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Billionaire’s Plan to Take Down Trump Gains Momentum

Soros' Sinister Plan For Florida

NeverTrump Group's Funding EXPOSED

Man Threatens Pro-Kavanaugh Senators, Instantly Regrets It

Catastrophic News For CNN

ANOTHER Woman Accuses Dem Senator

Pelosi Endorses Retaliatory Attacks?

Fox Star's Dire Warning For Trump

Career-Ending News For Christine Blasey Ford's Lawyers?

Castro Loving Dems Meet Cuban Americans

Hillary's 'VP' Calls For Revolution – Then Gets OWNED

Nikki Haley Kills It at Legendary Charity

Dem Senator Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Pro-Trump Group to Launch Voter Turnout Ad Campaig

Texas Dems Need Big Turnout to Win, So They Turned HERE

Phil Bredesen Facts You Need to Know

1.) The Project Veritas Sting

2.) Who are the World’s Greatest Terrorists?

3.) Shredesen: Shredding Sexual Assault Scandals

4.) Stop, You (May) Have Violated the Law

5.) What Kind of Fundraiser?

The Revenge of Bill O'Reilly

ISIS Savages Captured as Migrant Caravan Creeps Closer

Fox News Stars Get NEW Shows!

Devastating Verdict For Disgraced FBI Agent

Judge Smacks Down Hillary in Massive Blow

Commie Dem Assaults 9/11 Widow

Soros-Backed Woman Beater Keeps Job

One Hour After Canada Legalized Pot, THIS Happened

Cage-Fighter Congressman Vows to Fight Avenatti

Unhinged Man Goes After Ted Cruz Yard Signs

Lawmaker Who Arranged Massive Migrant Caravan Being Deported

Endangered Dem Tries Turning Tables on His Accuser

Bureaucrat Lies to Feds About KEY DETAIL in Trump Leak

The 10 Skeletons in This Mainstream Democrat’s Closet

1.) Sinema on American Soldiers

2.) Prada Socialist

3.) Taliban Comment

4.) Protesting the Iraq War

5.) The Meth Lab of Democracy

6.) Defending the Wrong Crowd

7.) What Kind of Events?

8.) Who Was Her Co-Host?

9.) Good Friends with Anarchists

10.) A Few Other Friends…

Hannity Punches Back After GOP Senator Accuses Him of THIS

MUST-SEE: Ted Cruz's Perfect Response to Lib Protesters

Guess Who's Suing the Democratic Party

Endangered GOP Senate Prospect Opens Up MASSIVE Lead

Ultimate Trump Loyalist Now Wants to Campaign Against Him

FBI Official Caught Accepting Bribes

Trump Threatens Foreign Aid as Migrant Caravan Nears

9/11 Terrorist All Smiles After Early Release

Red-State Dem Reveals TRUE Views on Hidden Camera

Republican Candidate Heinously Attacked at Restaurant

FBI Chief Investigated For Leaking About Trump

9 Reasons to Vote Republican

1.) Trump Will Be Impeached

2.) Liberal Violence Is Increasing

3.) The Courts

4.) The Economy is Going Right Back to the Obama-Era

5.) The Beginning of Socialism

6.) Jobs

7.) Lower Wages, But a $15 Minimum Wage

8.) Government in Social Media

9.) Better Schools

Facebook Accused of Doing the Unthinkable to Triple-Amputee Vet

Dem's Backroom Deal With Pedophile Under Fire

Dem Leader Defends Antifa Right Before Bloody Brawl

It Gets Worse For Sen. Warren After DNA Release

​Is Dem Nominee Encouraging Illegal Immigrants to Vote?

Man Behind Infamous Trump Dossier in Serious Legal Trouble

Illegal Child Molesters Caught Crossing Border

Feminist Dem Accused of Covering Up Sex Scandal

Teacher Scolds Black Student For Supporting Trump. Then Things Get Really Ugly.

MSNBC Anchor Had the Most Pathetic Meltdown Yet Over Trump

Trump Short-Circuits Dems to Nominate MORE Judges

Dem Tried to Buy $3 Mil Helicopter With Poor State's Money

Antifa Says GOP Headquarters Attack is Only the Beginning

Hillary Clinton's Final Humiliation

Kavanaugh Protester Demands GOP Senator Apologize to Her Children. His Response is EPIC.

Facebook Purges Conservative Pages – Four Weeks Before Midterms

Senate Dem Hopeful's Jaw-Dropping Taliban Admission

7 Liberal White House Embarrassments

1.) Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky

2.) LBJ's Racism

3.) Obama's Rick Ross Fiasco

4.) LBJ “Jokes”

5.) FDR's Klanbake

6.) JFK Deflowering an Intern

7.) A Shaky Transition

You Won't Believe What Dem Senate Candidate Calls Her State

Concealed-Carry Holder Saves Starbucks Employee

Bill O'Reilly Wins Heated Legal Dispute

Here's What Happens When Google Teams Up With Soros

Look Who's Behind Left-Wing Hurricane Relief Scam

The Saddest Moments of Jeb Bush's Career

1.) No Wedding Invite

2.) Please Clap

3.) Low Energy

4.) Trump vs Jeb!

5.) Slow and Steady Wins the Race

6.) I am Suspending My Campaign

7.) Oh Yeah, You’re a Tough Guy

8.) Big Sleep

Fox News Shuns Trump's Biggest Defender

How the Mainstream Media Normalizes the Left's Mob Mentality

Undercover Video Shows What Dem Hopeful REALLY THINKS

San Francisco Begins Pledge of Allegiance Purge?

Senator Reveals Media Buried KEY DETAIL About Attempted GOP Massacre

Cop-Killer Votes in Democratic Primary

Top Obama Official's GOP Son ATTACKED

7 Ridiculous Things the Libs are Boycotting

1.) The State of Maine

2.) Chick-Fil-A

3.) The Entire Nation of Israel

4.) Hobby Lobby

5.) Marriott Hotels

6.) Cracker Barrel

7.) Exxon

FBI Director Refuses to Answer ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL Trump Question

Clinton Rape Accuser Reveals Not Even ONE Dem Would Do THIS

Dem's Multi-Million Dollar Tax Scheme EXPOSED

'Reporter' Goads Millennials to Vote Dem, Gets Surprised

Grassley Reveals Dems' Last-Minute Plan to Stop Kavanaugh

Dem Hopeful Worked Alongside Convicted Terror Lawyer

GOP Congressman Has NO IDEA How Re-Election is Going

U.N. to Blame For Military-Grade Weapons Black Market

Judge Nap BLASTS Trump

Nikki Haley's 5 Best U.N. Beatdowns

1.) 'The Days of Israel Bashing Are Over'

2.) Cuban Embargo Smackdown

3.) Putting the U.N. on Blast

4.) You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry...

