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Benghazi Hero Destroys Brennan, Fellow Deep State Drones

LISTEN: Dem Explains Why Young Girls Should Get Abortions Without Parents' Consent

Dem Rising Star Opposes Bill Cutting Insurance Payouts to Terrorists

Embattled Congressman Addresses Shocking Allegations

Presidential Candidate Returns, Launches Historic Senate Race

First They Outlawed Knives, Now London Wants to Ban THIS

Facebook Bans Famous Conservative Politician

Double Amputee Marine Hero Gives Anti-American Dem Powerful Lesson

Liberal Comedian Roasts Disgraced FBI Agent Over Online Charity Drive

Anti-Gun Chicago Bloodbath Continues

Trump Eviscerates Deep State Hack

[VIDEO] Hero Cop Saves Suicidal Man

Too Big to Fail Banks Lose THIS MUCH Over Gun Control Restrictions

Dem Sorry For Blatant Racism

Islamists' New Mexico Compound Mysteriously Destroyed

Court Deals Devastating Blow to Trump – One Legal Group Fights Back

SEAL Who Shot Osama Fires Back After Obama Hack Uses 9/11 to Attack Trump

Thousands Petition Asking to Free Cop Wrongfully Convicted By Vengeful Feminist

Liberal Couple Believes 'Evil is a Make-Believe Concept' Ride Bikes Across Middle East. ISIS Had Other Plans.

WATCH: World Premiere Movie Trailer For Serial-Killer Abortionist 'Gosnell'

Whistleblower Makes Shocking IRS Claims

Omarosa Might Not See a Single Penny From Her Book Sales

ISIS Killer Arrested in California

Will Alex Jones Survive FCC Battle?

The Real Reason Trump Pulled Brennan's Security Clearance

China's Secret Plan For World Domination Revealed

Fox News Slams Trump Staffer in Fiery Interview

Unprecedented Sex Abuse Cover-Up Latest in Catholic Church Crisis

CNN: Criticism of Anti-Liberal Islamists 'Domestic Terror'

Possible Carcinogen Found in Children's Breakfast Foods

New Bin Laden Threat Emerges

San Francisco Creates 'Poop Patrol' to Combat Human Waste

Omarosa's Clinton White House Firing Shows How Bad She Is

Teen Gives Trump-Hating Principal Lesson in Free Speech

Evidence: 'Infamous' Trump Tower Meeting Set Up By Hillary Operatives

4 Clinton Scandals You Haven't Heard About

1.) Revealing Their True Colors About the Less Fortunate

2.) Looting Haiti

3.) Chelsea's Plagiarism?

4.) Danney Williams

Giuliani Exposes Who's Behind the Mueller Witch-Hunt

7 Problems Facing California Bigger Than Plastic Straws

1.) Human Feces

2.) Hypodermic Needles

3.) Debt

4.) Wildfires

5.) Homelessness

6.) One-Party Rule

7.) Hollywood's Sexual Abuse

Islamic Extremists Granted Bail in New Mexico Case

Mike Huckabee Reveals Secret That Always Silences Liberal Critics

Fmr Federal Prosecutor Warns Omarosa – Get a Lawyer

Shockingly High Percent of Democrats Back Secession

Did Mueller and Comey Net Millions Through Cronyism?

9/11's Deadly Effect 17 Years Later

Antifa Thugs Admit What They'd Do to Trump. Their Answers Will Horrify You.

Police 'Slapped in the Face' By Fauxcahontas Respond

Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Keith Ellison Of...

Joy Behar's Past EXPOSED

Elizabeth Warren Called Out For Racism to Her Face

WashPo Fact Checks Socialist Darling and It's Not Pretty

Astronaut's Alien Encounter?

Could Obama Be Indicted For Election Meddling?

Video Shows Heart-Stopping Moment Cops Narrowly Avoid Death

NAACP Cries Racism After Own Poll Reveals Trump Surge

Trump DOJ Slams Sanctuary City For Giving Child Rapist 'Free Pass'

Footage Shows Democrat's Jaw-Dropping DUI Arrest

China Sends U.S. Navy Stark Warning

Linda Sarsour's Mentor's Terrorist Ties REVEALED

Kanye Slams Kimmel Over Backwards Idea About African-Americans

BREAKING: Tea Party Gets Big Win Over IRS Years Later

Democratic Party Elder Accused of Intimidation and Abuse

Dem Politician ARRESTED For Murdering Campaign Staffer

Heartbreaking Video Captures Last Stand of Sergeant Set to Receive Medal of Honor

18.) Stacey Dash

17.) Sarah Palin

16.) Nikki Haley

15.) Jennifer Carroll

14.) Joni Ernst

13.) Elise Stefanik

12.) Lynn Jenkins

11.) Rebecca Kleefisch

10.) Evelyn Sanguinetti

9.) Maria Elvira Salazar

8.) Kimberlin Brown

7.) Beth Lindstrom

Dem Pleads Guilty to Bankrupting Inner-City Schools

Liberal Extremist Arrested For Sending Death Threats to ICE Agents

BREAKING: Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News

School Drops Pledge of Allegiance, Tells Students Do This Instead

Secret Recordings Reveal Why Congress Hasn't Moved to Impeach Rosenstein

Conservative Hero Doubles Down on Trump in GOP Primary

Democrat Shoots Opponent After Facebook Argument

NRA Shirt Gets Student Kicked Out of Class

Mueller's 'Star Witness' Falls Apart During Cross-Examination

University Proves Campus Carry Makes School Safer

Islamic Extremist Trained Children to Become School Shooters

Police Catch Illegal Immigrant Rapist. You Won't Believe His Cover.

Social Media Bans Alex Jones... But Not Louis Farrakhan?!


Here's How the DOJ Secretly Helped Dems in the Russia Collusion Case

Every Candidate Endorsed By Dem's Socialist Darling LOSES

Left-Wing Media Reveals Staggering Price Tag for Democratic Socialism

7 Heroes to Remember on Purple Heart Day

1.) Bob Dole

2.) Calvin Graham

3.) John F. Kennedy

4.) Charles Bronson

5.) Colin Powell

​6.) Oliver Stone

7.) Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.

BONUS: Sergeant Stubby

Guess How Much of the Clinton Foundation's Budget Went to Charity

The 13 Craziest CNN Controversies

1.) Honoring Hezbollah

2.) Semi-Automatic Weapon SNAFU

3.) Compromised Host

4.) The Clinton News Network (Fo' Real)

5.) Rape Survivor Booed

6.) Despicable School Shooting Lie

7.) One Very Incriminating Photo

8.) Jumping the Scaramucci Shark

9.) Disparaging Margaret Thatcher's Memory

10.) Operation Tailwind

11.) Rampaging Combat Vets?

