8.) Edmund Kemper

  • 2018-11-29
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Kemper murdered his grandparents, six college co-eds, his mother (reportedly the source of his fury), and her friend.

With an IQ of 145, he tortured animals and at the age of 15 shot his critical grandmother point blank because he wanted to know what it was like.

He killed his grandfather because he thought he couldn't bear to live without with his wife.

As a juvenile offender, Kemper went to a state psychiatric hospital where he used his intelligence to gradually convince the staff he had been rehabilitated. 

A judge released Kemper, going so far as to expunge his record. However, against the recommendations of his psychiatrists, he was released to the care of his abusive mother, whom he loathed, and blamed for his failures with women. 

Before Kemper could imagine killing his mom, he decided female hitchhikers (common on college campuses in 1970s California) were the perfect target.

An avid fan of police dramas, he would sit down with cops at the local bar every week, feigning slight interest, and they would effortlessly tell him, this man they thought of a friend, that they couldn’t nail this pyscho.

Finally, he violently killed his mother and her best friend. He then decided to call the police and turn himself in.

Local police though, thought he was joking at first. This allegedly infuriated Kemper, who called the station back to prove he was "The Co-Ed Killer." 

Kemper is serving a life sentence in prison.
 Source: AAN
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