5.) Team America Party

Did Top Dem Turn Blind Eye to Sex Abuse?

Tens of Thousands of Non-Citizens Registered Here?!

Nikki Haley's BIG PROMISE to Donald Trump

Senior FBI Officials Rebut Rosenstein's Denial

Maxine Waters Faces NEW Complaint

Biggest Winners and Losers in Kavanaugh Fight

1.) Mitch McConnell - Winner

2.) Donald Trump - Winner

3.) Jeff Flake - Unintentional Winner

4.) Michael Avenatti - Loser

5.) FBI - Loser

6.) Lisa Murkowski - Loser

What Trump Said Before Boxer's Fight is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Anti-Trump Governor CAUGHT Amid Corruption Scandal?

Man Who Assaulted Pro-Life Woman in More Trouble Than Thought

Federal Judge Deals Trump Devastating Blow

Comedians Under Fire After Threatening Fox Host

Fmr Trump Rockstar Gets Fox News Job

Trump Reveals Who He Thinks Leaked Ford's Letter

You Won't Believe What McConnell Said to Reassure Trump

Senator's Wife Endures VILE ATTACK After Kavanaugh Vote

Ford's Attorneys Reveal HUGE Development For Kavanaugh

Shapiro DESTROYS Kennedys in One Tweet

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Issues Direct Challenge to Kavanaugh

1.) Marion Barry

Now That Kavanaugh is Cleared, Let's Look at THESE Dems

2.) Ann Richards

3.) Bobby Scott

4.) Lyndon B. Johnson

5.) Karen McCarthy

Trump Mulls MAJOR Cabinet Shakeup

Kavanaugh Protester's STUNNING Soros Claim

Palin Fires Warning Shot Against RINO

The Most EPIC GOP Ads This Cycle

1.) Power

2.) Unhinged

3.) Refuse

4.) Too Extreme

5.) Jake

6.) Casey

7.) Stepped in It

How Ford's Best Friend Drove the Final Nail Into Her Testimony's Coffin

Dem Staffer Threatens Senators' Children

RINO Throws Curveball Into Kavanaugh Confirmation

Is Ginsburg Just Forgetful or is This Something More Serious?

New Law Will Be Disarming People Soon

Major Company Announces BIG NEWS, Credits Trump

Dem Files RESTRAINING ORDER Against McConnell to Stop Kavanaugh

FLASHBACK: Obama Brags About His Drinking

DNC Lawyers Met With FBI on Russia Before Warrant

What This Teen Does to Honor Fallen Soldiers Will Warm Your Heart

Ford's Lawyers NOW Say She Has Corroborating Witnesses

BUT, WHY?? Dems Move to Seal FBI Investigation

Grassley Lays Down the Law With Kavanaugh Accuser

You Won't Believe What Trump is Doing to Help Veterans

Watch What Happens When Students Dare to Defend Kavanaugh

Judiciary Committee SCORCHES Avenatti With Epic Response

1.) Police Report Reveals Brett Kavanaugh Allegedly…

3.) Brett Kavanaugh's Drinking…

The 5 Most Unhinged Kavanaugh Headlines

5.) Rachel Mitchell’s Former Colleague Slams…

2.) Protesters and Survivors Swarm…

4.) Here’s the Case Against Kavanaugh…

CNN Creator Watches Network – And Doesn't Like What He Sees

This Politician's DISGUSTING Anti-Semitic Remark

REPORT: Dem Seeking Governor's Seat Defrauded Taxpayers

Hazmat Team Sent to Cruz Campaign HQ

GOP Congressman Assaulted

RINO Calls For FBI to Investigate Bogus Kavanaugh Accusation

NANCY? Pelosi Suffers Another Troubling Brain Freeze

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Ex-Boyfriend TELLS ALL to Fox

Kavanaugh Daughter ATTACKED

Here's Who Was Behind the Jeff Flake Elevator Ambush

Meet the Vulnerable Dems Opposing Kavanaugh

1.) Sen. Claire McCaskill

2.) Sen. Joe Donnelly

3.) Sen. Jon Tester

4.) Sen. Joe Manchin

5.) Sen. Bill Nelson

BONUS: Sen. Bob Menendez

GOP Rep Resigns to Join Supreme Court

Was Mueller Unlawfully Appointed?

Dems Are Encouraging This Man to Challenge Trump

Did Staff From Trump's Fiercest Critic Hack GOP Senators?

Here's What Democrats NOW Want Kavanaugh Investigated For

Fox News Vet Recounts 'Sleazy' Encounter With Kavanaugh Accuser's Lawyer

Grassley Chews Up and Spits Out Sanders Over THIS

Kellyanne Conway's SHOCKING Revelation

Graham Demands 'Full Scale' Probe Into Dems Over Kavanaugh Allegations

NBC Censors 'SNL' Musical Guest Kanye Amid Pro-Trump Speech

Fox News Dominates Throughout Kavanaugh Ordeal

Third Kavanaugh Accuser SUED For THIS

Hillary-ous Bad Lip Reading Reveals Clinton's Secrets

Right-Wing Org President Murdered

THE TRUTH: Have Allegations Against Kavanaugh Been Corroborated?

The Most Explosive Moments From the Kavanaugh Hearing

1.) Lindsey Graham’s Passionate Speech

2.) Kavanaugh v. Feinstein

3.) Dick Durban v. Kavanaugh (They Don’t Reach Conclusions!)

4.) Have You Ever Gotten Black Out Drunk?

5.) Orion Hatch Freak Out

6.) Celebrity Guest v. The Capitol Hill Police

7.) We Got a Lot of Work to Do!

8.) I Liked Beer, I STILL LIKE BEER!

9.) Kavanaugh Opening Statement

#MeToo Champ Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Flake Joins Dems to Delay Justice

Fox News Fires Controversial Star

Dem Awaiting Trial Found Dead

GOP Senators HACKED During Kavanaugh Hearing

Media Sues to Unseal Dem's Divorce Records

Does Kavanaugh Accuser's Ex-Boyfriend Destroy Her Credibility?

The 10 Most Woke Episodes of South Park

1.) Butt Out!

