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The Investigation of Muslim Hill Staffers Just Blew Up

Eric Trump Calls Out Russian Investigation for What it is

REPORT: President Trump is About to STICK it to the Commie Hippies

Judge Hands Parents of Benghazi Victims Taking Action Against Crooked Hillary Sad News

Rachel Maddow Just Gets Devastating News After Trashing Fox News Founder

Tim Kaine's son charged for anti-Trump actions

Shameful Hillary Clinton Has Another Excuse For Why She Lost

The Shocking Number of Jihadists Plaguing This Country

CREEPING SHARIA: Muslim Man Sues National Pizza Chain For $100 Million

New $80M Anti-Trump Soros Network

Rachel Maddow Details One Thing Fox News Founder Tried to Do to Remove Her from TV

Donald Trump Tells Truth About German's Trade

The Truth Emerges on Obama’s NSA

Montana Voters Supportive of Montana Congressman, Despite Recent Incident

ICE Goes on a HUGE Bust in California

Senate confirms new Trump nominee

One of Trump's FBI Frontrunners Bowed Out

Donald Trump Makes One Stern Promise to the Leakers

New Details Emerge in Montana Candidate-Reporter Scuffle

Trump Tells the Freeloaders to Pay Up, No More Handouts

Debbie Wassermann Schultz Threatens Police Chief

Father of Manchester Suicide Bomber Arrested!

Fake Navy SEAL Gets Locked Up

CREEPING SHARIA: Concert terrorist’s brother gets bad news

DISGUSTING: Mexican National Allegedly Attempted to Lure Young Girls into World's Oldest Profession

Trump's Approval Rating Rises

THANK YOU: Trump's 10 Billion Dollar CUT to this Department

MSNBC Host Suggests Trump's Not a Christian

Gowdy is Getting that New Job!?

Trump Drops a Bomb on Texas Mexican Mafia Members

Manchester Terrorist Name Released. Guess Where He's From?

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Brutal Attack

Trump Calls Out the Terrorists

Trump Administration Will Leave it to The States on this Education Policy

ALERT: Terror Attack Rocks English Concert Venue, Casualties Confirmed

WHOA: 'F*** Trump' chant led by Democratic Party Leader

Son of Deceased Fox News Mastermind Delivers Message for Those Who Betrayed Him at Funeral

TRAILBLAZER: Trump Becomes the First Sitting US president to Visit This Holy Site

Obama's Most Hypocritical Move Yet

'Activist' Illegal Alien Charged with 103 Acts, Some were Anti-Trump

Melania and Ivanka Stand Strong, Drive the Muslim World Nuts

BINGO: Trump wants to destroy key ObamaCare piece

Refujihad: Austrian Town Won’t Accept Any More Refugees After Raping

North Korea's Cartoonish President Launches Another Missile

VP Pence cites Trump's 'leadership' in commencement speech

NBC reporter faces jail time

BRAVO: President Trump Refuses to Do This ONE Thing Obama Did in Saudi Arabia

SENATE: Comey's Coming to Town

Trump's Latest Order Delivers DEVASTATING News to ISIS

Iran's President wins second term by wide margin

President Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia

FAKE NEWS ALERT: MSM Throws ABSOLUTELY Reckless Anonymous Allegation at Trump White House

Things Just Got WAY Worse for Weiner After Pleading Guilty

[ALERT] The White House 'May Massacre' for Trump Loyalists

SHAKEUP: Fox News Axes Host, But This Firing Might Make You Happy

Biden Reveals What He Really Thinks of Crooked Hillary

New Evidence Tells The Truth About Trump and Russia Collusion

Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty To Degenerate Behavior With A Minor

The 'Sexting' Secret Service Officer Gets 20 Years in Prison After Nasty Acts

Trump's New FBI Frontrunner

Tough Sheriff Gets Important Job in Trump Administration

The Reason For All The Leaks In The Trump Administration Is Finally Revealed

Team Trump Slams Obama Administration’s Internet Regulations

Mueller and Comey's Relationship That The Media Doesn't Want You To Know About

Report: This Well-known Congressman is About to Quit

Former Fox News chairman and CEO has died at 77

CNN Obsessed with Criticizing Trump

President Trump Will Go Heads Up With Fake News Network Anchors...Literally

BREAKING: Video on Senator's Collapse

American RINO Ups Attacks on President Trump

[VIDEO] Trey Gowdy Unleashes New Details on the Clinton's & FBI

Obama's Reported Words About Trump are Vicious

Fox News Personality Confirms Talks with Trump to Replace Spicer

Here's Who's Responsible for the Sharp Rise in Cop Killings

FBI Arrests Man for Threatening GOP Congresswoman

GOP Senator Collapses During Race, Hospitalized

US Senator Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer

Hillary Clinton Announces Her New Political Venture

Another Wild and Crazy White House Jumper Arrested

Kellyanne Conway Fires Back at MSNBC’s Baseless Attack

Gowdy's Breaking Announcement About FBI Job

Obama Admin Blurted Out Classified Intel on Bin Laden & People Died

Trump's Hunting Down the Leakers

The Latest Mainstream Media's Fake News Attack On President Trump

Did Obama Illegally Spy on the Supreme Court?

Trump's Going to Do Something Amazing to the White House Tonight for Fallen Officers

Liberal MSNBC Host to Get BOOTED

Trump Is Surging In This Part of The Country

Obama Responds To Trump Destroying His Legacy

Trump’s Trade Representative Confirmed, Eyes Up NAFTA

Chelsea Manning to Remain Active Duty Army After Prison Release

Trump to Dump Spicer for Fox News Host!?

Trump's Tillerson roasts Hillary Clinton's Silly Russia Move

Crazy North Korea Open To Talks With President Trump

Trump's EPA reverses Obama-era decision

Nasty Protesters Mock Death of GOP Lawmaker’s Special Needs Daughter

Does Sarah Huckabee Have Her Eyes on Another Job in the White House?

Trump's Plan to Fight Voter Fraud

Patriotic American Responds To Creeping Sharia in Schools

Democratic Congresswoman Embodies Stupidity By Saying This About Comey, Trump and Hillary

Silly 'Resistance' Crybabies Deface More Trump Property

Dad speaks out after son injured by illegal immigrant

Illegal Immigration Activist Gets Unwanted Surprise from Trump Admin

BREAKING: Crony Dem Congresswoman Convicted!

FBI raids Republican campaign consultants

Bombshell Revelations About Clinton Corruption Come To Light

Drunk Driver Illegal Kills Another Innocent American

Savage Immigrant Murders Two Doctors

Democrats Lose Another Winnable Election

Team Trump Strips Protections From Illegal Immigrant Darling

Comey's Out, But Hillary Might Still be On the Hook

Bill O'Reilly Might Have a New Job Very Soon

Bill O'Reilly Might Have a New Job Very Soon

Trump's Short List for FBI Director

The Hypocritical Democrat Feelings on James Comey

ARRESTED: Illegal Deported 15 Times Hurts 6-year Old

[VIDEO] Trump Reveals the One Simple Reason Why He Fired Comey

[VIDEO] Trump Reveals the One Simple Reason Why He Fired Comey

President Trump Defends James Comey Firing

Donald Trump Has a New Nickname for Chuck Schumer & It's Hilariously Accurate

ACLU Admits Trump’s Travel Ban Would Be Legal - With This One Condition

California's Communist Employment Program

Trump's Deportation Squad Rips County Over Dangerous Illegal

Ted Cruz Cleaned Sally Yates’s Clock

North Korea's Kim Jung Un Makes Fun of Obama & Hillary

Kellyanne Conway Gets Harassed At Airport, Here’s What Happens Next

Trump Nominated New Judges - Here's What Conservatives Think

Why Liberals Aren't Nearly as Tolerant as They Think

Trump’s Deportation Squad Cracks Down on Illegals and Their Congressional Friends

WATCH Fight Erupts at Airport Amid Spirit Airlines Cancellations

Muslim Nation Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler

WATCH Trey Gowdy Messed With On Live TV, But He Remained Ridiculously Calm

Trump’s Latest Move Will Make Al Gore Fry

ISIS dealt big blow in Afghanistan after commander killed

Trump's revised travel ban faces first big test

Seattle Mayor Taxes "White People" To Deflect From This Horrible Scandal

McCain Accuses Trump's Top Diplomat of Abandoning the US

President Trump Taps Ivanka to Head Up Big New Task

BREAKING: U.S. Olympian Found Dead

Top Trump nominee beat back Obama, defended the little guy

Pentagon IDs Navy SEAL killed in Somalia

This Liberal City is Fighting Back Hard Against Trump's Illegal Immigrant Deportations

FBI Is DIGGING DEEP on Bernie Sander's Family Fraud

This Host Might Be in HUGE Trouble for NASTY Trump Statement

Trump's Potential GOP Primary Talks About 2020

ISIS Fighters Returning to US Biggest Euro Ally

Laura Ingraham's HUGE Announcement

Radical Feminist Embraces Islam - Guess What Happened To Her Next

Trump's Approval Rating High With This Surprising Demographic

Donald Trump’s Army Sec Nominee Withdraws After Being Attacked for His Religion

Breaking: ALL The Fake News Channels Ganging Up on Trump

How Trump Made April Great Again

ICE Searching for Previously Deported Illegal After alleged Rape

Mike Huckabee's Daughter to Step Up Today at the White House, Fill in for Spicer

Did Obama Spy on Senator Rand Paul?

US Navy SEAL killed fighting Islamic terrorists in Somalia

Feminist Mom Does Horrible Thing To Her Son in Name of Progressivism

Here's Why Conceal Carry Saves Lives

You'll Never Believe How Many Federal Inmates Are Illegals

Berkeley's Ridiculous Plan to "Stop" Leftist Terrorism

SHOCKING: McCain Might Join Trump Administration

How Trump Secretly Worked Behind the Scenes to Get Obamacare Repealed

[VIDEO] France's Trump Gets Assaulted by Commie Thugs. How She Responds is Priceless!

BREAKING NEWS Obamacare Repeal Passes the House

NEW TWIST: Refugees Hopping Over the US Border, But It's Not What You Think

Turkey Makes Overt Threat to US Troops in Dangerous Territory

Trump's Drug Czar Nominee Drops Out

Hillary's Top Aide May Have Committed a Crime Sending Emails to Weiner

One Group's Fighting Hard to Ensure Obamacare Repeal

Obama's Back & He's Trying to Anoint a New President

[VIDEO] The Beautiful Story Behind Trump's Make America Great Again Hat

FADDIS: Islamic Extremists Tell You What they Are Going to Hit Next

Has-been Hillary's Back & Her Plan is to Destroy Trump

Sore Loser Hillary Still Blames Russia And The FBI For Her Loss

Sean Hannity Reveals His Fox News Fate

Liberal Professor Goes Nuts Over What This Christian Student Did

FBI Translator Investigating ISIS Does Something Totally Insane

Hillary Whined About Why She Lost, Trump Had Some 'Nice' Words for Her

Trump's Secretary SLAMS Dems Border Wall Funding

Laura Ingraham Says GOP Will Have "Hell to Pay" If This Happens...

Laura Ingraham Says GOP Will Have "Hell to Pay" If This Happens...

Fake News Refuses to Run Trump's Hot New Ad, Here's Why...

RINOs Backstab Trump Over The Budget

Liberal State Lets Illegal Criminal Walk, Until Trump Put His Foot Down

Terrorists Didn't Expect This To Happen During Their Sing-a-Long

[VIDEO] Loony Liberal Candidate Suggests You Kill Yourself If You Don't Believe in Climate Change

Biden Just Revealed his 2020 Plans

Religious hospital sued over refusing transgender surgery

Bernie Sander's wife could face jail time, FBI investigation over college scam

The One Thing Hannity Warned Could Ruin Fox News Just Happened

Trump Roasts Media In One Sentence

Cartel Members Using New Sick Trick To Get Drugs Across Border

BREAKING: Live Shooter on the Loose

Trump Announces His Next Choice For The Supreme Court

Facebook Allegedly Targeting & Taking Advantage of Our Children

New Fox News Show Begins With Biggest Interview Possible

Liberal MSNBC Host Tells Truth About Why the Dems are Losers

SWAMP DRAIN? Anti-Trump GOPer Retiring from Congress after 18 years

Trump Ridicules Media at Rally

Trump Unleashes Killer Squad Capable of Smashing ISIS & N. Korea

BREAKING: Trump Moves US to N. Korea's Doorstep, War Looming?

Trump's Gun Pledge

North Korea Fires Another Missile & Trump Has Something to Say About It

President Trump's favorite drink?

Sean Hannity Says if This One Thing Happens, It Could Be The 'Total End of Fox'

Trump Did It To Elizabeth Warren… AGAIN

Cartel Smuggling Tunnel Uncovered under Mexican Border

Trump Names Pro-Life Leader to Top Post

Trump's Former GOP Rival Could Challenge Him Again

Friendly Competition? European Country Builds Beautiful Wall To Stop Illegal Aliens

Trump Ally Slams Left-Wing Activist Judges

Trump Did Something Amazing For Our Veterans That Obama Refused To Do

[VIDEO] Well, Trump Just Broke ANOTHER Record in His First 100 Days

Sarah Palin Grades First 100 Days of Trump Admin

Illegal Alien Rapist On The Loose

Chelsea Clinton Gets Ridiculous Award for This Reason

SHOCKING 'JIHAD' BAN Country Bans Muslim Names

SHOCKING 'JIHAD' BAN Country Bans Muslim Names

Here's How The "Feminist" Political Party Is Doing

WHOA: Trey Gowdy Might Get a VERY Powerful New Job

Clinton Donor, Obama Ambassador Pays Major Money to Settle Fraud Case

This Could Make it Easier to Put Cop Killers to Death

Trump Gives Mattis Ultimate Gift to Destroy ISIS

Is the FBI Sabotaging the Trump's Border Wall?

Trump Points Out Who's to Blame for a Government Shutdown

Trump's New Tax Plan Unveiled. Here's What's In It

This MONUMENTAL Announcement on Trump's Tax Plan Leaves Liberals Spinning

Illegal Gang Member Got What He Deserved

"Witchcraft" Candidate Fined for Misusing Campaign Funds

"Witchcraft" Candidate Fined for Misusing Campaign Funds

Guess Who Was Found Faking an Anti-Muslim Hate Crime?

NSFW: Bill Nye’s New “Science” Show Tries To Convert Kids To Gay Sex

Fake News Now Thinks Trump's Presidency is 'Fake'

Court Acts Against a Key Trump Policy, He FIRES BACK!

Ted Cruz has a Brilliant Idea to Pay for Trump's Wall

Ted Cruz has a Brilliant Idea to Pay for Trump's Wall

All Hands Needed on Deck for Trump's Ally

Stunning Truth FINALLY Revealed on Sean Hannity Sexual Harassment Allegations

[DISGUSTING VIDEO] Muslim Man Gives Instructions on Wife Beating

Obama's $400,000 Wall Street Payday

One of Trump's Biggest Critics Gives Him A Shocking Rating

Manhunt in North Carolina for Illegal Immigrant Serial Rapist

LAW & ORDER 95 criminal illegal immigrants arrested

President Trump Makes Ultimate Threat to Mexico, Canada

WAR ON FOX CONTINUES: Sean Hannity FIRES Back After Woman's Bogus Harassment Claims

Sheriff Rejects ‘Sanctuary Cities' Trend

Taxpayer-Funded Communist University Sued Over This

Mainstream Media Thinks This Conservative Is A Bigger Threat Than North Korea and Iran

Trump's New Move: Drill, Baby, Drill

Bill O’Reilly's Return

Team Trump Hires Former Fox News Anchor

Team Trump Hires Former Fox News Anchor

Here's What Trump Has To Say About Sean Spicer

US-North Korea Stalemate is Over

Trump Boasts Undefeated Record on This

The Democrats Pro-Life Purge

President Trump's Hollywood star vandalized again

NOT A JOKE: UN Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission

Trump Impeachment Ring Leader Runs Crony Nepotism Cash Scheme

Trump Awarded Purple Heart to Army Segeant Wounded in Afghanistan

Did Obama's CIA Director Collude with Foreign Spies to Bring Down Trump?

Deep-State Presidential Candidate Has A New Plot Brewing in Utah

Tampa Teacher Punishes Christian Kids While Pushing Gay Agenda

Obama Attempts To Sway a Foreign Election

American Muslim Legislator Supports Life Insurance for Terrorists

Trump's Sanctuary City Shutdown

Trump's Top Adviser Roasts Megyn Kelly

Illegal Alien Kidnaps, Brutally Rapes Autistic Woman

CONFIRMED: ISIS Responsible for Terror Attack

Trump's Republican Party DESTROYS Record

Alaska University Features Horrifying Painting of Donald Trump

The Democrats' Popularity Is In Freefall

Shocking Numbers Reveal Huge Problem With Millennials

FOX NEWS SHAKE UP Here's Who's Replacing Bill O'Reilly

Trump Calls Out Pelosi and Schumer in New Endorsement

Prof Who Wants to Trump to Hang Gets Special Treatment by University

President Trump Will Meet with Pope Francis

Liberal's Trump 'Resistance' Fails in Round 1

BIAS ALERT: Mainstream Media Dumps on Trump & Patriot's White House Visit

Trump Admin to Launch Investigation in True "America First" Fashion

Trump Names Former Senator to Diplomatic Post

President Trump's Agenda in Jeopardy

O'Reilly Responds to Fox News Ousting

BREAKING: Leaked Documents Show Who Sabotaged O'Reilly

Congressman Who Tried to Keep Obama's Administration in Check Won't Seek Re-election

200 Illegal Migrants Storm Town Hall, Injure 14

[VIDEO] High Ranking Democrat Blames Their Woes on Their Once 'Savior'

Could Laura Ingraham Trump the Senate?

Disgraceful Olympic Medalist Glorifies This North Korean "Policy"

75 Year Old Military Vet Acquitted After Being Targeted for Patriotic Act

Treason: MSNBC Pundit Begs ISIS to Do This To Trump

O'Reilly's Fox News Fate Revealed After Brutal Character Assassination

Anti-Trumper Falls Short

Anti-Trumper Falls Short

Sin City HIV prevention initiatives include syringe vending machines

JIHAD ALERT: Crazed Man Screams "Allahu Akbar" & Goes On Shooting Rampage

Obama Crushed Biden Over Hillary

Mainstream Media Busted In Most Ridiculous Trump Lie Ever

Trump Has News for 'Gang of Illegals' That Should Have Them Running for Cover

Muslim Terrorists' "Truck of Peace Tour" Strikes New City

Savage Berkeley Liberals Call for Horrific Crimes Against College Republicans

Berkeley Liberals Call for Horrific Crimes Against College Republicans

Trump's New Executive Order is a True "America First" Agenda Item

Obama Holdover's Lawless Border Action

Obama Holdover's Lawless Border Action

Here's Who The Obamas Spend Time With Now

Liberal Loon Wants To Ban Patriotic Tradition At Sports Games

Facebook Murderer Video [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

One Tough VP Mike Pence Breaks Protocol to Do This to North Korean Soldiers

ACLU & a Disqualified Judge Wage War on America's Toughest Sheriff

Liberal Public University Threatens Student Over This Display of Patriotism

[VIDEO] One of the Most Successful Men in America Defend Trump from Baseless Attacks

North Korea's Dangerous Next Step

BREAKING: Here's How Many Illegals Team Trump Arrested

NEWS ALERT: Rare Trump Endorsement Hits Radical Left Hard

This 200 Billion Dollar Silent Killer Is Totally Preventable

Gang of Illegals Massacre Teens in New York

Gun-Hating State Jails Decorated Marines

Trump's Approval Rating Improves to Key Number

Racist Huffington Post Wants To Disenfranchise These Voters

Huffington Post Wants To Disenfranchise These Voters

Former FEC Chairwoman Calls for Regulating Political Speech on Social Media

[VIDEO] Trump is ready to strike

[VIDEO] Black America Embarrasses Race Baiting Univision Reporter

The TRUMP MACHINE Just Accomplished this Feat & No One Thought They Could Do It

Two Guys Who Let Intruder Into White House Are About to Learn Their Fate

JIHAD WATCH: How Islamic Terror Threatens the Largest City

Liberal Nutjobs Side With ISIS Over Trump

New Evidence Discovered About Obama's IRS Exec's Crimes

Busted! Maine Dems Caught On Camera Laughing at White Suicide Rates


Border Patrol Agent Has This To Say To Paul Ryan

ALERT: US Troops are On the Move to This Country

How Trump's Toughness on Immigration Scared the Crap Out of Would be Illegals

Members of Congress Try To Kill Bipartisan Commission

[VIDEO] Watch Trump's 'Mother of All Bombs' DESTROY ISIS!

Red Terrorist Targeting Trump Gets Nasty Easter Surprise

RNC Chair Sends a Stern Warning to GOP Congress

Trump Dossier Creators Reveal That They're Fake News

Trump Admin to Protect Half a Million American Girls from Muslim Mutilation

[VIDEO] Sheriff Sends Shocking & Threatening Message to Heroin Dealers in Viral Video

New Dove Commercial Stars Transgender “Mom”

Trump Admin Places Two North American Citizens on Terrorist List

BREAKING: US Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Missile on Major ISIS Target

CREEPING SHARIA: U.S. Muslim Doctor Busted Mutilating Young Girls

Loony Lefty's Plan To Have You Pay For Addicts Shooting Heroine

Trump Sending Back 4,000 High Risk Islamic Illegals

Wacky Professor Who Wants to Hang Trump & Kill Republicans Just Got VERY BAD News

Justice Served: "Fast and Furious" Cartel Murderer Captured

[VIDEO] Judge Napolitano: Trey Gowdy's "Trap" To Catch Obama's Rice on Trump Wiretapping

No Goodbye: Is This Fox News Host Gone Forever?

Putin Backs Down

Republicans Score Big Win In Congress

Illegal Alien Arrested For Heartbreaking Repeated Abuse

DEM DILEMMA: Alleged Hamas Allied US Group Clashes With Union

More Proof Obama's Government Spied on Team Trump

Black Liberal Arrested Over Phony “Pro-Trump Hate Crime”

Expert Says Teens Are "Trying Out Transgender" For This Crazy Reason

BREAKING: Trump to Name Drug Czar (HINT: He's a Former Prosecutor Turned Congressman)

Chris Christie Just Received Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad News

VIDEO: Mad Dog Mattis Talks About Trump's Plan to Take Down ISIS

BREAKING: Trump's NEW Plan to Secure the Border Released

Trump's NEW Plan to Secure the Border Released

Donald Trump's Amazing New Nickname in Syria

[VIDEO] What a Supreme Court Justice Said About Senator Lindsey Graham Left Everyone in Awe

Rex Tillerson Hammers Russia With This Statement

Rabid Democrats Turning On One of Their Own

Political Update: Today’s Special Election & Governor Resigns

Trump's Budget Director is About to Deliver Devastating News to Gov't Bureaucrats

Liberals Accuse Fox News of Sexism & They Were Just Proven Wrong

Armed & Dangerous Red Terrorist Who Wants To Kill Trump On The Loose

Obama's Rice Got Fact-Checked BIG TIME on Syria By Liberal Newspaper

REPORT: 150,000 Chinese Troops on the Move Towards this Country

JUDAS: McCain Turns On Trump, Blames Him For This

Machete-Wielding Refugee Rapes Woman, Makes Boyfriend Watch

New York Times Openly Advocates For Mexican "Reconquista"

HAHA: Union's Political Spending Sends Itself into Downward Spiral

PETA Makes This Ridiculous Claim About Milk

Filthy "Refugees" Plead Guilty To This Horrific Crime

What Obama Called America In One Of His Writings Will Make You Sick

Are RINOs Taking Over Trump's National Security Council?

Tyrannical North Korea Responds to Trump

U.S. Navy on the Move Towards this Tyrannical Country

How Trump Exceeded Predictions for Border Security

How Trump's Dealt a Blow to Obama's Legacy

Glenn Beck's Getting Sued. Can You Guess Who's Doing It?

Trump's Treasury Secretary Explains How Trump Put China on its Knees

Foreign Policy Experts Praise Trump’s Decision

President Trump sends his congratulations

Report: How Trump is Considering Dealing with the North Korean Tyrant

An Illegal Murderous Heroin Hooker Was Just Deported

BUSTED: Swing State Voter Fraud Scheme Involving Felons

RESPONSE: Russian Warships on the Move

Trump's Ambassador Just Put the World on Notice & It Will Give You Goosebumps

BREAKING: Gorsuch Confirmed

Political Update: Minnesota Already in High Gear

BREAKING: Trump could SHAKE the White House up BIGLY

Loser Hillary Still Refuses to Blame Herself for Election Loss

Hollywood Star Panics, Thinks Trump’s Going To Murder "The Gays"!

Islamic Terrorist "Truck of Peace" Runs Over Swedes In Shocking Terror Attack

Harvard Students Think Trump More Dangerous Than ISIS

Anti-Assad Syrians praise Trump's airstrikes

New Shoe Drops in Susan Rice/Obama Wiretapping Case

New Shoe Drops in Susan Rice/Obama Wiretapping Case

Trump Nailed All of His Targets

Liberals are Using THIS Tactic to Stop Trump's Border Fence

Illegals Use Dirty Trick To Get Dangerous Drugs Into America

BUSTED Biased Mainstream Media Can't Hide This Stat: 97%

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Muslim Man Beats Woman, Drags Her Behind Car While Her Kids Watch

How America Is Honoring The WWI Centennial

THIS COULD BE HUGE: Trump Jr. May Run For Office Next Year

More Obama Administration CORRUPTION Unearthed!

New Ad: "A Mouthpiece for Terrorism"

McConnell Shows Why The Filibuster Has To Die Today

Here's Who's Taking Over The House Russia Investigation

Mike Pence's Bodyguard Arrested After Caught Doing This Sick Thing

ALL of These Illegals Just Got Busted Around the Capital, You Won't Believe Where They All Came From

[VIDEO] President Trump Talks Tough on Syria

Goofy Elizabeth Warren Goes Absolutely Silent After Getting WHACKED For Hypocrisy

WAR: ISIS Takes Its First Verbal Punch at President Trump

Muslim Man Murdered by Hundreds of Vigilante Cow Lovers

Rick Perry Gets a MAJOR Boost in the Trump Administration

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? Steve Bannon Departs Security Council After Rice Gets Outed

Susan Rice Is Getting Fried By Senate Republicans

Jewish Boy Forced Out of German “Multicultural" School by Muslim Savages

BOMBSHELL: Trump Friend Accuses Trump Family Member of MSNBC Leaks

ICE Lays Down The Law Against Sanctuary Cities

Loony Lefty Senator Shows Just How Much She's A Hypocrite

Left-wing Nuts Vandalize Trump's Golf Course

Here Are The Red State Dems Voting Against Gorsuch

Dems Want to Turn Whole Country into A Sanctuary for Illegals

Here's Melania's Official First Lady Portrait

New York Times Starts Revolt for Bill O'Reilly & Fox News

Trump working on 'major haircut' to these ‘horrendous’ regulations

DOUBLE DIGITS: The Drop in Illegal Immigration Since Trump Took Over is HUGE

DOUBLE DIGITS: The Drop in Illegal Immigration Since Trump Took Over is HUGE

Trump Ends Obama Era Rules

Muslim Immigrant Rapes 90-year-old Woman Outside Church

Here's What Happened When A Comics Company Went Politically Correct

Here's Where Trump Donated His ENTIRE First Paycheck

President Trump Cracks Down on Visas Abuses

Trump's Lawyer Gets New GOP Job

Smoking Gun in Obama’s Trump Wiretapping Case

​Muslim Refugee Defends Raping Little Boy, His Reason Will DISGUST You

This Moderate Senator Will Filibuster Trump's Supreme Court Pick

The Filibuster Must Die

How Trump can win with China this week

More Americans have college degrees than before

Home Owner Arrested After Killing Intruder Caught in Bizarre Act

Trump's Golf Partner Says A Lot About His Next Move on Healthcare

BREAKING: 10 Dead, 50 Injured in Train Car Explosion [VIDEO]

One TV Network Trump's Actually Applauding

Fox News Takes Sides in O'Reilly Sex-Harrassment

Is this Governor Going to Primary Trump?

FOX NEWS: Trump Surveilled Before Winning Nomination + Another Bombshell

Trump's Aide Calls For Challenge To Conservative Congressman

Trump Drops the Hammer

Inside the George Soros Plot to Take Down Donald Trump

(VIDEO) New Chair of Failing DNC Whines About Trump

Hillary Clinton 2020?

Trump Drops the Hammer on Cheaters With New Order

Jeff Sessions Bold Move

How This State is Punishing Sanctuary Cities

Trump Promised to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration. Here's How He's Doing So Far

Matt Drudge Names "America's Best Senator"

Border wall bidder gets death threats. Here's the reason.

BUILD THE WALL: Mexican Official Caught Trafficking Drugs Across the Border

Liberals Flip Out at "Misogynist" Pence for Respecting His Wife

Joe Biden Swipes at Hillary Clinton for Ignoring Middle Class

Is Hillary Eyeing a 2020 Run?

Hillary 2020?

The Truth About Obama's Trump Spying is About to Come Out

New Report Reveals How Sanctuary Cities are Protecting Violent Illegals

Shocking New Undercover Reveals More Horrors at Planned Parenthood (WARNING: DISTURBING LANGUAGE)

This School Stood Up to Black Lives Matter. Here's How They Responded

Democrats Jump Off Schumer's Sinking Ship on Gorsuch Nomination

This College Had a Job Fair for Border Patrol Agents. Guess How Liberals Responded

Judge Makes Another YUGE Ruling on Trump's Immigration Ban

This State is Suing a School District for Being "Too White"

REPORT: Feeble Hillary's Top Aide Was Planning for Her Death

It's Official: Ivanka Gets New White House Role

Obama Aide Comes Clean: "We Spied on Trump and Hid the Evidence!"

(HILARIOUS VIDEO) When it Comes to Gorsuch, the Democrats Reek of Hypocrisy

Castro Loving, Corrupt Congresswoman Says Trump Supporters Aren't Patriotic

Judge Napolitano Returns to Fox News With a Vengeance

Is Paul Ryan Trying to Sabotage Trump?

Dem Candidate Caught Lying About His National Security Credentials

California Prosecutes Conservative Journalists for Exposing Planned Parenthood

Shots Fired at Capitol (UPDATE)

Dem Lawmaker Warned Illegals of Deportation Efforts

Are Republicans Abandoning Trump's Wall?

BOMB THREAT at the White House

This Former Illegal is Running for Congress

The Gorsuch Nomination Hit a Bump, and it's the Democrat's Fault

Dem Senator Thinks He Can Get Trump to Sign Off on Gun Control

Shocking Report Reveals Clinton Confidante Lobbied for Company that Armed Terrorists

College Student Suspended for Correcting Muslim Professor About Christianity

Dems Gone Wild: Schumer Screams at Elderly Trump Supporter in Restaurant

HORRIFYING VIDEO: Villagers Slice Open Python. What They Find Solves Their Big Mystery (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Clinton Adviser Abedin Wants More Weiner

TSA Officer Gropes Special Needs Boy For Minutes on End (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Trump's Bigly Move Will Drive Illegals and Liberals ABSOLUTELY Nuts

Trump's Bigly Move Will Drive Illegals and Liberals ABSOLUTELY Nuts

How Activist Judges are Aiding the Refugeehad

Trey Gowdy Went on TV and Absolutely Called Out the Liberal Media (VIDEO)

College Offers Whites Only Course to Indoctrinate "Racist" White Students

Terrorist Who Lead the Women's March Gets a Taste of Justice

Latino Studies Major Stabbed and Killed Women, But THIS is What Liberals are Worried About

Top Presidential Advisor Caught in Russia Stock Scam

Top Presidential Advisor Caught in Russia Stock Scam

Why This Transgender "Girl" is Attacking Trump

Guess Who Trump Supporters are Blaming for the Failure to Replace Obamacare

Intruder Tries to Break In to White House

Bombthrowing Conservative Rockstar FIRED

Students Run Anti-White Campaign at Big State University

Did Trump Call for Paul Ryan to Resign? It Looks Like It...

