’s a protest planned for the park on Saturday.
 Source: AAN
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