2.) Cartmen Gets an Alien Probe

3.) Trapped in The Closet

4.) The Last of The Meheecans

5.) Pandemic

6.) In the City Part of Town

7.) Goobacks

8.) Make Love, Not Warcraft

9.) Stunning and Brave

10.) PC Principle Final Justice

Kavanaugh Says He's Target of Clinton Revenge

Kavanaughcalypse Exposes Media Bias

Dems Waste NO Time Smearing Kavanaugh

Bill Cosby Attacked By THIS?!?

WATCH: Kavanaugh Hearing Live

Alleged Clinton Rape Victim Crashes Hearings

Avenatti DODGES Important Question About Kavanaugh Bombshell

Claws Out: Fox Star Shreds Fmr First Lady

Biden's Decades-Old Comments Come Back to Haunt Dems

Government Disarms Major Metropolitan Police Force Over THIS

Top Dem Worked For 'Terror High' Post-9/11

TV Star Gives GOP Hope in Clinton District

Senator Caught on Camera Doing DISGUSTING Act

Alarm Sounds After Key State Allows SMARTPHONE Voting

Undercover Video Exposes IRS

The 5 Biggest Lies Dems Have Told

1.) I Grew Up in A Gas Station

2.) Sniper Fire in Bosnia

3.) My Humble Upbringing

4.) You Can Keep Your Doctor

5.) I Am Not Sending American Boys

Copy of Last Chance to Save Trump's Border Wall?

Last Chance to Save Trump's Border Wall?

Is THIS What Prompted Avenatti to Lock His Twitter Account?!

Antifa Leaves Chilling Threat After Attacking Cruz

Kimmel's Incredibly VICIOUS Kavanaugh Smear

Kavanaugh Reveals Very Personal Detail About His Past

Senate Dem Hopeful Challenged Over Homeless Claim

You Won't Believe What's Being Said About Kavanaugh's Young Daughters

Will Stormy's Lawyer Be Disbarred? Here's 3 Reasons Why

1.) How Did You Get Those Files Pal?

2.) Coffee Anyone?

3.) Walking the Line

UPDATE: Swamp Creature Off Chopping Block – For Now

How about Michael Moore BIGGEST Fails

1.) Doc Flop

2.) Ripping Off the Little Guy?

3.) Duping His Own Wife

4.) Trump Movie Flop

5.) Off to Canada

6. Moore or Marx?

Liberal Media Throw Major Shade on Last Minute Kavanaugh Charge

Deputy AG Rosenstein Resigning

Gowdy Has Enough, Drops THIS Truth Bomb on the Mainstream Media

Keith Ellison's Accuser Drops Prediction About His Future

Ex-Trump Staffer Accused of Horrifying Abortion Allegation

Surprise Admission May Give GOP New Ammo Against Kavanaugh Accuser

GOP Congressman's SIBLINGS Endorse Opponent

Ted Cruz Didn't Miss a Beat When Asked This

New Development Could Be Bad For Democrats and Keith Ellison

Will Michael Moore Make Good on This Threat? We Hope So.

Team Mueller-Press Text Messages HUMILIATE Mainstream Media

The Most Competitive Senate Races

Islamic Terror Group Gains Foothold in U.S.

Top Dem Scraps Fundraiser With Kavanaugh Accuser's Attorneys

Anti-Kavanaugh Pols Took Cash From Dem Wife Beater

The Women's March is in BIG Trouble. You Won't Believe Why.

Possible 2020 Contender's Buddy Gets Lengthy Prison Sentence

Marines Rush to Save Seniors From Raging Inferno

Kavanaugh Accuser's Friend Backtracks in Huge Way

12 Psychotic Socialist Quotes

1. One death is a tragedy…

2. The most foolish mistake we could possibly make…

3. We executed many people by firing squad…

4. Anti-Semitism is exactly the same as delousing.

5. Give us the child…

6. Since he is of no use anymore…

7. Propaganda works best

8. It’s a Good Thing

9. We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic

10. Even If This Costs Millions

11. Ideas Are More Powerful Than Guns

12. Communism is not love

Booker's Push For Kavanaugh Delay Called Out Over Filthy Allegation

Dem Mocks GOP Senator's Threats – After Challenger's Attempted Assassination

Cruz Challenger Goes Full Racist

Republican Wins Seat Held By Dems For 139 Years

BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities Confirmed in Maryland Shooting

Socialist Country Forces Conservative Leader to Undergo Psychiatric Tests

6 Times Dems Smeared Accusers

1.) Karen Monahan

2.) Juanita Broaddrick

3.) Judith Campbell

4.) Leeann Tweeden

5.) John Conyers’ Denials

6.) Ruben Kihuen’s Non-Apology Apology

BONUS: Monica Lewinsky

Campaign Finance Crusaders Ignore Largest Scandal EVER

Feinstein's STUNNING Kavanaugh Admission

The Ridiculous Reason College Students Aren't Voting

Trump Ups Attacks on Sessions

FLASHBACK: How Clarence Thomas Handled His Allegations

Hillary Condemns Kavanaugh. Bill Clinton Accuser Responds.

Kavanaugh Accuser Demands FBI Do One Thing They Can't

The Most Disturbing Kavanaugh Attack Yet

5 Things We Might Find in FISA Files

1. The Insurance Policy

2. Comey’s Involvement?

3. Obama’s Involvement?

4. Other Conspirators

5. Was the FISA Judge A Blind Victim? Or in On the Scheme?

BREAKING: Pro-Trump Senator Goes to Prison

Al Gore Blows It on More Failed Predictions

SHOCK VIDEO: Deep State Unmasked

Candidate's Past Rap Career on Blast

Keith Ellison's Accuser Slams Dems

Violent Attacks on Border Patrol Rising

Mueller Poised to Indict Obama Lawyer?

It's Constitution Week: Here are the Worst Proposed Amendments

1.) The Slavery Amendment

2.) Dueling Ban Amendment

3.) Anti-Miscegenation Amendment

4.) Saving American Democracy Amendment

5.) Prohibition

Fox News Hires Rising Conservative Star

Tea Party Congressman NUKES Donald Trump Jr.

NEW Strzok-Page Texts Ignites Controversy

Trump-Related Hate Crime Reported to Cops. There's Just One Problem.

Kavanaugh's Future Hangs By a Thread

'Sesame Street Diapers Ditched Over... Toxic Masculinity?

Cops Arrest Suspected Serial Killer. He's a Border Patrol Agent.

