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5 Times Liberals Called You a Nazi

1.) Cardi B

2.) Rosie O'Donnell

3.) Cher

4.) Joy Behar

5.) Barack Obama

BONUS: Hillary Clinton

Are Clinton Donors Headed to Jail?

​Liberal Media Hatch Shameful Trump-Putin-Russian Hooker Conspiracy

Comey Memos Suggests Sinister Setup Behind Dossier Briefing

WATCH: Illinois County Declares Sanctuary for Gun Owners

BREAKING NEWS: Dirty Cop McCabe SUES Trump

Lib Gov Wants to Be Deported?

Could California Ultimately Ban Bibles?

Soros Groups Unionize. How Did the Creepy Billionaire React?

Liberal Court Appoints Prosecutor in Bid to Jail Arpaio, Overturn Trump Pardon

Walmart Launches Jihad on Christian Music

HIGH ALERT: Blue State Warns Drivers to Use Caution on 4/20

Criminal Charges Recommended for Anti-Trump FBI Official

YouTuber Guilt Trips Starbucks Into Giving Free Reparations Coffee [VIDEO]

First They Came for the Guns, Then Knives – Now Britain Bans Plastic Straws

5 Times Liberals Went Too Far When Conservatives Died

1.) Lauren Duca Spits on Billy Graham's Grave

2.) Margret Thatcher Death Parties

3.) Cruel Jabs at Scalia

4.) Andrew Breibart's Rolling Stone Sendoff

5.) Libs Cheer After Pro-Gun Columnist Dies in Freak Accident

BONUS: Gore Vidal's Final Insult to William F. Buckley Jr.

Maxine Waters Threatens to Leak Trump Tapes in Impeachment Hearings

SHOCK Poll Welcome News for Pro-Trump Candidate

[VIDEO] Dinosaur Puppet Destroys Three Air Force Careers in 60 Seconds

LISTEN: Police Release Audio That Led to Starbucks Arrest

Insane Video Shows Cops Narrowly Avoid Fiery Death

[VIDEO] Illegal Immigrant Uber Driver on the Lam After SICKENING Crime

Conservative Governor BANS Sanctuary Cities

Submarine Rumored to Transport Fleeing Nazis FOUND After 73 Years

BREAKING: Congressmen Call for Sessions to Prosecute Hillary, Lynch, and Comey

Attention-Hungry Hogg's New Boycott BACKFIRES

Apple CEO Tells Gun Grabbers to Get Lost

Terrifying Latin Gang UNLEASHED Thanks to Liberal Policies

San Diego Deals Devastating Blow to Sanctuary State California

Terrible Stormy Daniel's Sketch Sure Looks Like Someone She Knows

Debt-Laden Never-Trumper Might Have a SERIOUS Legal Problem

Teacher's Union Boss Caught Trying to Sabotage Puerto Rico Schools

DEPLORABLE: College Professor Cheers Death of Former First Lady

Conservatives Will Love Fox News' Response to the Hannity-Cohen Controversy

[CAN'T-MISS] Tributes Pour in for Barbara Bush

Black Police Commissioner Reveals There's More to the Controversial Starbucks Arrest

City Inspector Threatens Store AND Veterans Over U.S. Military Flags

10 SHOCKING Facts Democrats Want You to Forget

1.) Andrew Jackson's Trail Of Tears

2.) Democrats Install Institutional Racism

3.) Using War Powers Against Civil Liberties

4.) A Communist Dupe Almost Became President (No, Not Bernie)

5.) When Russia Collusion was a REAL Problem

6.) Cold War Failures

7.) Ted Kennedy Colludes With the Soviets

8.) House Speaker Tip O'Neal Did, Too!

9.) The Democrat's War on Women

10.) Bill Clinton Enables China's Military

BONUS: 2012 Democrat Convention Boos GOD

You Won't Believe What Dick's Sporting Goods is Doing With Its Unsold 'Assault Rifles'

U.N.'s Climate Change Ambassador Takes Private Jet to Coachella

Gorsuch Casts Deciding Vote, Sides With Illegal Immigrant Over Trump

Conservative Icon Joins Forces With American Action News

Will This Hollywood Liberal Delete His Twitter After Getting KO'd in Shapiro Spat?

Major War Finally Ends?

Couple Hog-Tie Man Who Propositioned Their 13-Year-Old Daughter. Now, THEY'RE in Trouble.

BREAKING: Congressman Walks Out on His Obligations

Five Carjackers Who Met Their Match

1.) Venezuela Carjacking Fail

2.) Hoodlum Unsuccessfully Flees Righteous Driver

3.) Gang Ambush Gone Wrong

4.) No Charges Against This CCW Permit Holder

5.) Driver Saves His Family

There are Serious Grounds to Think Comey Broke the Law

Mexican Drug Traffickers Use Mickey Mouse to do the Unthinkable

BREAKING: Another Clinton Money Laundering Scheme EXPOSED

The Anti-Trump Bias in This Textbook Will Make You Consider Homeschooling

Fox News Host Revealed as Trump Lawyer's Mysterious Third Client

FOX's Ingraham Gets the Last Laugh After Advertiser Exodus

[VIDEO] Here's Why We Need to Pray for Barbara Bush

Pelosi Props Up Fake News

Court Writes Cop Killer $15K Check

'Full Metal Jacket' Drill Instructor and True Patriot DEAD

Starbucks to Train Staff on Addressing Unconscious Bias

[MUST-SEE] David Hogg Meets His Match

Soros and the Deep State are Targeting THESE RACES to Raise Hell Against Conservatives

Liberal Lawyer Burns Himself to Death Over Global Warming

7 Things Facebook Doesn't Want Conservatives to See

1.) Phil Robertson

2.) Pro-Life Movie Produced By Obama Critic

3.) Libertarian Tide Pod Memes

4.) Gun Range Owner Blocked

5.) Diamond and Silk 'Unsafe'

6.) Facebook Becomes 'Fake News' Police

7.) Facebook Caught Suppressing Conservative Stories

Conservatives Go SCORCHED EARTH on Anti-Gun Bank

[VIDEO] Trump Strike Cripples Syrian Regime

​Governor Deals Devastating Blow to Planned Parenthood

Conservative GOP Rep FOUND GUILTY

Report Confirms Fired FBI Director was Serial Liar

Turns Out One of the Illegal Alien Caravan Members was MS-13

The Top Fox News Personalities of All Time

1.) Kimberly Guilfoyle

2.) Tucker Carlson

3.) John Stossel

4.) Rudi Bakhtiar

5.) Laura Ingraham

6.) Judge Andrew Napolitano

7.) Maria Bartiromo

8.) Shannon Bream

9.) Jenna Lee

10.) Kiran Chetry

11.) Harris Faulkner

12.) Neil Cavuto

13.) Megyn Kelly

14.) Brit Hume

15.) Bret Baier

16.) Judge Jeanine Pirro

17.) Mark Levin

18.) Sean Hannity

19.) Dana Perino

20.) Bill O'Reilly

MUST-SEE: Gowdy Has Choice Words for Comey Over Upcoming Book

Woman Refuses to Sing National Anthem After Team Bans Guns

Vile Antifa Website Attacks Conservative Parkland Survivor and Victims' Families

NYC Tourist Mugged for Wearing a MAGA Hat

Conservative Hero Exploring Run for Speaker

WATCH: NRA's Black Spokesman Schools Racist Liberals

Here’s How the Cohen Raid May Backfire on Those Targeting Trump

BREAKING: Former Bernie Sanders Aide ARRESTED

Will This Swing State Governor Be Impeached Over Sick Sex Scandal?

