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[HILARIOUS VIDEO] Bill Clinton Returns to His Old Ways at the Inauguration

Priceless- "Triggered" Social Justice Warrior Responds to Trump's Victory

Liberals Destroy DC (SHOCKING VIDEO)

President Trump Addresses the American People for the First Time (VIDEO)

President Trump's Message to All Americans

New Report Reveals Obama's Total Failure to Keep Us Safe

BREAKING: Anti Trump Protesters Wage War on DC (VIDEO)

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Another Day, Another Lamestream Media Attack on Trump

The Insane Reason This Democrat Wants to Impeach Trump Already

Pence's Two Big Inauguration Decisions Will Drive Liberals Crazy

Will Obama Pardon Crooked Hillary?

BREAKING: Obama Threatens Trump

Is This Top Dem Attack Dog a Total Hypocrite?

How Trump Will Attack Obama's Radical Agenda

Proof That Obama is Literally the Worst President Ever

Should Trump Dump This Major Campaign Tool?

Did This Network Declare War on Trump?

These College Students Tried to Exercise Their First Amendment Rights. You Won't Believe What Happened Next

Democrats are Skipping Trump's Inauguration. Here's What Trump Thinks About That (VIDEO)

Black Liberal's Outrageous Smear of Black Trump Supporters(VIDEO)

Lamestream Media Caught Lying About Trump

Liberal Lunatics Attack Black Pastor

REPORT: Ailing Former President Sends Touching Letter to Trump

Trump Responds to Obama Pardoning a Traitor

You Won't Believe What This Liberal Loon Did to Protest Trump (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Liberal School Bans Trump

New Report Reveals Damage Done by Obamacare

BREAKING: Obama Pardons Domestic Terrorist

Trump Nominee Drops a Truth Bomb on Crazy Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Obama Releases Degenerate Traitor

They Signed a Never Trump Pledge. Guess What They're Doing Now?

How Much Are Liberals Paying People to Protest Trump? The Numbers Will Shock You

MLK Day Bloodbath in this Major City

Here's How You Can Live in Trump's House

Trump Economy: Here's How Many Jobs Wal-Mart's Creating Under Pressure from Trump

Not So Shocking: Obama's First Stop After Leaving Office

BREAKING: Video Reveals Liberal Activists Plot to Attack Conservatives at Inauguration

Trump Speaks Out on the Latest Polls

Make America Great Again: This Company Just Announced 1,000 New Jobs

Jailed Tennessee Woman Sues Sheriff's Department

In This School District, Educating Children Can Cost You Your Job

Sean Hannity Has a Message for Barack Obama (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Terrorist Trash Brought to Justice

REPORT: Trump Win Sent American Intelligence Officers Running to their Safe Space

Trump Honors MLK

BREAKING: Wife of Terror Scumbag Arrested

What the Radical Left Can Learn From Martin Luther King

Trump Takes on the Intelligence Community

The Man That Will Replace Obamacare

Conservative Talk Radio Star Eyes Senate Bid

Liberal Failure Trashes Trump

Legendary Journalist: Intel Community Targeted Trump

The Refugeehad is About to Get Much Worse

REPORT: Is This Government Watchdog a Liberal Shill?

Make America Great Again: Company Announces YOOJ News

Crooked Hillary Clinton Suffers Another Blow

Why the Democrats are Totally Screwed

How the Radical Left is Planning to Sabotage Trump's Inauguration

This Unlikely Duo is Fighting Obama's Radical Transgender Agenda

Donald Trump is Giving the Media Everything They Deserve

Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Made This Absolutely INSANE Statement

Did Jeb Order the Hit on Trump?

Fox Host Goes to War with CNN (VIDEO)

Is the Intelligence Community Trying to Undermine Trump?

This Great News Should Terrify America's Enemies

This Country Just Banned the Burqa

Trump Takes One Last Shot at Crooked Hillary

This Great American Business is Standing up to the Anti-Trump Left

BREAKING: Obama Sells Out to Communists

A Government Agency Gave This Taxpayer the Runaround. Here's How He Got Back at Them

Good Guy with a Gun Saves Police Officer's Life

REPORT: Illegals Flocking to this Sanctuary City Before Trump's Inauguration

Billionaire Soros Bet Against Trump. Guess What Happened Next

Another Day, Another Hate Crime Hoax

Everything Bad About Campaign Finance Laws

Schumer to Red State Dems: Enjoy Your Early Retirement

Liberal Media Hides the Truth About Hate Crime

BREAKING: Obamacare Repeal Underway

Ted Cruz Absolutely Destroys Democrats (VIDEO)

Bad Guy with a Gun Meets a Good Guy With a Gun. Watch What Happens Next

Trump Lays Out Schedule to Make America Great Again

Donald Trump Absolutely Destroys the Liberal Media

Did This RINO Try to Sabotage Trump?