Anti-Trump FBI Lawyer ADMITS the Truth

Texas Purges Crooked Hillary From Public Schools

Socialist Darling Dons $3,500 Outfit For Blue-Collar Photo-Op

Obama-Clinton Lawyer Under Investigation

'Moderate' Dem Portrayed U.S. Troops as Demons

FAKE WEATHER: 4 Times the MSM Blamed Trump For Hurricanes


2.) Clinton News Network

3.) Washington Post


Manafort Plea Deals Devastating Blow to This Dem

2.) Lena Epstein

1.) Maria Elvira Salazar

3.) Eddie Edwards

Famous Dem Weighs Another White House Bid

Lib Shoots HIMSELF to Protest President

FBI WON'T Investigate Kavanaugh Following 11th-Hour Accusation

Feds Spend THIS MUCH of Your Money Finding Jobs For 55 Afghan Women

Tucker Carlson KOs Michael Avenatti in Heavyweight Brawl

Oktoberfest Wins & Fails

1.) Starting Out Positive

2.) This is The Bad Outfit?

3.) Giant!

4.) One Problem…

5.) Pretty Good for a First Timer!

6.) Double Fisting!

7.) FAIL

8.) No Beer?

9.) No Costume?

10.) They Got One Thing Right…

Inside Trump's Plan to Pay Mexico to Deport Illegals – From Mexico

Twitter Rejects Ad With Phrase 'Illegal Alien'

Dem Senate Candidate Fought to Protect Pedophiles

Look Who's Comparing Stalin's Gulags to Summer Camps

Fox News Panel ABSOLUTELY SHREDS Trump's Conspiracy Claim

Kavanaugh Opposition Hits New Low

Leaked Footage Shows Google's Reaction to Trump's Win

This Man Says He Can Beat Trump

Florence's Unimaginable Worse Case Scenario

'60 Minutes' Chief Implicated in Sickening Allegations

Leftist Bribe to Oppose Kavanaugh EXPOSED

The 7 Best Corey Booker Spartacus Memes

1.) The Real Spartacus

2.) You Know…

3.) Chaos Captured in Single Tweet

4.) Who is Spartacus?

5.) Did He Realize?

6.) Saying it Diminutions it

7.) Dropping the Bomb

'Promising' Dem Revealed to Have Joined Racist Club

[VIDEO] Bald Eagle's Unbelievably Patriotic Display

The Bernie Sanders Family Lost BIG Time Yesterday

GOP Hopeful Narrowly Escapes Assassination

Another Democrat Megadonor Accused of Sexual Assault

Cutting-Edge Technology Begins Nabbing Illegal Immigrants

Michael Moore Stiffs Workers Struggling to Get By

SHOCKING VIDEO: Cop Survives Dramatic Shooting

Son of 9/11 Victim ABSOLUTELY DESTORYS Dems on National Television

MSNBC: Trump Worse For America Than THIS

Trump DECIMATES FBI's 'Media Leak Strategy'

New Fears Emerge 17 Years After 9/11

Maxine Waters Doubles Down on Threatening Trump Supporters

These Anti-Kaepernick Nike Memes Will Have You in Stitches

1.) Rachael Dolezal

2.) Nike

3.) Dwight From The Office

4.) Donald Trump

5.) Anthony Weiner

6.) Cher

7.) Alex Jones

8.) Michael From The Office

9.) Mike Tyson

10.) The Waterboy

11.) Dog

BREAKING: Congressman Resigns

[VIDEO] Bully Sucker Punches the Wrong Cheerleader

Top GOP Senator May Change Parties Over Trump

Accused Terrorist Using Trump Tweets to Escape the Death Penalty

Man Who Spilled Clinton Secrets Mysteriously Dead

Fast-Food Chain Workers Wear 'Abolish ICE' Pins

Trump Admin Met With Corrupt Generals About Overthrowing Socialist Regime

Woman's March Leader SHOCKS With Anti-Semitic Demand

Senator SHUT DOWN For Taking Kavanaugh Out of Context

California Dems' Leads Evaporate

Benghazi Hero DEMOLISHES Obama

7 Pro-Trump Republicans Who NEED Your Support

1.) Ted Cruz

2.) Josh Hawley

3.) Marsha Blackburn

4.) Dave Brat

5.) Don Bacon

6.) Young Kim

7.) Scott Walker

Dem With Eyes on 2020 Made Taxpayers Foot the Bill For Lavish Lifestyle

Trump Narrows Down Who's Behind 'Gutless' Article

Michael Moore Sued Over Disturbing Allegations

Dems Prop Up Convicted Felon to Discredit Kavanaugh

Records Reveal Fmr FBI Loverboy Used Weiner's Laptop, Too

Cruz Opponent's Despicable Anti-American Request

Socialist Nailed For Redistributing Wealth – to Herself

GOP Office Firebombed

Grand Jury Investigates Dirty FBI Boss

Man With 6 Guns Makes Bone-Chilling Trump Threat

Video Proof of Illegal Problem the Media Won't Show You

Assassination Attempt on Brazil's Trump

Hollywood Legend Dies

McCain Chief of Staff's Final GOP Betrayal

Pro-Trump Republican Facing Criminal Investigation

Hero Cop's Son Gets Sentenced For ISIS Terror Plot

Obama Stumps For Dem Clouded By Sickening Allegation

Starbucks Draws Outrage For Booting Possible Conservatives

Dem Candidate's Practice Hit For Not Treating Poor Kids

Conservatives Rattled By Trump's Suggested Aides

Kavanaugh Hearing Attendees Saw Liberal Protesters Paid Off With THIS

Iconic Jean Company Launches Gun Grabbing Scheme

Fox News Station Terror Attack Stopped

Longtime Democrat Loses in Primary Shocker

Dem's #2 Flees Own Event Over Abuse Claims

Trump Still Nike's Landlord, But For How Long?

Meet the GOP Governors Not Supporting Brett Kavanaugh

1.) Charlie Baker

2.) Larry Hogan

3.) Phil Scott

Megyn Kelly Blows Up Liberal Rape Allegation Cover-Up

Did the Clinton Campaign Turn Flint's Water Problem Into a Health Crisis?

McCain's Replacement ANNOUNCED

Iran Admits: Regime 'Worked Closely' With Soros

WATCH: CNN Tees Up FBI-Tainted Dem. He Fails Big Time.

Fox Star Slams Nike For Choosing Sides in Culture War

Liberal President Appears in Court

Will Judge's Ruling Finish Off Alex Jones?

Fox News Says Trump Crossed the Line

Socialist Darling's Family Say She's Lying About Her Upbringing

Could Facebook Be Charged With Genocide?

Conservatives Win Decisive Supreme Court Victory

Abortion-on-Demand, Coming to Schools Near You?