[VIDEO] 3 More California Cities Challenge State's Sanctuary Law

WATCH: Crafty Porcupine Fights Off Seven Hungry Lions

ANOTHER Advertiser Ditches Laura Ingraham

Wait Till You See John Boehner’s New Job

Bank of America DECLARES WAR on Gun Manufactures

Fox Host Has Urgent Message for Trump

Tree Huggers Call Fears About Destructive, Invasive Species, 'Xenopobic'

Facebook Rejects GOP Candidate Ad For Laughable Reason

Elite College Rewards Illegal Immigrants, Charges U.S. Citizens

[VIDEO] Trump Officially Puts Putin ON BLAST

7 People Who Could Be the Next Speaker of the House

1.) Newt Gingrich

2.) Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

3.) Steve Scalise (R-La.)

4.) Peter Roskam (R-Ill.)

5.) Daniel Webster (R-Fla.)

6.) Mark Meadows (R-N.C.)

7.) Louis Gohmert (R-Texas)

BONUS) Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.)

Guess Who's Walloping Their Liberal Cable News Competitors AGAIN

WATCH: Newt Drops Devastating Truth Bomb on Mueller and the FBI

MUST-SEE: Cruz Makes Zuckerberg Squirm

Apparently, the Simpsons are Now Racist

Dreamers Suffer Damaging Blow From Supreme Court

Will the GOP Hold the FBI Director in Contempt of Congress?

BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker to Retire

Anti-Trump Celeb Faces Stiff Sentence for Fake Bomb Threat

L.A.'s INSANE Climate Change Plan Takes Taxpayers for a Ride

New Jersey to Publicly Shame Gun Owners

Disturbing Study Finds Connection Between Obama Cuts and Military Crashes

Turns Out the Biggest Black Lives Matter Facebook Page was FAKE

This Millennial's Empowering Graduation Photo Will Leave a Smile on Your Face

Black Female Veteran Aims to Train 1 Million Women to Shoot

MUST-SEE: Ingraham Returns With Rousing Defense of Free Speech

Facebook Seemingly Regrets Banning Two Wildly Popular Female Conservatives

[VIDEO] SJWs Scream Police Brutality... Body Cameras Reveal the Truth

Dem Governor Blows THIS MUCH of Your Money on His Wife

Liberals Freak as Membership in Gun Groups AND Firearm Sales Skyrocket

California Dems Introduce Bill That Would KILL Free Speech

First Black Billionaire Praises Trump's Economy

Planned Parenthood Trolls Conservative Parkland Shooting Survivor

It's Winston Churchill Day! Here's Six Facts You Didn't Know About the British Bulldog.

1.) He Suffered From a Speech Impediment

2.) He Nearly Didn't Make It Into Military School

3.) A Daring Escape as a POW Made Him a National Hero

4.) His Role In WWI Almost Ruined His Career

5.) His Most Famous Speeches Were Given Weeks Apart

6.) Britons Voted Him Out Before the War's End

BONUS) Churchill, the American

The Taliban Took This Navy SEAL's Eye. See What They Couldn't Take.

[VIDEO] Parkland Hero Finally Released From Hospital Slams Sheriff

Trump's Deportation Squad Carries Out One of the Largest Raids EVER

Conservatives Win MASSIVE VICTORY in Europe

Did Buzz Aldrin Seriously Pass a Lie Detector Test on Alien Encounters?

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Ally Announces Senate Run

Liberal City Sets Assault Weapons Ban in Motion

SHOCK: Women's March Supports Illegal Prostitution Website

The Best and Worst Golf Presidents

Deep State Caught Funneling Millions to Soros – Again

GOP Rep Resigns

DOJ Announces 'Zero-Tolerance' Illegal Border Crossing Policy

Sheriff's Message to Lawless Visitors Goes Viral

Bob Dylan Changes Classic Folk Song Into Gay Love Anthem

British Man Arrested for Killing Armed Intruder in Self-Defense

2020 Contender Jokes About Trump's Death [VIDEO]

Patrick Morrisey Has a Planned Parenthood Problem

BREAKING: Senator Dies at 93

Male Democrat's Perverted Habit Will Leave You Shaking Your Head in Disgust

Another City Fights Back Against California's Sanctuary Laws

Border Agent Gives Fox News Best Quote Ever on the Wall

[SHOCK VIDEO] Cops Shoot Crazed Man With Pregnant Hostage

Mom Bursts Into Tears When She Gets the Chance to Address Trump – Here's Why

California Has Given More Than ONE MILLION Illegal Immigrants These

[VIDEO] Gun Owner Gives City Council a Lesson They Won’t Soon Forget

[VIDEO] Bald Eagle Lands on Baseball Player During Anthem

BREAKING: Former Presidential Candidate Runs for Governor

Here are the Cowardly Companies Boycotting Laura Ingraham

1.) Bayer

2.) Miracle-Ear

3.) Liberty Mutual Insurance

4.) Ruby Tuesday

5.) Atlantis, Paradise Island

6.) Jenny Craig

7.) Nutrish

8.) Hulu

9.) TripAdvisor

10.) Wayfair

11.) Stitchfix

12.) Expedia

13.) Nestle

14.) Johnson & Johnson

15.) Office Depot

MSNBC Mistakes Someone Opening Soda for Gunshots [VIDEO]

Hollywood Director Tweets Trump Death Wish

College Students Declare War on THIS American Patriot

Trump Discovers Secret Trick That Could Shatter D.C. Forever

Pro-Trump Republican Threatens to Sue the FBI – Here's Why

Illinois City Makes Gun Grabbers' Wildest Dreams Come True

Planned Parenthood Promotes Adoption – for Dogs

TRUMP WINS: Illegal Horde STOPS After Trump Deploys Military

Dems Push Remarkably Stupid Legislation Handcuffing Cops

Celebs Blame the NRA for Yesterday's Shooting. There's Just One Problem.

Meet the Criminal Illegals California Wants to Keep Free

1.) Mario Antunez-Sotelo

2.) Juan Hernandez Rodriguez

3.) Kristian Jonas Gamez-Trejo

4.) Santos Moreira

5.) Mike Cux-Jocop

6.) Maximino Delgado Lagunas

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Could Take Down NYC

WATCH: Another California City Rebels Against Sanctuary State Status

48% of Americans Agree With You

51% of Americans Agree With You

Illegal Immigrant Horde Moves Closer to the Border

Campus Snowflakes Lay Siege to University, Make INSANE Demands

Here's Why the Media Won't Talk About the YouTube Shooting

Meet the CEO Who Refuses to Boycott Fox News

[VIDEO] Cops Rescue Thankful Driver From Burning Car

[VIDEO] Senate Hopeful Begins Arming the Homeless

Magazine Officially Disowns Journalist for SLANDERING Conservative Parkland Survivor

BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooting Reported at YouTube HQ

44 Democrats Didn't Check Criminal Staffers Backgrounds

BREAKING: Dem Who Mishandled Abuse Allegation to Retire

FLASHBACK Bill Clinton Paid Paula Jones $850k

85-Year-Old Illegal Immigrant Unleashes UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS on Child

Is This Court Date the End for Alex Jones?

