Article Index

FEC Continues to Ignore Dems Campaign Finance Violations

AOC Jumps on the Trump Impeachment Train

Sanctuary City Mayor Threatens Lawsuit to Keep Migrants Out

Fox News Announces Next Democratic Town Hall

Radical Dem Brings Terror Supporter to D.C.

Vulnerable Democrats Begin Rejecting Omar's Help

Libs Ask: What If New Notre Dame Were 'Secular'

AOC's Uncompromising Vision of the Future

Trump's Energy Secretary Plans His Exit

Fox News Star Expresses Skepticism Over Barr's Performance

Barr Embarrasses Reporter Suggesting He's Protecting Trump

Top Dem Wanting Full Mueller Report Had Different View Under Clinton

What You Need to Know About the Mueller Report's Release

1.) What We Already Know

2.) What Will It Say?

3.) What It Won’t Say

4.) When Will the Report Be Made Public?

5.) Where Can We See It?

6.) The Media’s Reaction

Paul Ryan's New Job

Trump Admin Hires Fmr Fox News Personality

Human Feces Incidents Spike in San Francisco

Media Encouraging Border Crossings, Illegal Migrants Claim

Trump AG Fixes Court Loopholes to Deter Illegal Immigration

Texts Reveal Why Prosecutor Refused to Go After Jussie Smollett

Democratic Presidential Candidate Wants All Your Guns. No, Seriously.

Omar's Response to Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Sparks Criticism

Bernie's Most Shocking Moments During Fox News Town Hall

1.) Abortion Stance Revealed

2.) Ilhan Omar

3.) Healthcare

4.) I Paid the Taxes

5.) Questions About Age

Trump Acts Decisively After 9th Circuit Ruling

Sanders' Tax Returns Put Selfishness on Full Display

Fmr Massachusetts Governor Challenging Trump in 2020

Bernie Complains as Progressives Criticize Him for Being a Millionaire

Secret Tapes Linger Over Presidential Candidate's Meteoric Rise

What Caused Devastating Notre Dame Cathedral Fire?

Obama Adviser's Book NYT Best Seller Despite Abysmal Sales

Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Immigrants While 38K Vets Remain Homeless

Wounded Warrior-Turned-Rep. Attacked for Omar Criticism

Trump Plans to Eliminate This Federal Agency

Trump Considers Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into Sanctuary Cities

Chicago Sues Jussie Smollett for Alleged Hate Hoax

Disgraced FBI Agent Could Face Serious Charges

That Time Hillary Suggested Droning WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

Teen Mag Says Nothing Wrong With Getting an Abortion

Fox News Erupts Over Omar's 9/11 Controversy

CNN Decries Law Protecting Society's Most Vulnerable

Meet the Dems Who Questioned 9/11

1.) Ilhan Omar

2.) Nancy Pelosi

3.) Rashida Tlaib

4.) Mike Gravel

Bonus.) Rosie O’Donnell

Stacey Abrams Hit With Ethics Investigation

Omar Compares US Army to Al Qaeda

Comey: 'Never Thought of' Electronic Surveillance as Spying

Dems Block Aid for Children of Fallen Vets

Scarborough Defends Omar: 'So Important for Her to Succeed'

AOC's Attack on GOP, Dan Crenshaw Over 9/11 Chock-Full of Dishonesty

Congressional Witnesses Thoroughly Humiliate Maxine Waters

Kenneth Starr Admits He Thinks Hillary Triggered Vince Foster's Suicide

Dems Registered to Vote Outside Their Districts

1.) Juan Vargas (D-CA)

2.) Maxine Waters (D-CA)

3.) Nydia Velázquez (D-NY)

4.) Lloyd Doggett (D-TX)

5.) Donald McEachin (D-VA)

6.) Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)

BONUS: Fmr Reps

Avenatti Faces New 36-Count Felony Indictment

Barr Hammered for Expressing Concerns About Possible Trump Spying

AOC Galvanizes Digital Lynch Mob to Ruin Kirstjen Nielsen's Life

GOP Trolls 'Georgia' Dem Over Residency After Election Controversy

'Sex Cult' Allegedly Employed Kirsten Gillibrand's Father

Another Aide to Sen. Hassan Allegedly Stole Personal Information

Omar's Latest Comments Spark Outrage

Candace Owens Responds After Democratic Rep's Gotcha Moment

Barr Beats Back! Highlights and Bombshells From the Barr Hearing

1.) Mueller Review

2.) Reviewing FBI Conduct

4.) Friday Night Release

3.) Stay Woke

5.) What is Redacted?

Ilhan Omar Has Awkward Take on What Happened on 9/11

FBI Docs Show Evidence of Hillary Cover-Up

Attorney General Barr Scrutinizing FBI Conduct in Russia Probe

5 Developments to Watch in Trump's Tax Return Fight

1.) Why Libs Will (Probably) Lose

2.) Who's Leading Trump's Defense

3.) How Far Will Progressives Push House Dems?

4.) Do Voters Even Care?

5.) How Long Will THIS Fight Last?

Incumbent Could've Buried Ocasio-Cortez With Dirt. He Sat On It Instead.