12.) Ridiculing Bristol Palin

13.) Selectively Edited Headlines

Frustrated Fox News Correspondent Resigns

You'll Never Guess Who CNN Compared Its Reporters To

MS-13 Killer Begs Judge For Better Conditions in Jail

Super Dad Confronts Naked Perv. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

Silicon Valley's Liberal Bias Goes Deeper Than Thought

See the Message That Led to the Rescue of 11 Children Held By Muslim Extremists

Hillary Clinton State Dept. Official Guilty of Mass Producing Child Porn

'Anne Frank' Holocaust Drama Recast With Illegal Immigrants Hiding From ICE

Fox Host Lashes Out at Trump Official

Fmr Chair of Senate Intel Committee Employed Communist Spy

Shocking Footage Captures Antifa Ambush

Armed Citizen Stops Mass Shooting, Proves Gun Grabbers Wrong

The NRA Admits It's in Dire Straights

CNN Still Pushing Despicable Trump Lie

The Ridiculous Justification Behind California's Straw Ban

Putin Didn't Cost Hillary My Vote. She Did.

Illegal Immigrant Pedophile Cost Taxpayers THIS Much

Fmr Fox News Star Plans Nationwide Bus Tour

Lib Judge Frees Ex-Con, What Happened Next was Tragic!

New York Times' Racist Also Hates Cops, Men

Wrestling Champ-Turned-Republican Piledrives Dem

Judge Loses Patience With Mueller's Shenanigans

Punk Threatens Armed Woman's Children, Loses Big Time

CNN Claims Correspondent's Life was in Jeopardy at Trump Rally

Dem's Socialist Darling's Capitalist Past

Justice Department-Comey Email Cover-Up?

Suspected Bush Doctor Assassin's 'Hit List' Revealed?

The Top 6 Liberal Hoaxes, Rumors, and Conspiracy Theories

Crack in the Hood, Courtesy of the CIA

'No Tip for Terrorists' – JK

Russia, Russia, Russia

The Patriarchy

Big Oil

Church on Fire

Fox News-Seth Rich Lawsuit Decided

New York Times Refuses to Fire Hate-Filled Racist

Massachusetts Madwoman Rams Pro-Trump Car

BREAKING: Active Shooter Loose on Air Force Base

Antifa Advises 'Activists' to Bring Guns to Riot

Trump's Touching Surprise For Limbaugh's Big Anniversary

Leading Dem Promises to Prosecute ICE

Abortion Pill Fast-Tracked By Bill Clinton Creates Healthcare Crisis

Fox News Duo Tag Teams to Destroy Obama Supporter

The 5 Most Ridiculous Ways Government Wastes Your Money

1.) Pentagon Birdwatching

2.) National Science Foundation Studies "Media Polarization"

3.) Feds Pay Govt. Workers To Go On Vacation

4.) Doggie Hamlet

5.) Five Figures to Find Out Why Bugs Fly Towards Lightbulbs

BONUS: Solar Powered Beer

Non-Citizens Increasingly Found on Voter Rolls

Socialist President Admits Economy Has Failed

Democratic Governor Absconds to Italy

Police Warn Against Dangerous Millennial Craze

Twitter OKs Trump-Hating Candidate's Vile Attack on First Lady

Trump Supporters Score Victory Against Liberal Mob, Police Enablers

Former Presidential Candidate Mulls Senate Bid

This Former Liberal is the Democratic Party's Worst Nightmare. See Why.

Police Officer Dies After Being Shot By Illegal Immigrant

ICE Accuses Leading Dem of Fomenting Hate Against Agency

Presidential Hopeful Looks Confused Ordering Pastries

Footage of Senior Obama Official Taking Photos Up Women's Skirts Released

Libs Let Homeless Person Move in, Then Something Goes Horribly Wrong

DA Declines to File Charges Against Dem Donor in Male Escort's Overdose

Illegal Immigrants Sue DHS in Massive Court Filing

15 Illegal Immigration Stories the Left Doesn't Want You to See

1. Decapitated 13-Year-Old, No Media Coverage

2. Remorseless Manslaughter

3. Park Ranger Kristopher William Eggle

4. All For a Pack of Cigarettes

5. A Gang Problem

6. Through the Floor Boards

7. A Life Destroyed

8. Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Threatens Whole Bus

9. NFL Star Slaughtered

10. Smirking Cop Killer

11. The Murder of Kate Steinle

12. 11 Time Deportee Gets a Chainsaw?!

13. Your 'Undocumented' Lyft Driver

14. Another Obama Fail

15. Left For Dead

Dem Accuses Opponent of Liking Bigfoot Erotica

Maxine Water's Horrifying Proposal if Democrats Retake Congress

Twitter's Censorship Problem Gets Worse – Here's What Conservatives Should Know

Polls Have Potentially Apocalyptic News For Trump

Worms Frozen For 42,000 Years Alive and Well, Say Scientists

Colombian Cartel Puts $70K Hit on Cocaine-Busting Police Canine

GOP Rep's Family Threatened in Vile Attack

Major American City Shuns Trump's Deportation Squad

Bill Clinton Heckled... By Prostitutes?

Democrats Introduce Legislation to Criminalize Lying

Alex Jones Hit With Devastating Blow

Major Airline to Give Free Flights to Illegal Immigrants

Roseanne Reveals to Hannity What She Truly Thinks of Valerie Jarrett

Mainstream Media Titan Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Search For Missing Student Gets Desperate

Joe Biden's Niece Avoids Jail Time in Sweetheart Deal

[VIDEO] Liberal Parents Embrace Gender-Neutral 'Theybies'

Anti-Trump Resistance Leader Arrested After Repeated Contact With Minors

Monica Lewinsky Reacts to National Intern Day

Illegal Immigrant Evades ICE Before Shooting Cop in Head

Dem Candidate Criticizes Ruling Protecting Sexually Abused Children

WATCH: McDonald's Employee Batters Customer in Epic Fast Food Fight

Grand Jury Bringing In Trump Org Official to Testify

BREAKING: Obama Funded Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Trump Vows Investigation of Twitter 'Shadow Banning' Prominent Republicans

Maxine Waters Claims Providence Brought Her to Earth to Stop Trump

[VIDEO] Hero Cop Saves Civilian From Oncoming Train

Fmr Fox Star Threatens Liberal Media Outlet With Lawsuit

Non-Citizen Pleads Guilty to U.S. Terror Plot

Liberal Court Delivers Decisive Victory For Second Amendment

Leading Democrat Declares Millions of Americans 'Complicit in Evil.' Here's Why.

Anti-Trump Celebrity Gets Sued

Elizabeth Warren's Terrible Idea

Mexican President Delivers Surprising Letter to Trump

President Trump's Touching Response to WWII Veteran's Poignant Request

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Brutally Beaten

Did David Hogg Openly Threaten Trump on Twitter?