Violent Crime in Gun-Grabbing London Soars

Texas Has a SURPRISE Waiting as Horde of Illegals Approach

Did John Bolton Just Figure Out North Korea's Sick Master Plan?

Once Again, Google Slaps Christians in the Face

Twice-Deported Child Rapist Released by Police WITHOUT Notifying ICE

A Bunch of Cops Walk Into a Gay Bar and SJWs are Fuming

WATCH: Broward Coward Dodges Questions From Reporters

Hillary Crushers: Five Women Who Have a Better Chance of Being President Than Hillary

1.) Ambassador Nikki Haley

2.) Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa

3.) Dr. Kelli Ward

4.) Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.

5.) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii

[VIDEO] Will the Media Ignore Top Dem Admitting to Being a Black Panther?

FLASHBACK: Ronald Reagan DESTROYS Gun Control After Being Shot

London Police Tweet Chilling Picture of What Happens in a World Without Guns

Illegal Immigrants Exempt From Unpopular Liberal Policy

Trump Approval Surpasses Obama's

Anti-Gun Judge Insults Rape Survivor, Enraging Everyone

California DEMOLISHES History

[VIDEO] Students Walk Out IN SUPPORT of the Second Amendment

Battle-Hardened Iraq War Vet Has an EPIC Message for David Hogg

On Easter, Here's What You Can Say to Jesus

Dear Parkland Parents: It's Time to Step Up

David Hogg Responds to Laura Ingraham's Vacation With CLASSLESS Taunt

An Army of Illegal Immigrants is Marching on the United States

16th Century Masterpiece Discovered in Iowa Storeroom

Univision Anchor Wants to Return to Mexico Over Trump

This State is Poised to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide

High School Switches to 'Africentric Math' to Engage Black Students

After Decimating Laura Ingraham's Advertisers, David Hogg Has a New Target

Crooked Hillary Blames Sexism for Her Woes Again

CVS Accused of Revealing HIV Positive Status of 6K Customers

Top Dem SHIELDED Chief of Staff With Violent, Misogynistic Past

The Real Reason Behind the Laura Ingraham Boycott

Powerful Voices Tried to STOP Chappaquiddick Film

Judge Deals DEVASTATING BLOW to Stormy Daniel's Lawsuit

Army Mulls Tougher Basic Training for Increasingly Out-of-Shape Recruits

Florida Beachgoers Stumble Across 'Holy Grail of Shipwrecks'

Teacher FORCES Students to Write Gun Control Letters. Then, Parents Respond.

Sessions NAILS Alleged Leaker – an FBI Agent

MUST-SEE: Armed Thug Walks Into Shop. He Doesn't Leave.

New FBI Texts Suggest Collusion Between Obama, Deep State, AND DEMS in Trump-Russia Probe

[VIDEO] Boy With Sick Father Gets Letter From Trump That'll Melt Your Heart

Netflix Hires Benghazi Storyteller

City Tears Down Mural Honoring Fallen Officers

Famous Actor DROPS Gun-Grabbing Dem for Asking Why Americans Need AR-15s

Wait Till You See the Media's INSANE Problem With the Gun Control Movement

[VIDEO] Vegans Protesting Outside Restaurant HORRIFIED by Owner's Sweet Revenge

CNN Attacks Wildly Successful Pro-Trump Show

California AG Threatens Officials for Upholding Federal Immigration Law

NFL Announces $90M Social Justice Deal

Three-Fourths of Parents Help Their Adult Children With THIS

The Top Five Most Memorable First Pitches

1.) Democrat Mark Mallory

2.) Barack Obama

3.) Democrat Charlie Crist

4.) George H.W. Bush

5.) Donald Trump

BONUS) George W. Bush

This is the Violent Deportee Who Escaped ICE at JFK Airport

Foreigner Enters Gun Debate, Slays Liberals in One Tweet

REPORT: Clintons Received Cash From Sadistic Cult Leaders

Theology Professor Calls Jesus 'Drag King'

[VIDEO] CNN Admits Letting Activists Mislead on Gun Control

Democrats Introduce Their Craziest Gun Control Idea Yet

Clinton Foundation Won't Return Donations From Accused Serial Predator

Former Disney Channel Star Joins Trump White House

Retired Supreme Court Justice: 'Repeal the Second Amendment'

California's Third Most Populous County HELPS Trump's Deportation Squad

UFOs Caught Speeding Past Rescue Chopper [WATCH]

Al Sharpton's Brother Charged in Shooting Murder – Hours After Anti-Gun March

You Won't Believe What Planned Parenthood is Requesting of Disney

[VIDEO] Gun Grabbers Unable to ID Rifles They Want to Ban

[MUST-SEE] Al Qaeda Hostage Accuses FBI of SHOCKING Betrayal

Liberals Co-Opt Trump's War on Fake News

Putin Ready to Retaliate After Trump, Britain Hit Russia Hard

WATCH: What One President Dropped at His Press Conference Shocked Everybody

[VIDEO] Californians Livid Over State's Radical Homeless Plan

Conservative Senator Blocks Trump's Pick for Ambassador

Disturbed Individual Unleashes Psycho-Terror at Conservative Conference

Centuries-Old Gun Manufacture Files for Bankruptcy

Stormy Daniel's Lawyer Puts His Client at Risk of Large Judgement – Or Worse

The Glaring Irony Behind Rapper's Anti-Gun Performance

Massive FBI Failure Begin When Informant Dad Assured Agents His Son Wasn't Radical

Republican Governor Teases Big Announcement for 2018

Possible Illegal Immigrant, Armed to the Teeth, Attempts Monstrous Crime

Shocking Scandal Moves Closer to Socialist Mayor

Planned Parenthood Caught Indoctrinating Middle Schoolers

[VIDEO] Dem Candidate Would do the Unthinkable to Get Your Guns

Family of Murdered Parkland Student Snubbed by Rally. See Their Message Here.

WATCH: Iowa Family Found Dead in Mexico

[VIDEO] Kindergartener Victimized in Unthinkable Classroom Confrontation

Unemployed NFL Star Begs for Forgiveness Over Anthem Protest

Man Arrested for Threatening to Murder GOP Congressman

Former Fox News Anchor Sues Bill O'Reilly

Ex-Campaign Worker Sues Democratic Party

Hip Hop Star Goes on Epic Rant When She Sees Her Taxes

Why You Will Hate the New Spending Bill

Fox News Star Wants to Work for Trump. Here's His Price.

INSANE: Abortion-Providers Back 'March for Our Lives'

BREAKING: Former Governor and Senator Dies

Steve Bannon's Comeback?

