7.) Biblical Beliefs Shut Down in Schools

  • 2019-01-22
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
The public school system divorced itself from religion a long time ago. 

Now, children aren't just excepted to distinguish between their school and church, their faith is actively suppressed by teachers, administrators, and school boards. 

The parent of a second grader at a Virginia elementary school reveals everything you need to know about how far the education system has strayed. 

In the following excerpt, the father describes what happened when his little boy brought a Bible to school for show-and-tell. As PJ Media reports:

What happened?" I queried after finding out about his missionary zeal.

"The teacher stopped me from speaking," my son sadly said, "and went on to the next person. I didn't get to tell them about Daniel."

You see, my son had been reading the book of Daniel and wanted to tell his friends about it. It was important to him. What he didn't realize is that the Bible, no matter how important to his identity, is verboten in the brave new world of progressive tolerance. The Bible and those who take God's Word seriously are not allowed a platform in leftist America. My son learned that the hard way last Tuesday. His disappointment is only eclipsed by his confusion as to why his teacher wouldn't let him finish.

 Source: AAN
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