Article Index

Trump's Greatest Twitter Comebacks

1.) Ayatollah Khamenei

2.) Kim Jong Un

3.) Barney Frank

4.) Anthony Weiner

5.) Arianna Huffington

6.) Obama

7.) Joe Biden

Trump's Border Protection Chief Quits Amid Controversy

You Won't Believe What Miss Hooters Did After Winning Contest

Trump Accuser's Painful CNN Interview

WATCH: Unhinged Abortion Activist Targets Peaceful Christian Display

This General Ran Down Terrorists on Horseback. Now He's Running for Senate.

All the Times Trump's Justices Sided with Libs

1.) Gorsuch's Victory for Defendants

2.) Murder Conviction Thrown Out

3.) Planned Parenthood Victory?

4.) Win for Native American Hunter

5.) Yakama Nation Fuel Tax

6.) Delayed Execution of COP KILLER

DHS Boss Accused of Sabotaging Trump's ICE Raids

Top Democratic Staffer's Racist, Homophobic Past Revealed

REPORT: Trump and Hillary Received Different Pre-Election FBI Briefings

Police Union Condemns Hecklers at Scene of Officer's Murder

Gowdy Breaks Silence on Mysterious FBI Document

Bernie Sanders and Basic Economics: Still Miles Apart

Democrat Presidential Debate Loser Blames Failure on Having to Work

The Biggest Dark Money Donors Bankrolling Trump's Impeachment

Reign of Terror: Most College Students Live in Fear of 'Social Justice Warriors'

Democratic Governor Plans to Arrest Republicans Who Resist

Anti-Trump Mob Hurls Racial Slurs at Fox News Reporter

Tables Turn as Radical Impeach Trump Democrat Faces Ethics Probe

This is How Many Guns the Average Gun Owner Has – and It's Making Liberals Cry

Did This Fox News Star Talk Trump Out of Striking Iran?

Old Video of Biden Touting Crime Bill Comes Back to Haunt Him

Ignoring History, Omar Goes All in to Defend Iran

2020 Hopeful's Comments Reveal Crisis Facing Democrats

The Most Unhinged Tweets About the Iran-Drone Situation

1.) Hashtag

2.) Rep. Barbara Lee

3.) Secular Talk

4.) Treason?

5.) Volatile Situation

6.) War Front?

7.) Yogi Berra

Biden Campaign Confronts Serious Family Allegations

Once in a Lifetime Bombshell Shocks Navy SEAL's Trial

Supreme Court Rules Memorial Cross can Stay

Polish Leader Invites AOC to See Horror of the Holocaust Firsthand

Trump Responds After U.S. Navy Drone Shot Down

Transgender Athletes Win Again

1.) Connecticut Track

2.) Fallon Fox in the MMA

3.) Texas Wrestler

4.) Weightlifting

5.) Western States 1000-Mile

NFL Legend Drops Truth Bomb on Congressional Democrats

Dem's Trump Rally Counter-Protest was the Saddest Thing in the World

Judge Sentences Anti-Kavanaugh Doxxer

Meet the Senator Who's Advising Trump to Take Military Action Against Iran

Trump Sees Something Very Strange Going on at Fox News

The Worst Cities Barring ICE from Doing Its Job

1.) Chicago

2.) New York City

3.) San Francisco

4.) Philadelphia

Murdered Senator's Staffer Arrested

YouTuber Buys Michigan Town. Renames It 'Gay Hell.'

All the Times the Presidential Polls Got It Wrong. Way, Way Wrong.

1.) Dewey Defeats Truman! Nah.

2.) Reagan's Razor-Thin Victory Over Carter. Wait – What?

3.) FDR Loses in '36?!

4.) 1992 U.K. General Election

5.) George H.W. Bush's Iraq War Rally

6.) LOL: Hillary Clinton – 98.2 Percent Chance of Winning

Visit San Francisco's First Rodent Bar

Ocasio-Cortez Compares ICE Detention Centers to Nazi Death Camps

1.) Montana: Less Than 5,000

2.) West Virginia: Less Than 5,000

3.) Maine: Less Than 5,000

4.) Vermont: Less Than 5,000

5.) Wyoming: 5,000

6.) Alaska: 5,000

7.) North Dakota: 5,000

8.) South Dakota: 5,000

9.) New Hampshire: 10,000

10.) Mississippi: 20,000

The States with the Fewest Illegal Immigrants

You Won't Believe What Prosecutors Stooped to in Case Against Decorated Navy SEAL

