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  • 2019-01-14
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

​Video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is in the midst of one of its worst years on record – with terrible sales of their marquee Battlefield franchise. 

Why the low sales for this iconic first-person shooter? 

We'll attribute the game's floundering to glaring historical inaccuracies and horrendous technical glitches. 

SJW game developers designed the shooter and declared this would be #everyonesbattlefield. 

One of the games' characters is a one-armed woman, pretty cool right? 

Here's the issue, the game takes place during World War II. 

Last time I checked, there weren't too many one-armed women dressed up as steampunk cosplayers fighting the Nazis.

Historically, there were female members in the resistance and fighting with partisan forces behind enemy lines. The Red Army employed female fighter pilots, snipers, and tank drivers.

All of that was lost on EA's creative director Patrick Sutherland, who called those criticizing his historical revisionism “uneducated” and went on to say “Don't like it? Don’t buy it!” 

Well, people aren't, and now EA has a new creative director.

 Source: AAN
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