Twitter Savages Eric Swalwell's 2020 Campaign Slogan

Cory Booker Introduces Slavery Reparations Bill

Influential Democrat Pleads Guilty to Doxxing McConnell

Car Bomb Kills Three U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan

Fmr Fox News Host Returns to TV

Behind the Scenes of Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation

Red State Democrat Might Bail Out of the Senate in Time for 2020

Fox News Host Wonders If Trump Actually Wants to Lose in 2020

Wall Street Bets on Trump's Re-Election

Democrats Sue to Stop Trump's Wall

Trump's Warning for Migrants

The Obama Scandals the Media Wants You to Forget About

1.) AP Phone Record Scandal

2.) Benghazi

3.) Fast and Furious Scandal

4.) IRS Targeting Scandal


The 10 Most Sinful States

10.) Arizona

9.) Michigan

8.) Illinois

7.) Georgia

6.) Louisiana

5.) Tennessee

4.) Texas

3.) California

2.) Florida

1.) Nevada

Dems That Met With Farrakhan and Won’t Disavow Him

1.) Maxine Waters

2.) Andre Carson

3.) Al Green

4.) James Clyburn

REPORT: Russians Gave $35 Million to Clinton-Affiliated Company

Judge Forces Anthony Weiner to Register as Sex Offender

Why is It so Hard for Bernie to Release His Taxes?

ICE Arrests Hundreds in Decades' Largest Raid

Trump Allies Encourage Florida Republican to Run for Senate in Alabama

Jussie Smollett Heads Back to Court

Gowdy Reveals What's Next for Mueller Report

The Biden Scandal the Media Doesn't Want You to Know About

Obama Border Chief Warns: Immigration Crisis Worst in 'Modern Times'

Republicans Wake Up in Wisconsin

Top Democrat Asks Trump to Free Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Deadline for Jussie Smollett to Pay Back Police Ends Today

Things Go Downhill Quick When Tucker Asks Mexican Official Why Mexico Won't Keep Migrants

Kamala Calls on Congress to Hire Illegal Immigrants

Trump Official: Border Crisis Requires Military Response

House Democrats Want 'Oversight' on Fox's Newsroom

CNN Personalities Linked to Terror-Funding Mideast Regime

New FEC Complaint for AOC Involving Alleged 'Subsidy Scheme'

Democrats Subpoena Unredacted Mueller Report

Two More Accuse Biden

Top Republican Releases FBI Official's Private Testimony

Top 7 Joe Biden Memes

1.) A Hands-On Approach

2.) Coming Out in Packs

3.) Art of the Deal?

4.) Recent Events

5.) It's a Vampire Joke!

6.) Cat Video

7.) Biden Posters!

Ex-Fox News Editor Refuses to Comply With Democrats' Investigation

Trump Considers Immigration Czar

Hannity Claims to Have 'Extraordinarily Damning' Information About FBI Corruption

All the Liberals Defending Biden's Allegations

1.) Mika Brzezinski

2.) Stephanie Carter

3.) Van Jones

4.) Whoopi Goldberg

5.) Meghan McCain

Probe Into Biden's Strong-Arming in Ukraine Revived

Soros-Backed Fortune Tied to Steele Dossier

Ilhan Omar Under Investigation for Campaign Finance Violations

BREAKING: Second Woman Speaks Out Against Biden

REPORT: Republican Representative Repeatedly Paid Children for Sex

Intelligence Community Call for Trump Dossier Investigation

Democratic Rising Star Calls for Bipartisan Coalition WIth Trump

Reporter Claims NBC News Tried to Censor Him on Behalf of DNC

8.) Clinton Emails

Trump Legal Aide Explains the Law in Crash Course to CNN Host

7.) Gowdy Prediction

6.) Gowdy x Tucker

5.) Clinton Interview

4.) The Truth About Witnesses

3.) Michael Cohen

Longtime Red State's Red Flag Bill Moves Closer to Law

2.) FISA Investigation

1.) Schiff Resignation

Trey Gowdy's Greatest Fox News Appearances

Border Patrol Stops Prosecuting Some Illegal Immigrants in Texas

Shock: Avenatti Consulted for Defense in 'Sex Cult' Case

Smollett Prosecutor Faces Up to 20 Years If Convicted

Ocasio-Cortez Blames Plummeting Popularity on 'Far Right'

Watchdog Sues for Documents Allegedly Showing FBI-Clinton Cover-Up

BREAKING: Linda McMahon to Resign

Eric Holder to MSNBC: America was Never Great

Rush Limbaugh Explodes on Fox's Brett Baier

Obama Allegedly Tells Tlaib: 'I'm Proud of You'

5 Twists in The Left's Jihad On Chick-Fil-A

5.) Twitter CEO Fail!

4.) Boycott fail

3.) Huffington Post Takedown

2.) Rider University

1.) Airport Shutdown

This Country Just Introduced Sharia Law

Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Comey Memos

'High-Level Source': John Brennan Pushed Trump Dossier

Everything You Need to Know About Avenatti’s Possible Jail Time

1.) Co-Conspirator

2.) Extortion?

3.) What Did Nike Do?

4.) Bond

5.) Threats?