Supreme Court Ruling Reverberates Loudly for Manafort

Approval Ratings Ominous Sign for AOC

FEC Chair Who Criticized Trump Has Ties to Perkins Coie

[VIDEO] Animal Rights Protesters and Vegans Getting OWNED

1.) Small Town Mayor Owns PETA

2.) Check Both Ways

3.) Eating a Steak in front of a Vegan

4.) Unhinged Woman Attacks Horse Carriage

5.) PETA Destroyed in Debate

6.) Not Your Runway

7.) Kid Eating Barbecue

8.) The Crab Billboard War

9.) Grilling at an Animal Rights Protest

BREAKING: Military-Style Assault on Federal Building

A Brief History Of Iranian Aggression In The Straight Of Hormuz

Mark Levin Casually Drops the Sickest Burn on Nancy Pelosi Ever

Muslim Doctor Accused of Inflicting Unthinkable Horrors on Female Patients

From Fox News to Border Czar, Meet Trump's Latest Hire

Obama White House Deleted Docs Confirming Trump's Suspicions

Islamists Attack Disney Over Kid's Movie

Man Killed in Police Shootout – Sparking Riots – Had Violent Secret

Half-Baked Slaughterhouse Stunt Causes Activists to Rethink Life Choices

Fox News Host Compares Benghazi to Pimple Popping

Transgender TV Star Viciously Attacks Trump Supporter, Instantly Regrets It

Dems Propose Erasing Thomas Jefferson from the History Books

Republican Congresswoman Retires Without Telling Leadership

Mitch McConnell Loves the New Nickname Nancy Pelosi Gave Him

Napolitano's Dire Felony Warning for Trump

Congressman's Wife Pleads Guilty to Corruption

Fox News Sensation Goes After Network Over Sex Claim

Murder in the Delivery Room? Serial Killer Nurse Caught

Oil Tankers Burn After Suspected Iranian Attack

Meet the Only Republican Who Voted to Hold Barr in Contempt

The 10 States Most Affected by Illegal Immigration

10.) Virginia: 275,000

9.) Arizona: 275,000

8.) North Carolina: 325,000

7.) Georgia: 400,000

6.) Illinois: 400,000

5.) New Jersey: 500,000

4.) Florida: 775,000

3.) New York: 1.1 Million

2.) Texas: 1.7 Million

1.) California: 2.2 Million

Anti-Trump Dem's Bigoted Rant Would be Greatest Trump Ad Ever

Pro Athlete Disrespects Old Glory as 'F-You' to Trump

Republican Governor Signs Extreme Abortion Rights Bill

YouTube Silent After Liberal Reveals Feelings About Incest Porn

Jailed Democrat Wins Election

All Elections Matter: Swing State Socialist Prevails

Trump Justice Department Arrests Nearly 1,700 Child Sex Predators

Meet the 7 RINOs That Voted for Amnesty & Gun Control

1.) Will Hurd

2.) Dan Newhouse

3.) Mario Diaz-Balart

4.) Brian Fitzpatrick

5.) Chris Smith

6.) Fred Upton

7.) Don Bacon

Matt Gaetz Goes to the Mat With Democrats' Prop Witness

Media Finally Investigates Omar's Curious Marriage Arrangement

Alabama Gets Creative with Convicted Pedophiles

Here's Why AOC Says Congress Deserves More Money

Exercise Giant Adds Plus-Size Mannequins

Justin Amash Resigns from House Freedom Caucus

Mainstream Media Moves to Take Down the New Media

1.) Suspected Coordination

2.) How They Get Advertisers to Leave

3.) Carlos Maza

4.) CNET Hit Piece

5.) Milton Friedman is Far-Right?

6.) The Future of New Media

Supreme Court Issues Ultimate Smackdown to Atheists

AOC Literally Runs Away When GOP Opponent Asks for Debate

Koch Brothers Float Possibility of Supporting Democrats

AOC Looks at Possible Senate Run ... Against Top Dems

Mexico Shields Identities of Caravan Financers

Hotel Makes an Offer Abortion Seekers Can't Refuse

REPORT: MS-13 Member Used Ailing Toddler to Gain Asylum

Liberals Caught Doing the Unthinkable During National Anthem

Pelosi's Top Deputy Pushing Hard for Trump Impeachment

Democrat-Led Committee to Try and Hold AG Barr in Contempt

Trump Calls Pelosi 'Nervous Nancy' and 'a Disgrace' After Prison Comments

Soros Claims More Scalps as Major Corporation Drops Fox News

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at Center of FEC Probe

Bloomberg Pours Half-Billion to Shut Down U.S. Energy – and It's Working

Democrat Congressman: My 'Lizard Brain' Dreams of 'Bad Things' Happening to Trump

Senate Republicans Kill Plan to Slow Government Spending. Here's Who Voted With the Swamp.

AOC May Have Gotten Her First Major Challenger

TSA Allowing Illegal Migrants to Board Flights

Green New Deal Guru: Holocaust Small Potatoes to Climate Change

State Board: Ilhan Omar Violated Campaign Finance Rules

AOC's Latest Attack Threatens Biden

Central Figure in Mueller Report Linked to Clintons, Mafia

Candidate Nicknamed 'Abortion Baby' Runs Again

10 Facts About D-Day That Everyone Should Know

1.) The Blunder of Erwin Rommel

2.) Operation Fortitude and the Phantom Army

3.) Domination in the Skies

4.) Fire Power and Broken Porcelain

5.) Paratrooper Landings

6.) Bedford, Virginia

7.) Asleep at the Wheel

8.) Churchill and King George

9.) Misinformation Campaign

10.) Allies in the Media

Top House Democrat's Wife Funneled Cash Into Her Own Company's Pockets

Google Fires Employee Who Spoke out Against Anti-Conservative Bias

Surge in Border Crossings Pushes Undocumented Immigrant Predictions to Over 1 Million

Trump Honors Fallen Heroes in Moving D-Day Speech

GOP Star John James Announces Senate run in Michigan

Pro-Trump Groups Launch Voter Registration Drive

Desperate Hillary Rebrands as "Climate Expert"

Far Left Dems Remove "So Help Me God" from House Committee Oaths

Fox News Star Endorses Dem Candidate's Plan

Soviet Union and Venezuela Not Examples of Failed Socialism Sanders Claims

5 Companies That May Be Targeted In The Bipartisan Antitrust Investigation

5.) Zuckerberg

4.) Apple

3.) Alphabet Inc.

2.) Amazon

1.) Twitter

Violent Antifa Leftists Try to Chain Conservatives Inside Room

AOC Joins Experts Stunned by Decision to Send Manafort to Riker's Island

Biden Accused of Plagiarism, and Not For the First Time

Former Arkansas State Senator Found Shot to Death as Questions Swirl

Restaurant Industry Expresses Dislike for AOC

BREAKING: Cowardly Broward Sheriffs Deputy Arrested

11.) Mike Gravel

10.) Eric Swalwell

9.) Wayne Messam

8.) John Hickenlooper

7.) Seth Moulton

6.) Michael Bennet

5.) John Delaney

4.) Bill de Blasio

3.) Tim Ryan

2.) Kirsten Gillibrand

1.) Steve Bullock

Dangerous Democrats We Can Thankfully Count Out Now

Clarence Thomas Responds to Retirement Rumors

WATCH: Anti-Gun Protester Attacks GOP Rep Gaetz

Foreign Protesters Attack Trump Supporter in London

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Broke the Law?