Democrat 'Solution' for School Violence Revealed and Students are Livid

BREAKING: Deadly ISIS Hostage Situation Unfolding in France

Time Magazine Leaves Conservative Victims Off Parkland Cover

Congress Just Gave Itself a BONUS

Team Trump Quietly Slashes Refugee Limits

One North Carolina County Has Decided to Hire Armed Guards at ALL Schools

Billionaire Finds Long-Lost Navy Ship

20 Quotes You Absolutely Must Hear About Guns

1.) Thomas Jefferson

2.) Alan M. Dershowitz

3.) Adolf Hitler

4.) George Mason

5.) James Madison

6.) Mao Zedong

7.) Frederick Douglass

8.) Benito Mussolini

9.) Niccolo Machiavelli

10.) Diane Feinstein

11.) Saint Augustine

12.) Vladimir Lenin

13.) Joe Wurzelbacher

14.) Rosie O'Donnell

15.) Thomas Sowell

16.) George Orwell

17.) Joseph Stalin

18.) Clint Eastwood

19.) Barack Obama

20.) Ronald Reagan

Stunning Ruling Proves England Doesn't Believe in Freedom of Speech

REPORT: Countless Sane People Flee California

Noose Tightens in Search for White House Leaker

YouTube Cracks Down on Pro-Gun Videos

Fired FBI Official Ordered Secret Investigation of Sessions

More California Cities Look to Scrap Sanctuary State Law

Bombshell Video of Farrakhan and Maxine Waters LEAKED

You'll Never Believe What Some Lawmakers Did to Prevent a Vote

Guess Who's Footing the Bill for School's 'White Privilege Conference'

Illegal Immigrants Who Escaped ICE Thanks to Dem Warning Already Re-Arrested

Students Triggered by Catholicism at Catholic University

Gun Control Fail: Maryland Shooter Prohibited From Possessing Handgun

California Sheriff Slams State's 'Spectacular Failures'

Man Paralyzed Three Separate Times Ready for Boston Marathon

Ex-Marine Charged in Violent Attack of Seth Rich Investigator

Troop-Bashing Teacher Gets Pink Slip

Broward Deputy Guarding Parkland High School Suspended for Napping

Cops Investigate Mother for Having Negative Opinion of Teen's Sex Reassignment Surgery

[VIDEO] Obama Team Caught Bragging About Exploiting Facebook

Suspect in Austin Bombings Dead

'Ashamed' Fox News Commentator Quits, Denounces Trump

Taliban Hostage Steals Gun And Opens Fire While Captors Pray

Correspondence Implies Blackmail of Congress Members in House Hacking Case

Lawmaker Leads the Fight Against Child Sex Robots

French President Detained Over Bribes From Terrorist-Harboring Dictator

MUST-SEE: Parkland Survivor Schools Piers Morgan on Guns

Powerful Groups Lobby Dems to Circle the Wagons for Farrakhan

[VIDEO] Another Explosion Rocks Texas

Supermarket Will No Longer Sell Magazines FEATURING 'Assault Weapons'

UPDATE: Armed Resource Officer Stopped School Shooter Immediately

BREAKING: Shooting Reported at Maryland High School

Dem Claims Sign Honoring Civil War General Offends 'Women's Dignity'

NEW REPORT Which Country is the Happiest Country in the World?

IRS Documents 1.3 Million Cases of Illegal Immigrant Identity Fraud

Supreme Court Hands Dreamers BIG WIN

Self-Driving Uber Involved in Fatal Crash

Black Lives Matter Leader Pleads Guilty to MORE Sex Abuse Charges

Guess How Much Hillary's India Trip Cost Taxpayers

WATCH: Syrup Flies in IHOP Brawl

Dem Suggests Second Amendment Remedy to Trump

Liberal Media Outlet Caught Red-Handed Discriminating

California City Seeks Exemption From Sanctuary State Policies

High Schoolers Suspended Over Gun-Friendly Photo

[VIDEO] Major City on Edge After Another Mysterious Explosion

[VIDEO] Dem Under Fire for Blaming Snow on INSANE Conspiracy

Student Suspended for Refusing to Partake in Gun Control Walkout

Mueller Under Attack as Investigation Intensifies

This Lottery Ticket is the Most Valuable Piece of Paper on Earth

Cancer-Stricken Nun Broke After Legal Battle With Liberal Celebrity

[VIDEO] Michigan's Amazing Buzzer Beater

Superstore to Stop Selling Guns, Ammo

WATCH Pelosi Shows Massive Confusion

US Military Brings the PAIN to ISIS

Utah RINO Gets More Than He Bargained For

Hillary Injured in India

[VIDEO] ANOTHER Anti-Gun Rally Turns Violent

Kate Steinle's Illegal Immigrant Killer's Next Move is REPREHENSIBLE

In a First, Illegal Immigrant Gets Appointed to Statewide Office in...

Sheriff's Deputy Pleads Guilty to Deplorable Charges

BREAKING: Oldest Current Member of Congress Dies

You'll be Seeing This Fox News Face for a Long Time

Guess Who Oakland's Mayor Talked to Before Warning Illegal Immigrants About ICE Raid

Clock Boy's Lawsuit BOMBS

Shaquille O'Neal Stands Up for Gun Rights

FBI Refused to Charge Islamist Teen BEFORE Vicious Murder

WATCH: One Anti-Gun Student Protest Missed the Point of a Non-Violent Demonstration

Restaurant Pressures Every White Customer With Shocking Question

Judge FORCES Broward Sheriff to Release Video of Cowardly Deputy

Haley Sets UN on Fire: If You Don't Act, We Will

Trump Sends Unmistakable Message to PETA

BREAKING: Senate Candidate SWITCHES Races!

BEYOND OFFENSIVE: CNN's Latest Attack on ICE Belittles Holocaust Victims

You Won't Believe What Brought Down ESPN's President

Business Owner Arrested for Shooting Shoplifters at HIS Store

GOP Primary Shocker

[VIDEO] Desperate Dem Warren Doubles Down on Indian Heritage

Islamic Extremist Teen's Stabbing Spree IGNORED by Media

How Political Correctness Enabled THIS Child Sex Ring to Grow

ANOTHER Dog Disaster From Anti-Gun Airline

Federal Court Delivers DEVASTATING BLOW to Open Borders Crowd

Tucker Shatters Media Narrative on Illegal Immigrant Sob Story

Even Hillary's Former Campaign Manager is Sickened by THIS

Anti-Gun Airline Forced Passenger to Put Dog in Overhead Bin. Then, Tragedy Struck.

Another Putin Critic Found Dead

BREAKING Legendary Physicist Stephen Hawking Dead

BREAKING: Dem Declares Victory in Pennsylvania, But...

2020 Dem Contender's Aide FACES 50 Years Behind Bars

Deputies Won't Receive Body Armor Because Sheriff Refuses ICE's Help

[MUST-SEE] Hillary's Long Struggle With Gravity

City-Turned-Warzone Wastes Taxpayer Money on Anti-Gun Field Trip

Teachers CAUGHT Letting Students Act Out Violent Fantasies on Trump

Did Munchkins Unleash the Unthinkable on Dorothy?!

Blue State Shoots Down U.S. Energy, TURNS to Russia

WATCH: The Moment One Gang Banger Met His Maker in Court

CAN'T-MISS: Stairs 2, Hillary 0

House GOP Drops Bomb on Dem Impeachment Dream

Trump Sacks Senior Official

[VIDEO] Bitter Hillary Trashes Heartland

BREAKING: Dem Accused of Violating Finance Law on Election Eve

RINO Suing Big Oil for 'First Degree Murder'

One of the Last Nazi War Criminals Dies Before Starting Sentence

One President Makes Ultimate Threat to United Nations

DEVELOPING: Deadly Texas Package Bombings Linked

Baltimore Using Taxpayer $$$ to Defend Illegal Immigrants

Sanctuary City Helps Illegal Immigrant Killer Avoid Capture

Alabama Man Pleads GUILTY to Terrorist Plot

Frontrunner Poised to be Trump's Next Economic Adviser

Conservative Detained Over Political Beliefs

Latest Gerber Baby Emboldens Pro-Lifers

China's Incompetence Poses Potential Toxic Risk to US

Anti-Trump Activist GUILTY on Sex Abuse Charges

[VIDEO] US Military Encounter With UFO Stuns Pilots

Sexual Assault Survivor Fired for Concealed Carry Permit

Trump DOJ Makes MAJOR Announcement About Guns

NRA Files Lawsuit Against GOP Gov.