Senior Democrat Confronts Crony Capitalism Charges

Stormy Daniel's Husband Seeks Divorce, Files Lawsuit

Here's Steve Bannon's New Mission

Hollywood Unleashed: The 7 Worst Threats Against Trump

2020 Contender Pardons Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Leading Dem Reveals Party's Radical Agenda Should They Take Back Congress

Alleged Russian Agent Met With Senior Obama Officials

Top Dem Reveals Presidential Aspirations

Obama Foundation Chairman Faces Federal Investigation

Israel Condemns CNN For Blatant Bias

Republican Lawmaker Exposes Himself, Faces Calls For Resignation

Liberal Comedian Offends Fans After Racially Charged Video Resurfaces

Fox News Confirms Host's IMMEDIATE Departure

Outraged Atheists Intimidate Pious Citizens Into Silence

Austrian Politician's HORRIBLE Idea For Jews

Trump's Deportation Squad Scores Big Win in Sanctuary City

[VIDEO] Maxine Waters Supporters Make Her Seem Sane

Hot Mic Catches What One Grateful Marine Whispered to Trump

McConnell Issues Supreme Court Ultimatum

Dem Rep Accused of Shocking Sex Coverup

Benghazi Survivor DESTROYS Hillary in Single Tweet

Disney Director EXPOSED After Attacking Conservatives

POLL Has DEVASTATING Numbers For Deep State, Liberals

Hillary's Worst Enemy to Be Handed Over to Authorities?

RINO Attacks Trump Aide's Children With SICK Fantasy Involving Pedophile

Complaint Brings More Trouble For Crooked Hillary and Company

1. Backing the Wrong Substitute Teacher

3. Sickening New Lows

4. Police Union Boss Rolls the Dice

5. No More Federal Oversight

New Mueller Evidence Repeatedly Links to Bernie Sanders' Chief Strategist

DNC Leader Vows to Ban Books

Just When You Thought It Can't Get Worse, Dems Propose Dumbest Idea Yet

Feces Infested Liberal City Spends THIS MUCH Per Homeless Person

BOMBSHELL: See What Else Reportedly Went on While Obama was in Power

Top Dem Mulls Criminal Case Against Trump Foundation

Meet the Lone Republican Who Refused to Support ICE

Ominous Signs Near Yellowstone 'Supervolcano' Spark Fears

Ex-CIA Chief Publicly Encourages Treachery Against Trump

Anti-Trump Celeb Deletes Sickening Tweet About Dogs. We Can See Why.

Comey Meddles in Midterms

Liberal Comedian EXPOSED in Disastrous Gun Store Prank

Rand Paul Drops the Mother of All Truth Bombs on Crooked Hillary

[VIDEO] Trump's Deportation Squad Uses New Technique to Drive Protestors Insane

Obama's Latest Idea is Even Crazier Than Usual

First U.S. City Registers Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Putin's Bombshell Claim About Hillary

Sheriff Joe's Unusual Idea to End Border Crisis

2. Union Embezzlement? *SHOCKER*

The 5 Biggest Union Disasters in Modern America

Conservative Radio Host Vows to Never Support Trump Again

Liberals Turn Their Guns on Leading Leftist

Dems 'Abolish ICE' Scheme Hilariously Backfires

Fox News Scores Another Win

Conservative Censored For Speaking THE TRUTH About Planned Parenthood

WATCH: Fox & Friends Turns on Trump?

Will This SHOCKING Development End Pelosi's Career

Soros' Secretive Plot to Stop Trump

MUST-SEE: The Dumbest Thing the Mainstream Media Has Ever Said About Guns

Ex-CNN Host Crushes Clintons

New Poll Reveals Even FBI Agents Think This of the Bureau

What's McCain Trying to Sabotage This Time?!

Is This Trump-Hating Puerto Rico Mayor Heading to Prison?

Mike Rowe Crushes Leftist Critics of His New Christian Network Show

​Dem Claims Deep State Hack Deserves Purple Heart, Apologizes After Wounded Vet SHREDS Him

Red State Dems Resist Liberal Plot

The 12 Worst Cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome

1. Kathy Griffin

2. Madonna

3. Peter Strozk & Lisa Page

4. Rachael Maddow

5. Bill de Blasio

6. Kino Jimenez

7. Maxine Waters

8. Joe & Mika

9. Michael Moore

10. Andrew Cuomo

11. Jimmy Kimmel

12. Hillary 'Will Run Again' Clinton

Trump Ally Dead Man Walking?

[VIDEO] Steven Crowder Confronts Lib Who Violently Threatened Him. What Happens Next is Insane.

ICE Removes Brazilian Man Wanted For Murder

Comedian Plays Trick on Sarah Palin That Could Land Him in Trouble

Gohmert Reveals FBI Ignored Clinton Hacking Bombshell

Here's What the Media Isn't Telling You About the Mueller Indictments

California Gets Sued

Starbucks' Eco-Warrior Push Backfires BIG TIME

Dem Double Murderer Primaries Top Senator

Trump Dismantles CNN in Six Words [VIDEO]

Louie Gohmert Roasts Dirty FBI Agent

Stormy and Maxine Have Very Bad Days

8 Fiery Highlights From Trump-Hating FBI Agent's Hearing

WATCH: Star's Sickening Trump Prank

[VIDEO] Dem Privately Admits to Something That'll Cost Her Election

Why President Trump's Germany NATO Slam is Spot On

Movie Star Crushes Hillary in Best Tweet Ever

Weinstein Accuser, Fox Star Demoted For Speaking Out

University Flies Defaced American Flag on Purpose

Border Patrol Says Socialist Dem BROKE THE LAW

Thug Enters Gun Owner's Home, Threatens Everyone – Huge Mistake

Trump-Hating FBI Lawyer Tells Congress What They Can Do With Their Subpoena

Green Berets Gut ISIS Stronghold

Judge Slaps Trump Admin., Defends California's Insubordination

Mexico's Surprising Plan for Illegal Immigration

Feminist CEO Goes Scorched Earth After World Learns Horrifying Secret

1.) Catholic-Bashing CNN

2.) Islamophobic Movie Star

Top 7 Craziest Reactions to Trump's Supreme Court Pick

3.) Michael Moore. Enough Said.

4.) Socialist Darling's Conspiracy Theory

5.) Women's March Jumps the Gun

6.) Clinton Crony Fail

7.) Hollywood Resistance Freakout

BONUS: Libs Threaten Fox Host

Islamist Foothold Discovered Here in America

Pelosi's Mental Lapse Causes Major Concern

Miracle in Thailand

BAD NEWS For Trump-Hating FBI Agent

Illegal Immigrant Walks Free After Appalling Crime

England Loses Its Mind in the Name of Equality

Major City Mulls Giving Non-Citizens Sacred Right

Woman Who Accused Liberal Hero of Sexual Misconduct Breaks Silence

Clintons Keep Distance From 'Deplorables' in Sickening Stunt

TV Host Thanks God For Abortions

Hillary's New Plot?!