Charges Coming Soon for Obama Lawyer in Mueller Probe

Avenatti Avoided Paying Taxes for Decade, Says IRS

MSNBC Experiences Viewer Exodus After Mueller Report

Chicago Police Release Smollett Files After Prosecutor Scuttles Case

Michael Avenatti's Stunning Admission

Obama Chief of Staff Connected to Smollett Also Investigating SPLC

Obama Administration Officials Linked to Jussie Smollett Debacle

Cause of Death of Second Man Found in Political Powerbroker's Home Revealed

Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers With Terrorist Sympathizing Groups

Conservative Movement Coalesces Around Embattled Right Wing TV Hosts

Chicago Police Furious After Charges Against Smollett Dropped

Investigation Opened Into Hillary-Ukrainian Collusion

Fox News Host's Decisive Supreme Court Victory

5 Greatest Burns of Democrats Following Mueller's Bombshell

1.) Jerry Nadler Meltdown

2.) Comey v. Graham

3.) Bongino Take Down

4.) Maddow Finds Out

5.) Deny, Deny, Deny

Guess How Much Ocasio-Cortez Owes in Back Taxes on Failed Business

White House Backs Court Ruling That'd Kill Obamacare

Democratic Senator Tom Udall Announces Retirement

Celebrity Lawyer Mark Geragos Linked to Avenatti's Extortion Scheme

Maxine Waters Promises to Keep Fighting After Mueller Report

BREAKING: U.S. Attorney Charges Avenatti With Extortion

The Top 10 Least Free States

10.) New Mexico

9.) Rhode Island

8.) Delaware

7.) Oregon

6.) Maryland

5.) Vermont

4.) New Jersey

3.) California

2.) Hawaii

1.) New York

Trump Campaign Goes on Offense Post-Mueller Report

Lindsey Graham Sends Cryptic Warning to James Comey

Adam Schiff Lashes Out Over Mueller Report

FEC Complaint: Bernie Broke the Law With Illegal Immigrant Hire

What States are the Most Free?

10.) Kansas

9.) Arizona

8.) South Dakota

7.) Tennessee

6.) North Dakota

5.) Nevada

4.) Colorado

3.) Indiana

2.) New Hampshire

1.) Florida

Liberal Nonprofit Running 'Highly Profitable Scam' Staffers Say

Trump's 2020 Chances Are Better Than Polls Suggest, Per Report

Fox News Host Rushes to Trump's Defense Amid McCain Controversy

Middle Schooler Punished for Honoring Veterans

Illegal Immigrant Freed By Top Democrat Viciously Attacks ICE Agent

Marine Commandant Warns Against Troops at Border

AOC's Poll Numbers Aren't Great

Did AOC Lie About Her Test Scores?

BREAKING: Jeanine Pirro Kept Off Air for Another Week

Poll Shows AOC Can Be Beat

Joe Biden Considers Stacey Abrams for Running Mate

Top 10 AOC Memes

10.) Is This True?

9.) Alligator Feet

8.) She Moved Folks

7.) Lava Lamps

6.) America AOC

5.) Fox News Did This

4.) Is This a Real Quote?

3.) Will They Hire Her?

2.) The Sun is Cold at Night

1.) An Idiot Would

Ex-Fox News Journalist Hands Over Docs to Congress

SEAL-Turned-Congressman Leads Charge to Free Imprisoned Frogman

AOC Quietly Dismissed From PAC Amid Legal Controversy

Migrants Released After Detention Centers Reach Capacity

Democrat's House Majority Whip Compares Trump Family to Hitler

Fox News Personalities Who Got Into Hot Water

1.) Kevin Jackson

2.) Chris Farrell

3.) Gene Simmons

4.) Judge Jeanine Pirro

5.) Stacey Dash

6.) Tucker Carlson

7.) Marc Lamont Hill

8.) Eric Burns

REPORT: Hannity Mulls Leaving Fox

WATCH: CNN's Acosta Loses It After Being Ignored By Trump

Obama-Linked Lawyer Could Be First Dem Indicted By Mueller Probe

Conservative Students Catch Vandals in the Act

Pentagon Finds $12.8 Billion for Trump's Wall

These Democrats Want to Pack the Supreme Court

1.) Beto O’Rourke

2.) Kamala Harris

3.) Kirsten Gillibrand

4.) Elizabeth Warren

5.) Pete Buttigeig

Bonus) Michael Avenatti

Paul Ryan Joins Fox

Confirmed: Fox News Suspends Judge Jeanine

'It's Not Illegal': Judge Nap Reacts to Nunes' Lawsuit

Poll Shows How New Yorkers Feel About Ocasio-Cortez's Role in Amazon Deal

Ilhan Omar Hits Back at Trump After Democrats Seek Primary Challenger

Ex-White House Aide Commits Suicide

Former DNC Chair Joins Fox News

The 10 Worst Tax States

10.) Massachusetts

9.) Rhode Island

8.) Minnesota

7.) Maryland

6.) Wisconsin

5.) Illinois

4.) California

3.) New Jersey

2.) Connecticut

1.) New York

Reuters Sat on Beto O'Rourke Hacking Story Through Senate Campaign

Beto Says He Never Took LSD, Promises to Stop Swearing in Front of Kids

Failed GOP Candidate Files $12 Billion Lawsuit Against Media

CNN Commentator Calls Trump's Children 'Cockroaches'