Illegal Immigrant in Fatal Crash May Walk Free

UPDATE: Senator's Liberal Attacker Pleads Guilty

University Doesn't Want to be Associated With US Flag

San Fran Coffee Shop Offers Safe Space for Cop Haters

Dem Under Investigation for Virtue Signaling, Anti-Gun Stunt

Leader in Bundy Standoff Launches Campaign for Governor

[VIDEO] Cops Crack Down on Strangest Fight of the Year

Arlington Cemetery Could Be Running Out of Space

Trump Pardons Serviceman for This Crime

New Alliances Emerge in Syrian Civil War

Disgraced Deputy Caught Red-Handed Lying About Florida Massacre

The Untold Story of Obama's Failed Response to Russian Meddling

Liberal Media Admits Trump May Go Down as 'Great President'

Democrat's Number 3 Linked to Hitler-Loving Hate Leader

Anti-Gun Airline Gets Hit With MORE Brutal News

Dems Who Ignored Benghazi Suddenly Outraged by THIS

IRS Agent Accused of the Unthinkable

Activist Judge Lets Children Sue Trump

School District FORCED to Reveal Correspondence With Radical Muslim Group

U.S. Steel Reveals BIG PLANS After Trump Tariff

Former Presidential Candidate Under NEW Investigation

Cops Punished for Response to School Shooting, But Not for What You Think

Socialist Mayor Calls for MORE Nepotism

Iranian Missiles Pose Renewed Threat to Israel

Tillerson: China Is Spreading Its Influence in Africa

NATO Is Seriously Outnumbered in Europe

Pot-Puffing Dem in Hot Water

School OKs Concealed Carry AND the Results are Breathtaking

Newspaper to Warren: Take That DNA Test, Pocahontas

Communist Chinese Are Influencing College Students

Is the Mexican Army Allied with the Cartels?

New Details in Russian Assassination Plot

MUST-SEE: Ted Cruz Owns MSNBC on Gun Rights

Feminist Private Island is Giving Men the Cold Shoulder

Country Votes to Confiscate Land From White Farmers

BREAKING: Trump DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents

Leftist Google Sued for Discrimination

What Came Before the Dawn of Time? Stephen Hawking Says He Has the Answer.

BREAKING: Trump Sues Sanctuary State

Has the Amelia Earhart Mystery Finally Been Solved?

Federal Judge Secures MAJOR WIN for Trump

Women's March Leader's Ties to Hate Group REVEALED

Diplomat Who Ignited Trump-Russia Probe Tied to Clintons

Parkland Shooting Hero Reveals Plan to Sue Sheriff, School

Biden Drama: Son Sleeping With Dead Bro's Wife

Russia's SHOCKING Assassination Plot

Liberal Media Forced to Acknowledge Successful North Korea Policy

Sharia Supremacist Calls for End of Second Amendment

Dem Pleads Guilty to Felony, Resigns

Judge Gives Surprise Ruling on Funds for Sanctuary State

Dems Pitch 50 Percent Tax on Guns, Ammo

Retailers Sued Over New Gun Sale Policies

Leading Democrat Promises Reparations if Liberals Win

Parking Lot Paved Over Cemetery With 5,000 Americans

WATCH: FBI Told of Possible Breach of Clinton Email Server, NEVER Followed Up

Sunken WWII US Aircraft Carrier Discovered by Billionaire Explorer

Lawsuit Unveils ESPN's Predators

BREAKING: Liberal Republican Resigns

Russian Spy Clings to Life After Being Poisoned by 'Unknown Substance'

'Let Him Arrest Me': Ex-Trump Aide Smacks Down Mueller Subpoena

Republican's Harsh Truth on Gun Violence Stuns Second Amendment Snowflakes

Iran's Supreme Leader Becomes Latest 'Expert' to Approve Disarming Citizens

[VIDEO] Dolly Parton's Brutal Response Blindsides Liberal Reporter

Airline Doubles Down After Dumping NRA, Losing Millions

What Hillary Did After Seeing 'Black Panther' was Downright Offensive

Google's Top Search Result for Pro-Life Groups Will Stun You

Florida Braces for Final Vote on Gun Control Today

Creepy Facebook Posts Come Back to Haunt Democrat Hopeful

Firearm Company Has Perfect Response to Dick's Sporting Good's New Gun Policy

You'll Never Guess How Much This Illegal Immigrant Defrauded Taxpayers

M*A*S*H Star Dies

Liberals Just Gave You Another Reason to Skip the Oscars

Gunman Commits Suicide at White House

Pervy Dem Switches Parties After Being Outed

Teacher CAUGHT Trying to Create Jihadist Child Army

Leading Dem Opposes Judge Because He's White

Troubles Mount for Convicted Democrat

Airline LOSES BIG Over Anti-Second Amendment Stance


CNN: Say, Farrakhan Seems Pretty Popular With Women's March Founders

BREAKING: Tea Party Darling Running Again

Fox News Heavyweight Fires Back at Trump

Progressive Network's Anti-Christian Co-Host Gets Nasty Surprise

Liberal Restaurant Asks Whites to Pay More

OUTED: Left-Wing Commies Police Internet

DEVELOPING: Shooting at Michigan University, Suspect at Large

BREAKING: Anti-Gun Sheriff Getting Sued

Pedophile Serving 300 Years WALKS FREE on Technicality

Leading Dem Slams ICE for Arresting 'Law-Abiding, Patriotic' Illegals

Bernie Caught Colluding With Foreign Power

Republicans Stop Activist Judges Dead in Their Tracks

White House Furious Over Carson's Expensive Tastes

Trump Fires One of Obama's Most Powerful Swamp Slugs

Is Iran Using Your Phone's Apps to Spy on You?

Idiot Caught After Bragging About Trump Jr. White Powder Attack on Facebook

RINO Partners With Dem for 'Assault Weapons' Ban

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Illegal Immigrants

Another Retail Giant Goes All-In for Gun Control

Needle and Feces Infested Sanctuary State Ranked Dead Last

Leftist Mayor-Turned-Gang Lookout Faces Criminal Investigation

Elvis Presley Runs for Congress

Top Dem Helps Hundreds of Illegals Escape

Trump's Close Confidant to Step Aside

Another State Moves Closer to Sanctuary Status


What Possessed the FBI to Let Suspected Hacker Leave the Country

Obama Disses Memory of Legendary Minister

Look How Much NYC's Payout to Arrested Muslims Cost Taxpayers

Marines Hospitalized After Chemical Attack on Base

More Proof the #BrowardCoward Sheriff Israel is a Case Study in Failed Leadership

Students Attack Cops, Civilians as Gun Control Rally Gets Violent

MS-13 Monsters Stun Courtroom in Shocking Outburst

Sporting Goods Giant Caves to Anti-Gun Hysteria

GOP Rep Deserts Conservatives on Gun Control

Ex-Fox News Star Files Run for Congress

You Won't Believe How the Latino Judge in the Trump Border Wall Case Ruled

SHOCK: Illegal Alien Voters Swarm THIS Swing State

Trump's Big Announcement About 2020

CNN Mansplains Why Women Can't Carry Guns

Obama Unleashed After Secret Speech Leaks

#BrowardCoward Told Deputies NOT to Enter School Unless

A-List Star Slams Disgusting Dems

Liberal Loon's Office Overrun With Sex, Booze, and Fights

FedEx's Epic Response to NRA Boycott

Dems Introduce Assault Weapons Ban

Trump's Final Plan for the Military Parade

Dems Move In For MASSIVE Gun Ban

DREAMer Arrested for Violently Threatening Schoolchildren

Antifa Actively Recruiting Students With Mental Illnesses

Florida Gun Show Draws Record Crowd

A List of Companies Boycotting the NRA

1.) Delta Airlines

2.) United Airlines

3.) Enterprise Holdings Inc.