Jim Jordan Fights Back Against Allegations

1. Homeless Woman Attacked For Being A Trump Supporter

2. Boycott Oscars Protester Attacked, Police On Scene

3. Antifa Goon Smashes Bystander Over Head With Bike Lock, Serious Damage

4. LGBT Trump Supporter Attacked in 'Tolerant' Hollywood

17 Reasons Why the Dems' Nazi Analogies are INSANE

1.) Mass Murder of Polish Civilians

2.) Mass Killing of Soviet POWs

3.) Night and Fog Decree

4.) Lidice Massacre

5.) Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre

6.) Malmedy Massacre

7.) Gardelegen Massacre

8.) The Intentional Destruction of Culturally Significant Sites

9.) The Commando Order

10.) Babi Yar

11.) Odessa Massacre

12.) Rumbula Massacre

13.) Wola Massacre

14.) The Planned Destruction of Warsaw

15.) The Holocaust

16.) Total War Against the Slavic Population on the Eastern Front

17.) The Second World War

Thanks to Trump, THIS Issue Has Become Most Important

Actual Nazis Use Popular Video Games to Recruit Kids

Faux-Conservative Shows How He Really Feels About Trump Supporters

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: UN Security Channels Their Inner-Teamsters

McConnell Roasts Schumer With SAVAGE Supreme Court Burn

Fox Host's Patriotic Rendition of National Anthem Will Move You to Tears [VIDEO]

Fox News Show Has Best Month Ever

[VIDEO] Antifa Clashes With Right-Wing Group in Fierce Battle

5. A Stolen Hat and a 'Spilt' Drink

5 Violent Liberals CAUGHT ON CAMERA

More SHOCKING Bias Uncovered in FBI's Trump Investigation

Manafort Update: Being Treated Worse Than Gitmo Detainees?

Coming Soon? Vietnam-Style Bombings, Warns Progressive

Surprise Picture Causes Dems to Slam Socialist Darling

Former MSNBC Host's Shocking Death

CNN Regular Condones Assault on Trump-Supporting Child

Judge Stands By Decision Sure to Infuriate Liberals

Celeb Gets Wrecked For Racist Tweet Warning Illegal Immigrants About ICE

Dirty FBI Agent Threatens to Ignore Subpoena

[VIDEO] Ted Nugent's Devastating Truthbomb For the Vegan Community

Obama Cronies Threatened With Subpoena

Officer With AR-15 Knew Exactly What to Do When He Saw Girl Pinned By Giant Gator

Al Qaeda Goes Green!

Man Has THIS to Show For Losing Life Savings at Carnival

You Won't Believe What Facebook Censored Just in Time for the Fourth

Rachel Dolezal Booked Into Jail For...

Is Obama Quietly Plotting to Overthrow Trump?

David Hogg's Latest Tweet is Too Good to Be True

Lead Investigator's STUNNING Admission in Growing Dem Scandal

WATCH: Latest Trump Official Confronted in Restaurant

Man Arrested After Horrendous Threat to GOP Senator and Family

Explosion of Liberal Violence Has Most Americans Fearing THIS

Never Trump GOP Senator May Have Just Sabotaged the Supreme Court

Trump Lawyer Set to Flip?

[VIDEO] CNN Star Caught in Very Embarrassing Situation

Fox’s Murdoch Says Goodbye

BREAKING: Independence Day Terror Attack Thwarted

Is Rocket Man Pulling a Fast One on Trump?

Bombshell Buried in IG Report Blows Hole in Controversial Clinton Meeting

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Scorching 40K Acres

BIG Break in Anti-Trump Dossier Investigation!

You Won't BELIEVE How This Creep Got Justice

YOU Caused Obama's Main Regret

Jackie Kennedy Always Thought THIS Dem Ordered Her Husband's Assassination

Will the Law Catch Up to Hillary and Her Money Laundering Cronies?

Will This Exiled Trump Advisor Return as Chief of Staff?!

Call to Abolish ICE Goes Mainstream

LISTEN: Congressman Claims Rosenstein Spies on Him

Democrats Newest Star HATES Israel

Top 15 Spenders in Congress

1.) Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ)

2.) John Faso (R-NY)

3.) Dave Loebsack (D-IA)

4.) Elise Stefanik (R-NY)

5.) Daniel Donovan (R-NY)

6.) Cheri Bustos (D-IL)

7.) Darrell Issa (R-CA)

8.) Brad Schneider (D-IL)

9.) Leonard Lance (R-NJ)

10.) Chris Smith (R-NJ)

11.) Tom O'Halleran (D-AZ)

12.) Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ)

13.) Raul Ruiz (D-CA)

14.) Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ)

15.) Sanford Bishop (D-GA)

First Lady Greeted With Shocking Disrespect By Classless Protesters

Eye-Opening Poll Paints Grim Picture for Dems

Left-Leaning Netflix Investigated for Most Despicable of Crimes

Hillary Refuses to Condemn Violent Left

Top 6 Savers in Congress

1.) Justin Amash (R-MI)

2.) Thomas Massie (R-KY)

3.) Tom Garrett (R-VA)

4.) Jimmy Duncan (R-TN)

5.) Morgan Griffith (R-VA)

6.) Raúl Labrador (R-ID)

Ex-Clinton Aide Reveals the Truth About Illegal Immigration

BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired in Newsroom Massacre

WATCH: Jim Jordan Torches Deep State Operative

Socialist Darling Caught Associating With Racist, Anti-Semite

​Gowdy Gives Rosenstein Final Ultimatum on Russia Probe

Embarrassed Fox News Regular Quits, Attacks Trump

​THANK YOU Harry Reid for Getting a True Conservative Justice Confirmed

Former Fox News Prez Finalist to Become White House Comms Director

She Campaigned on Socialized Medicine and Abolishing ICE – and WON

House Mulls 'Largest Amnesty Bill in History'

GOP Congressman’s Shocking Revelation About Death Threats He Receives

[CAN'T-MISS VIDEO] New Ad Slams Dems for Unleashing Violence

Chief Justice Owns Liberals in Trump Travel Ban Case

Corporate America Ramps Up Financial Gun Control

Dead Body Found in NFL Star's Home, Cops Investigating

Waters Faces Possible Secret Service Probe

Fox Star Roasts Celeb For Fake Anti-Trump Photo

Foreign Creep Looking for Teen He Met Online Meets Armed Mom Instead

Red Cross Makes MSNBC Host Eat Dirt After Spewing Lies

Supremes Deal Win to Pro-Lifers, But Here's the Bad News

Trump Officials Urged to Get Concealed Carry Permits in Wake of New Threats

BREAKING: Comey Wants Your Guns

California Declares War on the First Amendment?

Headless Carcass Left on Front Porch of Senior Trump Official

British Comedian DESTROYS Snowflakes and it's Bloody Brilliant [VIDEO]

Conservative Hero Confirms House Speaker Run

RINO Encourages GOP Revolt Against Trump

Presidential Hopeful REFUSED to Help Disabled Vet After Illegal Immigrants Destroyed His Life

Dolly Parton's BIG Trouble

Maxine Waters Demands Liberals Step Up Attacks

[VIDEO] Glenn Beck's Year Goes From Bad to Worse

Conservative Hero Gives Insubordinate DOJ Stunning Ultimatum

WATCH OUT: Liberal State Releases Cop Killer

Did Pelosi Just Call Trump the Devil?

Liberal Canadian Leader Wants YOU in a Detention Camp

Words of Wisdom: Charles Krauthammer's 10 Most Powerful Quotes

1.) Regarding the Swamp

2.) Evolving Political Views

3.) Why Conservatism?