Gubernatorial Candidate Under FBI Investigation?

Email Trail Links Clinton Cronies, Russians at Trump Tower Meeting

REMINDER: Please Keep Bill Clinton Away From Young Women

Here are the Hardened Criminals California Wants to Save

1.) Robert Boyd Rhoades

2.) The 'Grim Sleeper'

3.) The 'Trailside Killer'

4.) Scott Peterson

5.) Charles Ng

6.) Ramon Salcido

7.) Randy Kraft

DOJ Officials Coordinated With Mueller Team Over Anti-Trump Dossier

Another Bombshell Drops Involving Ted Cruz's Opponent

Terrorist Jailed For Threatening to Behead World Leader

Film About Iconic American Moment Excludes American Flag

7 Nasty Surprises on Dem's Wish List

1.) Anti-Trump Persecution

2.) ICE Prosecuted

3.) Medicare – and Bankruptcy – For All

4.) $15 Minimum Wage

5.) Assault-Weapons Ban

6.) Communism 2.0

7.) Open Borders

BONUS: Reparations

Trump DOJ Joins Lawsuit Against Harvard

Lawmaker Gives ICE Startling Warning

9/11 Censored to Prevent Hurt Feelings

Stormy's Lawyer Reveals Bombshell 2020 Plans

Dark Blue State's Senate Seat Suddenly in Play?

New Mexico Jihadists Have All Charges Dropped After Devastating Mistake

Candidate Seeking Upset Against Republican Proudly Uses Racial Slur

Trump Campaign Aide Surrenders to FBI

Crack Dealer's Lawyer Uses the 'Trump Defense'

Trump Triggers CNN Into Unprecedented Attack

PETA Demands Memorial For Maine Lobster Massacre

The 20 Hottest Women in Politics You Didn't Know About

1.) Nicole Minetti

2.) Vanjia Hadzovic

3.) Maria Elvira Salazar

4.) Maria Carfagna

5.) Alina Kabaeva

6.) Elizabeth Helgelien

7.) Luciana Leon

8.) Ruby Dhalla

9.) Queen Rania

10.) Yuri Fujikawa

11.) Carey Torrice

12.) Kristi Noem

13.) Mande Wilkes

14.) Erika Harold

15.) Rachida Dati

16.) Yulia Tymoshenko

17.) Gretchen Whitmer

18.) Tulsi Gabbard

19.) Crystal Ball

20.) Anna-Maria Galojan

Soros-Trump Proxy War Set For Florida

Did Hillary's Carelessness Lead to the Deaths of CIA Operatives?

White ESPN Host Questions Tiger's Blackness For Defending Trump

U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty to ISIS Terror Plot

GOP Renews ObamaCare Repeal Post-McCain

Details of Clinton's Server Chinese Hack Get Worse

CNN's Insane Defense of Antifa

Dem Rising Star Makes Huge Promise For Every Illegal Immigrant

Even Trump Deserves This Constitutional Right

EXPOSED: Alex Jones Caught With THIS

George Soros Shuts Door on Refugees

Watergate Legend Caught in Trump Tower Lie

Could 62-Year-Old Investigation Profoundly Affect Mueller Investigation?

Will 2020 Frontrunner's Billion-Dollar China Connection Doom Chances?

#MeToo Leader's Friend Details Years of Lurid Behavior

Liberal Loon Threatens Dana Loesch's Children With THIS

Why Ted Cruz is Skipping Senate Votes

The 6 Likeliest Replacements For John McCain

1.) Cindy McCain

2.) Paul Gosar

3.) Kirk Adams

4.) Matt Salmon

5.) Jon Kyl

6.) Karrin Taylor Robson

BONUS: Alice Cooper

Judge Accuses Jihadi Prosecutors of Anti-Muslim Bias – Now, We Know the Truth

Endangered Dem's Husband Has Millions in Notorious Tax Haven

Trump's Deportation Squad Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands in California

Cohen Attorney Backtracks Yet Again in Stunning Reversal

Furor Erupts Over White House Flag Regarding McCain

John McCain Passes Away

Google Censors Leading Conservative Candidate

CNN: THIS Killed Mollie Tibbetts

Fox News Star Lowers the Boom on Trump

Uber Liberal Bashes Ride-Sharing Apps. There's Just One Problem.

Indicted GOP Rep Blames Wife For Misusing Campaign Cash

Chinese Military to Join Russian Nuclear War Games

Another Fox News Host Lashes Out at Network's Coverage

Angel Mom DESTROYS Fauxcahontas in Public

Ex-Obama Admin. Director Arrested

Once-Promising Dem Gets Sued

Disgusted Fox News Reporter Leaves Network

That Time Obama Offered $150K Bribe to Radical Preacher

BOMBSHELL: FBI Never Really Examined Weiner's Laptop

Here's What CNN Doesn't Want to Talk About

Ted Cruz Challenger's Shady Past No One's Talking About

Iranian Spies Arrested in America

9 Astonishing Facts About GOP Rep's Fall From Grace

1.) No Love Lost For the Navy

2.) Steam Games

3.) Out of Money for... Shorts?

4.) How the Grinch Stole Campaign Money

5.) Personal Financial Crisis

6.) Costco: Home to Groceries and Video Games

7.) 'Rabbit Saga'

8.) The Water Bill Was Unpaid

9.) Beginning of the End

Professor Segregates Gun Owners – It Doesn't Go Over Well

Sessions Fires Back at Trump

Trump Tower Meeting Translator's Dark Secret Unveiled

Clinton Crony's Crushing Blow to Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

Cop in Hot Water For Using This Term

Pro-Trump CNN Commentator Suspended Amid Disturbing Reports

The Democrats False Alarm

Kimmel Restarts War With Fox News Star

How the Constitution Allows Trump to Block Twitter Trolls

Fmr Clinton Aide: Hillary Broke Campaign Finance Laws

#MeToo Leader Photographed in Bed With Underage Teen

Trans Woman Files Human Rights Complaint Over Footing the Bill For THESE

Fox Host Provides Liberal Pundits a Legal Lesson on Cohen's Admissions

GOP's Rising Star Indicted on 'Deeply Serious' Charges

Illegal Immigrant Suspected in Iowa Girl's Murder

Campaign Finance Hypocrisy Exposes Democrats

Science Explains Why SJWs Love to Whine

1.) Black Bloc Tactics

5 Reasons Antifa is an Actual Terrorist Organization

2.) Acts of Violence

3.) Targeting of Youths and the Misguided For Recruitment

4.) Greater Terror Plots

5.) Public Misinformation Campaign & Sympathizers

Well-Connected Dem Avoids Jail Time After Attorneys Bash Trump

Left's Rising Star Visits Former Employer Closed By Policies She Supports

Soros-Funded Social Media Censorship Plan Revealed

WATCH: Antifa Beats Up Bernie Sanders Supporter

David Hogg's Next Big Plan

Trump Deports Last Known Nazi

Media Freaks Over Illegal Immigrant's 'Traumatic' Arrest – Then the Truth Comes Out

Leftists Viciously Attack Air Force General

Famed WWII Shipwrecks Plundered By Grave-Robbing Pirates

Top Dem's Accuser Speaks on Camera For the First Time

Fox News Star Slams Mueller With Devastating New Nickname

Chicago 'Peace Picnic' Turns Into Warzone

Weinstein Accuser Faces Startling Accusations

Would-Be Robber Confronts Armed Business Owner. Big Mistake.

