3.) Hadrian's Wall

  • 2018-12-28
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Roughly parallel to the Scottish border, Hadrian's Wall was a defensive fortification ordered by Emperor Hadrian in AD 122 to separate the Roman province of Britannia from Britain's northern tribes.

Soldiers completed the work in six years.

Historians believe the wall typifies Hadrian's military philosophy of defense before expansion.

The stone wall had exceptional defenses against the so-called barbarians, including turrets for observation and signaling every third of a Roman mile; milecastles, barracks spaced one mile apart; and garrisons with cavalry units every five miles.

After 300 years, barbarian raids, gradual economic decline, and military coups took their toll. 

The Roman Empire finally lost its ability to devote forces to defend distant Britain.

The last legions were withdrawn; however, the wall remained unconquered as long as they were there.

Large portions of it survive to this day.

 Source: AAN
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