4.) On Obama

5.) The United Nations

6.) America's Place in the World

7.) The Fallacy of Gun Control

8.) Underestimating the Horrors of Terrorism

9.) On Obama's Failures

10.) Facing the Opposition

[VIDEO] Top Dem Calls ICE 'Terrorist Organization'

Father of Tot 'Time' Used to Manipulate Libs Speaks Out

Did McCain Collude With the Conservative-Bashing IRS?

Here's How the Mainstream Media Began Krauthammer's Obituary

Immigrant Destroys the Anti-Trump Narrative

You Won't Believe What This MSNBC 'Scholar' Said About You

More Bad News for Dirty, Lovesick FBI Agent

FLASHBACK: Pelosi's Very Awkward Comments on Immigrant Detention Centers

BREAKING Beloved Fox News Personality Dead

TV Writer Makes Horrifying Threat Against Trump Family

Dem Contender for Top Cop Promotes Violence Against Law Enforcement

Ex-RINO Dumps $80M to Buy the House for Dems

McConnell to Face GOP Primary Challenge?

Secret Service Agent Sues Clintons, Soros, Others

California School Named After Illegal Immigrant

REPORT: Liberal Canada's Immigrant Detention Centers Worse Than America's

'Commie Cadet' Sends Vulgar Message After Leaving the Army

An Immigration Attorney Grilled Obama About Border 'Baby Jails' Three Years Ago. His Response Will Surprise You.

Five Dem Scandals You Haven't Heard About Yet

5 Dem Scandals You Haven't Heard About Yet

1.) Dem Candidate's Domestic Abuse Scandal

2.) Claire McCaskill's Plane Troubles

3.) Joe Manchin, Man of the People?

4.) Dem Rising Star Compares Trump Victory to 9/11

5.) DNC Chair Enables Hackers With Foreign Ties

BONUS: Dem Candidate Union-Busts His Own Staff

Share the Photos of Obama's Immigrant Detention Centers CNN Won't Air

Trump Pulls Out of Faulty U.N. Organization

Hollywood Actor Calls for Putting Child in Rape Cage Because His Last Name is Trump

Antifa Gets Violent With ICE

Did FBI Agents Tamper With Key Evidence in Russia and Hillary Probes?

He Survived Nazi Concentration Camps. The Media Should Hear His Message About Our Detention Centers.


UNCHAINED: Gowdy SCORCHES Comey for the World to See

Top Liberal Group Calls for Brutally Murdering ICE Agents

Wikipedia Adds U.S. Immigrant Detention Centers to Concentration Camp List

Liberal 'Comedian' Calls for Uprising Against Trump's Deportation Squad

[VIDEO] Dem Candidate Puts Out Most Ridiculous Ad EVER

Mother of Man Killed By Illegal Immigrant BLASTS Dems Over Family Separation

Dem Accuses Cops of Racial Profiling, Then Changes Tune After They Reveal Bodycam Footage

WATCH: Gowdy Drops Brutally Honest Truth Bomb on the FBI

[VIDEO] Top Dem Candidate Compares Trump Victory to 9/11

Bill Clinton's 'Son' Makes Father's Day Demand

Middle East Gang Terrorizes Park... in Maine

Looming Danger Behind DACA Unveiled?

Terrified San Francisco Tourists Shocked By Apocalyptic Scene

'Shell Game' Used to Build Obama Center, Fleece Taxpayers?

Republicans Reportedly Planning Drastic Action Against Speaker Ryan

5. A Man and His Tractor

4. The great starvations of the Ukraine

3. North Korea

2. Bernie Sanders Entire Campaign

1. Closing Like a Soviet Bread Line

Communists Failing Time and Time Again!

America's Largest Association of Physicians Calls for Mass Gun Confiscation

CNN Celebrates Father's Day By Capitulating to Social Justice Warriors

Guess Which FBI Agent is Getting Subpoenaed?

Trump Tells the U.N. to Shove It Over THIS

You Won't Believe What the Judge Who Jailed Manafort Said

Migrant Drama Could Spell End for Globalist Merkel

[VIDEO] Obama Knew About Hillary's Private Server ALL ALONG

SHOCK: Justice Dept. Official Colluded With Clinton Camp to Secure Son’s Job

Why Romney is Still Wrong

REPORT: Anti-Trump FBI Agent Displayed 'Willingness' to Alter Election

MSNBC Hack Compares Trump's Immigration Policy to Hitler's Final Solution

Fox Host Strikes Bystander With Axe, Gets Sued

Democrats Seek Messaging Help From 'Hanoi Jane'

Limbaugh Outs Media on Trump-Cohen Story

Fox News Star Turns on Trump Official

Confessed Domestic Abuser Wins Dem Primary

Gubernatorial Candidate Promises to Ban Guns By Decree

Trump's Deputy AG Threatens GOP Staffers

Pimp Wins Primary

Stormy's Lawyer Blames Russia

Child Plays With Toy Gun. Bedlam ENSUES.

Liberal Journalist Declares War on Men

WATCH: Top Dem Validates Trump With Shocking Admission

REPORT: Megyn Kelly's Downward Spiral Continues

CNN's Grandstanding Newsman Interrupts Historic Summit

Terrifying Latin Gang Creates Chaos at Maryland Middle School

Obama-Era Policy Still Puts 'Diversity' Above Your Safety

Credit Card Processor Shuts Down Payments on ALL Gun Purchases

[MUST-SEE] Bill Clinton's Stunningly Tone-Deaf Comments

Dems Try to Stop Socialist from Challenging Trump

Hero Pup Saves Family in Fire

Twitter CEO Caves to Ex-CNN Hack Over Fast Food Choices

Trump Deals Devastating Blow to Obamacare

EWWWW: 57-Year-Old Deep State Operative Caught Doing THIS

[VIDEO] Ex-Obama Official Schemes to Takeover Social Media

You Can't Imagine What's Triggering Liberal Snowflakes Now

Trump Tears CNN a New One With Epic Response

U.N. Plot to Brainwash American Schoolchildren REVEALED

State Democratic Party Tried to Buy the Election for Hillary

#MeToo Ousted Liberal Gets 2nd Chance

Man Kills Gun-Toting Criminals. Now, Cops Have Charged Him With Murder

Key Evidence Goes Missing in New Dem Scandal

Commie West Point Grad Gets His Just Desserts

Anti-American New York Times Reporters Caught Red-Handed

[VIDEO] Transgender Athletes Dominate Girls State Track Meet

CNN Host Commits Suicide

Another Country Drops the Hammer on Islamic Extremists

Prominent Dem Seeks Nationwide Gun Registry

NEW Dem Scandal Explodes With Possible Plea Deal

Progressive Wins By 13 Votes, Then Does the Unthinkable in Courtroom Outburst

Him Too! Obnoxious Liberal Leader Accused of Groping Reporter

Journalist Uncovers Comey's ORIGINAL Comments on Hillary's Emails

Soros' California Coup BACKFIRES

Powerful Insider Admits FEC Biased Against Conservative Media

Dirty Fmr FBI Agent Wants Immunity?