REPORT: FBI Took it Easy on Clinton During Investigation

Biden Caves to AOC, Introduces Climate Change Plan

10.) The Whole Reel

9.) Allahu Akb---

8.) Ouch!

7.) Car Bomb Fail

6.) Rocket Man

5.) Shooting a Jet

4.) Major Fail

3.) Missed

2.) Goes Off Too Soon

1.) Crying and Screaming

10 of the Biggest Terror Fails [VIDEO]

Chinese Defend Tiananmen Square Massacre

Gillibrand's Hypocrisy Called out During Fox Interview

GOP Rep: Liberal Judges Stopping Trump From Securing Border

Supreme Court Strikes Obama-Era Healthcare Rule

Veterans Walk Out on AOC

Trump Drops the Hammer on Mexico for Immigration Failure

Lie-A-Watha Turns Up the Heat Against Fox News

Dem Governor Vetoes Bill on Every Liberal's Wish List

BOMBSHELL: FBI Investigated Bernie

Legendary Lawyer Shames Mueller

Family Member Rips White House Hopeful Over Smears

Top Sheriff's Dire Immigration Warning for Trump

Facebook Takes Hillary and Pelosi Down to Size

Another Sex Scandal Rocks Former Fox News Star

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden's VERY AWKWARD Speech on Race

NBC Censors Star Crediting Prayers for Miraculous Recovery

Sixteen Women Sue FBI Revealing Shocking Scandal

O'Reilly Reveals Source of Mueller's Trump Hate

U.S. Schools Fund New Tech for Communist Police State

Major Studio Attacks Red State, Continues Filming in Sharia Country

Trump's Deportation Squad Makes Record-Breaking Arrest

Now That Trump's Cleared Here's Some Truly Despicable Presidential Behavior

1.) FDR

2.) Ulysses S. Grant

3.) Warren Harding

4.) JFK

5.) James Monroe

6.) LBJ

7.) Franklin Pierce

8.) Grover Cleveland

Biological Male Prevails at Women's National Championships

2020 Dems Ramping Up Calls for Impeachment Post Mueller

1.) Kamala Harris

2.) Elizabeth Warren

3.) Cory Booker

4.) Kirsten Gillibrand

5.) Julian Castro

6.) Seth Moulton

7.) Beto O’Rourke

8.) Jay Inslee

9.) Bernie Sanders

10.) Amy Klobuchar

Brits Drop Intelligence Bomb on Origins of Trump-Russia Probe

Conservative Watchdog Demands Investigation Into Mueller

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author's Explosive MLK Allegations

Grand Jury Subpoena Targets Democratic Rising Star

BREAKING: Longtime GOP Senator Dead

CNN Host Sends Controversial Tweet to Rape Survivor

Fox News Star Opens Door for Democrats to Pounce

Democrats Furious Transgender Rally Moved – After Man Sets Himself on Fire

5 2020 Democrats Attempting to Cure Their White Guilt

1.) Eric Swalwell

2.) Beto O’Rourke

3.) Bernie Sanders

4.) Joe Biden

5.) Elizabeth Warren

The Greatest Freakouts to Mueller's Surprise Statement

1.) 2020 Dems Won't Drop It

2.) Reporters: Start Impeachment ASAP

3.) Hell-Bent Congressional Democrats

4.) Hollywood's Liberal Loons

BREAKING: Mueller Resigns

14 Unbelievable Ways Facebook Punishes Conservatives

1.) Insane Response to Islamic Terrorist Attack

2.) Seal of Approval for "Assassinate Donald Trump?"

3.) Duck Dynasty Debacle

4.) Pro-Life Movie Banned

5.) 'Kill Trump, Hang Him, Hunt Him' Page OK'd

6.) Tide Pod Memes

7.) Gun Range Owner Silenced

8.) Diamond and Silk Deemed 'Unsafe'

9.) Fake News Arbiters

10.) Actively Suppressing Conservative Stories

11.) 'I Stand for the Flag'

12.) GOP Candidate Shockingly Disrespected

13.) Famous Conservative Politician Banned

BONUS: 3K Islamic Extremists Eradicate Village Over FB Post

Memorial Day Tribute Creates Firestorm with Ocasio-Cortez Comparison

Mueller Team Smacks Down Liberal Author's Anti-Trump Claim

Supreme Court Sends Surprising Signal on Abortion

Crossfit Boycotts Social Media Over Alleged Censorship

Foreigners Snatch Up Farmland in the Heart of Trump Country

13.) Roy Benavidez

12.) Jason Dunham

11.) Mary Edwards

10.) William D. Hawkins

9.) Dakota Meyer

8.) Theodore Roosevelt

7.) Randy Shughart

6.) William Harvey Carney

5.) Daniel Inouye

4.) Jacob Parrott

3.) Audie Murphy

2.) Daniel Daly

1.) Thomas Custer

13 Incredible Stories from Medal of Honor Recipients

Twitter Bans Leaders of the Trump Resistance

Judge Partially Blocks Trump's Border Wall

Major Newspaper Issues New Rules on Climate Reporting

Pro-Choice Crowd Whipped Into Rage After Fictional Character Chooses Life

Ocasio-Cortez Claims GOP Conspiracy to Eliminate the Government

Here are All the 2020 Candidates

1.) Steve Bullock

2.) Michael Bennett

3.) Joe Biden

4.) Seth Moulton

5.) Eric Swalwell

6.) Mike Gravel

7.) Tim Ryan

8.) Kirsten Gillibrand

9.) Beto O’Rourke

10.) John Hickenlooper

11.) Jay Inslee

12.) Amy Klobuchar

13.) Elizabeth Warren

14.) Kamala Harris

15.) Pete Buttigieg

16.) Julian Castro

17.) John Delany

18.) Tulsi Gabbard

19.) Andrew Yang

21.) Cory Booker

20.) Marianne Williamson

22.) Wayne Messam

23.) Bill de Blasio

24.) Bill Weld

25.) John McAfee

26.) Donald Trump

27.) Bernie Sanders

Former Google Employee Reveals Just How Far Left the Company Is

1.) Jordan Peterson Comments

2.) The First Strike

3.) A Terrorist

4.) Disavowed

5.) A Meeting With HR

FBI Lawyer Implicates Comey, McCabe, and Others

Lone Conservative Blocks ‘Swampy Practice'