Border Patrol Confirms Zero New Walls Have Gone Up

Poll Has Very Bad News for AOC

Meet the Companies Boycotting Tucker Carlson

1.) 23andMe


3.) Zenni Optical

4.) Voya

5.) United Explorer Card

6.) Abbvie

7.) Careerbuilder

8.) Ancestry

9.) Bowflex

10.) AstraZeneca

11.) Totes Isotoner

12.) Farmers Insurance

13.) IHOP

14.) Indeed

15.) Jaguar Land Rover

16.) Graze

17.) Credit Sesame

18.) Harris Teeter

19.) Just For Men

20.) Leesa Sleep

21.) Mint Mobile

22.) Nerd Wallet

23.) Lexus

24.) Pacific Life

25.) Robitussin

26.) Minted

27.) Samsung

28.) Red Lobster

29.) Sheex

30.) SodaStream

31.) TD Ameritrade

32.) Sandisk

33.) Scottevest

34.) Takeda Pharma

Beto O'Rourke's Children Murder Fantasy

Democrats Launch Investigation Into Fox News

Jeb Bush Wants Trump to Face Primary Challenge

Suspect in Kavanaugh Doxxing Linked to Top Dem

AOC Blasts 'Thoughts and Prayers' After Innocents Massacred in House of Worship

Beto Compares Climate Change Fight to Storming Omaha Beach

Here are the Companies Standing By Tucker Carlson

1.) Progressive

2.) MyPillow

3.) Bayer

4.) Super Beta Prostate

5.) StarKist

6.) Elite Singles

7.) PODS

8.) Jenny Craig

Gowdy's Profanity-Laced Grilling of Disgraced FBI Agent Revealed

Minnesota Democrats Reveal Plan to Deal With Ilhan Omar

BREAKING: Islamic Terrorists Caught in U.S.

5 Big Takeaways From Manafort's Sentencing

1.) Sentenced for the Second Time

2.) New Fraud Charges Announced

3.) Why the Wheelchair

4.) Jail Time

5.) Trump Response

Beto O'Rourke Launches Presidential Campaign

ICE Finds New Ways Around Sanctuary Policies

San Jose Police Chief: State's Policies Shielded Suspected Murderer

Republican Leaders Reveal Plan to Stop Pelosi With Anti-Infanticide Bill

The 10 Best Tax States

10.) Mississippi

9.) South Carolina

8.) Nevada

7.) New Hampshire

6.) Texas

5.) Louisiana

4.) Tennessee

3.) Wyoming

2.) South Dakota

1.) Alaska

Media Matters President's History of Inflammatory Comments Resurface

Elizabeth Warren's Sudden Problem With College Admissions

Lisa Page: Obama Justice Department Dissuaded Hillary Prosecution

Ocasio-Cortez Goes After Wells Fargo for... Illegal Immigration

Republican Releases Lisa Page's Private Testimony

Big City Mayor Introduces 'Meatless Mondays'

Top Dem Quietly Unfollows Ghastly Anti-Semitic Social Media Account

Steny Hoyer Goes Off on AOC, Omar, Tlaib

GOP Senator Accused of Lying to Police to Put Wife in Psych Ward

Reporter Caught on Tape Trashing Trump Supporters

Holocaust Survivors Send Unmistakable Message to House Democrats

White House-CNN Feud Hits New Low in Today's Briefing

Ocasio-Cortez Attacks the Messenger in Dark Money Allegations

Race for the White House: Who's In and Who's Out

1.) IN: Kamala Harris

2.) OUT: Hillary Clinton

3.) MAYBE? Joe Biden

4.) IN: Bernie Sanders

5.) OUT: Mike Bloomberg

6.) MAYBE? Beto O'Rourke

7.) IN: Kirsten Gillibrand

8.) OUT: Tom Steyer

9.) MAYBE? Howard Schultz

10.) IN: Elizabeth Warren

11.) OUT: Eric Holder

12.) MAYBE? John Kerry

13.) IN: Cory Booker

14.) OUT: Michael Avenatti

BONUS: The NeverTrump Republicans

Gillibrand Aide Resigned After Disturbing Allegations

Hillary Clinton's Law License Reinstated

'Moderate' Dems Oppose Bill Condemning Idea of Illegal Immigrants Voting

1.) Colin Allred

2.) Cindy Axne

3.) Cheri Bustos

4.) Sean Casten

5.) Gil Cisneros

6.) Sharice Davids

7.) Antonio Ramon Delgado

8.) Abby Lea Finkenauer

9.) Jared Forrest Golden

10.) Andy Kim

11.) Elaine Luria

12.) Ben McAdams

13.) Max Rose

14.) Elissa Slotkin

15.) Abigail Spanberger

16.) Xochitl Torres Small

17.) Lauren Underwood

Trump Slams 'Wacky Nut Job' Ann Coulter

AOC Implies America is Garbage, Suggests Reagan Stirred Racial Animus

Julián Castro Criticizes Bernie Sanders for Opposing Slave Reparations

Major Player Departs the White House

Rep. Ilhan Omar Trains Her Sights on Barack Obama

Another Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed

Conservative Organization Takes New Measures to Stop Ocasio-Cortez

Elizabeth Warren Wages War on Tech Giants

Powerful Democrat's Aide Lobbying for Russian Propagandist's Family

Biden's Old Stance on Desegregation Faces New Scrutiny

Jihadi Brides Flee ISIS Caliphate

ACLU Sides With Trump and Against Major Bill in Democratic Congress

Chelsea Manning May End Up Back in Prison. Here's Why.