4.) Allied and North American Van Lines

5.) First National Bank of Omaha

6.) MetLife Inc.

7.) Wyndham Hotels

​8.) Avis and Budget Car Rental

9.) Hertz Corp.

10.) Best Western

CPAC Warns Against China's Cyber War

Supreme Court Sides With Illegals

Student Confronts Broward Sheriff's Deputy: 'You Could Have Saved a Lot of Lives'

Big City Mayor Commits Felony by Warning Illegal Aliens

REPORT: Rampant Sexual Misconduct at Comey-Led FBI

WATCH: Father of Girl Killed in School Shooting Destroys Media for Pushing False Narrative

Were the Florida Sheriff's Deputies Ordered to Stand Down?

Former Employee: Google Thinks THIS of All Southerners

Longtime Politician Leaves Democratic Party

Anti-Gun Sheriff Has Long History of Public Corruption

North Korea's Olympic Cheerleaders Await Tragic Fate

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem to Open Sooner Than Expected

Famous RINO’s Pal Won’t Disclose Role in Anti-Trump Dossier

Wait Till You See What CNN is Criticizing Trump for Today

MORE Sheriff Deputies 'Hid' During School Shooting

Dark Web Drug Ring Uncovered at Naval Academy

CNN Calls School Shooting Survivor 'Liar'

Trying to Lose Weight? Move to Venezuela!

Trump Rolls Out New North Korean Sanctions

This is Why Gun Control is a Failure

Marine Corps Lowers Infantry Standards

BREAKING: Governor Indicted

UPDATE: Five Killers the FBI Ignored AND Failed to Stop

NEW) Nikolaus Cruz

Trump Unveils Big Plans and Tree-Huggers are Scrambling

Dems Give 'Pocahontas' Elizabeth Warren Stunning Ultimatum

Sheriff's Deputy Who Arrived at School Shooting 'Never Went In'

Dad Mocked for Trump Shirt Stays Above the Fray After Heartbreak

WATCH: Pro-Trump Super PAC's Ad Shreds Liberals' Anti-Gun Agenda

Nurses Who Let WWII Veteran Die Gets Big Time Punishment

IT BEGINS: DHS Starts Construction on 30-Foot Border Wall

Cops Make HORRIFYING Discovery in Liberal Teacher's Apartment

WATCH: Ex-Navy SEAL Gives Best Defense of AR-15 Ever

Iran Threatens Israel With Horrific Fate

Attempted Attack at Nuclear Sub Base

CNN Silent While Town Hall Crowd Boos Rape Survivor

Disabled Transgender Sues Google

Judge Sentenced for Giving Leniency in Exchange for Vile Acts

Frisky Feminist Lawmaker Refuses to Resign

Student Threatens to 'Shoot Up' School – What Police Discover After is Chilling

Nursing Home Hires Pole Dancers in Jaw-Dropping Move

[VIDEO] FL Shooting Hero Calls Out CNN, 'Scripted Questions'

Blue State Proposes Letting Grade Schoolers Choose Own Gender and Race

West Point Bestows Highest Honor on Army Cadet Slain in Florida Shooting

Trump Moves to Regulate Bump Stocks

New North Korean Threat Looming

Mattis Speaks on the Future of Warfare

DISGUSTING: Leftist Writer Disparages Billy Graham

Liberal S***hole: City Spends Big Bucks Cleaning Up Feces & Needles

FIREWORKS: Meghan McCain Confronts Anti-Trump ESPN Journo

Four Killers the FBI Ignored AND Failed to Stop

1. ) Omar Mateen

2.) Nidal Hasan

3.) 2001 Anthrax Attacks

4.) Boston Marathon Bombers

5.) Ted Kaczynski

Russian Trolls Favored This Liberal Loon Over All Others

New Hot Ticket for Teachers: Concealed Carry Classes

You Won't Believe What This Illegal Alien Did With His Goat

Texas School Has Zero Tolerance for Gun Control Protesters

What This Retired Garbage Man Makes Will Floor You

CNN Gets Absolutely Destroyed for What They Did to This Trump Supporter

Conservative Parents Lose Custody of Girl Who Wants to be Boy

CNN's Cuomo Explodes After Pushing False Story About Guns

Billy Graham's Speech 'Three Things You Cannot Do Without'

BREAKING Evangelist Billy Graham Dies

Liberal Actor Goes on Sexist Rant Against Fox News Star

Marines Quietly Make Training Easier for Female Cadets

Teacher Fired After Stunning Altercation With Student

Sheriff Who Allows Teachers to Pack Heat Mops the Floor With MSNBC Host

VIDEO: Russian Mercenaries Obliterated by U.S. Airstrikes

Male Transgender Wrestler Set to Win Second Title in Women's Division

Nikki Haley Fires Back At UN Over Israel

Marine Training in Thailand Takes Unexpected Turn

West Point Honors Shooting Victim in Powerful Way

Vile Billboard Sends Wake-Up Call to Gun Owners Everywhere

Mike Rowe's Thoughts on Florida Shooting are the Best You'll Hear

Olympians Who Dissed Trump Go Down in Flames

New Poll Shows SHOCKING Reversal for GOP Tax Law

Mueller Brings New Charges in Russia Probe

Ted Cruz Destroys CNN Over Gun Control Fake News

Is This Supreme Court Justice About to Retire?!

School Goes Ahead With Raffle Sure to Make Lefists' Heads Explode

Farty Passenger Forces Pilot to Take Drastic Action

CPAC's Can't-Miss Speakers

1.) Judge Jeanine Pirro

2.) Rob O'Neill

3.) Ben Shapiro

4.) Mark Levin

5.) Katie Pavlich

6.) Michelle Malkin

7.) Nigel Farage

8.) Dana Loesch

9.) Tom Fitton

10.) John Bolton

11.) Ted Cruz

12.) Mick Mulvaney

13.) Sean Hannity

14.) Vice President Mike Pence

15.) President Donald Trump

Asian Leader Offers Bounty for Dead Reds

Military Fights with Congress Over New Budget

America Finds Surprising Ally in Syrian Civil War

Another Scandal Hits #MeToo Dem

Liberal Filmmaker Proven to be Kremlin Stooge

Anti-Gun Dem Forced 17-Year-Old to do the Unthinkable After Torrid Affair

Judge Deals Huge Blow to Firm Behind Anti-Trump Dossier

Conservative Icon Supports Amnesty Under ONE Condition

Students at TX School 'Feel Safe' Everyday. The Reason Infuriates Liberals.

