1.) JFK

  • 2018-11-09
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1.) JFK
By White House Press Office via Wikimedia Commons
As documented in an article by Slate, it is highly likely that JFK stole the 1960 presidential election from Richard Nixon using his mafia connections. The first thing to note in this story is that the election was already going to be tight to begin with, this opens the proverbial door to “upsets.”
The city of Chicago was under the most scrutiny as Kennedy won overwhelmingly by 450,000 votes, this is common for a Democrat today but was odd in the 1960s. Republicans went to great lengths to investigate this area and others, they found that Nixon’s vote was undercounted but not enough to sway results of the election. Only one state was flipped and that was Hawaii, but it was flipped to Kennedy instead of Nixon. Our story doesn’t end here though…
J. Edgar Hover reportedly had wire taps that proved that many were committing election fraud, he followed procedure and handed the results over to Robert F. Kennedy, the Attorney General. It is said that this is where the case was killed and buried without a second thought. We do know that three men went to jail over through local prosecution and the 677 others were indicted. It is believed that Joe Kennedy Sr., Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, and mobster Sam Giancana had major roles it stealing Illinois from Nixon and the Republican Party.
 Source: AAN
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