CEO Willing to Risk It All to Keep Old Glory Flying

Dem Representing GOP District Slanders Border Patrol

Pelosi Claimed Trump Shared 'Doctored' Video. Then, NBC Stepped In.

AOC's Climate Conspiracy Corrected by Meteorologist

The Greatest Tweets From the New AOC Parody Account

1.) New Party. Who Dis?

2.) Abortion

3.) First Garbage Disposals, Now This

4.) Geographically Challenged

5.) Food – Like It's Magic!

6.) Eureka!

7.) That is Brand New Information!

8.) Check Your Privilege


10.) Time for Some Girl Talk

Pentagon to Build New Immigration Detention Facilities

Ilhan Omar Attacks Ben Carson. Big Mistake.

Wells Fargo, TD Bank Give Maxine Waters Trump's Financial Records

World's Dumbest Terrorist Polls Instagram Followers

AOC's Troll Gets Brutal Tweet Smackdown

Government Agency Faces Lawsuit to Force Action on Clinton Complaint

Meet Trump's Biggest Money Backers

All of Rashida Tlaib's Stomach-Churning Connections

1.) Ibraheem Samirah

2.) The Muslim American Society

3.) Council on American-Islamic Relations

4.) Trigger-Happy Gaza Militants

5.) Louis Farrakhan?!

6.) Palestinian American Congress

7.) Linda Sarsour

BREAKING: Avenatti Gets Indicted

Liberal Media Promotes Physical Assault of Conservatives

Presidential Contender Caught Discriminating Against Women

Top Dem Wants Mnuchin in Chains After Secret Memo Surfaces

Illegal Immigrant Loses Foot Trying to Cross Border

Migrant Backlash Brewing... in California

CNN Pundit Joins Trump Administration as Immigration Chief

Unrepentant Terrorist Set to Go Free

Powerful Tlaib Backer Connected to Hamas

Leaked Docs Reveal AFL-CIO Secretly Operating as Liberal Slush Fund

Conservative Fox News Icon Praises Democrat to Trump's Chagrin

Socialism's Popularity Soars Across America

Fmr Black Bernie Staffer Sues: His Movement is Racist

Did House GOP Leader Just Undermine Alabama's Abortion Law?

Justin Amash Gets Primary Challenger

Pollsters: Voters Could Send Ocasio-Cortez Packing

Trump-Approved Supreme Court Justice Joins Liberals

[NSFW] Best Fast Food Fights

1.) Turned Off the Soda Machine

2.) Uncontrollable

3.) Macing the Security Guard

4.) Two Drunks

5.) Crazytown

6.) 2 on 1

7.) He is Still Eating

8.) Taco Bell Throwdown

9.) Manager Throwdown

10.) Still Have to Order

11.) Chick-fil-A Smackdown

12.) Chick-fil-A v. McDonald's

Trump Criticizes Fox News Over Latest Decision

Freedom-Loving Republican Joins Impeachment Chorus

Fox News All-Star Stunned By Pro-Trump Senator

Fox News Host Bashes Barr

AOC's Amazon-Sized Problem Back Home

Networks Fail to Cover Illegal Immigrant Serial Killer

Trump Tells Fox News Who He Wants Investigated Next

Roy Moore Wants Rematch Despite GOP Doubts

Trump to Invoke Insurrection Act to Root Out Illegal Immigrants

Feinstein Caught Talking With Iran's Foreign Minister

Trump Unveils New Plan to Overhaul Obsolete Immigration System

Trump Unveils New Design for Border Wall

Republican Senator Blocks Trump's Nominee

Tomi Lahren Feels Pro-Life Wrath

Russian Sources Behind Steele Dossier Identified

Model Poses Naked to Protest Abortion Law

Suspected Kenyan Serial Killer Caught

WATCH: What Do AOC's Constituents Think About Her?

Obama's Secret Deal Set Alleged Rwandan Murderers Free

Brennan and Comey Turn on Each Other

5 Imminent Supreme Court Decisions That'll Affect You

1.) Gerrymandering Case

2.) Separation of Church and State

3.) Apple Class Action Lawsuit

4.) Race of the Jury

5.) Census Questions

Criminal Sex Cult Allegedly 'Curried Favor' With Clintons

WATCH: De Blasio Goes Full Socialist in Presidential Announcement

McCain-Linked RINO Lobbying for Russia

The Untold History of Palestine Rashida Tlaib Doesn't Want You to Know

Graham Unveils Bill to End Migrant Crisis Once and for All

REPORT: FBI Supervisor Didn't Reveal Red Flag About Steele

Sheriff Learns the Hard Way About NeverTrumpers' Tolerance Towards Women

DHS Orders Massive Redeployment to Secure Southern Border

Billionaire Leaves Open the Possibility of Challenging Trump

White House Announces Major Shakeup in Iraq

New Mexico Left Without Border Checkpoints

AARP's Anti-Trump Bias Hurting Seniors

The Best Cities for Conservatives to Live

10.) Aurora, Colorado

9.) Tulsa, Oklahoma

8.) Omaha, Nebraska

7.) Anaheim, California

6.) Arlington, Texas

5.) Jacksonville, Florida

4.) Colorado Springs, Colorado

3.) Virginia Beach, Virginia

2.) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1.) Mesa, Arizona

Meet the Big Guns Barr's Chosen to Blow the Lid Off Russia Probe

1.) CIA Director Gina Haspel

2.) Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats

3.) US Attorney John Durham

4.) FBI Director Christopher Wray

Gowdy's Tip for Republicans

Another Democrat Enters Race for the White House

Democrats Who Recklessly Want Barr in Chains

1.) Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn.