WATCH: You Won't Believe Who Absolutely Butchered the National Anthem

Another Dem's Ties to Islamic Extremists EXPOSED

WATCH: Chicago Inmates Applaud Thug Suspected of Monstrous Crime

Father Goes to Great Lengths to Get Revenge on Child Predator

NBA Goes Scorched Earth Against Fox News Legend

Liberal Media Claims NRA Trained Florida Shooter. Here's the Truth.

Fast Food Employee Shouts 'F*** the Police' at Cop. It Doesn't End Well.

Man Who Accused Democrat of Sex Abuse Found Dead

Lib Reporter: Fewer Mass Shootings if Babies Were Aborted En Masse

Trump's Deportation Squad Nabs Shocking Number of Violent Criminals

MS-13 Dreamers Charged With Unspeakable Crime

Trump's Deportation Squad Descends on Sanctuary City

Planned Parenthood Sues for Right to Abort Down Syndrome Babies

Liberals Torment Father of Shooting Victim – Because He Supports Trump

Threats Explode Against Top Trump Official

UPDATE: Florida Shooter Didn't Have Ties to White Nationalists

FBI's Statement on Florida Shooter Will Blow Your Mind

University Cancels Free Speech Class After Snowflakes Get Offended

Seriously? MSNBC Compares Trump to History's Greatest Villain

Here are the Gun-Grabbing Bills in Congress

China's Continental Domination Plan Revealed

Is Our Military Too Small or Too Stretched?

Another Dem Gets Busted for Misconduct

Liberals Pressure Illegal Immigrant to Undergo Horrific Procedure

Pence Smacks Liberal Network's Christian Bigots

War to Break Out in South America?

US Commander Issues This Warning to Talibans

Liberal Group Wants to Stop Troops Overseas From Voting

#MeToo Dem Hit With NEW Claims of Misconduct

ABC's Hit Show Mocks Christianity AGAIN

US Air Strike Blows Up A New Kind of Enemy

U.N. in PANIC After Report Shows They Enabled Pedophilia

CNN Reveals the Depths of Their Stupidity With Gun Tweet

POLL: Trump-Led GOP Soaring

Republican Congress Expertly Trolls Pelosi

Scientists Detect NEW Mysterious, Radioactive Substance on U.S. Soil

Watch Cops Grill Senator for Monstrous Sex Crime

[VIDEO] Florida Shooting Update: More Disturbing Info Revealed

This State Wants to Issue Their Own Green Cards

NSA Shooting: Here's What We Know

China's Plan for Pacific Domination

Here's What Mattis is Doing to Stop War with Turkey

BREAKING: Shooter Unloads at School in S. Florida

SHOCK POLL Could Spell Doom for Obama's Legacy

This Country is Working Overtime to 'Stop Soros'

Airline Passengers Look Out Mid-Flight to Horrifying Scene

REPORT: Putin Approved Russian Attack on U.S. Troops

DNC #2's Ties to Nation of Islam Just Got Way Worse

[VIDEO] CIA Director: NY Times Got Duped by Russia

Here's What the Disturbing Letter Containing White Powder Sent to Donald Trump Jr. Said

Pence Mocked for Looking Sad… at Nazi Concentration Camp

High Schoolers Ban National Anthem

BREAKING: Shooting Reported at NSA Headquarters

Legendary Comedian Praises GOP Tax Reform

American Hero Dies in Hail of Gunfire

U.S. Reportedly Kills 100 Russian Mercenaries in Syria Assault

Major Media Outlets Caught Romanticizing N. Korea's Slave State

1.) The New York Times

2.) CNN

3.) ABC News

4.) PBS

5.) Washington Post

6.) NBC News

7.) Time

8.) Wall Street Journal

Judge Orders Release of Sealed Clinton Docs

Drunk Illegal Immigrant Blamed for Crash that Killed Toddler

Artist Who Painted Obama's Portrait Known for Depicting Blacks Decapitating Whites

Senators Question Suspicious Memo Obama Aide Sent Herself Inauguration Day

Super Bowl Champ Goes Missing

Family Wants Answers in Escort's Death at Dem Donor's Apartment

Feds Just Made History in Tax Collection Thanks to Trump

WATCH: Woman Complains That ICE is Deporting Illegal Aliens

DNC Bigwig Reportedly Parties With Farrakhan, Iran's Supreme Leader

Memorial to Fallen Officers Sparks Protest on College Campus

Royal Wedding Snubs Trump, Invites Obamas

Ex-Obama Advisor EXPOSED as Flithy Degenerate

CNN Prepares for Mass Layoffs

Trump Jr.'s Wife Sent to Hospital After White Powder Fright

New App Helps Illegals Cross the Border UNDETECTED

Super Progressive Nonprofit Accused of 'Caligula-Style' Orgies

Special Ed Teacher Accused of Continuously Raping Student

CNN Ripped for Glowing N. Korea Coverage

Police-Bashing NFL Anthem Kneeler BUSTED

Students Asked to Draw and Color Themselves as Slaves

Stranger Spanks 2-Year-Old at Grocery Store

Cash From Obama's Iran Ransom Traced to Terror Groups

[VIDEO] Hillary Fights Off Grim Reaper to Make This Promise

Chinese Tanker Filled With Dead Americans DISCOVERED

WATCH: Tucker Drops a Nuke on Pro-Hijab Feminist

Majority Think Feds Broke Law to Hurt Trump

Anti-Hooker Lawmaker Found in Compromising Situation

Top University Hosts 'Pederastic' Lecture on Sex Between Grown Men, Young Boys

#MeToo Dem Caught in the Grasp of Hypocritical Scandal

America Begins Exporting THIS to the Middle East

Has-Been Actress Calls for Repeat Assault on Rand Paul

Dreamers Threaten to Self-Deport

Democrats Panic Over Pelosi's Incoherent Stunt

ANOTHER Longtime Comey Confidant Out at FBI

NYPD Ignored Thousands of Requests to Detain Illegals From Trump

Drag Queens Welcome, Christian Conservatives Aren't, University Says

Teacher: It's Unconstitutional to Prohibit Us From Sleeping With Students

Trump Shocker: Beats Obama in Approval

Handsy Harvey's Arrest Imminent?

Trump's Mad Dog Deals With Terrorist Personally After Assassination Attempt

Key Justice Dept. Official in Clinton Email Probe RESIGNS

Airline Forces Passenger to do the Unthinkable to Unlikeliest Support Animal

Soros' Diabolical Plot EXPOSED

BREAKING: Chipotle Joins the Pro-Tax Cut Brigade

Washed-Up Celebrity Compares Fighting Trump to the Civil War

Cancer-Stricken FBI Informant Exposes Shocking Clinton Plot

Muslim Student Wants Another Student Expelled for NOT Wearing Hijab

World War II Vet, Pearl Harbor Survivor Gets College Degree

Comey's Lackey Leaves FBI. The Invite for His Send-Off Will Disturb You.