Donald Trump Announces VA Secretary

Donald Trump Live Press Conference

BREAKING News on the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter

Conservatives DESTROY Al Sharpton (VIDEO)

Devastating New Video Reveals the Truth About Obama's Presidency

Anti Trump Media Spins Out of Control

BREAKING: Charleston Church Shooter Sentenced

The Liberal CEO Who Tweeted About Hating Middle America Just Got Busted

This Man Called Jeff Sessions Racist. The Truth?

Judicial Watch Goes After Corrupt Eric Holder

These Men are Standing With Jeff Sessions

BREAKING: New Fox Sex Scandal Emerges

Has the Trump Boom Already Begun?

YOOJ News for Ivanka Trump

Why These Conservatives aren't Rushing to Repeal Obamacare

Why This Terror Nation May Fear Trump

Top Democrat Throws His Party Under the Bus

Fox Host Confronts Trump Harasser (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Officer Killed by Violent Thug

US Navy Fires Warning Shots Against Terrorist Nation's Boats

Lamestream Media Identifies Real Threat to America

Desperate Dems Discovering What Make America Great Again Means the Hard Way

How Trump Will Make Our Military Great Again

Liberal Pervert Commits Unspeakable Crime

Terror Attack Rocks America's Ally

A Conservative Icon Passes On

How Trump is Shaking Up D.C.

Illegal Alien Gangbangers are Taking Over this Metro Area

Trump Told These Liberal Elitists to Take a Hike

Rapefugees are Overwhelming This Country

WARNING: Infectious Refugees Roaming This Major State

The Democrats Made a Pathetic Attempt to Stop Trump. Here's What Happened Next...

BREAKING: New Details Emerge About the Fort Lauderdale Shooter

These Top Trump Supporters Aren't Letting the Social Justice Warrior Left Off the Hook

This SJW Lost His Bogus Lawsuit. What Happened Next is Tragic

BREAKING: Mass Shooting at Airport (UPDATED)

This Congressman is Standing Up for Cops

Will Congress Punish the U.N.?

BREAKING: Obama FINALLY Builds a Wall

Liberals Mock Shooting Death of Conservative Columnist

Why Doctors are Slamming This Historic Publication

The Real Reason the FBI Couldn't Investigate Hacking

BREAKING: Hillary Might Make a Political Comeback

BREAKING: Desperate Democrats STILL Trying to Steal the Election From Trump

Second Video Emerges in Chicago Hate Crime

Obama Tried to Sabotage Trump. How Congress is Stopping Him

BREAKING: Here's Who's Replacing Megyn Kelly

Is the Attack on a Special Needs Teen a Hate Crime? Liberal Loon Weighs In (VIDEO)

Trump's Latest Tweet is Going to Make Democrats Go Ballistic

BREAKING: What these Black Teens Did to a Mentally Disabled White Teen is Absolutely Unthinkable

Trump's Latest Tweets Will Make Liberals Go Absolutely Crazy

Trump Tweet #5

Trump Tweet #4

Trump Tweet #3

Trump Tweet #2

Trump Tweet #1

BREAKING: Trump Inauguration Gala Books These Country Superstars

Make America Great Again: This Major Motor Company Thought Twice After Hearing from Trump

Illegal Alien Rapist Was Deported 19 Times, and now Washington is Demanding Answers

RECORD: This is How Many Millions of Guns Were Sold Last Year

What Do Voters Want Trump to Work on First?