2.) Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md.

3.) Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.

4.) Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa.)

5.) Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich

Colorado School Shooter's Murky Immigration Past Revealed

Radical Rep Ignores the Fact Her People Allied With Hitler

Liberal Presidential Candidate's Dangerous Selfishness Exposed

Radical Islamist Addresses Congress

Islamist Jihad Training Camp Discovered in America's Heartland

Fox News Asks Why RINO Doesn't Just 'Come Out as Dem'

ICE Has Released This Many Illegal Immigrants Into America

Antifa Thug Viciously Attacks Journalist

Parents Sue School Over Second Grader's Transgender Attempt

WATCH: Another Peaceful Pro-Life Activist Attacked

Ben Shapiro Storms Out of Interview. Here's Why.

Fox News Powerhouse Ends Show One Advertiser Short

Anti-Pipeline Group Facing Sexual Assault Allegations

USA Shatters Illegal Immigration Milestone

'Law & Order' Smears Covington Kids With Help of Omar-Like Character

Cory Booker's Dangerous Gun Control Plan

The 18 Most Conservative Schools in the Nation

1.) Grove City College

2.) Lee University

3.) Anderson University

4.) Southeastern University

5.) University of North Georgia

6.) Weber State University

7.) University of Mississippi

8.) Evangel University

9.) Southwestern Assemblies of God University

10.) Cornerstone University

11.) Samford University

12.) Oklahoma Christian University

13.) Ouachita University

14.) Liberty University

15.) Brigham Young University

16.) Cedarville University

17.) Bob Jones University

18.) Colorado Christian University

Republicans Standing By Burr's Don Jr. Subpoena

1.) Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)

2.) Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)

3.) Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)?

4.) Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.)??

5.) Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

6.) Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama)

7.) Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)

4 Ways Comey Lost All Remaining Credibility Yesterday

1.) Strzok Admission

2.) The So-Called Pee Tape

3.) J. Edgar Hoover Incarnate?

4.) More Liberal Talking Points

Omar Supports Group Behind Sickening Children's Video

Prominent Democrat Accused of Sexually Assaulting Male Staffer

Even CNN Doesn't Buy What Comey is Selling

Meet the Former Fox News Employees Who Went to Work at the White House and Vice Versa

1.) Hope Hicks

2.) David Bossie

3.) Thomas Homan

4.) Bill Shine

5.) Heather Nauret

6.) Sebastian Gorka

7.) Elaine Chao

8.) John Bolton

9.) Mercedes Schlapp

10.) Ben Carson

11.) Scott Brown

12.) K.T. MacFarland

13.) Georgette Mosbacher

14.) John McEntee

15.) Richard Grenell

16.) Anthony Scaramucci

17.) Tony Sayegh

18.) Lea Gabrielle

19.) Morgan Ortagus

Cartels Booming in New Mexico

Democrat Candidate Arrested for Nazi Vandalism

Republicans Ripping Their Own Over Trump Jr. Subpoena

1.) Sen. Rand Paul

2.) Rep. Kevin McCarthy

3.) Sen. Mitch McConnell

4.) Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney

5.) Rep. Lee Zeldin

6.) Rep. Devin Nunes

7.) Dr. Sebastian Gorka

8.) Rep. Bradley Byrne

9.) Sen. Thom Tillis

Hillary Spotted in New Hampshire

Students Storm Out After Gun Grabbers Hijack Shooting Vigil

Liberal Court Hands Trump Sweeping Victory

Latest Bombshell Should Leave Comey Terrified

Ilhan Omar Has Defended These...

1.) Council on American-Islamic Relations

2.) Islamic Relief

3.) Angela Davis

4.) Somali Warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid?

5.) Al Qaeda and the U.S. Army. Good People on Both Sides?

6.) Anti-Semitism

7.) Socialist Venezuela

Spotlight Returns to Infamous Clinton-Lynch Meeting

Clinton Aide Stunned By Private Server Hack

No Mocking AOC: Twitter Bans Clearly Marked Parody Account

Pelosi: Trump Impeachment is Coming

Soros Funded Group Caught Attempting to Shut Down Conservative News

Anti-Trump Rep Films Himself Harassing Elderly Woman

Joe & Mika Slam Trump While 'Rehabilitating' Alleged Predator

What Happened the Last Time Unemployment was This Low

1.) Led Zeppelin's First Album

2.) Joe Namath: Super Bowl MVP

3.) President Richard Nixon

4.) The Beatles Hang It Up

5.) Battle of Hamburger Hill

6.) Ted Kennedy Drowns Someone

7.) Neil Armstrong Takes One Small Step

8.) Manson Family Murders

9.) Woodstock

10.) Scooby-Doo Debuts

11.) America Meets The Brady Bunch

12.) The First Wendy's

Anti-Trump Democrats Beware: Trump Set Up for Big Win

Omar Rallies With Blood-Soaked Terrorist on Steps of US Capitol

SHOCK REPORT: Biden's Son Under Fire for Helping China Spy

Dirty Cop Reveals Source Behind Secret Trump Investigation Leaks

American Islamic Center Under Investigation for Disturbing Video

Trump Committed Executable Crime, Congressional Dem Claims

San Francisco's Other Crappy Problem

Tlaib Attacks Israel After Terrorists Rain Rockets

Hillary Goes Full Tinfoil Hat in Latest Conspiracy

MSNBC Celebrates Kids Playing Hooky... for Months

Trump Chooses Obama Pick to Run ICE

SHOCK REPORT: FBI Tricked Trump Team With Sexy Blonde?

Dem Demands Sergeant-at-Arms Haul Barr Before Congress

Never Trumper Sparks White House Speculation

Radical Rep's Father Says She Broke the Law to Win Election

1.) Sri Lanka Bombings

2.) Response to the Sri Lanka Bombings

3.) Pew Research Data

4.) Chinese Censorship

5.) Hindu Extremism

6.) Homegrown Nightmares

Violent Leftists Facebook Hasn't Banned

1.) The Base

2.) Redneck Revolt

3.) Hamas

4.) Hezbollah

5.) Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Best Comebacks in the Barr Hearings

1.) Booker Shutdown

2.) Blumenthal Shutdown

3.) Blumenthal Second Assault

4.) Failed to Look at the Evidence

5.) Graham Slam

6.) Ben Sasse’s Disgust

California Votes to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

Congress Hits New Low With Subpoenas for Trump's Grandkids

Dem Says Trump Jr. Good Argument for Abortion: 'Evidently Retarded'

Shocking Video From Secretive Muslim American Society: 'We'll Chop Off Their Heads'

Resurfaced Video Lifts Curtain Behind Bernie's Soviet Honeymoon

Student Learns the Hard Way Not to Ambush Cop Making Arrest

Omar Openly Praises Terrorist: 'One of My Idols'

Liberal School Shuns First President

Shocking Illegal Invasion Caught on Tape

Fox News Reporter Fires Back at Network's Opinion Hosts

BREAKING: Stephen Moore Withdraws Nomination

What Karma Looks Like: Anti-Trump Dossier Figure Under Investigation

New 'Russia Collusion' Emails Should Alarm You

Radical Rep Blames U.S. for Socialist Venezuela's Collapse

Fox News Host Drops the Hammer on Combative Co-Worker

Barr Refuses to Back Off 'Spying' Allegations

Important Ruling on Confederate Statues

Pro-Trump Fox Host on Venezuela: Before Bombers Take Off, Ask This

Left Misses One Critical Point in Mueller's Barr 'Criticism'

Pro-Trump Senator Vows to Get to Bottom of 'Collusion' Investigation

Here is What Socialists Did in Venezuela

1.) Mass Inflation in a Sea of Oil

2.) Zoo Heist

3. The Maduro diet

4.) Truck Raids

5.) Rotten Meat

6.) Biggest Economic Disaster in Modern History

7.) Poverty Level

Another CNN Anchor Defends Antifa

Besides AOC, Who's Supporting Venezuela's Murderous Dictator?

1.) Russia

2.) Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

3.) China

4.) Bernard Sanders

5.) Iran

6.) Tulsi Gabbard

7.) North Korea

FBI Investigates Antifa

Bernie Tells Disney What to Do With Film Profits

What Obama's NSA Chief Discovered Will Shock You

Trump Orders Massive Border Security Overhaul

9 Horrifying Psychopaths Who Could Vote Under Bernie's Plan

1.) Ted Kaczynski — the Unabomber

2.) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — the Boston Marathon Bomber

3.) Robert Hanssen — Double Agent

4.) James Alex Fields Jr. — Neo-Nazi Murderer

5.) The Menendez Brothers

6.) Lonnie David Franklin Jr. — the Grim Sleeper

7.) Gary Ridgway — the Green River Killer

8.) Bill Cosby — Celebrity Serial Rapist

9.) Terry Nichols — the Oklahoma City Bomber

Mass Casualty Terror Attack Thwarted

Pro-Trump Governor's Bill Pays Homage to Bernie

Which Religion is the Most Persecuted?

Napolitano Hits Back at Trump: He Said 'Pardon'

Border Patrol Agent Stops Mass Shooting

Gowdy Says This Candidate Should Scare the Hell Out of You

Even CNN Admits Trump Never Said This

Trump Withdraws From Obama-Era Arms Treaty

Longtime Fox News Fixture Sues Network

Federal Judge Learns Helping Illegal Aliens No Laughing Matter

UPDATE: Anti-Trump Dem Not 'Lucid' Enough to Resign

Best Fundraisers in 2020 So Far

7.) Beto O’Rourke

6.) John Delaney

5.) Kirsten Gillibrand

4.) Kamala Harris

3.) Elizabeth Warren

2.) Bernie Sanders

1.) Donald Trump

MSNBC’s Lowest Moments

1.) Harassing Mueller at Church

2.) Stupid and Uneducated

3.) Pepsi, Coke, or a Glock?

4.) Ratings Slip

5.) Butt Boy Comments

6.) Diet Coke Coverage

7.) Joy Reid Scandal

Top 8 Joe Biden Gaffes

1.) Two Shot Joe

2.) International Crisis

3.) My Memory

4.) 30% Chance

5.) Racial Slip Up

6.) More Qualified Than I

7.) The Big Deal Comments

8.) Anita Hill Hearing

Strzok-Page Texts Revealed Plot to Infiltrate Team Trump

Trump Jr. Destroys Avenatti's Endorsement of 'Sleepy Joe' Biden

Rosenstein Says Obama, Comey Misled Trump

Chicago Judge Slams Kim Foxx Over Smollett Debacle

House Oversight Democrat Threatens to Jail Trump Officials

Key State Moves to Ban Sanctuary Cities

REPORT: Fox News Star Tells Friends He's Leaving

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Bernie, Backing Voting Rights for Felons

Biden Kicks Off Campaign Praising Terror Group

AOC Confuses Top Dem With GOPer in Epic Fail

Liberal Nonprofit Makes the Ultimate Mistake

Lawyer Should Have AOC Worried

5 Ilhan Omar Fact Checks

1.) Black Hawk Down

2.) Some People Did Somethings

3.) Al Qaeda and the USA

4.) Dual Loyalty

5.) Lindsey Graham Comments

WATCH: Feds Raid Prominent Democrat's Home, Office

Wisconsin Woman Pleads Guilty in ISIS Plot

Conservative Group Shows Way to Beat AOC

ALERT: Dem Governor Under Federal Criminal Investigation

Bernie Reveals Plans for America's 2.3 Million Prisoners

Smeared 'Black Hawk Down' Survivor Schools Omar

Trump Drops the Hammer on Impeachment Happy Congress

FEC Ripe With Liberal Hypocrisy

Fox News Host Explodes on Rudy Giuliani in Heated Interview

Top Dem Joins Forces With Fox News

Attacks on Christians Intensify

All of the 'Democratic Socialists' in Congress

1.) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

2.) Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)

3.) Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

4.) Victor Berger (SPA-WI)

5.) Meyer London (SPA-NY)

6.) Ron Dellums (D-CA)

7.) Major Owens (D-NY)

Ocasio-Cortez Maintains Radio Silence After Islamist Attacks

Soros Works to Turn Swing State Blue

One of Cable News' Biggest Stars Wants to Come to Fox

Omar Attacks Fallen U.S. Soldiers on Humanitarian Mission

Trump Counterattacks Top Dem With Lawsuit

Dems Caught Snubbing Christians After Terror Attacks

1.) Barack Obama

2.) Hillary Clinton

3.) Julián Castro

4.) Jared Polis

5.) Ami Bera

6.) Dan Kildee

7.) Greg Stanton

Obama Disses Christians Massacred By Islamists

Govt. Ignored Every Sign Before Easter Sunday Horror

FEC Continues to Ignore Dems Campaign Finance Violations

AOC Jumps on the Trump Impeachment Train

Sanctuary City Mayor Threatens Lawsuit to Keep Migrants Out

Fox News Announces Next Democratic Town Hall

Radical Dem Brings Terror Supporter to D.C.

Vulnerable Democrats Begin Rejecting Omar's Help

Libs Ask: What If New Notre Dame Were 'Secular'

AOC's Uncompromising Vision of the Future

Trump's Energy Secretary Plans His Exit

Fox News Star Expresses Skepticism Over Barr's Performance

Barr Embarrasses Reporter Suggesting He's Protecting Trump

Top Dem Wanting Full Mueller Report Had Different View Under Clinton

What You Need to Know About the Mueller Report's Release

1.) What We Already Know

2.) What Will It Say?

3.) What It Won’t Say

4.) When Will the Report Be Made Public?

5.) Where Can We See It?

6.) The Media’s Reaction

Paul Ryan's New Job

Trump Admin Hires Fmr Fox News Personality

Human Feces Incidents Spike in San Francisco

Media Encouraging Border Crossings, Illegal Migrants Claim

Trump AG Fixes Court Loopholes to Deter Illegal Immigration

Texts Reveal Why Prosecutor Refused to Go After Jussie Smollett

Democratic Presidential Candidate Wants All Your Guns. No, Seriously.

Omar's Response to Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Sparks Criticism

Bernie's Most Shocking Moments During Fox News Town Hall

1.) Abortion Stance Revealed

2.) Ilhan Omar

3.) Healthcare

4.) I Paid the Taxes

5.) Questions About Age

Trump Acts Decisively After 9th Circuit Ruling

Sanders' Tax Returns Put Selfishness on Full Display

Fmr Massachusetts Governor Challenging Trump in 2020

Bernie Complains as Progressives Criticize Him for Being a Millionaire

Secret Tapes Linger Over Presidential Candidate's Meteoric Rise

What Caused Devastating Notre Dame Cathedral Fire?

Obama Adviser's Book NYT Best Seller Despite Abysmal Sales

Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Immigrants While 38K Vets Remain Homeless

Wounded Warrior-Turned-Rep. Attacked for Omar Criticism

Trump Plans to Eliminate This Federal Agency

Trump Considers Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into Sanctuary Cities

Chicago Sues Jussie Smollett for Alleged Hate Hoax

Disgraced FBI Agent Could Face Serious Charges

That Time Hillary Suggested Droning WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

Teen Mag Says Nothing Wrong With Getting an Abortion

Fox News Erupts Over Omar's 9/11 Controversy

CNN Decries Law Protecting Society's Most Vulnerable

Meet the Dems Who Questioned 9/11

1.) Ilhan Omar

2.) Nancy Pelosi

3.) Rashida Tlaib

4.) Mike Gravel

Bonus.) Rosie O’Donnell

Stacey Abrams Hit With Ethics Investigation

Omar Compares US Army to Al Qaeda

Comey: 'Never Thought of' Electronic Surveillance as Spying

Dems Block Aid for Children of Fallen Vets

Scarborough Defends Omar: 'So Important for Her to Succeed'

AOC's Attack on GOP, Dan Crenshaw Over 9/11 Chock-Full of Dishonesty

Congressional Witnesses Thoroughly Humiliate Maxine Waters

Kenneth Starr Admits He Thinks Hillary Triggered Vince Foster's Suicide

Dems Registered to Vote Outside Their Districts

1.) Juan Vargas (D-CA)

2.) Maxine Waters (D-CA)

3.) Nydia Velázquez (D-NY)

4.) Lloyd Doggett (D-TX)

5.) Donald McEachin (D-VA)

6.) Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)

BONUS: Fmr Reps

Avenatti Faces New 36-Count Felony Indictment

Barr Hammered for Expressing Concerns About Possible Trump Spying

AOC Galvanizes Digital Lynch Mob to Ruin Kirstjen Nielsen's Life

GOP Trolls 'Georgia' Dem Over Residency After Election Controversy

'Sex Cult' Allegedly Employed Kirsten Gillibrand's Father

Another Aide to Sen. Hassan Allegedly Stole Personal Information

Omar's Latest Comments Spark Outrage

Candace Owens Responds After Democratic Rep's Gotcha Moment

Barr Beats Back! Highlights and Bombshells From the Barr Hearing

1.) Mueller Review

2.) Reviewing FBI Conduct

4.) Friday Night Release

3.) Stay Woke

5.) What is Redacted?

Ilhan Omar Has Awkward Take on What Happened on 9/11

FBI Docs Show Evidence of Hillary Cover-Up

Attorney General Barr Scrutinizing FBI Conduct in Russia Probe

5 Developments to Watch in Trump's Tax Return Fight

1.) Why Libs Will (Probably) Lose

2.) Who's Leading Trump's Defense

3.) How Far Will Progressives Push House Dems?

4.) Do Voters Even Care?

5.) How Long Will THIS Fight Last?

Incumbent Could've Buried Ocasio-Cortez With Dirt. He Sat On It Instead.

Twitter Savages Eric Swalwell's 2020 Campaign Slogan

Cory Booker Introduces Slavery Reparations Bill

Influential Democrat Pleads Guilty to Doxxing McConnell

Car Bomb Kills Three U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan

Fmr Fox News Host Returns to TV

Behind the Scenes of Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation

Red State Democrat Might Bail Out of the Senate in Time for 2020

Fox News Host Wonders If Trump Actually Wants to Lose in 2020

Wall Street Bets on Trump's Re-Election

Democrats Sue to Stop Trump's Wall

Trump's Warning for Migrants

The Obama Scandals the Media Wants You to Forget About

1.) AP Phone Record Scandal

2.) Benghazi

3.) Fast and Furious Scandal

4.) IRS Targeting Scandal


The 10 Most Sinful States

10.) Arizona

9.) Michigan

8.) Illinois

7.) Georgia

6.) Louisiana

5.) Tennessee

4.) Texas

3.) California

2.) Florida

1.) Nevada

Dems That Met With Farrakhan and Won’t Disavow Him

1.) Maxine Waters

2.) Andre Carson

3.) Al Green

4.) James Clyburn

REPORT: Russians Gave $35 Million to Clinton-Affiliated Company

Judge Forces Anthony Weiner to Register as Sex Offender

Why is It so Hard for Bernie to Release His Taxes?

ICE Arrests Hundreds in Decades' Largest Raid

Trump Allies Encourage Florida Republican to Run for Senate in Alabama

Jussie Smollett Heads Back to Court

Gowdy Reveals What's Next for Mueller Report

The Biden Scandal the Media Doesn't Want You to Know About

Obama Border Chief Warns: Immigration Crisis Worst in 'Modern Times'

Republicans Wake Up in Wisconsin

Top Democrat Asks Trump to Free Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Deadline for Jussie Smollett to Pay Back Police Ends Today

Things Go Downhill Quick When Tucker Asks Mexican Official Why Mexico Won't Keep Migrants

Kamala Calls on Congress to Hire Illegal Immigrants

Trump Official: Border Crisis Requires Military Response

House Democrats Want 'Oversight' on Fox's Newsroom

CNN Personalities Linked to Terror-Funding Mideast Regime

New FEC Complaint for AOC Involving Alleged 'Subsidy Scheme'

Democrats Subpoena Unredacted Mueller Report

Two More Accuse Biden

Top Republican Releases FBI Official's Private Testimony

Top 7 Joe Biden Memes

1.) A Hands-On Approach

2.) Coming Out in Packs

3.) Art of the Deal?

4.) Recent Events

5.) It's a Vampire Joke!

6.) Cat Video

7.) Biden Posters!

Ex-Fox News Editor Refuses to Comply With Democrats' Investigation

Trump Considers Immigration Czar

Hannity Claims to Have 'Extraordinarily Damning' Information About FBI Corruption

All the Liberals Defending Biden's Allegations

1.) Mika Brzezinski

2.) Stephanie Carter

3.) Van Jones

4.) Whoopi Goldberg

5.) Meghan McCain

Probe Into Biden's Strong-Arming in Ukraine Revived

Soros-Backed Fortune Tied to Steele Dossier

Ilhan Omar Under Investigation for Campaign Finance Violations

BREAKING: Second Woman Speaks Out Against Biden

REPORT: Republican Representative Repeatedly Paid Children for Sex

Intelligence Community Call for Trump Dossier Investigation

Democratic Rising Star Calls for Bipartisan Coalition WIth Trump

Reporter Claims NBC News Tried to Censor Him on Behalf of DNC

8.) Clinton Emails

Trump Legal Aide Explains the Law in Crash Course to CNN Host

7.) Gowdy Prediction

6.) Gowdy x Tucker

5.) Clinton Interview

4.) The Truth About Witnesses

3.) Michael Cohen

Longtime Red State's Red Flag Bill Moves Closer to Law

2.) FISA Investigation

1.) Schiff Resignation

Trey Gowdy's Greatest Fox News Appearances

Border Patrol Stops Prosecuting Some Illegal Immigrants in Texas

Shock: Avenatti Consulted for Defense in 'Sex Cult' Case

Smollett Prosecutor Faces Up to 20 Years If Convicted

Ocasio-Cortez Blames Plummeting Popularity on 'Far Right'

Watchdog Sues for Documents Allegedly Showing FBI-Clinton Cover-Up

BREAKING: Linda McMahon to Resign

Eric Holder to MSNBC: America was Never Great

Rush Limbaugh Explodes on Fox's Brett Baier

Obama Allegedly Tells Tlaib: 'I'm Proud of You'

5 Twists in The Left's Jihad On Chick-Fil-A

5.) Twitter CEO Fail!

4.) Boycott fail

3.) Huffington Post Takedown

2.) Rider University

1.) Airport Shutdown

This Country Just Introduced Sharia Law

Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Comey Memos

'High-Level Source': John Brennan Pushed Trump Dossier

Everything You Need to Know About Avenatti’s Possible Jail Time

1.) Co-Conspirator

2.) Extortion?