Mueller Intends to Withhold Docs From Indicted Russian Company

Meet the Donald Trumps of Other Nations

1.) Jair Bolsonaro

2.) Matteo Salvini

3.) Nigel Farage

4.) Mateusz Morawiecki

5.) Viktor Orbán

Obama Border Patrol Chief Fights Against Democrats' 'False Narrative' of Caged Children

Fox News Bans Sheriff David Clarke

Ocasio-Cortez Alleged to Have Violated House Ethics

Judge Dismisses Defamation Suit Against Bill O'Reilly

Lawmakers Introduce Resolution to Repeal Second Amendment

Republican Senator Says She was Raped

Democratic National Committee Bans Fox News From Hosting Debates

Homeland Security Secretary Issues Dire Border Warning

WaPo: Hillary 'Wrong on Mulitple Levels' About Voter Suppression

National Association of Black Journalists Condemns CNN for Lack of Diversity

Progressives Rush to Rep. Omar's Defense

AOC Denies Campaign Finance Allegations – Ignores Slush Fund Claims

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism on Full Display

1.) Allegiance to Israel

2.) The Benjamins

3.) Fake Apology

4.) Apartheid State

5.) AIPAC Comments

6.) Twitter Rage

Fox News Host's Trump Conspiracy Sparks Backlash

Bikers for Trump Visits the Border, Shows Why We Need the Wall

Ocasio-Cortez Comes to Rep. Omar's Defense

SNL Channels Dianne Feinstein in Hysterical Skit

Possible FEC Violations Mean Ocasio-Cortez Could Face Prison Time

AOC Wouldn't Have Authorized Use of Force Against 9/11 Perpetrators

AOC's Chief of Staff Embroiled in Alleged Slush Fund Scandal

The Wildest Moments From CPAC

1.) Hugging the Flag

2.) Trump’s Green New Deal Comments

3.) Black Guns Matter

4.) Blexit

5.) Trump Goes After Mueller

6.) They Want Your Hamburgers

7.) My Pronouns

7 Times Fox News Called Out Trump

1.) Neil Cavuto

2.) Chris Wallace

3.) Siding With CNN

4.) Too Soft on Putin

5.) Shepard Smith

6.) Tucker's Lowered Expectations

7.) Laura Ingraham's Clarification

Greenpeace Co-Founder Comes Out Against Green New Deal

Ilhan Omar Shows Her Anti-Semitism Yet Again

Fox News Parts Ways With Fmr Trump Aide

Eric Holder Reveals 2020 Plans

Fox News Star, CNN Flunky Trade Jabs in Fiery Back-and-Forth

Democrats Promise Relentless Gun Control Push

8.) Venezuela

Countries That Have Tried Socialism and Failed

1.) China

2.) Cambodia

3.) Cuba

4.) North Korea

5.) Poland

6.) Romania

7.) U.S.S.R.

AOC Goes Off After Major Paper Calls Her Out, Ends Up Proving Their Point

African-American Dehumanized By Dem Rep Only Has One Question

Meet the 8 House Republicans Who Voted for the Democrats' Latest Gun Grabbing Scheme

1.) Mario Diaz-Balart

2.) Vern Buchanan

3.) Brian Mast

4.) Brian Fitzpatrick

5.) Will Hurd

6.) Peter King

7.) Chris Smith

8.) Fred Upton

YouTube Bias Exposed: 5 Ways YouTube Censors Conservatives

1.) Promoted Content

2.) The Trending Page

3.) Copyright Strike System

4.) The Prager University Scandal

5.) Dave Rubin Experiment

Top 10 Russian Collisions

1.) It's Illegal Here

2.) Ouch!

3.) Not In America

4.) We Have Take Off

5.) He’s OK!

7.) Blindsided

8.) Taking a Swim

9.) Never Stop In the Road

10.) The Fog is Scary

6.) Messed With the Wrong Guy

Trump's Uncompromising Policy Changes Migrant Tactics

WATCH: Gillibrand Hammered for Trying to Wriggle Her Way Out of Question

Democrats Say Sean Hannity Should Be Subpoenaed

Bin Laden Comes Back to Lead Al-Qaeda

Fox News Legend Rips Trump

Bernie Sanders Hires Illegal Immigrant for 2020 Campaign

Omar's Pro-Socialist Venezuela Stance Defies Western World

Top Lawmakers Refer Cohen for Criminal Investigation

MS-13 Caught Plotting to Target Off-Duty Cops

African-American Trump Supporter Responds to Democrat's 'Prop' Claim

26 Democrats Join Republicans to Pass ICE Amendment

1.) Cindy Axne

2.) Anthony Brindisi

3.) Jim Costa

4.) Angela Craig

5.) Charlie Crist

6.) Joe Cunningham

7.) Antonio Delgado

8.) Abby Finkenauer

9.) Jared Golden

10.) Josh Gottheimer

11.) Kendra Horn

12.) Andy Kim

13.) Conor Lamb

14.) Susie Lee

15.) Elaine Luria

16.) Ben McAdams

18.) Tom O'Halleran

17.) Stephanie Murphy

19.) Collin Peterson

20.) Max Rose

21.) Kurt Schrader

22.) Mikie Sherrill

23.) Elissa Slotkin

24.) Abigail Spanberger

25.) Xochitl Torres Small

26.) Jeff Van Drew

Fox News Hosts Nearly Come to Blows Over Cohen Hearing

How Trump Can Win By 'Losing' With North Korea

Money Funneled to AOC's Boyfriend Sparks Possible Investigation

CNN Hosts: Reporting Suggests Cohen's Lying About White House Job

Key Democrats Publicly Back Trump in North Korea Talks

1.) Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA)

2.) Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ)

3.) Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA)

4.) Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

5.) Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)

6.) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

7.) Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)

8.) Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI)

9.) Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM)

10.) Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

11.) Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ)

12.) Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL)

13.) Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)

14.) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

15.) Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY)

16.) Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA)

17.) Rep. José Serrano (D-NY)

18.) Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI)

Here is Michael Cohen's 'Irrefutable' Evidence of Trump's Role in 'Illicit Acts'

Hillary Wonders If There's an Opening in 2020 Field

Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Charged in Death of Unborn Child

Supreme Court Considers Destroying Veterans' Memorial Cross

AOC a Virtual Ghost to Neighbors, Constituents

Woman Faces Deportation After Attacking MAGA Hat Wearing Man

'I'm Sure Everyone Has Used It': Top Dem's Non-Apology for Racist Rant

State Decides Law Shouldn't Compel Clergy to Report Child Abuse

Only Three Democrats Voted Against Infanticide Yesterday. Here They Are.