Congressional Republicans Have a Message for Barack Obama

People are Fleeing This Liberal State

How a Conservative Watchdog Saved Republicans From Themselves

Fox Host Shuts Down Anti Gun Moron (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Is the United States on the Brink of War

BREAKING: Major Conservative Site Crashes After Cyberattack (UPDATED)

House Intel Chair On Whether or Not Russia Interfered in the Election

You'll Never Guess How Much Liberals are Paying to Dump Their "White Guilt"

Four People Who Could Replace Megyn Kelly

Tomi Lahren

Jesse Watters

Dana Loesch

Judge Jeanine Pirro

BREAKING: Megyn Kelly's New Network

This Trump Nominee is the Democrats Top Target

Congressional Republicans Tried to Pull an Unethical Stunt, and Trump Wasn't Having It

Enough is Enough: This Country is Fighting Back Against the Refugeehad

Trump Takes on Rogue Nation

Failed Obama Tries to Take Credit for a Boom He Tried to Stop

ISIS New Year Reign of Terror

Democrats Declare War on Trump

Desperate Failure Nancy Pelosi Throws Sad, Empty Threats at GOP Majority

Islamic Terrorists Perpetrate Savage Attack

Judge Rules on Obama's Radical Transgender Agenda

BREAKING: Escaped Terrorist on the Run

No One is Safe in this Major City

This State is Standing Up to the Refugeehad

Could Obama Steal the Supreme Court with this Desperate Move?

FLASHBACK: The Most Embarrassing Thing Liberals Did in 2016 (VIDEO)

Refugeehadi Stabs a Woman. Here's Why

Donald Trump Has a New Years Message

These Refugeehadis Committed a Horrific Crime. You Won't Believe What Happened Next

These Criminal Thugs Tried to Rob a Waffle House. They Got More Than They Bargained For

Guess Who's in Trump's Inaugural Parade?

Demented Politician Takes Advantage of a Senior Citizen (And It's Seriously Gross)

Trump's Biggest Fans Absolutely DESTROY John Kerry (VIDEO)

Palin Has Some Foreign Policy Advice for Trump

Hackers Attack Major Conservative News Site

Obama Tried to Reignite the Cold War. Here's How Russia Responded

Just How Bad was the Lamestream Media's Coverage of Conservatives? (VIDEO)

Trump Spokesman Calls Out Dem Hypocrisy

BREAKING: Lame Duck Obama Tries to Destroy American Energy

Is the Trump Movement Heading North?

BREAKING: Could This Fox Host Be Joining the Lamestream Media?

Obama Says He'd Beat Trump. Is He Right?

Trump's Plan to Fix the VA

BREAKING: Obama Exposed as Architect of Terrorist's Favorite Deal

Making America Great Again: This Company is Returning 5,000 Jobs to the US

Mob of Islamic Radicals Threaten Civil War in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

How Liberal Loons are Attacking Kellyanne Conway's Kids

Netanyahu DESTROYS Israel's Critics (VIDEO)

Fox Host Learns the Truth About "Dirty Jobs"

Obama Praises Anti White Activist

BREAKING: Kerry Trashes Israel, Netanyahu Responds

Liberal Loon Mocks His Own Party

Obama Chose the UN Over Israel. How Congress Will Teach Him a Lesson

Trump's Message to Israel

Veteran Dem Turns on Obama

GREAT AGAIN: Two Companies Announce Huge New Rust Belt Factory Plans

You'll Never Believe the "Experts" Facebook Has Hired to Combat "Fake News"

More Gun Control, More Gun Violence in This Urban War Zone

BREAKING: Trump Terror Attack Scare

What Happened When This Muslim Woman Voted for Trump

REPORT: Feeble Hillary Isn't Going Anywhere

Top Pundit: US Was Behind Anti Israel Vote

Fox Host Decimates Silly Feminist

Trump Responds to UN's Israel Betrayal

Kellyanne Conway Drops the Truth on the Liberal Media

The Terrifying Truth About American Jihadis

Lifelong Democrat Reveals How Obama Stabbed Him in the Back

Why Christmas Was Incredibly Special for These Christians

Is Obama The American Presidency's Biggest Failure?

Trump Just Made a Major Move and the Democrats are Freaking Out

Just How Easy is it For Jihadis to Cross This Border? (VIDEO)

Obama Brags About Making America Less Safe

Obama Stabbed Him in the Back. How Israel's Leader Responded

Another Day, Another Hate Crime Hoax

A Christmas Message from America's Greatest President

This Christmas, Remember These Brave Souls

This World Leader Has a Christmas Message for Christians

Cowardly Obama Stabs Israel in the Back

Big Dem Donor Revealed as Big Welfare Queen

Police Bust ISIS Christmas Plot

The Truth About this Pro Trump "Hate Crime"

BREAKING: Cowardly Islamic Terrorist Gets What He Deserves

This Conservative Host Just Decimated Europe's Worst Leader (VIDEO)

Trump Makes Another YOOJ Announcement

Islamic Radical Takes Over Christmas Play

European Leader's Insane Christmas Message

Fox Host Explains the Real Reason the Left Wants to Abolish the Electoral College (VIDEO)

Trump Responds to Muslim Terror Attacks

Unhinged Passenger Attacks Ivanka Trump

This State Just Scored a Major Victory for the Second Amendment

This Country is Standing Against the Refugeehad

Kellyanne Conway Has YOOJ News

Police Investigated this Anti Muslim Hate Crime. Guess What They Found

Huge Protest Calls for "Death to USA," Demands ISIS Control

This Country is Becoming the Terror Capital of the World

Why Liberal Loons are Attacking This American Company

Top Dem Fires Staff Right Before Christmas, Hannukah

BREAKING: Berlin Terrorist Identified

BREAKING: Obama Abuses Executive Power to Stop Trump

How Singing the Beach Boys Could Get You Charged With a Sex Crime

BREAKING: Obama Ramps Up Refugeehad

Out of Touch Network Releases Pathetic PSA

CNN Can't Bring Itself to Make a Simple Admission About the Turkey Terror Attack

Court Strikes a Major Blow Against Voter Fraud

One of Trump's Top Lieutenants on How the Donald Won

Berlin Terror Attack Update

Will Trump Drain the Swamp? Kellyanne Conway has the Answer

Donald Trump Has a Message for the American People

YOOJ News for Donald Trump

BREAKING: Another Diplomat Found Dead

When They Announced the Official Results in This State, Liberal Protesters Lost Their Minds (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Electors Jump Ship

Terror Attack Rocks Christmas Market

Elector Has a Message for the Frothing Democrat Mobs

SHOCK: Number of Illegals on the Rise

BREAKING: Terrorist Assassinates Ambassador (WARNING: Graphic Video)

Bitter Bill Sounds Off

Shocking New Report Reveals the Enemy Within

DECISION DAY: Will the Electors Steal Trump's Victory?

What Do Voters Think of Trump's Cabinet Picks?

The Truth About Trump's Secretary of State

New Report Reveals How Terrorists Duped Obama

Top Liberal Admits the Truth About Dem Hypocrites

How Liberal Loons are Trying to Steal the Election from Trump

Refugeehad Strikes Christmas Market

Will the Electors Steal the Election from Trump?

Obama Explains Why Crooked Hillary Lost

How Your Tax Dollars are Funding a War on Whites

BREAKING: Trump Appoints Another Top Conservative

Refugeehadi Just Commited a Horrific Crime Against an American Citizen

This Top Conservative is Advising Trump on the Supreme Court

Obama Admits Total Failure

Kellyanne Conway ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Her Critics

BREAKING: China Attacks American Navy

Did This Reporter Have a Mental Breakdown on Live TV? (VIDEO)

REPORT: Why Obama Did Nothing About Russian Hacks

Top Dem Accidentally Admits the Truth About Russian Voter Fraud

BREAKING: Top Fox News Personality to Retire?

Liberal Court Takes Aim at Gunowners

Did Crazy Bernie Just Get on the Trump Train?

Conservative Senator Tells the Truth About the Obamacare Repeal

Christian Statues Defaced in Refugee Heavy Nation

Family of Trump Hate Crime Hoax Artist Goes on the Attack

BREAKING: Trump to Pick Fox News Personality for Top Post

Terror Nation Threatens America

Top Dem Gets Called On His Extremist Past. Watch What Happens Next

BREAKING: Islamic Radicals Shut Down Streets in this Major City

She Accused Trump Supporters of Committing a Violent Hate Crime. Guess What Happened Next?

Liberal Reporter Hurls Horrifying Accusation at President Elect Trump (NSFW)

New Reports Reveal Crooked Hillary's Total Campaign Incompetence

Trump Crowd Boos Paul Ryan. You Won't Believe What Happens Next

Hillary's Lapdog Makes Loony Claim

Public School Official Calls for War on Whites

Conservative Reporter Lays Out Obama's Failed Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

Trump Adds "American Commander" to Cabinet

This State Steps Up to Protect the Unborn

BREAKING: How Hackers Got Hillary's Emails

BUSTED: This Man Plotted Trump's Death

Massive Voter Fraud Revealed in this Democratic City

Top Intelligence Officer Calls Out the CIA

How This Loony Liberal Mayor is Responding to Trump's Victory

Trump Adds Another Top Conservative To His Cabinet

REPORT: The People Behind the Effort to Steal the Election From Trump

Trump Cabinet Appointment Receives High Praise

This Liberal Journalist is Attacking "Fake News." There's Just One Problem

Liberal Assault on Guns Totally Flops

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Anti-Trump RINO

Top Dem Gets Locked Up

Could Trump Change His Mind on Key Cabinet Appointment

Liberal Hack Fails Up

Loony Liberal Congressman Begs Electors to Dump Trump

How This Agency is Wasting Millions on Illegals

Massive Veterans Affairs Coverup Revealed

This Foreign Leader Just Got on the Trump Train

Fox Host Has a Message for Obama

Conservative Senator Stands with Trump

Kellyanne Conway Sets the Record Straight

This Loony Liberal Publication is Falling Apart

Senate Republicans Score a Major Victory

Will Trump Add This Popular Conservative To His Cabinet?

Trump Picks Secretary of State

BREAKING: Defeated RINO Launching Senate Bid

Planned Parenthood Just Got Some Bad News

How These Republicans are Defending Your Right to Bear Arms

Is There a New Favorite For Secretary of State?

Is Crooked Hillary Still Plotting Against Trump?

Did Ignoring This Man Cost Crooked Hillary the Presidency?

Court Makes Radical Transgender Ruling

Obama Election Fraud?

Because of Trump, This Company is Bringing Back Jobs

Liberal Loons Threatened Kellyanne Conway. Here's How She Responded

Trump is About to Make These Two Major Appointments

Rebel Dem Takes on Her Party and Stands with Trump and Veterans (VIDEO)

Another Day, Another American Killed by a Criminal Illegal

BREAKING: More Bad News for Crooked Hillary

Is This American University Imposing Sharia Law?

Will Senate Republicans Stand with American Veterans?

BREAKING: American Hero Passes On

BREAKING: Trump Makes Another Cabinet Selection

Conservative Law Enforcement Icon Tells the Truth About "Fake News"

Pelosi's Democratic Nemesis Lends a Hand to Trump

LAWSUIT: Drug Store Forces Elderly Man to Mop Floor, Then This Happened

Fox Host Destroys Nutty Liberal (VIDEO)

This Top Hillary Donor Had a Total Meltdown

Trump Just Created Thousands of New Jobs

Liberal Loon Calls For An Oddly Conservative Protest

Trump Voters Are Going to Love His Latest Cabinet Pick

Are These America's Dumbest Criminals?

BREAKING: Republicans Vote on Impeaching Top Obama Goon

PC Students Can't Bring Themselves to Admit the Truth (VIDEO)

Lamestream Media Starts Race War

Black Lives Matter Exploits Guilty White People

BREAKING: Trump Beats Crooked Hillary AGAIN

Did PC Teachers Hide Anti-Trump Hate Crimes?

Guess How Much Obama's Golf Game is Costing the American Taxpayer

BREAKING: Electoral College Coup

Did This #NeverTrump Elector Sell Out to the Liberal Media?

Trump Goes to War with Government Welfare Porkers

The Effort To Steal the Election From Trump Heats Up

BREAKING: Government Agency Covers Up Massive Waste

Conservative Reporter Tells the Truth About "Fake News"

The Refugeehad is Ruining this Country. How They're Responding

You Won't Believe What a Refugee Did to This Top Official's Daughter

REPORT: Inside Hillary's Post Election Bender

AAN Exclusive: Top Insider Weighs in on Trump Cabinet Pick

BREAKING: The Repeal of Obamacare is Under Way

Why Trump REALLY Met With Romney

The Media is Touting the Obama Economy. Why They're Wrong

ISIS to Attack Trump?

BREAKING: Trump Nominates Ben Carson to Top Job

Team Hillary Finally Admits the Truth

Fox News Host DESTROYS Liberal Loon Jill Stein (VIDEO)

Is Obamacare Saving Americans Money? The Truth

Top Dem Pushes Loony Conspiracy Theory

BREAKING: Will Obama Pardon This Traitor?

The Dumb Left, Summed Up in One Image

Trump Camp Reveals Another Possible Cabinet Pick

Kellyanne Conway Just OBLITERATED Hillary's Campaign Manager

BREAKING: Palin Attacks Trump

Conservative Congressman Has a Great Reason for Repealing Silly Regulations

RECOUNT UPDATE: Is Crooked Hillary Gaining on Trump?

VIDEO: American Commander's Hilarious Take on What it Takes to be a Navy SEAL

The Conservatives Stepping Up to Help Trump

National Security Expert on Trump's Pick for Secretary of Defense (VIDEO)

Liberal Media Caught Joking About Trump Plane Crash (VIDEO)

Top Big City Dem Nailed Engaging in Anti-Trump Vandalism

Schools in this State are Banning "Racist" American Classics

Hillary's Still Trying to Steal the Election. How These Conservatives are Trying to Stop Her

Flashback: Obama Mocks Trump. Who's Laughing Now?

American Islamic Leader Attacks Trump

BREAKING: Unhinged Clinton Aides Attack Team Trump

The Pick is In: Trump Chooses Secretary of Defense

Washington Post Praises Castro For Starving the Cuban People

How the Ohio State Diversity Police are Responding to the Islamic Terror Attack

Black Columbia Professor Has Advice for SJW Students

BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Tells Trump NO!

BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Out?

The Surprising Group that Helped Trump Defeat Crooked Hillary

What Did the Liberal Loons in the Media Think of Castro? (VIDEO)

Why Democrats Can't Win

REPORT: Government Steals From Citizens to Give to Illegals

The Man Who Could Stop Romney From Being Secretary of State

Dem Senator Admits Major Failure that Helps Trump (VIDEO)

Dems Double Down on Stupid

Barack Obama On Why Trump Won

Lamestream Media Proves How Out of Touch With Ordinary Americans They Are

REPORT: Future DNC Chairs Terrible Terror Connections

BREAKING: Trump Already Saves 1,000 Jobs

Trump Just Left His Critics in Shock

Dopey College Students Asked "Castro or Trump?" Here's How They Responded

Stunning Report Reveals How Broken Our Immigration System Really Is

He's Leaving Soon. Here's What Black Voters Think of Obama's Legacy (VIDEO)

American Military Vet DESTROYS Castro Loving Liberal Leader(VIDEO)

The Real Reason Why Hillary Wants a Recall

Trump Fan Proclaims His Support On Flight, Here's What Happened To Him [VIDEO]

Trump Adds Top Obamacare Foe to Cabinet

REPORT: Will Republicans Use a Dem Trick to Destroy Obamacare?

BREAKING: Ohio State Suspects Posted This Before Violent Outburst

Conservative Favorite to Meet with Trump for Top Post

Was the Ohio State Attack an Act of Terror?

Could Trump Put This Disgraceful Liberal Organization in the Poorhouse?

Cuban Senators Slam Embarrassing Obama

BREAKING: Mass Murder Attempt at American University

BREAKING: Obama Throws Crooked Hillary Under the Bus

This Top Democrat Has a Radical Racist Past

BREAKING: Liberals Attack Critical Voters

Will Trump Free Cuba?

Why Crooked Hillary Conceded on Election Night

DISGRACE: Lamestream Media Slanders Principled Advocate for Liberty

Liberal Host Sums Up the Problem with the DNC

World Leader Issues Dopey Statement on Castro...

BREAKING: Desperate Hillary Still Trying to be President

Trump Campaign Manager Has The Last Laugh

Will Trump Give This Top Conservative a Major Cabinet Position?

Trump Responds to Castro's Death

REPORT: Trump Might Pick This Top Conservative for a Senior Position

BREAKING: Longtime American Foe Dead at 90

Retired Military Officer DESTROYS Barack Obama (VIDEO)

REPORTS: Wild Mob Violence Mars Black Friday

Trump Taps Reagan Official for His Team

Black Friday Madness Engulfs Big Box Store (VIDEO)

The Crazy Way This Nation is Arming Terrorists

Black Lives Matter's Racist War on Business

A Thanksgiving Message From President Elect Trump (VIDEO)

A Thanksgiving Blessing From America's Greatest President(VIDEO)

A Brief History of Presidents and Turkeys

Sanders Supporter Begs Liberals: "Stop Lying About Trump!"

Trump Makes Another Cabinet Pick

Should Trump Eliminate This Partisan Agency?

Terror State Threatens America

Why We Need the Wall

REPORT: Massive Border Security Fraud Could Endanger All Americans

BREAKING: Clinton to Challenge Election Results?

BREAKING: Trump Makes Another Cabinet Pick

Is This Democrat With Trump?

BREAKING: Will Crooked Hillary Be Prosecuted?

This is America's Toughest Cop, and He's Running for Congress (VIDEO)

Will This Top Trump Adviser Get a Cabinet Position?

Fox Host Destroys Anti-Flag College Clown

Will A Frozen Turkey Stop A .50 Caliber Bullet? [VIDEO]

Why the Lamestream Media is Ignoring These Hate Crimes

BREAKING: Obama Sues Law Enforcement on Behalf of Illegals

Trump Ambushes the Lamestream Media

BREAKING: Islamic Radical Arrested for Plotting Massive Terror Attack on US Soil

Does This Image Offend You? It Offended These College Admins

He Shamed a Top Republican, But Now the Truth is Out About Him

Classy Mike Pence Responds to Hamilton Cast

Why Senate Democrats Can't Stop the Trump Train

REPORT: Muslim Brotherhood Group Tied to Top Dem

REPORT: Agents Told to Ignore Major Drug Trafficking Border Point

REPORT: Is the Clinton Cash Cow Out of Milk?

BREAKING: How Liberal Loons Disrespected the Family of a Fallen Soldier

Conservative Icon Slams the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Police Officer Gunned Down

SNL Destroys Sad Liberals (VIDEO)

NPR Gets Burned By Conservative Guest. Here's Their Reaction

Liberal Icon Warns Dems

After Attacking "Fake" Conservative News, Liberal Media Did This

Liberals Call Him Racist. Why They're Dead Wrong

Will Trump Add This "Mad Dog" to His Cabinet?

Broadway Bashes Pence

Another Death Tied to Bill and Hillary?

BREAKING: Teen Trump Supporter Ruthlessly Beaten

BREAKING: Reporter Fired for Trump Support

Republicans for Pelosi?

Illegal Invasion Ramps Up

Big Internet Blocks Conservative Sites

Obama Pushes Last Minute Bailout

Liberal Loon Alert: College Professor Loses it Over Election, Dragged to Psych Ward

Jessie Jackson Begs Obama: Take Radical Action Before Trump Gets Elected! (VIDEO)

Trump Announces Major Cabinet Pick

REPORT: Bill Turns on Crooked Hillary

The Romney Trump Saga Continues

How Anti Trump Protesters Cost a Man His Life

REPORT: Obamacare is a Total Failure

Would This Senator Be a Fit for the Supreme Court?

Trump Announces His Plan to Drain the Swamp

Trump Campaign Manager Has a Message for PC College Kids (VIDEO)

Liberal Loon Reacts to Trump Supporter Being Beaten By Mob (VIDEO)

What Happened When This Man Wore His "Make America Great Again" Hat on the Subway?

BREAKING: Hillary Not Off the Hook Yet

Fox Host Destroys Obamacare Architect

Could This Major Find Make America Totally Energy Independent?

The NRA Has a Post Election Message for Voters

Pence Drains the Swamp

BREAKING: New DNC Chair's Radical Race History

Exposed: Muslim Student Lies About Trump Hate Crime

Did Hillary Hit the Bottle Hard on Election Night?

Reagan Speechwriter Has Sage Advice for Trump GOP Critics

BREAKING: Top Trump Supporter Turns Down Cabinet Position

Trump Campaign Manager Shuts Down Protesters (VIDEO)

Top Choice to Become DNC Chair a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

Deplorable Liberal Animals Show Their True Colors

BREAKING: Why Trump Protesters Are Full of Crap

Disgraceful Bureaucrats Do The Most Un-American Thing Imaginable

Radical Black Muslim to Take Over DNC?

Legendary Journalist Passes On

This Polling Expert Made a Disgusting Bet on Trump-Clinton. Here's What Happened When He Lost

BREAKING: Lamestream Media Caught Censoring Trump

Why This Muslim Woman Voted For Trump (VIDEO)

Why Trump Won, Explained (NSFW VIDEO)

Was This Crooked Hillary's Fatal Mistake?

Whiny Democrats Unveil New Strategy to Win Elections

BREAKING: Why Trump Dumped His Top Lieutenant

Trump Lays Out Immigration Plan

This Man Has a Message For Left Wing Trump Protesters (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Trump Picks Chief of Staff

Trump Takes on Lamestream Media

Seven People Trump's AG Needs to Send Directly to Jail

James Clapper

Al Sharpton

Lois Lerner

John Koskinen

Cheryl Mills

Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton(and possibly Bill and Chelsea)

Loony Liberal Mayor Promises to Defy Trump

Dem Senator Slams Reid

BREAKING: Trump Election Spikes Illegal Invasion

They Laughed at Trump. Who's Laughing Now? (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Violence Breaks Out at Trump Protest

These Voters Put Trump Over the Top

Will Trump Repeal Obamacare?

Guess Who Crooked Hillary's Blaming for Her Devastating Loss?

BREAKING: Trump Assassination Threats Explode

America's Enemies Rush to Arm Before Trump

CEO Threatens Workers Who Supported Trump

How This Veteran is Helping His Brothers in Arms

Today, We Honor Our Veterans

Liberal Pundit Has a Message for the Trump Protesters (VIDEO)

Flashback: What Did the Lamestream Media Think of Trump's Chances (VIDEO)

Never Trump Governor Backs Down

Liberals Told Us Trump Would Incite Violence. Does This Look Like Trump? (VIDEO)

Loony Liberal Protesters Respond to Trump Victory

BREAKING: Clinton Supporters Attack Trump Supporter (VIDEO)

Liberal Social Justice Warriors Are Losing Their Minds

VIDEO: How Air Trump Was Saluted On Its Way to the White House

Top Trump Aide on How the Donald Changed the GOP

Why Feminists Should Be Celebrating a Trump Victory

Will Crooked Hillary Lose Her Cash Cow?

Will This State Secede From the Union?

Will Obama Bail Out Crooked Hillary One Last Time?

This State Stood Up for the Second Amendment

These Trump Numbers Will Shock You

Did This Ad Swing the Election?

Was This The Moment Trump Decided to Run? (VIDEO)

Trump's Victory Speech (VIDEO)

Crooked Hillary Lost, and That's Not All...


BANG IT HERE For Election News As it Happens...

ANOTHER Dem Deception at the Polls

BREAKING: Machine Won't Let Woman Vote Trump (VIDEO)

Male Hillary Supporter Attacks Female Trump Supporter

AMAZING! Woman Voter Totally Destroys Lamestream Media Narrative (VIDEO)

Voters in Key Swing State Report Machines Switching Votes

Does Turnout Give Trump the Edge in this Blue Collar State?

Ivanka's Message to Voters

What Do Exit Polled Voters Want in a Leader?

Election 2016: Mike Pence Offers His Final Message to Voters Before Election(VIDEO)

Is George Soros Trying To Prevent Trump From Voting?

What the First 100 Days of a Trump Presidency Might Look Like

Election Day: Who's Winning?

Keystone Kops Bust Single Mom for Dinner With Friends

How Key Clinton Ally Plans to Hand Her a Key Swing State

Here We Go Again! Dem Dirty Deeds at Polling Place in Key Swing State

BREAKING: Wacky Fake Conservative Slams Trump, Praises Obama

The GOP Plan if Hillary Wins

BREAKING: Trump Staffer Assaulted by Campus Radicals

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BREAKING: Trump Takes Lead in Major State

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Donald Trump Has a New Plan of Attack, and The Clintons Aren't Going to Like It

SHOCKING VIDEO: Trump Supporter Attacked and Beaten

This One State Could Flip the Entire Presidential Election

Loony Liberal Mayor Stands Up for Radical Islam

Runaway Train Crashes on this Major Transit Line

REVEALED: Hillary's Secret Debate Communications System

FBI Chief Makes INSANE Statement During Testimony

Congress Strikes Major Blow at Obama

Who is Alicia Machado? The Truth

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Top Dem Pushes Loony Trump Conspiracy

Why Trump Held Back Against Feeble Hillary

This Country is Taking Action Against Islam

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VIDEO: Trump Turns on Tough Question to Destroy Crooked Hillary

Top Liberal: Trump Won

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Baseball Star Killed in Tragic Accident

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BREAKING: The Truth About the Washington Mall Shooter

Trump Invited a Guest to the Debate. Crooked Hillary's Not Gonna Like It...

Obama Chooses Islamic Radicals Over Americans Again

VIDEO: These Burglars Got More Than they Bargained For

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VIDEO: TRIGGERED: College Students LOSE it over 'Safe Spaces'

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White People Being Mercilessly Beaten by Black Lives Matter

Hillary whines: “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” Trump’s response was priceless.

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VIDEO: Muslims in this American City Prefer Sharia

Fed Up Judge Calls Out Crooked Hillary

In Wake of Another Shooting, This City is Burning

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Fox News Darling Moves to Produce Campaign Comedy

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