4.) A Fair Comparison

  • 2018-11-26
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4.)	A Fair Comparison
By Unknown (Franz Konrad confessed to taking some of the photographs, the rest was probably taken by photographers from Propaganda Kompanie nr 689.[5][6]) via Wikimedia Commons

Ocasio-Cortez compared the migrants at the border to European Jews fleeing the Holocaust. Last I checked, two-thirds of caravan members weren't killed off by the Nazis. As The Daily Wire reports:

The representative-elect followed up that tweet with more posts promoting the cause of the migrant caravan, conflating those who cross over illegally with those who follow the law, suggesting that anti-immigration laws are inherently racist, and reminding followers to use the term "asylum seekers" rather than "migrants" when discussing the caravan.
"America’s immigrant and refugee communities prove over and over again that the impossible can be made possible," she wrote. "They are an enormous share of small business owners, Nobel Prize winners, artists, + more. Many came w/ hardship. When America denies immigrants, we deny ourselves."
"[D]o you not want to talk about how anti-immigration laws didn’t exist in the United States until non-European immigrants arrived, when we passed the Chinese Exclusion Act (YES that’s the name) and you all have been using the same tired arguments ever since," she wrote in another tweet.
She also retweeted a response to her Nazi Germany tweet from a reporter instructing her fellow journalists to use the term "asylum seekers" when referencing the massive caravan. "It is very important that, when we report on the 'caravan,' we (the news media) use the right words: They are not 'migrants' they are 'asylum seekers,'" wrote Annalisa Merelli.

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