4.) 1948 Texas Senate Election

  • 2018-11-09
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4.) 1948 Texas Senate Election
The U.S. National Archives Via Flickr
The president most responsible for the first war America lost, Lyndon B. Johnson, is suspected of stealing his first election, as reported decades later by The New York Times.

The race was an absolute loss for Johnson, he was facing a 20,000 vote deficit in a Democratic runoff after none of the candidates met the primary threshold to proceed to the general election.

Somehow, he came out on top with an 87 vote lead.

Many claim that Johnson is guilty of ballot box stuffing and in a very clever way. A pattern that was seen was that some counties had many more votes that others, these counties happened to have local races as well as this Senate race. Makes sense right? Then why did these counties go overwhelmingly for Johnson when his opponent was more well-known and widely popular? Many claim that LBJ’s resolve to get to the top lead him to stuff ballot box after ballot box.
 Source: AAN
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