1.) Sen. Bob Casey

2.) Sen. Doug Jones

3.) Sen. Joe Manchin

BONUS: The Exceptions

CNN Ends Interview After Venezuelan Patriot Warns About Socialism

7 Liberal Celebrities Accused of Heinous Crimes

1.) R. Kelly

2.) Harvey Weinstein

3.) Jussie Smollett

4.) Rob Cohen

5.) Asia Argento

6.) Roman Polanski

7.) Allison Mack

Dozens of Ex-GOP Members of Congress Push Party to RESIST Trump

1.) Rep. Steve Bartlett

2.) Sen. John Danforth

3.) Rep. Douglas Bereuter

4.) Sen. Chuck Hagel

5.) Rep. Sherwood Boehlert

6.) Sen. Gordon Humphrey

7.) Rep. Rodney Chandler

8.) Sen. Richard Lugar

9.) Rep. William Clinger Jr.

10.) Sen. Olympia Snowe

11.) Rep. Tom Coleman

12.) Rep. Mickey Edwards

13.) Rep. David F. Emery

14.) Rep. Nancy Johnson

15.) Rep. James Kolbe

16.) Rep. James Leach

17.) Rep. John LeBoutillier

18.) Rep. Pete McCloskey

19.) Rep. Thomas Petri

20.) Rep. Claudine Schneider

21.) Rep. Christopher Shays

22.) Rep. Peter Smith

23.) Rep. Alan Steelman

Reporter Tries to Trap Fox News Star in Sex Scandal. She Never Expected This.

Former Staffer Sues Trump

AOC Wonders If Americans Should Still Have Children

Nebraska Lawmaker Compares Old Glory to the Swastika

Gun Control Activist Threatens to Shoot Sheriffs

Republican Senators Who Could Block Trump's Emergency Declaration

1.) Sen. Susan Collins

2.) Sen. Lisa Murkowski

3.) Sen. Chuck Grassley

4.) Mike Lee

5.) Cory Gardner

6.) Thom Tillis

7.) Marco Rubio

8.) Lamar Alexander

9.) Pat Roberts

10.) Mitt Romney

11.) Martha McSally

Conservative Rep. Joins Dems to Block Trump's Emergency Declaration

AOC Doubles Down on 'Farting Cows' in Green New Deal

Major Newspaper Caught in Blackface Scandal

Mueller's Team Denies Media Collusion

Charles Barkley's Takes on Jussie Smollett are So Wrong, But I Love It

Democratic Rising Star Linked to Socialist, Anti-U.S. Group

Thrice Deported Attempted Murderer Protected From ICE

Soros-Backed Group Makes Huge Investment to Defeat Trump

Prosecutors Broke Law in Plea Deal With Clinton Pal

FBI Helps ISIS Recruit Get DOJ Job

Watch the Sanders Interview That Even Has Democrats Speechless

Obama Launches New Campaign

FEC Continues to Ignore Clinton's $84 Million Scandal

Sheriff's Office Releases Stunning Video in Fatal Shooting

FBI's Top Lawyer Wanted to Charge Hillary, But Was Talked Out of It

Top 15 Jussie Smollett Memes

1.) The Lyin’ King

2.) Who’s Under the Mask?

3.) A Boot to the Head?

4.) Just Do It…

5.) Fake Noose

6.) The New Edition of CLUE???

7.) The New Job

8.) A Classic…

9.) I Think I Found Him

10.) Never Seen This Shape…

11.) The Evidence is Clear

12.) Eric Andre Show...

13.) Did You?

14.) Demolished Story…

15.) A Cold Drink

Chicago Police Call Out Liberals Pushing Smollett Hoax

Gowdy Gives Schiff Lesson on What Constitutes Collusion

7 Signs Global Warming Doomsday Sayers Could Be Wrong

1.) Kilimanjaro Snow

2.) Polar Bear Population


4.) Snow In Hawaii

5.) Ice Sheets Growing?

6.) Bogus Statistics

7.) Hybrid Cars

Judge OKs Lawsuit to Stop Obama Presidential Center

Suspicious Payments to AOC's Boyfriend Revealed

Social Justice Warriors Can't Handle Magazine Interview...From 1971

Old Videos of Bernie Sanders Should End His Presidential Ambitions

Gowdy Challenges McCabe's Latest Claim

Did Sandmann's Lawyers Just Cost Him Millions?

Another Democrat to Fundraise for Terrorist-Linked Organization

FBI Now Investigating Jussie Smollett

Hate Crime Hoaxes the Media Tried to Hide

1.) Michael Kadar

2.) Malden, Massachusets

3.) A Lie From the Start

4.) Racist Banner

5.) Campus Celebration Hoax

6.) Elon University: Bye-Bye Latinos

7.) Terrible Media Coverage

8.) Santa Monica Beating?