REPORT: Each Resettled Refugee Costs Taxpayers THIS Much

Pelosi Launches Rambling, Stuttering Filibuster

America's Most Wanted List

1.) Mohamed Hesham Youssef

2.) Denise Harvey

3.) Prakashanand Saraswati

4.) Catherine Marie Kerkow

5.) Joseph J. Henn

6.) Donna Joan Borup

7.) Ahmad Abousamra

8.) Paul Jeffrey Anderson

9.) Joseph Mahmoud Dibee & Josephine Sunshine Overtaker

10.) Nassar Alavi

11.) Walter Richard Roberts

12.) Yaser Abdel Said

13.) Santiago 'Pucho' Villalba Mederos

14.) Mark Stephen Bauman

15.) BONUS: William Lee Copp

[VIDEO] New Memo Makes Shocking Allegation Against Clintons

Baltimore FINALLY Experiences Homicide-Free Weekend

Liberal Loon Hints at 2020 Plans

Meet America's Most Persistent Illegal Alien

Elementary School Principal Now ID's as Male AND Female

Uncovered Text From Anti-Trump FBI Implicates Obama

Top-Tier Dem Caught Being Racist

Black Lives Matter Leader Murdered

Black Americans Overwhelming Support Key Component of Trump Agenda

School Cans Father-Daughter Dance Over Gender Issues

HORROR: Fake Doc Infects 33 Patients With HIV

Trump Drops the Hammer: Wants Shutdown Over Immigration

You Won't Believe What This Palestinian Official Told Nikki Haley

BREAKING: China Moves 300K Troops to N.Korean Border

Canadian PM Surrenders His Manhood to Feminazis

Surprise Gay Wedding Cake Ruling Rocks California

REPORT: Three Percent of High Schoolers ID as Transgender

Court Rules Devastating Blow to Hillary's Greatest Enemy

LISTEN: Oscar Winner Defends Child Rapist

See Why $590M Lottery Winner is REFUSING Her Prize

Will This Video Spell Doom for Dems Come November?

Fox Host Drops Bomb on Clinton/Obama Mafia

Super Bowl MVP Has Higher Calling

SHOCK: Comey's FBI Dragged Out Child Sex Abuse Ring Investigation

[VIDEO] Good Guy With Gun Stops Attack on Police

Play Canceled After White Student Lands Lead Role

You'll Never Guess Who Kaepernick is Raising Money For

Pence's Olympic Guest Sends Unmistakable Message to North Korea

REPORT: Pope Knew About Chilean Clergy Child Predators

Illegal Immigrant Kills NFL Superstar in Drunk Driving Rampage

MUST-SEE: Jimmy Kimmel Just Spit in the Face of Conservatives

Cop Asked to Leave 'Gun Free Zone' for Carrying His Service Weapon

WATCH: Did the FBI Just Declare War on Trump?!

Steve King's Dire Memo Warning

Pelosi Doubles Down on Moronic Comment

REPORT: NFL Gave Players 'Hush Money' to Keep Them From THIS

Trump's Approval Skyrockets

Lost Dog Reunites With Family After 10 Years

The Top 9 Jaw-Dropping Kennedy Scandals

1.) Joe Sr. Fawns Over Hitler

2.) JFK & Bobby Shatter Marilyn Monroe's Fragile Mental State

3.) Joe Sr. Lobotomizes His Daughter

4.) Chappaquiddick

5.) Teddy Turns His Wife Into an Alcoholic

6.) Michael Kennedy: Child Predator (JK, He's a Kennedy)

7.) William Accused of Rape by Four Women

8.) Joe Kennedy II Pulls a Fast One on His Wife

9.) BONUS: JFK's Rigged Election?

[VIDEO] Nunes Exposes Comey's Huge Lie

Black Lives Matter Issues Super Bowl Warning

MSNBC: Time for 'Revolution' to Stop 'Dictator' Trump

2X Deported Illegal Alien Baby Killer Arrested Again

Arrest Made in Connection With Vegas Massacre

Episcopal Church Stops Using Masculine Pronouns for God

PETA Urges Meat-Loving Philly to Go Vegan for Super Bowl

Stocks Plummet in Biggest Drop in YEARS

First They Attacked Veterans. Now, the NFL Defends Kim Jong-Un.

Blue State Plans to Sue Trump Over THIS

Bitter Feminists Target Hot Cheerleaders. Meet Their First Victims.

Obama Surveillance Memo Released – READ IT HERE

Liberal Media Finally Turns On Disgraceful Anti-Trump Author

Stephen King Calls GOP Train Crash 'Karma' But His Apology is Worse

[VIDEO] BREAKING Convicted Sexual Predator Attacked in Court

100K Patriots Demand NFL Reverse Its Un-American Decision

Was America's Most Famous Hijacker Working For The CIA?

Trump's Chief Deporter Puts Them ON BLAST

Planned Parenthood Challenges Physicians' Right NOT To Perform Abortions

New Twist In Legendary Hollywood Murder Mystery

CONFIRMED: Trump To Declassify Infamous Memo

Scandal-Ridden Dem Drops Re-Election Bid

Chelsea Clinton Congratulates Mom For Condemning Sexual Harassment – Decades Late

Dems Throw Hail Mary To Stop Release Of Obama Memo

POLL: Support For Trump, GOP Soars

The Resistance Is DEAD BROKE

Clinton Crime Continued: A Clinton Goes To Jail

Hamas Co-Founder Meets Allah In Idiotic Fashion

MSNBC Triggered By Words Like 'Family' And 'Church'

WHAT?! Gowdy Has Big Announcement And It's BAD NEWS

NJ Dem Caught RED-HANDED Violating House Ethics

BREAKING: Justice Dept. Won't Retry Corrupt Dem Senator

Train Full Of GOP Congressmen Involved In Severe Accident

Trump Reveals He's Planning To Unveil Their Secrets And Destroy Them

Coulter's Tweet Shredding Joe Kennedy Says What We All Need To Hear

CNN Smears Own Poll Showing Positive Reaction To SOTU

Hillary Addressed Sex Harassment Scandal MINUTES Before Trump's Speech. Here's What She Said.

Markets Skyrocket After Trump's Speech

SHOCK: Dreamers Arrested For Human Smuggling

Red State Dems KILL 20-Week Abortion Ban

Exxon Mobil Announces Best Response To Trump Tax Cut Yet

January’s Worst Examples Of Liberal Media Bias

1.) HBO Host Likens ICE To 'Gestapo'

2.) ABC, NBC Ignore Hillary Covering For Another Sexual Predator

3.) ABC, NBC (Again) Skip Obama Photo With Jew Hater

4.) CNN Promotes Cuckolding (Seriously)

5.) Morning Joe: FBI 'Conspiracy Theories' Aid Terrorists

6.) Comey To Teach 'Ethical Leadership' – Press Misses Irony

7.) Media Ignores NFL's Decision To Insult Every Veteran In America

8.) MSNBC: Trump A Danger To Children And Non-Whites

9.) NYT Demands New Law To Prevent Trump From Nuking Us All

Liberals Protest War Movies For Promoting 'Toxic Masculinity'

ESPN Declares Norte Dame's Beloved Mascot Offensive

FBI Working On SECOND Anti-Trump Dossier Written By Clinton Hatchet Man

Liberals Turn On Pelosi Over Race-Baiting Tactics

College Students Hated Trump's SOTU Speech, Which Hasn't Happened Yet

Professor Tells Black Students To Claim Race As 'Disability'

21M Prescription Painkillers Flood Small Town

WATCH: Pelosi Turns Into Stuttering Mess Over THIS

Congress Poised To Vote On Releasing Secret Surveillance Memo

Liberals Brand NY Times 'White Supremacist Paper' – Wait Till You See Why

California's Plastic Straws Bill Would Make Them Illegal

Top Anti-Trump FBI Agent Quits

Leading Republican To Retire

BREAKING: Secret Memo Says Govt. Approved Spying On Trump Aide