Blue Lives Matter in this Great State

After Brutal Rape by Illegals, Parents in This School District Respond

Loony Liberal Mayor Caught in Pay for Play Scam

Courts Hand Trump a YUGE Victory

Courts Hand Trump a YUGE Victory

This Woman Tried to Honor Cops. Her Neighbors Called Her Racist

Vulgar Feminists are Sending President Trump a "Classy" Gift

This Criminal Illegal Wasn't Deported. Guess What Happened Next

In This Western Country, it's Now Illegal to Criticize Islam

Paul Ryan Makes YUGE Announcement About Obamacare Lite's Fate

How This State is Selling Out Your Kids

Veteran Reporter: Obama Officials Could Be Prosecuted for Spying on Trump

RINOS for Obamacare Lite: "We Have to Pass the Bill to Find Out What's In It"

Degenerate Detroit Democrat Gets Fired. The Reasons Are HILARIOUS

Criminal Illegal Rapes Two Year Old Girl in Sanctuary County

GREAT AGAIN: Trump Approves Plan that Will Create Thousands of Jobs

Islamic Preacher in North America: "God, Kill the Jews" (VIDEO)

Dem Senator Regrets Prosecuting Nazi Abortion Doctor

Islamic Mayor of London Responds to the Terror Attack

London Terrorist Revealed

Radical Left Eats Itself as Black Feminist Attacks Transgender

Conservative Commentator Drops the Hammer on Dopey CNN Host (VIDEO)

Chelsea Clinton Gets Lifetime Achievement Award Without Lifetime Achievements

ISIS Responds to London Terror Attack

The GOP Wants to Pass Obamacare Lite. This Conservative Senator Has a Better Idea

Did Obama Spy on Trump? The Truth Came Out Today

Trump's Tough Act Against Terror, After Obama Refused to Act

Muslim Media Organization Put Dem Candidate On Payroll

SHOCKING Terror Attack ROCKS British Parliament (UPDATED)

After Illegals Brutally Raped a Girl, Maryland Democrat Calls Immigration Officers Nazis (VIDEO)

Blacks Only Bookstore Closing. Here's Why

How Two Criminal Illegals Brutally Raped a 14 Year Old High School Student

Federal Government Attacks Small Business Owner for Refusing to Hire Illegals

SANCTUARY: Dozens of Violent Illegals Released From Prison Before Deportation

RINO Senator Ponders Trump Impeachment

TREASON? Dems Partnered with Terrorist to Take Down Trump

Liberal Environmentalist Protesters Left Behind Mountains of Garbage. You Won't Believe How Much it Cost to Clean it Up

Donald Trump Just Named and Shamed These Sanctuary Cities

President Trump Just Named and Shamed These Sanctuary Cities

California Illustrates How Political Correctness Can Be Deadly

TRUMP'S AMERICA: Liberals Now Think This Common Food Staple is Racist

Liberals Now Think This Common Food Staple is Racist

Muslim Gang Beats Couple For Eating Pizza

Rachel Maddow Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse. She Was Wrong...

Rachel Maddow Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse. She Was Wrong...

BREAKING NEWS: Ivanka Trump's New Role to Make America Great Again

Ivanka Trump's New Role to Make America Great Again

Trump's Enemies Called His Immigration Ban Unconstitutional. Trey Gowdy Set Them Straight

"Conservative" Rockstar Suspended

GOP Congressman & War Hero Got Scammed & Now Democrats are Demonizing Him

Wish Barron Trump a Happy Birthday!

FAKE NEWS: New York Times Gives Space to #NeverTrump Conspiracy Theorist

YouTube Star Absolutely Destroys Tomi Lahren (VIDEO)

Foreign Leader Pledges to "Reduce US to Ashes"

Dopey Dems Reveal Truth About Trump-Russia Allegations

This Top Democrat Ignored Suffering Veterans. Now She's Paying Thousands to Cover it Up

Trump Promised to Build a "Big, Beautiful Wall." Here's What it Would Actually Look Like

MUST SEE VIDEO: Trump Hating Liberal Pundit Loses His Mind on Live TV

This Guy Wore His Trump Hat to a Bar, and Hypocritical Liberals Made Him Pay

BLUE LIVES MATTER: Dangerous Thug Executes Police Officer

These Trump Supporters Were Attacked by Rabid Leftists. Now They're Getting Justice

Two Illegals Attacked a 14 Year Old Girl. What They Did Next is Horrifying

REFU-JIHAD: Turkey Makes Threat that Will Pose Serious Danger to Europe

Kellyanne Conway's Husband is Getting Hooked Up With the Trump Administration

These Sanctuary Cities Defied Trump. Here's How He's Fighting Back

Budget Analyst Tells Simple Truth About Taxes That Liberals Have Ignored

Radical Muslim Attempts Airport Terror Attack, Kills Police Officer

Hundreds of Conservatives Stormed Capitol Hill to Send a Message to Congress

GREAT AGAIN: How Trump Saved This Small Blue Collar Town

Conservative Rockstar Betrays Her Audience, Comes Out as Pro Choice on Liberal TV Show

Trump Makes Fun of Obama with Foreign Leader

Did This American "Ally" Just Call for a Holy War?

This Teacher is Quitting Her Job at a Muslim School. The Reason Why is Absolutely INSANE

Muslim Immigrants Brutally Gangraped a Woman... Live, on Facebook

This Muslim Immigrant is Being Deported. What He Did To His Two Year Old Daughter is Horrifying

REPORT: VA Hospital Pursued Radical Transgender Agenda, Left Veterans to Die

KARMA: Liberal Reporter Swings at Trump. Now She's In the Hot Seat

Two Illegal Immigrants Slit Dallas Man's Throat

Make America Great Again: Trump Unveils His Plan to Drain the Swamp

He Was Attacked by a Crazed Liberal. Will Michael Savage Back Down?

The Three Men Who Stood Up to Obamacare Lite

BREAKING: Bomb Found in New York City


HILARIOUS: Reporter Exposes Brain Dead Social Justice Warriors (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules on Trump's Immigration Ban

McCain Accuses Conservative Hero of Working for Putin

BREAKING: Conservative Talk Radio Star Attacked in Public, Bloodied

Is it Time to Stop Trusting Paul Ryan?

Liberals Tried to Erase the Memory of this Former President. Here's How Trump is Honoring Him

A Conservative Approach to Real Immigration Reform

Women's Marchers Perform Abortion on the Virgin Mary

INSANITY: Toni the Tampon's Gender Bending Plot to Influence Your Children

MSNBC Releases Trump Taxes, But Who it Ends Up Embarrassing is Hilarious

Rachel Maddow Releases Trump Taxes, But Who it Ends Up Embarrassing is Hilarious

BREAKING: Another Sex Scandal Rocks Fox

BREAKING: Another Sex Scandal Rocks Fox News

How One Planned Parenthood Abortion Cost Even More Than the Baby's Life

BREAKING: Wikileaks Reveals Clinton Plot to Dump Trump

This College is Dropping Math Requirements. Guess What They're Replacing Them With.

Gun Grabbing Dem Makes Insane Statement, Promptly Gets DESTROYED

Fake News: Watch What This Liberal Network Did After This Woman Trashed Obamacare

Soros Pal Busted in Welfare Scam

Soros' Pal Busted in Welfare Scam

SCREAMING & YELLING: Explosive Fox News Black Lives Matters Interview [VIDEO]

State Pushing for Gun Confiscation

Meth for Gay Sex Exchange Sends US Politican to Jail

American "Ally" Threatens to Unleash Refugeehad

BREAKING: Dems Threaten Government Shutdown and Your National Security

Do Christians and Muslims Have Equal Rights? Find Out What These College Students Think (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Liberal Lunatic Confronts Trump Spokesman

This State Just Dropped "Literacy" as a Requirement for Teaching Children

Hispanic College Student Demands New Entitlement From White People

The Crazy Reason These Students are Being Called "Racist"

Former Obamacare Head Admits the Truth About Obamacare

The Arnold: "I Might Be Back"

What This Dem Congressman Says About Trump Wiretaps SHOCKS Liberals

REPORT Reveals the Enemy Within

BREAKING: Campaign Caught Meeting with Russian Ambassador

BREAKTHROUGH: Loony Liberals May Finally Be Ready to Admit the Truth About Trump

Conservative Senator Explains Why It's So Dangerous for the GOP to Pass Obamacare Lite (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Intruder at the White House

Jeff Sessions First Move: Drain the Swamp

Resignation in the Trump Administration We Can All Cheer For

White House Intruder Arrested Near Trump White House, Reports Say

BREAKING: Judge Just Made a YUGE Ruling on Trump's New Immigration Order

Is a Trump Impeachment Coming?

"Reasons to Vote For Democrats” Tops Amazon Bestseller list—But Not What You’d Expect

Conservative Journalists Spar in Trump's Press Room

The $291 Million Illegal Immigration Taxpayer Fraud Scheme

This Obama Hatchetman Preyed on Conservatives. So Why Does He Still Have a Job?

GREAT AGAIN: The Trump Economic Boom

Muslim Immigrants Laugh as they Decapitate Swedish Woman

Liberal Pundit Mocks Conservative Teen with Brain Cancer

Democrats Keep Attacking Trump. Here's What the American People Think About That

This Loony Liberal is Trying to Stop the Great Wall of Trump

These Four States are Defying Trump's Immigration Order

BREAKING: Men Armed with Axes Attack Train Station

DISGRACEFUL: Black Lives Matter Protesters Beat Homeless Man

Trump Just Announce YUGE Cuts From This Money Wasting Agency

The Government Spied on Trump. Here's How They Spy on You

BREAKING: Fox Host Joins Trump Administration

Obama DREAMer Commits Horrific Crime

Trump Sent a Message to Illegals. Did it Work?

Top Dem Senator: Trump Better than Obama

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Michigan Woman Pleads Guilty to Perpetrating Trump Hate Crime Hoax

Feminists Gender Swap Trump Hillary Debate, and Fail Miserably

Insider Reveals the Truth About Planned Parenthood's Terrifying Abortion Mills

BRIBERY: Dem Legislator Caught Selling His Vote

Privileged Son of Top Dem Arrested at Anti-Trump Rally

Deadly ISIS Attack

Anti-Trumpers Shut Down Schools for 24 Hour Temper Tantrum

Here We Go Again. Voters to Hillary: GET LOST!

BREAKING: NSA Whistleblower Backs Trump Wiretap Claims

The Art of the Deal: How Trump May Have Negotiated Planned Parenthood into Oblivion

WARNING: Transgender Serial Rapist on the Loose

(CRAZY VIDEO) The Most Embarrassing Trump Protester Ever

This Senator Warned Us About Obamacare Lite, Now He's Taking a Stand

How Trump's Decision Made it Difficult for Supporters

UH OH: Obama's Wiretap Story Falling Apart At the Seems

How Trump is Standing Against Sharia in America

REPORT: Top Clinton Adviser's Shady Deal with Russia

The Verdict is in on the GOP Obamacare Replacement

Obama's Wiretap Story Falling Apart

Illegal Alien Commits Unspeakable Crime in "Sanctuary State"

Illegal Alien Commits Unspeakable Crime in "Sanctuary State"


BREAKING: Trump's New Travel Ban

Supreme Court Rules in Transgender Bathroom Case

UPDATE: The Man Who Called The Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers Was An Anti-Trump Communist

The Democrats New Hillary Clinton-esque Email Scandal

Top Law Enforcement Official: Trump is Right About Wiretaps

The Real Reason Trump Thinks Obama Bugged Him

Intel Chief Reveals the Truth About Trump and the Russians

Liberals Gone Wild: Trump Supporters Attacked by Angry Mob

REPORT Reveals EVEN MORE Voter Fraud in This Key Swing State

BREAKING: Trump Makes Shocking Claim About Barack Obama

SHOCKING: Hillary Spokesman FREAKS OUT When Asked if Clinton Campaign Met with Russians (VIDEO)

Degenerate Dems Attacked Kellyanne Conway. This Republican Hit 'em Back Hard!

BREAKING: Dem Schumer Busted Peddling Pedophilia

BREAKING: Campus Radicals Riot Against Free Speech, Attack Conservatives, Professor

Leftist Group Caught Teaching Protesters to Fake Outrage

Muslim Man Murders Denver Security Guard..."For the Pleasure of Allah"

BREAKING: The Real Reason Jeff Sessions Met with Russia REVEALED

Here's How Many Holes Obama Let Illegals Cut in the Border Fence

BREAKING: He Threatened to Kill Trump, and Now He's WALKING FREE

Liberal Journalist Caught Calling in Bomb Threats to Jewish Community Centers

SHOTS FIRED: Mexican Lawmaker Trolls Trump at the Border

This New Trump Appointee Arrived for His First Day on the Job in the Most Unusual Way

The GOP is Trying to Hide Obamacare Lite

SHOCKER: Attorney General Steps Down

REPORT: Dem Congressman Plotting Agenda Radical Islamists Will Love

Loony Liberal Senator Attacks Jeff Sessions, Forgets One Important Thing

Valerie Jarret and Obama's Creepy "Move"

GREAT AGAIN: Ben Carson Just Got Some YUGE News

Democrat Sexually Harasses Kellyanne Conway. What he said is DISGUSTING & WRONG

MUST SEE VIDEO: Fox Host Takes on "White Privilege"

REPORT Confirms: Obama Administration Sabotaged Trump Transition

Reporter Explains Everything Wrong with the Democratic Party in a Matter of Moments

The Biden Affair No One's Talking About Yet

Racist White Liberals Attack Conservative Minority Journalist (VIDEO)

Black HuffPo Writer "Ashamed" to Find Out She's White

BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Brutally Kills Navy Veteran

BREAKING: Clinton Pal Vetoes Bill to Crack Down on Voter Fraud

Heartbreaking Photos Reveal the Truth About Veteran Care in America

Democrats Hated Trump's Speech. But What Did Ordinary Americans Think?

Donald Trump Invited Some Special Guests to the State of the Union That Made Democrats SQUIRM

BREAKING: America Honored the Sacrifice of a Fallen Navy SEAL, then a Top Hillary Aide ABSOLUTELY TRASHED His Widow

Globalist Dems Shows How Much They Hate Americans

The French Presidential Election Could Determine The Fate Of The EU

Liberals Ignore Trump’s Executive Order To Help Black Americans

Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy Bill Nye [VIDEO]

Another Way Trump's Combating Government Spending

GOP Senate Triumvirate Stand Up To RINOs Over Obamacare

Trump’s State of The Union Guests Will Drive Leftists Insane

Will This Confession Finally Put Corrupt Dem DeBlasio Away?

This Mexican Institution Is Calling Trump A Terrorist

AAN Exclusive: Nikki Haley To Address AIPAC

Fake Trump Protesters Busted

Trump's Plan To Make America Win Wars Again

Trump's Latest Nominee Withdraws. Find Out Why

JUSTICE SERVED: Trump Just Blew this Terrorist Off the Planet

[VIDEO] Radical Leftists Disrupt Town Hall Opening Prayer

[VIDEO] Thugs Destroy Seafood Restaurant

BREAKING: Trump to Make YUGE Announcement

Sean Hannity Just Went Off on the Radical Left. Here's Why

ISIS Tried to Exterminate These Christians. Here's How They're Fighting Back

REPORT: Big Government Dumps Massive Cash Down Transgender Moneypit

YUGE Update on Trump's Big, Beautiful Wall

From Bad to Worse: This Defiant Sanctuary City is Now Honoring a Terrorist

Trump's Latest Move Will Outrage the Lamestream Media

BREAKING: Liberal Governor Defies Trump

Another Day, Another Ridiculous Hate Crime Hoax

REPORT: Dem Senator Abandoned Veterans

BREAKING: Terror Attack Kills 60

Another Day, Another Victim of a Violent Illegal Alien Crime

Was John Boehner Right About Obamacare?

Muslim Degenerate Commits Heinous Hate Crime

College Students Demand a "White Free" Zone

America's Governor Details Plan to End Sanctuary Cities in His State

European Leader Stands with Trump, Slams Obama at CPAC

Shady Liberals Tried To Sabotage CPAC. Here's How

This Young Conservative is Planned Parenthood's Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Rocks the House at CPAC

(SHOCKING VIDEO) Liberal Wannabe Tea Partiers Trash American Values

The Clintons are Sick of Losing, But They Just Got More Bad News....

(MUST SEE VIDEO) Mike Pence Electrifies Conservatives at CPAC

Ted Cruz Drops a Bombshell on CPAC

Muslim American Preschool Teacher: "Kill the Jews"

How the Court of Appeals Absolutely Trampled Your Second Amendment Rights

Wacky Liberal Conspiracy Theorist Threatens Trump

At CPAC, Black Rush Limbaugh With a Badge Pledges to Stand With Trump

Mike Pence Surprised Everyone with This Beautiful Act of Kindness (VIDEO)

Death Reported Near Conservative Political Action Conference

Long Time Fox News Host Passes Away

This State Just Stood Up for the Right to Bear Arms

Austrian Woman Raped for Two Hours...By an Entire Refugee Family

This Sanctuary City Protected a Dangerous Illegal. Guess What Happened Next

Immigration Hawk Has a Message for Defiant Illegals

Black Lives Matter Goes on Trial for Terrorist Threats

Activist Court Upholds Loony Gun Grab

How This PC College is Cancelling Fun

Trump Takes on Obama's Radical Transgender Agenda

Fox Hires Doctor With Troubling Family Connections

Fox News Hires Doctor With Troubling Family Connections

BREAKING: Evidence Reveals Election WAS Hacked

This Anti-Trump Professor Tried to Indoctrinate His Students. He Never Expected What Would Happened Next (VIDEO)

Teacher Fired for Supporting Trump

Political Leader To Muslim Cleric: Get Your Hijab Outta Here!

BREAKING: Active Shooter Terrorizes Hospital

BREAKING: Fox News Host Dead

Russian Ambassador Goes to UN, Dies


Melania Trump Did Something Beautiful the Other Day, and Liberals Reacted with Vile Hatred

Melania Trump Did Something Beautiful the Other Day, Liberals Reacted with Vile Hatred

BREAKING: Trump to Make YUGE Announcement on Immigration

Report Reveals How Trump is Making the GOP Great Again

BREAKING: Radical Muslims Riot in this Major City (UPDATED)

Donald Trump is Trying to Make America Safe Again. This Agency isn't Helping

This is How Thousands of Moronic Liberals Celebrated Presidents Day

An Islamic Terrorist Attacked This School. You Won't Believe Their INSANE Response

BREAKING: President Trump's Most Controversial Pick is Already Draining the Swamp

BREAKING: Donald Trump's Most Controversial Pick is Already Draining the Swamp

Trump Gets His Own Course at This University

SHOCKING REPORT Reveals How Many Bad Hombres Are Still on the Loose in America

These Illegals Tried to Hurt America. They Were Shocked at What Happened Next

GREAT AGAIN: Unlikely Ally Praises Trump for Saving American Jobs

The Establishment is Trying to Take Down Trump. This Senator is Standing With Him

(VIDEO) Donald Trump Takes on the Lamestream Media

(VIDEO) Muslim Woman Voted for Trump. Guess How the Left Reacted

The Left Thinks Mike Flynn is a Russian Stooge. The FBI Just Revealed the Truth

Massive Fake News Scandal Rocks Associated Press

REPORT: Barack Obama isn't Done Ruining The Democratic Party

American Veterans Are Dying Because They Can't Get a Doctor's Appointments. Here's What the VA is Spending Its Money On...

Students at Loony Liberal University Call Their School "White Supremacist," Demand Reparations for Blacks

Illegal Gang Members are Overrunning This State, and They Just Committed a Horrific Crime

[VIDEO] Top Fox Host Takes on Trump

GREAT AGAIN: Trump's Latest Victory is Going to Drive Tree Hugging Hippies Absolutely Crazy

REPORT: How Liberal Radicals in the Intelligence Community Are Undermining General Mattis

Obama Tried to Save These Radical Extremists Before Leaving Office. The House Just Smacked Him Down

[MUST SEE VIDEO] Black Trump Supporter Takes the Mic at a Town Hall Meeting. What She Said Shocked EVERYONE

BREAKING: The Group That's Powering the Trump Train

Chelsea Clinton's Horrible Month Reveals Failure Runs in the Family

BUILD THE WALL: Drunken Criminal Illegal Kills Indiana Grandfather

BREAKING: UAW Backs Muslim Brotherhood Ally

Instead of Press Conference, Donald Trump Hosts Media Roast

The Intelligence Community is Targeting Trump. Here's What He Thinks About That

BREAKING: Massive ISIS Terror Attack

She Bucked Her Party to Meet with Trump. Now This Veteran Congresswoman is Telling the Truth About Syria (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Trump Announces New Cabinet Pick

(MUST SEE VIDEO) Top Intel Official Reveals Obama Officials Behind War on Trump

Intel Expert Reveals Intelligence Agency Plot Against Trump

SHOCKING VIDEO: Radical Muslims are Waging a Holy War in the Open. Here's the Evidence

BREAKING: Shocking Number of Hispanics Support Trump's Immigration Ban

Goofy Elizabeth Warren is Trying to Derail the Trump Train. But Can She?

BREAKING: Trump Nominee Withdraws

BREAKING: American Muslim Professor Defends Slavery, Rape

LOL. Chelsea Clinton Has a New Idea and Liberals are ANGRY

Is This Conservative Rock Star Eyeing a US Senate Seat?

The NFL is Trying to Bully Their Home State. How These Pastors are Standing Up to Them

This Conservative Doctor is Making Sure Republicans Fulfill Their Promise to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

This Liberal Organization is Lying to Get Your Tax Dollars

REPORT: Liberal University Training Students to Commit Act of Political Violence

Have You Had Your Glass of Creamy Racism Yet Today?

REPORT: The Real Reason General Michael Flynn Resigned Should Absolutely Terrify You

BOMBSHELL: Thousands of Illegal Alien Voters Discovered in Key Swing State

Never Trump GOP Senator's Re-election in Trouble...In Own Primary?!

Valentine's Day Special: KKK Hearts This Democrat

Don't Mess with Texas: How This Governor is Standing Up to the NFL's Radical Transgender Agenda

The Lamestream Media Won't Give Donald Trump Fair Coverage. Here's How He's Getting Back at Them

BREAKING: Top Trump Appointee Resigns

The Dirty Dozen: Security Bureaucrats Caught in Drug Plot

This Dem War Hero is Horrified About the Direction of His Party

She Wore a Trump Dress to the Grammys. You Won't Believe What Happened Next

UN Leader Reminds Americans Why It's Time for America to Leave the United Nations Behind

Should Laura Ingraham Run for Senate?

[VIDEO] My Eyes, My Eyes! I'm Blind!

Trump is About to Drop a Bombshell on the Liberal Media

Black Lives Matter EXPOSED: Founder's Wild Racist Rant

Donald Trump Just Put the UN on Notice

BREAKING: Team Trump Border Crack Down Begins.

What This Young Black Activist Had to Say Absolutely SHOCKED This Liberal Host (VIDEO)

Top Trump Aide Absolutely DESTROYS Activist Judges (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Degenerate Islamic Pervert Escapes Prosecution

The Liberal Response to this Trump Cabinet Appointment Will Make You Shake Your Head

BREAKING: Terror Nation Launches Missiles, and Trump Responds

BREAKING: Failed VP Candidate Compares Sessions to KKK Members (VIDEO)

Obama's Gone, But This Poor Decision He Made Could Cost America Billions

Shocking New Report Reveals Why Trump's Travel Ban is So Important

(SHOCKING VIDEO) Liberal Loons ATTACK Trump Cabinet Member

Trump Just Vetoed a Major Appointment. Here's Why It's a HUGE Deal

(MUST SEE VIDEO) Conservative Speaker Schools a Transgender Protester

The Mainstream Media Says Trump is Dangerous, But This Outlet is Defending Terrorists

College Hosts Anti-Racism Class...For Toddlers

Hillary Hatchetman Spreads Vicious Trump Smear (VIDEO)

Lamestream Media's Dopiest Member Makes an Absolutely Insane Statement About "Fake News"

Activist Court Tries to Take Down Trump, and Gowdy Responds

Hillary Clinton Tried to Burn Trump One Last Time, and Reminded Everyone Why She Lost

BREAKING: Senate Releases Shocking Report on Illegal Alien Violence

How Environmentalist Wackos Caused "An Environmental Tragedy"

Here's What the Senate Did While You Were Asleep

Did Trump's Executive Order Go Far Enough? This National Security Expert Doesn't Think So

REPORT: How Democrats are Trying to Preserve Voter Fraud

(SHOCKING VIDEO) Senator Tim Scott Read it All "Except the N Word"

Immigration Officers Tried to Do Their Job. Wild Liberals Assaulted Them (VIDEO)

#NeverTrump Conservative Reveals How He Really Feels About Trump's Base

Blue Lives Matter: Trump Declares War on Cop Killers

This Man Told His Wife He Was Voting for Trump. Guess What Happened Next...

BREAKING: Trump Scores Another HUGE Victory over the Democrats

This Cop Told the Truth About the Refugeehad. Now, He's Going to Jail

BREAKING: Democrats Fall in Love with the Tea Party

BREAKING: Dem Leader Forgets Who the President Is on Live Television (VIDEO)

Degenerate Baby Parts Merchant Tells Crowd: Shout Your Abortion!

BREAKING: Black Trump Aide Goes Shopping, Gets Attacked by Crazed Liberals

The Mainstream Media Slammed Trump for Knocking the Polls. But Guess Who's Right

Todd Tiahrt is the Type of Strong Conservative Congress Desperately Needs

This American Enemy is Paying Veterans To Do Their Dirty Work, and these RINO Senators are Helping Them

This Senator Just Won an Award for his Commitment to Government Waste

Ted Cruz Says He Agrees with Bernie Sanders, Then He Absolutely Destroys Him (VIDEO)

Fake News: Major Outlet Accuses Trump of Plotting to Murder Journalists

New Poll Reveals Liberals Believe this Horrible Lie About Christianity

Six Things You Need to Know About Betsy DeVos, According to Liberal Twitter (WARNING: Graphic Language)

BREAKING: Trump Administration Releases Explosive New Report That Exposes Liberal Media's Lies on Islamic Terrorism

Is This Mitt Romney's Next Move, and is it to Spite Trump?

BREAKING: Mike Pence Makes History

Democrats Threw an All Night Temper Tantrum. Here's Why

Conservatives Are Going Underground in America's Most "Tolerant" City

(EMBARRASSING VIDEO) This Congresswoman Wants to Impeach Trump. But is She the One That's Unfit for Office?

Liberals are Losing Their Minds. But What do the American People Think About Trump's Travel Ban?

Christian Jailed for a Hate Crime: Quoting the Bible

This Explosive New Book Should be in the Top 5 on the New York Times Best Seller List. Why They're Pretending it Doesn't Exist.

Spineless Secret Service Agent Said She'd Betray Trump. Guess What Happened Next.

BREAKING: American Muslim Mayor Stands with the Refugeehad

Mitch Slapped: Senate Majority Leader DESTROYS Democrats

Mike Pence Had Two Very Special Super Bowl Guests

The Dirty Dozen: These Republicans Took Money from George Soros

Missile Crisis: Could This Be Trump's First Major Test?

GREAT AGAIN: This American Industry is DESTROYING The Competition

Guess Who's Flipping the Coin at Tonight's Super Bowl?

Loony Liberal Mayor Defies Trump, Promises to Protect Hardcore Criminal Illegals

The Liberal Plot to Ruin the Super Bowl

How This Veteran is Helping His Brothers in Arms Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

Pathetic: Liberal Idiots Plan "Ass-inine" Trump Protest

The Radical Left is Trying to Stop Betsy DeVos. This Powerful Video Explains Why

Repeal and Replace: Top Republicans Rally Against Obamacare

Another Day, Another Fake Hate Crime

BREAKING: This Governor Just Joined the Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

Trump's Bringing Class Back to the White House, and Liberals are FURIOUS

Trump Just Saved America Billions. Here's How

The Absolutely INSANE Reason This Protester BERATED Police

The Reports are in: Is Trump Making America Great Again?

BREAKING: Refugeehadi Attack Rocks Paris. Trump Responds

BREAKING: Trump Responds to Violent Liberal Protesters

BREAKING: Democratic Rep Praises Violent Attacks on Peaceful Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

Liberals Gone Wild: Respected Academic Loses His Mind (VIDEO)

GREAT AGAIN: Team Trump Scores Another Improbable Victory Over the Radical Left

(HILARIOUS VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

REPORT: Democrats Freaking Out About...Freaking Out

BREAKING: Top Trump Official Reveals How Soon the Wall Could be Built (VIDEO)

President Trump's Touching Message to God Fearing Americans (VIDEO)

This Conservative Governor is Standing With Trump to End Illegal Immigration

Starbucks Offered to Hire Thousands of Islamic Refugees. This Coffee Company Has a Better Idea

Media Slams Trump...for Visiting the Family of a Fallen Navy SEAL

Trump Orders Mexico to Clean up Their Act...or He Will!

Great Again: Liberals Tried to Stop Trump's Top Cabinet Picks. They Failed Miserably

Liberals Gone Wild: In Response to Speech, Liberals Burned This College Campus Down

[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Black Lives Matter Preschool Teacher Calls for Mass Murder at Trump Protest

(MUST SEE VIDEO) Pathetic Pelosi Panics When Confronted by a Victim of Her Favorite Policies

BREAKING: RINO Senators Betray Trump for Thirty Pieces of Silver

The Lamestream Media Won't Tell You About It, But What Trump Did This Week Will Warm Your Heart

Dems Tried to Stop This Trump Nominee, But it Looks Like They're Failing

California's Gender Bending Driver's License Scheme

Ted Cruz Issues a SUPREME Warning to Senate Democrats (VIDEO)

Seven Things You Need to Know About Trump's Supreme Court Pick

London Mayor Trashes Trump Travel Ban. But Guess Who He's Having Over For Dinner?

BREAKING: Trump Supreme Court Pick Revealed

DISGUSTING: Why the Case Against Anthony Weiner Might Be Worse Than We Thought

REPORT: Vulnerable Dems Afraid to Cross Trump

America's First Sanctuary STATE?!

State Demands Freeloading Liberals Pay Their Fair Share

HAHAHAHA - Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic (VIDEO)

(SHOCKING VIDEO) Top Dems Agree: Confirm Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

(GRAPHIC VIDEO) TV Host Explains Why Whiny Liberals Can't Stop Losing

BREAKING: Government Bureaucrat Gets Fired for Crossing President Trump

BREAKING: Democrats Declare Total War on Trump

Chuck Schumer Cries. Trump Responds

Newt Gingrich's New Plan to Help Trump

BREAKING: Terror Attack at Mosque; Suspects Found

College Professor Beaten, Thrown in River for "Being White"

The Polls are in: Do Americans Support Trump's Immigration Ban?

FLASHBACK: What Democrats REALLY Think About Walls (SHOCKING VIDEO)

Israeli Prime Minister Issues YOOJ Statement on Trump's Wall

(POWERFUL VIDEO) Disabled Man Exposes the Left's Radical Agenda

Trump Takes on Immigration Ban Critics

Hypocritical Hillary Heckles Trump

This Vet Wanted to Confront Flag Burning Protesters. What He Did Instead Was Far More Powerful (VIDEO)

VIDEO: How the Lamestream Media Ignored This Week's Biggest Story

Liberals are Gunning for Kellyanne Conway. Here's What She Has to Say About That

Outraged Liberals Tried to Use Him, But this Refugee Totally Embarrassed Them (VIDEO)

New Report Reveals Obama's Sinister Refugee Agenda

WOW: Trump Just Put the UN on Notice

BREAKING: Trump Takes MAJOR Step Towards Draining the Swamp

[INSANE VIDEO] House Democrat Makes Ridiculous Claim

Long Time GOP Senator in Trouble for Re-Election?

Liberals Call for Primary of Dem Who Met With Trump

Mike Pence Delivers Unprecedented Message to America (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Trump Will ONLY Take These Refugees

Mia Love's Heartfelt Speech at the March For Life (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Has a Message for these Conservative Warriors

CNN's Crowd Size Coverup

These Liberals Promised to Flee Trump's America. There's Just One Problem...

The March for Life (LIVE)

BREAKING: Why Hundreds of Thousands of Americans are Marching on Washington This Morning

REPORT: Liberals Turned This Rapist into a Role Model at the Women's March

Rogue State Department Defies Trump, Making You Less Safe

BREAKING: Trump Takes on Transgender Traitor

REPORT: Trump is Making These Sad Sack Bureaucrats Cry

Another Tragic Day in America's Most Violent City

Mike Pence Has YOOJ News

GREAT AGAIN: Trump Exec Order Ends Obama's Unconstitutional Power Grab

FLASHBACK: These Top Trump Critics All Voted for a Wall in 2008

BREAKING: The Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Terrorists Tremble: Trump's Plan to Make Gitmo Great Again

Forget Russia: Did Obama Hack the Election?

BREAKING: Liberals Assault Families of Fallen Heroes