9.) Violent Trump Supporters

10.) Intercept Reporter

BONUS.) Kansas State

Protesters Occupy National Border Patrol Museum

AOC's Nuttiest Comments

1.) The Border Wall

2.) No Jobs for New York

3.) 3 Chambers

4.) Unemployment is Low…

5.) ICE Bed Quota

6.) Money for the Military

Mayor Who Attacked Kavanaugh Caught in #MeToo Scandal

Ted Cruz Proposes New Border Wall Payment Scheme

Warren's Warning for Trump

Embarrassed Ocasio-Cortez Staffer Brazenly Lies About Green New Deal

Ihlan Omar's District is the Terror Recruiting Capitol of U.S.

Store Employee Cussed Out Boy Wearing MAGA Hat. Then, His Mom Steps In.

Dem Congressman: Blackface is Okay If You're Liberal

Democrats Protect Illegal Purchases of Firearms

Potential 2020 Democrat Caught in Nasty Sexual Harassment Scandal

AOC's Latest Stream of Consciousness is Saddest Yet

Democratic Rising Star to Fundraise for Hamas-Linked Organization

Man Points Gun at MAGA Hat Wearing Victim. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

Disabled Veterans Scammed in Government Scheme

Meet the Dems Who Didn't Wait for the Facts in Possible MAGA Attack Hoax

1.) Cory Booker

2.) Nancy Pelosi

3.) Kamala Harris

4.) Bernie Sanders

5.) AOC

6.) Mark Takano

7.) Kirsten Gillibrand

8.) Mike Quigley

9.) Julián Castro

10.) Rashida Tlaib

WATCH LIVE: Shooter Ambushes Cops, Civilians

Fox News Smashes Record

House Freedom Caucus Transforms to Better Fight Liberal Dems

REPORT: Top Dem's Sexual Harassment Described in Stunning Detail

Ex-Mass. Governor Looks to Challenge Trump in 2020

BREAKING: New Details Emerge That 'MAGA Attack' Could Be Hoax

Our Favorite Conservative Power Couples

1.) Ronald & Nancy Reagan

2.) Ted & Heidi Cruz

3.) Mitch McConnell & Elaine Chao

4.) George W. & Laura Bush

5.) Bob & Elizabeth Dole

6.) Donald & Melania Trump

BREAKING: Trump to Declare National Emergency to Build Wall

Accused of Hiding Millions, Avenatti Gives Up Control of Law Firm

Judge Voids Manafort Plea Deal

Five Takeaways From FBI's BOMBSHELL Anti-Trump Scheme

1.) 25th Amendment Discussions

2.) Rosenstein's Wire Offer

3.) Not How the 25th Amendment Works

4.) Mad Rush for the Russian Probe

5.) Trump Vindicated

Radical House Trio's Growing List of Embarrassing Failures

1.) Writing for Louis Farrakhan?!

2.) Let's REPLACE Airplanes! Wait, What??

3.) VERY INTERESTING Take on Islamic Terrorism

4.) Holocaust Deniers 'R' Us?

5.) Smearing Teenagers

6.) Homophobic Conspiracy

7.) So Much for Workers' Comp

8.) Embracing Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer

9.) 'Impeach the Motherf****r'

10.) Stalinist Show Trial for Donald Trump Jr.

Former Presidential Candidate Dies

Gun Groups Come Out Firing Against Attorney General Nominee

Congressional Democrats Blame Virginia Blackface Scandals on... Trump

'Very Troubled' Jewish Leaders Staged Intervention for Dem Rep

Now That They've Cleared Trump, Intel Cmte Members Target FBI

Government Reportedly Fails to Act in Clinton 'Money-Laundering' Scheme

Trump Confronts Cuomo in Private Meeting

4 Reasons Why Trump is Unhappy With Dem Border Deal

1.) Amount of Funding

2.) Only 55 Miles of Some Sort of Barrier

3.) LESS Detention Beds for ICE

4.) A Second Shutdown?

Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Suitcase Murder

Questionable Correspondence Between Hillary Campaign, FBI Revealed

Kamala Harris Listened to These Rappers While High in College. There's Just One Problem.

Illegal Border Crossings Soar to Record Levels

ICE Warns Dem Efforts Will Quietly Release Flood of Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Maxine Waters' BIGGEST Scandals

1.) OneUnited Bank Scandal

2.) Travel Disclosure

3.) In the Street

4.) The Farrakhan Connection

5.) Cuban Friends

Antifa Ringleader Tied to Democratic Lawmakers

Longtime GOP Congressman Dies

Sheriffs Rebel Against Sweeping Gun Law

Here's What's in AOC's Green New Deal…

1.) Ban Nuclear Power Plants

2.) Retrofit All Buildings

3.) Universal Health Care

4.) Banning Airplanes

5.) Free College

6.) Banning of Combustion Engines

7.) Charging Stations Everywhere

8.) Government Provided Jobs

9.) Guaranteed Medical/Family Leave

10.) Government Provided Vacations

11.) Banning 'Farting Cows'

12.) Government Retirement Security

13.) Reparations

14.) Money for Those Unable/UNWILLING to work

BREAKING: Second Woman Accuses Democrat of Rape

Whitaker Hearing Erupts With Trump Appointee Fighting Back

Dem Rep. Tells Young Black Conservative: 'Be Afraid of Us'

Mike Lee Criticizes Democratic Colleagues for 'Wildly Inappropriate' Questions

Longest Serving Member in House History Dies

Another Politician Caught in Blackface Scandal

Trump Furious at Adam Schiff's Latest Hire

Covington Kids Lawyer Reveals Who They Might Sue

1.) The Washington Post

2.) The New York Times

3.) CNN

4.) The Guardian

5.) NPR

6.) TMZ

7.) Atlantic Media Inc.