Liberals Go Nuts Over D'Souza, Ignore This Hillary Scandal

The Unlikely Special Guest at the North Korean Summit

Bernie Sanders Goes to War With Disney

Anti-Trump Congressman Hangs It Up

California Man Pleads Guilty to Shocking ISIS-Inspired Plot

Republican Heavyweight Retires

Trump's Deportation Squad Hits the Jackpot at Landscaping Company

Failed Presidential Candidate Reboots for 2020

Trump Uprising Hits Socialist Europe

Report Details Mueller's Role in the FBI's Greatest Scandal Ever

Miss America Contest Caves to Social Justice Warriors

Comey, Obama Getting Sued?

[CAN'T-MISS] Fierce Cartel Gun Battles Erupt at U.S. Border

BREAKING: Starbucks Chairman Hints at 2020 Plans

5 Conservative Rising Stars Running for Senate

1.) Josh Hawley

2.) Nick Freitas

3.) Eric Brakey

4.) John James

5.) Austin Petersen

Supreme Court's BIG Ruling for Religious Freedom

You'll Never Guess Who Bill Clinton Kills Off in His New Novel

Bill Clinton Proves He's Still a Scumbag in STUNNING Video

SHOCK: Antifa Mob Viciously Attacks Conservatives [VIDEO]

WATCH: FBI Agent Proves It's Not the Gun, But the Person Holding It That Matters

5 Liberal Celebs Who Pulled a 'Roseanne' Without Getting Fired

1.) Bill Maher

2.) Wanda Sykes

3.) Joy Behar

4.) Jimmy Kimmel

5.) Samantha Bee

INSIDERS: Starbucks Anti-Bias Training Made Things WORSE

Chilling #MeToo Scandal ROCKS Planned Parenthood

Liberal Snowflake Convicted in Cold-Blooded Attack

Western Country Banishes Burqas

Pedophile Runs for Congress All Thanks to Clinton Pal

Crooked Hillary's Osama 'A**-Covering' Enraged Colleagues

Liberal Host Who Viciously Attacked Ivanka Caught in ANOTHER Controversy

MSNBC Host Faces Renewed Scrutiny

Google's UNIMAGINABLE Republican Party Slander

All the People Trump Freed

Joshua Holt

Sabrina De Sousa

Joshua Boyle, Caitlan Coleman and Their Three Children

UCLA Basketball Players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill

Sandy Phan-Gillis

Aya Hijazi and Her Husband, Mohamed Hassanein

Otto Warmbier

Kim Dong-Chul, Kim Hak-Song, and Kim Sang-Duk

BREAKING: Bernie's Manager Reveals His 2020 Plans

[VIDEO] Fox News Star SHREDS Sessions

Out of Touch Celebrity Launches Vicious Attack at Trump Family

Liberal Loon's Unpatriotic Stunt BACKFIRES

Benghazi Survivor SCHOOLS David Hogg With Epic Comeback

You Won't Believe What Gowdy is Saying About the FBI

4 Times the Brits Meddled With America

1.) "Neutral" During the Civil War

2.) Zimmermann Note

3.) Suez Crisis

4.) The 2004 Presidential Election

SHOCK POLL Could Spell Doom for Top Dem

Netflix's LUDICROUS Obama TV Shows Claim

MUST-SEE: Trump Lets McCain Know What He Really Thinks

Trump Kills Obama Loophole for Illegal Immigrants

Chicago Rings in Memorial Day With Killing Spree

BREAKING: Trump-Friendly Show Canceled

Twice Deported Man Suspected in Most Horrifying Crime

SHOTS FIRED: Islamic Terror Strikes Europe Again [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Congressman Calling It Quits

Will RINOs Force a Vote on Amnesty?

Trump Trolls Dems After Obama-Era Photo Goes Viral

Louis Farrakhan Issues Blood-Curdling Order

GOP Leadership Fights Off Immigration Rebellion

Memorial Day Flashback: Obama's 5 Most Pathetic Military FAILS

Trump's Memorial Day Promise

What's Crooked Hillary Hiding Now?

Race Hoaxer Rachel Dolezal May Be Going to Prison For Lying About THIS

Koch Brothers Push GOP in Surprising Direction

David Hogg Tries Extortion, Fails Miserably

See How This Obama Crony Fleeced Taxpayers

McCain's HUGE Confession on Iraq

Failed Liberal Hack Returns to ESPN

Government Loses Track Off THIS MANY Illegal Immigrant Children

More Families Sue Radio Host

Stunning Scandal Embroils Broward Coward's Son

The Last Thing This Mass Shooter Expected was an Armed Citizen


Wait... David Hogg Said Something That Actually Made Sense

The NBC Journalists With Misconduct Issues

Top Dem Suspends Campaign After Disturbing Reports

BONUS: Billy Bush

1.) Tom Brokaw

2.) Mark Halperin

3.) Chris Matthews

4.) Mike Tirico

5.) Matt Lauer

Hypocritical Hollywood Mogul With Clinton Ties Finally Indicted

[VIDEO] U.S. Troops CAUGHT Doing the Unthinkable at a Nuclear Missile Silo

Hollywood's BIGGEST STAR Accused of Sexual Misconduct

School Suspends Student for Pro-Trump Shirt. Here's His Epic Response.

FBI's Trump Informant's Claims DEBUNKED

Here's What Trump Told North Korea After Scraping Summit

Gingrich Puts Out a Major Endorsement

NFL Tackles Anthem Kneelers in One Fell Swoop

Consolation Prize: Hillary Earns a Medal

Hannity's BIG Speaker of the House Endorsement

Liberals Put the Final Nail in California's Coffin

Ron Paul OUTS Marco Rubio & Lindsey Graham

Trump Tweets Love for Fox News Star After Assault

Which A-Lister Will Star as Megyn Kelly in Scandalous Fox Movie?

'Boy' Scouts Demand Condoms for Global Gathering

Hillary's Email Horror Returns to Haunt FBI

STUNNING Revelation Puts Pressure on Top Dem to Resign

Government-Funded Daycares Linked to Terrorism

Resistance Leader Comes Under Ethical Scrutiny

School Issues Ridiculous Apology for 1776-Themed Prom Tickets

Ex-CIA Chief Fires Warning Shot at McConnell and Ryan

Clinton Confidant Blasts Mueller Probe in No Uncertain Terms

Longtime Trump Ally Prepares for the Worst

John Kerry Betrays Trump in Fiery Speech

School Honors Hamas Terrorists, Now Parents are Taking Action

You'll Never Guess What the New York Times is Saying About the Clintons

Judge SHREDS Ex-Fox News Host's Lawsuit Against Network

Glenn Beck's Change of Heart on Trump Will Leave You Speechless

CAN'T-MISS: Clint Eastwood's Latest Project

YUGE: Mueller Backs Down in Trump Probe, But is it a Trap?

CNN's Despicable Lie About School Shootings

Air Force Apologizes for Offending Liberals With This Killer Tweet

Scandal Involving Stormy's Lawyer Goes From Bad to Worse

Washington Post and MSM Outlets Have Suspicious Russia Connection

Trump Resort Shootout: 4 Facts You Need to Know

BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities Reported in School Shooting

Will the Senate Confirm This Sneaky Anti-Gun Judge?

6 Fox News Personalities Too Hot to Handle

1.) Gen. Thomas McInerney

2.) Marc Lamont Hill

3.) Lee Camp

4.) Bob Beckel

5.) Gene Simmons

6.) Bill O'Reilly

MUST-SEE: Pelosi Defends Violent Gang of Illegals

RED ALERT: Another City Passes Sweeping Gun Control

Huge Lotto Winner Gets Last Laugh on Crummy Boss

Election Night Did Not END WELL for This Progressive Official

CNN Proves Their Bias With Shocking Photo

Starbucks Is In Hot Water AGAIN

Air Force AGGRESSIVELY Upgrades Lethal Capabilities

Hero Illinois Cop Showed The Right Way To Handle A School Shooting

Liberal Congresswoman Makes Insane Claim About The NRA

BREAKING: New Chairman Taking the Reins at Fox News

Disgraced Coward Cop Gets Mind-Blowing Pension

Trump-Backed Congressman Wins Critical Primary

Conservative Student's Closing Salvo to Anti-Gun University Goes Viral

Another Day, ANOTHER Clinton Slush Fund

Resistance Leader's Slur-Laden Anti-Cop Rant CAUGHT

Is This Why Stormy's Lawyer Won't Go on Fox News?

Socialist Victory in... Pennsylvania?

Beloved Fox News Star Scores Massive Win

[VIDEO] Trump's UNCOMPROMISING Plan for Dealing With Cop Killers

Soros Foundation Dealt Crushing Blow

Progressive Corporations Slam Seattle's Big Business Tax

Investigators Take ANOTHER Look at Anti-Trump Dossier

Legendary Democrat Offers Praise for Trump

Is Bill O'Reilly Returning to Primetime?

Mainstream Media Marginalizes Terror Group

Did FBI's Secret Mission Break the Law?

Lewandowski's Surprising New Gig

BREAKING: Longtime Democratic Leader Has Cancer

RINO Sinks Constitutional Carry

Americans Face United Nations' Quiet Push for Gun Control


[VIDEO] You Won't Believe What MSNBC Said About Our Brave Veterans

Make My Mother's Day: Pistol Packing Mom Saves the Day

David Hogg's Whimsical Plan to End Violence Backfires SPECTACULARLY

Kaepernick's Hopes of Returning to the NFL Just Got Dimmer

What the $*&@: Did the FBI Have a Mole on the Trump Campaign?!

Palin Responds to McCain's Bombshell

Watch What Happens When 1 Trump Supporter Puts This City Council ON BLAST

California Launches Unprecedented Invasion of Privacy

[VIDEO] 'Expert' Says Parents Should Ask for Consent Before Doing THIS

Ex-Congressman Convicted

[VIDEO] School CAUGHT Helping Illegal Immigrants

Trump's Most Consequential Decision You HAVEN'T Heard About

[WATCH] Air Force General NUKES McCain

The Democrats New Ploy to Undermine Elections

Laura Ingraham Stands Up For Our Heroes

Libs Offended By Message to Democrats Who Want Trump Gone

Israel Decimates Iran as Tensions Mount

Antifa Leader Gets PAINFUL Life Lesson

Even This Notorious Anti-Trumper Has to Give Trump Credit

Gov. Candidate Unexpectedly Dies

Disney Drops Hammer on Christianity

[VIDEO] CNN Tears Into Hypocritical Dems Over 'Torture'

McCain Confirms Our Deepest Suspicions

COLLUSION? Mueller's Secret Source Deemed Off Limits to Congress

NRCC Chairman Walks Back Comments

Troop Deployment Nets HUGE Number of Illegal Immigrants

Big Changes Coming to Fox's Primetime Lineup?

Soros Nailed Dumping Fortune in Critical Swing State Race

Nasty Dem's Anti-Police Diatribe CAUGHT ON CAMERA

[VIDEO] 9/11 Mastermind Comes Out Against CIA Nominee

WATCH: Pelosi Hands Republicans Priceless Gift

The Democrats New Standard Bearer?

[VIDEO] Fox Host Shreds Sessions in Epic Rant

Pregnant Woman Sentenced for Defending Herself

Happy V-E Day! How Liberals Almost Cost Us the War

1.) Neville Chamberlain, Conservative in Name Only

2.) France Falls

3.) Another Kennedy on the Wrong Side of History

4.) Stalin, Liberals' Favorite Murderer

5.) FDR Puts Politics First

MORE Sickening Claims Leveled Against One of Trump's Biggest Foes

Trump Poised to Destroy Another Obama Legacy

Hillary Photo Explodes After Observers Notice Something's Off

School Mural Depicts Shocking Graphic Violence Against Trump

BACKLASH: Parkland Shooter was Referred to Obama Discipline Program

The Sanctuary Cities Liberals Will HATE

BREAKING NRA Names New President

5 Times Sarah Sanders Shredded Lefty Lies

1.) April Ryan: The Gift That Won't Stop Giving

2.) Brian Karem Sneaks a Soapbox Past the Secret Service

3.) April Ryan is Just That Ridiculous

4.) Jim Acosta's Trademark Sneer

5.) The Most Outrageous Question EVER

Shunned By Liberal Corporations, Gun Owners Get Creative

[VIDEO] Media Watchdog Creates New System to Expose Bias

Warren Buffett Warns of Grave Danger Ahead for Media

Amazing Video: Hawaiian Volcano Erupts, Thousands Flee

McCain's Palin Bombshell

Rosie O'Donnell Caught Red-Handed

[VIDEO] Nunes' SHOCKING Demand for Sessions

DHS Has Bold, New Plan for Illegal Immigrants

Tim Allen's Conservative Sitcom to Return

Murderous Kennedy Clan Member Exonerated?

Federal Judge Mops the Floor With Mueller

Fox News Getting Challenged?

7 States Sue to End Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty

WATCH: NRA Ad That Will Leave Gun Grabbers Speechless

Powerful Liberal Resigns in Disgrace

Giuliani Drops Devastating Truth Bomb on Stormy Daniels

Sinatra Pal Spills the Beans

WATCH Trump's Press Secretary Eviscerates Liberal Reporter

Senate Discouraging Qualified Trump Picks

Pelosi Makes Stunning Announcement For Next Year

YOUR Tax Dollars Fund App That Helps Illegals

Giuliani's Big Advice to Sessions About Mueller

What’s This About Mitch McConnell and Smuggled Cocaine?

Infamous Gang Puts Out Hit on Trump-Supporting Kanye

Fondlin' Franken Comes Back

Is This the Chief of Staff Trump Wants?

Student Activists Plan Another Gun Walkout – the Reason Will Surprise You

WATCH: Pocahontas Descendant Puts Warren ON BLAST

[VIDEO] Another VIP Boosts Sheriff Joe

State Passes UNCOMPROMISING Pro-Life Bill

This Cable News Network is Back on Top – Bigly

Boy Scouts Name Change Sparks Controversy

Facebook Begins Ranking News Organizations, What About Conservative Voices?

Tom Brokaw Finds Himself in Hot Water AGAIN

STUNNING: Road Rage Fight Will Leave You Speechless [VIDEO]

May Day Reminder: 4 Reasons Socialism Sucks!

1.) A Sick Joke

2.) Venezuela Can't Even Keep Toilet Paper

3.) True Communism Can't Survive

4.) Meet the New Communists, Same as the Old Communists

Sheriff Joe Notches Major Endorsement

WATCH: Lion Versus Human. Guess Who Wins?

Pelosi to Hand Power to This Political Dynasty

REPORT: Hollywood IGNORES Child Predator Threat

Trump Gets Praise From the Unlikeliest Source

[VIDEO] 23-Year-Old Gets Her First Gun. It Pays Off Big Time a Week Later.

Sen. Candidate Has Nickname for Mitch McConnell

Bush Official Commits the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL

McCain's Big Announcement

Parkland Teacher Who Attacked Pro-Gun Survivor Gets Devastating News

LISTEN: Kayne Triggers Libs in New Trump Rap

7 Reasons Why Churchill's Britain is Kaput

1.) Charlie Gard & Alfie Evans

2.) NHS, Bureaucrats of Death

3.) Rapid Secularization

4.) Their Liberals are More Obnoxious Than Ours

5.) It's a Terrorist Haven Without Drone Strikes

6.) Military Decline

7.) Freedom Fades

Hospital That Killed Baby Alfie CAUGHT Doing the Unthinkable to Countless Grieving Parents

9 Killed in School Massacre the Liberal Media Wants Nothing to Do With

White House Correspondence Dinner Host Doubles Down on Vile Sarah Sanders Jokes

OUCH: David Hogg's New Boycott Completely Failed

Doc Jailed for Helping U.S. Find Bin Laden Gets More Bad News

Former Model 'Eaten Alive' in Georgia Nursing Home Nightmare

See for Yourself How Bad Things Have Gotten in San Francisco [VIDEO]

Liberals Circle the Wagons for a Beleaguered Brokaw

GOP Plan to Cut Spending By $12 Trillion Opposed By GOP

LAPD Officer Arrested at Border in SHOCKING Crime With Illegal Aliens

BREAKING NEWS: GOP Congressman Resigns

FL Deputies Tell Broward Coward the Last Thing He Wanted to Hear

North Korea May Have Already Unleashed a Global Nuclear Disaster

BREAKING: America's Anchorman in Hot Water

[VIDEO] Obama Couldn't Beat THESE Guys

CNN Triggers Comey [VIDEO]


Here’s What Bill Clinton’s 'Alleged' Rape Victim Tweeted

Kayne Destroys Obama With DEVASTATING Truth Bomb – Backs Up – Does It Again

These Anti-Elizabeth Warren Signs Were So Savage Massachusetts Officials Censored Them

Parkland Teacher Viciously Attacks Pro-Gun Survivor

Failed Presidential Candidate Mulls Comeback

BOMBSHELL: We're NOT Done With Hillary's Emails

5 Rising Conservatives Guaranteed to Trigger College Snowflakes

1.) Ann Coulter

2.) Candace Owens

3.) Gavin McInnes

4.) Ayaan Hirsi Ali

5.) Ben Shapiro

BONUS: Laura Southern

Ex-Black Panther Head Gives Trump INSANE Ultimatum


Police May Have Solved America's Most Infamous Cold Case

WATCH This Firefighter Catch a Three-Month-Old Baby Dropped From Raging Inferno

Anti-Gun Airline Ties Woman With MS to Wheelchair

The Hillary Scandal No One's Talking About

Love-Triangle Ends in Bizarre Murder-Suicide

[VIDEO] Clinton Aide's FOUL-MOUTHED Cop Encounter

Hillary Tried Canceling Interview After Learning Reporter BROKE Weinstein Story

Penn State Bans 98-Year-Old Outing Club, Calls Going Outside Too Risky

BROWARD COWARDS: Sheriff Deputies Cowered During Parkland Massacre

Dating App That Banned Gun Pics Offers BIG TIME Support to Planned Parenthood

NRA Smashes Fundraising Record After Parkland Shooting

WUT? Facebook Claims 'Kill Trump, Hang Him, Hunt Him' Page Doesn't Violate Their Community Standards

Pakistani Mystery Man Has Docs This Dem Doesn't Want Prosecutors to See

Google Punishes Christian Publisher

Parkland Survivor Treated Like Criminal After Visiting Gun Range

CNN's Acosta Just SLANDERED Half the Country

This Insanity is What Law Enforcement Priorities Look Like in England

REAL Indian Sues City for Telling Him He Can't Call Elizabeth Warren a FAKE One

Fox News Star Shames Fleeing Advertisers

You Won't Believe How Many Illegal Immigrants Were Found in One Texas House

Dirty Cop McCabe Wants Your Money AGAIN

Why You Should Keep George H.W. Bush in Your Prayers Tonight

See How the Starbucks Manager Accused of Racism Could Become a MILLIONAIRE

5 Reasons Why Republicans Should Remain Calm About 2018

1.) Too Many Candidates

2.) The DNC is BROKE

3.) The Polls Look More Like 1998 Than 2006

4.) Trump's Bully Pulpit Matters

5.) It's the Economy, Stupid

BONUS: The DNC Lawsuit and Russia Witch Hunt

Colin Kaepernick Turns Anti-Police Rhetoric Up to 11

BREAKING: Terror Attack Rocks Toronto?

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST Gun-Control Argument You've Ever Seen

Website Promises a New Revolution in American Firearms

Country Superstar Says She Would've Supported Trump. Guess What She Does When Leftists Attack.

RED ALERT: Calls for Knife Control Jump the Atlantic

MSNBC Host's Anti-Gay Blog Posts UNCOVERED

[MUST-SEE] Tornado Roars Past Drive-Thru in Dramatic Video

BREAKING: Waffle House Massacre

Trump Just Got His First GOP Challenger in 2020

[VIDEO] Gowdy ANNIHILATES 'Weaselly' Comey

Trump Weighs Another Surprising Pardon

Seven Thugs Bust Into Home… and Right Into Homeowner’s AR-15

[VIDEO] Barbara Bush-Bashing Professor Has This to Say About YOU

5 Times Liberals Called You a Nazi

1.) Cardi B

2.) Rosie O'Donnell

3.) Cher

4.) Joy Behar

5.) Barack Obama

BONUS: Hillary Clinton

Are Clinton Donors Headed to Jail?

​Liberal Media Hatch Shameful Trump-Putin-Russian Hooker Conspiracy

Comey Memos Suggests Sinister Setup Behind Dossier Briefing

WATCH: Illinois County Declares Sanctuary for Gun Owners

BREAKING NEWS: Dirty Cop McCabe SUES Trump

Lib Gov Wants to Be Deported?

Could California Ultimately Ban Bibles?

Soros Groups Unionize. How Did the Creepy Billionaire React?

Liberal Court Appoints Prosecutor in Bid to Jail Arpaio, Overturn Trump Pardon

Walmart Launches Jihad on Christian Music