Benghazi Hero Destroys Brennan, Fellow Deep State Drones

LISTEN: Dem Explains Why Young Girls Should Get Abortions Without Parents' Consent

Dem Rising Star Opposes Bill Cutting Insurance Payouts to Terrorists

Embattled Congressman Addresses Shocking Allegations

Presidential Candidate Returns, Launches Historic Senate Race

First They Outlawed Knives, Now London Wants to Ban THIS

Facebook Bans Famous Conservative Politician

Double Amputee Marine Hero Gives Anti-American Dem Powerful Lesson

Liberal Comedian Roasts Disgraced FBI Agent Over Online Charity Drive

Anti-Gun Chicago Bloodbath Continues

Trump Eviscerates Deep State Hack

[VIDEO] Hero Cop Saves Suicidal Man

Too Big to Fail Banks Lose THIS MUCH Over Gun Control Restrictions

Dem Sorry For Blatant Racism

Islamists' New Mexico Compound Mysteriously Destroyed

Court Deals Devastating Blow to Trump – One Legal Group Fights Back

SEAL Who Shot Osama Fires Back After Obama Hack Uses 9/11 to Attack Trump

Thousands Petition Asking to Free Cop Wrongfully Convicted By Vengeful Feminist

Liberal Couple Believes 'Evil is a Make-Believe Concept' Ride Bikes Across Middle East. ISIS Had Other Plans.

WATCH: World Premiere Movie Trailer For Serial-Killer Abortionist 'Gosnell'

Whistleblower Makes Shocking IRS Claims

Omarosa Might Not See a Single Penny From Her Book Sales

ISIS Killer Arrested in California

Will Alex Jones Survive FCC Battle?

The Real Reason Trump Pulled Brennan's Security Clearance

China's Secret Plan For World Domination Revealed

Fox News Slams Trump Staffer in Fiery Interview

Unprecedented Sex Abuse Cover-Up Latest in Catholic Church Crisis

CNN: Criticism of Anti-Liberal Islamists 'Domestic Terror'

Possible Carcinogen Found in Children's Breakfast Foods

New Bin Laden Threat Emerges

San Francisco Creates 'Poop Patrol' to Combat Human Waste

Omarosa's Clinton White House Firing Shows How Bad She Is

Teen Gives Trump-Hating Principal Lesson in Free Speech

Evidence: 'Infamous' Trump Tower Meeting Set Up By Hillary Operatives

4 Clinton Scandals You Haven't Heard About

1.) Revealing Their True Colors About the Less Fortunate

2.) Looting Haiti

3.) Chelsea's Plagiarism?

4.) Danney Williams

Giuliani Exposes Who's Behind the Mueller Witch-Hunt

7 Problems Facing California Bigger Than Plastic Straws

1.) Human Feces

2.) Hypodermic Needles

3.) Debt

4.) Wildfires

5.) Homelessness

6.) One-Party Rule

7.) Hollywood's Sexual Abuse

Islamic Extremists Granted Bail in New Mexico Case

Mike Huckabee Reveals Secret That Always Silences Liberal Critics

Fmr Federal Prosecutor Warns Omarosa – Get a Lawyer

Shockingly High Percent of Democrats Back Secession

Did Mueller and Comey Net Millions Through Cronyism?

9/11's Deadly Effect 17 Years Later

Antifa Thugs Admit What They'd Do to Trump. Their Answers Will Horrify You.

Police 'Slapped in the Face' By Fauxcahontas Respond

Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Keith Ellison Of...

Joy Behar's Past EXPOSED

Elizabeth Warren Called Out For Racism to Her Face

WashPo Fact Checks Socialist Darling and It's Not Pretty

Astronaut's Alien Encounter?

Could Obama Be Indicted For Election Meddling?

Video Shows Heart-Stopping Moment Cops Narrowly Avoid Death

NAACP Cries Racism After Own Poll Reveals Trump Surge

Trump DOJ Slams Sanctuary City For Giving Child Rapist 'Free Pass'

Footage Shows Democrat's Jaw-Dropping DUI Arrest

China Sends U.S. Navy Stark Warning

Linda Sarsour's Mentor's Terrorist Ties REVEALED

Kanye Slams Kimmel Over Backwards Idea About African-Americans

BREAKING: Tea Party Gets Big Win Over IRS Years Later

Democratic Party Elder Accused of Intimidation and Abuse

Dem Politician ARRESTED For Murdering Campaign Staffer

Heartbreaking Video Captures Last Stand of Sergeant Set to Receive Medal of Honor

18.) Stacey Dash

17.) Sarah Palin

16.) Nikki Haley

15.) Jennifer Carroll

14.) Joni Ernst

13.) Elise Stefanik

12.) Lynn Jenkins

11.) Rebecca Kleefisch

10.) Evelyn Sanguinetti

9.) Maria Elvira Salazar

8.) Kimberlin Brown

7.) Beth Lindstrom

Dem Pleads Guilty to Bankrupting Inner-City Schools

Liberal Extremist Arrested For Sending Death Threats to ICE Agents

BREAKING: Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News

School Drops Pledge of Allegiance, Tells Students Do This Instead

Secret Recordings Reveal Why Congress Hasn't Moved to Impeach Rosenstein

Conservative Hero Doubles Down on Trump in GOP Primary

Democrat Shoots Opponent After Facebook Argument

NRA Shirt Gets Student Kicked Out of Class

Mueller's 'Star Witness' Falls Apart During Cross-Examination

University Proves Campus Carry Makes School Safer

Islamic Extremist Trained Children to Become School Shooters

Police Catch Illegal Immigrant Rapist. You Won't Believe His Cover.

Social Media Bans Alex Jones... But Not Louis Farrakhan?!


Here's How the DOJ Secretly Helped Dems in the Russia Collusion Case

Every Candidate Endorsed By Dem's Socialist Darling LOSES

Left-Wing Media Reveals Staggering Price Tag for Democratic Socialism

7 Heroes to Remember on Purple Heart Day

1.) Bob Dole

2.) Calvin Graham

3.) John F. Kennedy

4.) Charles Bronson

5.) Colin Powell

​6.) Oliver Stone

7.) Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.

BONUS: Sergeant Stubby

Guess How Much of the Clinton Foundation's Budget Went to Charity

The 13 Craziest CNN Controversies

1.) Honoring Hezbollah

2.) Semi-Automatic Weapon SNAFU

3.) Compromised Host

4.) The Clinton News Network (Fo' Real)

5.) Rape Survivor Booed

6.) Despicable School Shooting Lie

7.) One Very Incriminating Photo

8.) Jumping the Scaramucci Shark

9.) Disparaging Margaret Thatcher's Memory

10.) Operation Tailwind

11.) Rampaging Combat Vets?

12.) Ridiculing Bristol Palin

13.) Selectively Edited Headlines

Frustrated Fox News Correspondent Resigns

You'll Never Guess Who CNN Compared Its Reporters To

MS-13 Killer Begs Judge For Better Conditions in Jail

Super Dad Confronts Naked Perv. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

Silicon Valley's Liberal Bias Goes Deeper Than Thought

See the Message That Led to the Rescue of 11 Children Held By Muslim Extremists

Hillary Clinton State Dept. Official Guilty of Mass Producing Child Porn

'Anne Frank' Holocaust Drama Recast With Illegal Immigrants Hiding From ICE

Fox Host Lashes Out at Trump Official

Fmr Chair of Senate Intel Committee Employed Communist Spy

Shocking Footage Captures Antifa Ambush

Armed Citizen Stops Mass Shooting, Proves Gun Grabbers Wrong

The NRA Admits It's in Dire Straights

CNN Still Pushing Despicable Trump Lie

The Ridiculous Justification Behind California's Straw Ban

Putin Didn't Cost Hillary My Vote. She Did.

Illegal Immigrant Pedophile Cost Taxpayers THIS Much

Fmr Fox News Star Plans Nationwide Bus Tour

Lib Judge Frees Ex-Con, What Happened Next was Tragic!

New York Times' Racist Also Hates Cops, Men

Wrestling Champ-Turned-Republican Piledrives Dem

Judge Loses Patience With Mueller's Shenanigans

Punk Threatens Armed Woman's Children, Loses Big Time

CNN Claims Correspondent's Life was in Jeopardy at Trump Rally

Dem's Socialist Darling's Capitalist Past

Justice Department-Comey Email Cover-Up?

Suspected Bush Doctor Assassin's 'Hit List' Revealed?

The Top 6 Liberal Hoaxes, Rumors, and Conspiracy Theories

Crack in the Hood, Courtesy of the CIA

'No Tip for Terrorists' – JK

Russia, Russia, Russia

The Patriarchy

Big Oil

Church on Fire

Fox News-Seth Rich Lawsuit Decided

New York Times Refuses to Fire Hate-Filled Racist

Massachusetts Madwoman Rams Pro-Trump Car

BREAKING: Active Shooter Loose on Air Force Base

Antifa Advises 'Activists' to Bring Guns to Riot

Trump's Touching Surprise For Limbaugh's Big Anniversary

Leading Dem Promises to Prosecute ICE

Abortion Pill Fast-Tracked By Bill Clinton Creates Healthcare Crisis

Fox News Duo Tag Teams to Destroy Obama Supporter

The 5 Most Ridiculous Ways Government Wastes Your Money

1.) Pentagon Birdwatching

2.) National Science Foundation Studies "Media Polarization"

3.) Feds Pay Govt. Workers To Go On Vacation

4.) Doggie Hamlet

5.) Five Figures to Find Out Why Bugs Fly Towards Lightbulbs

BONUS: Solar Powered Beer

Non-Citizens Increasingly Found on Voter Rolls

Socialist President Admits Economy Has Failed

Democratic Governor Absconds to Italy

Police Warn Against Dangerous Millennial Craze

Twitter OKs Trump-Hating Candidate's Vile Attack on First Lady

Trump Supporters Score Victory Against Liberal Mob, Police Enablers

Former Presidential Candidate Mulls Senate Bid

This Former Liberal is the Democratic Party's Worst Nightmare. See Why.

Police Officer Dies After Being Shot By Illegal Immigrant

ICE Accuses Leading Dem of Fomenting Hate Against Agency

Presidential Hopeful Looks Confused Ordering Pastries

Footage of Senior Obama Official Taking Photos Up Women's Skirts Released

Libs Let Homeless Person Move in, Then Something Goes Horribly Wrong

DA Declines to File Charges Against Dem Donor in Male Escort's Overdose

Illegal Immigrants Sue DHS in Massive Court Filing

15 Illegal Immigration Stories the Left Doesn't Want You to See

1. Decapitated 13-Year-Old, No Media Coverage

2. Remorseless Manslaughter

3. Park Ranger Kristopher William Eggle

4. All For a Pack of Cigarettes

5. A Gang Problem

6. Through the Floor Boards

7. A Life Destroyed

8. Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Threatens Whole Bus

9. NFL Star Slaughtered

10. Smirking Cop Killer

11. The Murder of Kate Steinle

12. 11 Time Deportee Gets a Chainsaw?!

13. Your 'Undocumented' Lyft Driver

14. Another Obama Fail

15. Left For Dead

Dem Accuses Opponent of Liking Bigfoot Erotica

Maxine Water's Horrifying Proposal if Democrats Retake Congress

Twitter's Censorship Problem Gets Worse – Here's What Conservatives Should Know

Polls Have Potentially Apocalyptic News For Trump

Worms Frozen For 42,000 Years Alive and Well, Say Scientists

Colombian Cartel Puts $70K Hit on Cocaine-Busting Police Canine

GOP Rep's Family Threatened in Vile Attack

Major American City Shuns Trump's Deportation Squad

Bill Clinton Heckled... By Prostitutes?

Democrats Introduce Legislation to Criminalize Lying

Alex Jones Hit With Devastating Blow

Major Airline to Give Free Flights to Illegal Immigrants

Roseanne Reveals to Hannity What She Truly Thinks of Valerie Jarrett

Mainstream Media Titan Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Search For Missing Student Gets Desperate

Joe Biden's Niece Avoids Jail Time in Sweetheart Deal

[VIDEO] Liberal Parents Embrace Gender-Neutral 'Theybies'

Anti-Trump Resistance Leader Arrested After Repeated Contact With Minors

Monica Lewinsky Reacts to National Intern Day

Illegal Immigrant Evades ICE Before Shooting Cop in Head

Dem Candidate Criticizes Ruling Protecting Sexually Abused Children

WATCH: McDonald's Employee Batters Customer in Epic Fast Food Fight

Grand Jury Bringing In Trump Org Official to Testify

BREAKING: Obama Funded Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Trump Vows Investigation of Twitter 'Shadow Banning' Prominent Republicans

Maxine Waters Claims Providence Brought Her to Earth to Stop Trump

[VIDEO] Hero Cop Saves Civilian From Oncoming Train

Fmr Fox Star Threatens Liberal Media Outlet With Lawsuit

Non-Citizen Pleads Guilty to U.S. Terror Plot

Liberal Court Delivers Decisive Victory For Second Amendment

Leading Democrat Declares Millions of Americans 'Complicit in Evil.' Here's Why.

Anti-Trump Celebrity Gets Sued

Elizabeth Warren's Terrible Idea

Mexican President Delivers Surprising Letter to Trump

President Trump's Touching Response to WWII Veteran's Poignant Request

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Brutally Beaten

Did David Hogg Openly Threaten Trump on Twitter?

Senior Democrat Confronts Crony Capitalism Charges

Stormy Daniel's Husband Seeks Divorce, Files Lawsuit

Here's Steve Bannon's New Mission

Hollywood Unleashed: The 7 Worst Threats Against Trump

2020 Contender Pardons Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Leading Dem Reveals Party's Radical Agenda Should They Take Back Congress

Alleged Russian Agent Met With Senior Obama Officials

Top Dem Reveals Presidential Aspirations

Obama Foundation Chairman Faces Federal Investigation

Israel Condemns CNN For Blatant Bias

Republican Lawmaker Exposes Himself, Faces Calls For Resignation

Liberal Comedian Offends Fans After Racially Charged Video Resurfaces

Fox News Confirms Host's IMMEDIATE Departure

Outraged Atheists Intimidate Pious Citizens Into Silence

Austrian Politician's HORRIBLE Idea For Jews

Trump's Deportation Squad Scores Big Win in Sanctuary City

[VIDEO] Maxine Waters Supporters Make Her Seem Sane

Hot Mic Catches What One Grateful Marine Whispered to Trump

McConnell Issues Supreme Court Ultimatum

Dem Rep Accused of Shocking Sex Coverup

Benghazi Survivor DESTROYS Hillary in Single Tweet

Disney Director EXPOSED After Attacking Conservatives

POLL Has DEVASTATING Numbers For Deep State, Liberals

Hillary's Worst Enemy to Be Handed Over to Authorities?

RINO Attacks Trump Aide's Children With SICK Fantasy Involving Pedophile

Complaint Brings More Trouble For Crooked Hillary and Company

1. Backing the Wrong Substitute Teacher

3. Sickening New Lows

4. Police Union Boss Rolls the Dice

5. No More Federal Oversight

New Mueller Evidence Repeatedly Links to Bernie Sanders' Chief Strategist

DNC Leader Vows to Ban Books

Just When You Thought It Can't Get Worse, Dems Propose Dumbest Idea Yet

Feces Infested Liberal City Spends THIS MUCH Per Homeless Person

BOMBSHELL: See What Else Reportedly Went on While Obama was in Power

Top Dem Mulls Criminal Case Against Trump Foundation

Meet the Lone Republican Who Refused to Support ICE

Ominous Signs Near Yellowstone 'Supervolcano' Spark Fears

Ex-CIA Chief Publicly Encourages Treachery Against Trump

Anti-Trump Celeb Deletes Sickening Tweet About Dogs. We Can See Why.

Comey Meddles in Midterms

Liberal Comedian EXPOSED in Disastrous Gun Store Prank

Rand Paul Drops the Mother of All Truth Bombs on Crooked Hillary

[VIDEO] Trump's Deportation Squad Uses New Technique to Drive Protestors Insane

Obama's Latest Idea is Even Crazier Than Usual

First U.S. City Registers Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Putin's Bombshell Claim About Hillary

Sheriff Joe's Unusual Idea to End Border Crisis

2. Union Embezzlement? *SHOCKER*

The 5 Biggest Union Disasters in Modern America

Conservative Radio Host Vows to Never Support Trump Again

Liberals Turn Their Guns on Leading Leftist

Dems 'Abolish ICE' Scheme Hilariously Backfires

Fox News Scores Another Win

Conservative Censored For Speaking THE TRUTH About Planned Parenthood

WATCH: Fox & Friends Turns on Trump?

Will This SHOCKING Development End Pelosi's Career

Soros' Secretive Plot to Stop Trump

MUST-SEE: The Dumbest Thing the Mainstream Media Has Ever Said About Guns

Ex-CNN Host Crushes Clintons

New Poll Reveals Even FBI Agents Think This of the Bureau

What's McCain Trying to Sabotage This Time?!

Is This Trump-Hating Puerto Rico Mayor Heading to Prison?

Mike Rowe Crushes Leftist Critics of His New Christian Network Show

​Dem Claims Deep State Hack Deserves Purple Heart, Apologizes After Wounded Vet SHREDS Him

Red State Dems Resist Liberal Plot

The 12 Worst Cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome

1. Kathy Griffin

2. Madonna

3. Peter Strozk & Lisa Page

4. Rachael Maddow

5. Bill de Blasio

6. Kino Jimenez

7. Maxine Waters

8. Joe & Mika

9. Michael Moore

10. Andrew Cuomo

11. Jimmy Kimmel

12. Hillary 'Will Run Again' Clinton

Trump Ally Dead Man Walking?

[VIDEO] Steven Crowder Confronts Lib Who Violently Threatened Him. What Happens Next is Insane.

ICE Removes Brazilian Man Wanted For Murder

Comedian Plays Trick on Sarah Palin That Could Land Him in Trouble

Gohmert Reveals FBI Ignored Clinton Hacking Bombshell

Here's What the Media Isn't Telling You About the Mueller Indictments

California Gets Sued

Starbucks' Eco-Warrior Push Backfires BIG TIME

Dem Double Murderer Primaries Top Senator

Trump Dismantles CNN in Six Words [VIDEO]

Louie Gohmert Roasts Dirty FBI Agent