8.) Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.

9.) Diocese of Covington

10.) Diocese of Lexington

11.) Archdiocese of Louisville

12.) Archdiocese of Baltimore

14.) Erin Burnett

15.) S.E. Cupp

16.) Eliot C. McLaughlin

17.) Amanda Watts

18.) Emanuella Grinberg

13.) Ana Cabrera & Sara Sidner

19.) Michelle Boorstein

20.) Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

21.) Antonio Olivo

22.) Joe Heim

23.) Michael E. Miller

24.) Eli Rosenberg

25.) Isaac Stanley-Becker

26.) Kristine Phillips

27.) Sarah Mervosh

28.) Emily S. Rueb

29.) Maggie Haberman

30.) David Brooks

31.) Shannon Doyne

32.) Kurt Eichenwald

33.) Andrea Mitchell

34.) Savannah Guthrie

35.) Joy Reid

36.) Chuck Todd

37.) Noah Berlatsky

38.) Elisha Fieldstadt

39.) Eun Kyung Kim

40.) HBO

41.) Bill Maher

42.) Warner Media

43.) Condé Nast

44.) GQ

45.) Heavy.com

46.) The Hill

47.) The Atlantic

48.) Bustle.com

49.) Ilhan Omar

50.) Elizabeth Warren

51.) Kathy Griffin

52.) Alyssa Milano

53.) Jim Carrey

Conservative Talk Radio Host Dead

Here are the Dems Condemning VA Governor Ralph Northam

12.) The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus

11.) Kamala Harris

10. Bernie Sanders

9.) Joe Biden


7.) Planned Parenthood

6.) Nancy Pelosi

5.) Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe

4.) Virginia Senate Democrats

3.) Virginia House Democrats

2.) Cory Booker

1.) Kathy Tran

Phoenix Police Disprove McCain's Claim

Border Patrol's Latest Numbers Will SHOCK You

Reporter Jokes About VICIOUSLY Assassinating Trump

Democrat's Accuser Breaks Silence in Devastating Statement

See Who's Next in Line If Virginia's Top Three Dems Fall

Another Anti-Trump Democrat Embroiled in Racist Controversy

Republicans Pounce on Warren's Native Claim

NYPD Shielding MS-13 Member Accused of Subway Shootout

Exxon Mobil to Invest $10 Billion in American Infrastructure

New Probe Into TrumpWorld Sends Shockwaves

Cory Booker Tries to Entrap Trump Nominee. Then, Ted Cruz Responds.

REVEALED: Dem Rep Blamed America for Islamic Terrorism

Meet the Senator Who Thinks Infanticide is Okay

Trump Suggests New Military Solution to Border Crisis

Migrant Caravan Expected to Reach Texas Tomorrow

Dem Controlled State Descends Into Chaos After Wild Accusations Fly

Deadly MS-13 Attack Caught on Camera

Fox News Throws Cold Water on Trump's Plan

Border Town Residents Fear Cartel Retaliation

Border Patrol Agent Killed in the Line of Duty

Democrat Power Broker's Indictment May Doom 2020 Operation

Convicted Terrorist Heads to Border

Network Labeled Dem Gov. in Racist Yearbook Scandal 'Republican'

Conservative Icon Wants 'Lunatic' Trump Primaried

Fox News' Latest Hire Will Blow You Away

Police Shooting of Left-Wing Extremist Ruled Justified

Big Gov't Bills Dems Want to Pass Now

1.) Medicare for All

2.) Debt-Free College

3.) Guaranteed Jobs

4.) Massive Infrastructure Package

The Best Conservative Counties to Retire In

1.) Paulding County, Ga.

2.) Charlotte County, Fl.

3.) Lee County, Fl.

4.) Pamlico County, N.C.

5.) El Paso County, Colo.

6.) Sarasota County, Fl.

7.) Baldwin Co., Ala.

8.) Indian River County, Fl.

9.) Union County, N.C.

10.) Tucker County, W.Va.

11.) Utah County, Utah

12.) Collier County, Fl.

13.) James City County, Va.

14.) Clay County, Fl.

15.) Denton County, Texas

16.) Douglas County, Colo.

17.) Cherokee County, Ga.

18.) Fayette County, Ga.

19.) Maricopa County, Ariz.

20.) Collin County, Texas

21.) Citrus County, Fl.

22.) Montgomery County, Texas

23.) Forsyth County, Ga.

Democratic Star's Medical School Yearbook Page Shows Blackface and KKK Photo

See the Walls Democrats Actually Support

1.) Tunisia Border Barrier

2.) Jordan's Border Security Program

3.) Israel's Border Walls

4.) Pakistan's Fence

5.) Denmark (Seriously)

The Jobs Report No One Expected

House Dems Prepare First Subpoena Fight With Trump

Cory Booker Announces Presidential Run

Families Say Healthcare System Failing Wounded Cops

New Evidence Undercuts Democrats' Collusion Theory

Here's a List of All the Congressional Democrats Who've Been Charged With a Crime

1.) Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)

2.) Ex-Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA)

3.) Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

4.) Ex-Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL)

5.) Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL)

6.) Ex-Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA)