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SHOCK: Conservative Off 'The View' After Asking Hillary Tough Questions

DON'T MISS: Pelosi Press Conference Shut Down By Angsty Liberals

REPORT: Man Repeatedly Raped Girl, Took Her To Planned Parenthood

ROCK THE VOTE: Foreign Nationals Indicted For Election Fraud

WATCH: Trump Delivers Strong Message To U.N.

HYPOCRITE ALERT: Obama Snagged $400G In Wall Street Speeches

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Hollywood For Politicizing Emmys

Friend Of Ex-Fox News Star's Dead Son Speaks Out: I Don't Think He...

NY Times: Boy Mowing White House Lawn Sends Wrong Signal On Child Labor

Time For Congress To End The Assault On Free Speech

Growing Fury Confronts Antifa Professor For 'Dead Cop' Tweets

Armed Men Try Robbing Bar. Who Was Inside Made That A Very Big Mistake.

World Famous Athlete Gets Political, Disses Liberals

Senator Says He Nearly Has The Votes For a HUGE Conservative Victory

Illegal Kills With Cop’s Stolen Gun [VIDEO]

SHOCKING DETAILS: Obama Spent $105M On Vacations In Office

Lefties Arrested AGAIN At Berkeley - See Their Hilarious Mugshots

RED ALERT: Kim Launches Another One

CEO Who Paid Bill Clinton $17M For Part-Time Work Resigns

Tired Of Waiting, Grandpa Goes On Roof, Tosses Burglar To Cops

Manhunt on in London

Motel 6 Steps Up To Combat Illegal Immigration

Leftists Deface Another 'Racist' Statue Honoring Author Of National Anthem

Illegals Caught With Hard Drugs Slapped On The Wrist

WATCH: Trump Makes 11-Year-Old's Dreams Come True

WOMEN'S RIGHTS? Hillary's Saudi Speech Omitted 'Freedom, Driving For Women'

After Backlash, Harvard Rescinds Honor To Traitor Chelsea Manning

WEINER'S COOKED! Dem's Last Ditch Ploy To Stay Out Of Jail Is Pathetic

Banned Conservative Speaker Returning With Liberal-Destroying Navy SEAL Team

Before Saying Trump’s Racist, ESPN’s Biggest Hack Got Suspended For Hitler Comment

REPORT: The Depravity Of Seattle's Liberal Mayor Will STUN You

DEAL WITH IT: Trump - If I Don't Get The Wall, Dems Won't Get...

School Tells Students Don't Chant 'USA' At Events - Could Be Offensive

PLAYING GOD: Scientists Aim To Revive Extinct Species

DACA Deal Confusion? Trump Says No.

Pot Lounges? Will Your State Be First In The Nation

UNBELIEVABLE: Antifa Activists Tell The Truth

Tax Reform Breakthrough? Trump Having Dinner With Dem Leaders Tonight

SHOCKING Images Show Armed Cartel Members Crossing The Border

UPDATE - Georgia Teacher Removed After Comparing Trump Slogan To Swastika

Liberals Championed This 'Brave' DREAMer... Then The Truth Came Out

City Grants Illegal Immigrants This SACRED Right [VIDEO]

Amazon Deletes One-Star Reviews Of Hillary's Book

REPORT: MULTIPLE Democrats Currently Involved In Child Sex Scandals

SECOND ACT: Former Cable News Titan Poised For A Comeback?

WATCH: Clinton State Dept. THREATENED Them Over Benghazi Security Concerns

UPDATE - Lawyer Quits After Wishing Betsy DeVos Gets Sexually Assaulted

Ex-Staffer May Get Immunity For 'Significant, Disturbing Story' About THIS Dem [VIDEO]

Clinton Chastises Women Who Didn't Vote For Her

BAD SOCIALIST: Sanders Owes $450,000 To Cities Across The Country

Politician Living In Section 8 Apt Yanks Pics Of Hubby Enjoying Family Yacht

ESPN Can't Ignore Its Problem With Unhinged Liberals After THIS...

WashPo: Illegal Immigrants Needed Because Other Minorities Won't Do The Jobs

REPORT: Guess Which Conservative Star Is Getting Their Own Fox News Show

Gen. Kelly OBLITERATES Democrat Who Called Him 'Disgrace To The Uniform'

NFL Legend's Powerful Message To Players Who Might Kneel Tonight

WATCH: CBS Used Color Adjustments To Make Steve Bannon Look Diabolical

Republican's SURPRISING Announcement Gives Dems Hope

BREAKING: Judge Orders Clinton Lawyers Face Bar Investigation

Civil Rights Lawyer Threatens Betsy DeVos With Rape

Restaurant Posts This 'Politically Incorrect' Sign. It's Generating A LOT Of Buzz.

Would War With North Korea Be Catastrophic - Here's How Bad It Could Get

WATCH: As Irma Pounded Miami, One Daredevil Couldn't Resist THIS...

[VIDEO] Trump at 9/11 Commemoration: 'Our Values Will Endure, Our Nation Will Prevail'

Kid Rock Gloats Over Sharpton's Troubles

Ray Kelly for DHS Secretary

Fox News Host Fired Over Claims Of Sexual Harassment

DEVELOPING... Is This White House Adviser On The Way Out?

Berkley Will Let Conservative Speak (Trauma Counselors WILL Be Available)

NYC Mayor Goes Full Communist In Tirade Against Private Property

Planned Parenthood Steps Into Buzzsaw Over DACA Response

BREAKING: Video Surfaces Of Hillary Saying Something AWKWARD About DREAMers

Maxine Waters Makes This OUTRAGEOUS Claim About Conservatives

CAN'T MISS VIDEO: Late-Night Host Destroys Hillary's New Book

Dem Facing Overwhelming Odds In Corruption Trial NOW Uses This Defense

Top Dem Claims Not To Know Enough To Call Antifa Terrorists - After His Antifa Son Is Arrested

TONE DEAF: Equifax Slaughtered on Twitter For Wishing Customers 'Happy Friday'

Clinton Tried Yoga, Alternative Breathing After Election Loss

Armed Thug Attempted Home Break In, But This Dad Was Ready

FBI Director Obliterates The Left's Narrative On Russia Probe

NFL Star: Cops Racially Profiled Me - Here's What He Failed To Mention

DEPLORABLE - Never Trumpers Hoping For Irma To Make A Direct Hit For ONE Reason

MASSIVE Credit Bureau Data Breach - Check To Make Sure You Are Safe!

You Won't Believe What This Movie Star Said About Hurricane Irma

Grandma Nixon? Hillary’s Enemies Emerge In Book [VIDEO]

MSNBC Host Drops A Truth Bomb on Bob Menendez

Transgender Rapist Now In Women's Jail Doing This

ISIS Has This New Plan To Attack The West

Porn Script Writer Becomes Mayor, Gets Impeached Immediately

Thug Tries To Rob Taco Bell, Gets A Special Employee Combo Instead

California Determined To Do Away With Gun Stores Altogether

Why The SEAL Team That Killed Bin Laden Should Terrify Kim Jong-un

VIDEO Changes Everything You Thought You Knew About Irma

Minnesota High School Changes Course, Allows American Flag Back On Campus

This Group Is Trying To Cancel Kid Rock Concerts

Poem Slamming God As A 'Lie' Given To Middle Schoolers. Fed-Up Parents Fire Back.

BREAKING: Longtime GOP Rep. Makes HUGE Announcement

Sacramento To Pay Gang Members Millions As Long As They Don't Do This...

SHOCK POLL Majority Of Americans What To See Clinton's FBI File

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Opens Up A Can Of Whoop A** On The View [VIDEO]

Clinton Pastor Punished For Plagiarism

US Army Apologizes for Dropping This on Afghanistan

TRIGGER WARNING: Professor Tells Students 'Make Love to the Earth' - On Taxpayers' Dime

Bitter Hillary: Bernie's Campaign 'Paved the Way' for Trump

U.S. Virgin Islands Lets National Guard Seize Private Guns, Ammo Ahead of Hurricane

Study: Female Hurricanes Deadlier Than Male Ones Because SEXISM

Child Star: My First Abortion 'Was My Best One'

What Now? GOP Eyes Legislative Fix as Trump Chooses DACA's Fate [VIDEO]

Worse Than Harvey? Irma Now a Category 5 and Charging Towards Florida

[VIDEO] Conservatives Balk at Plan to Tie Harvey Money to Debt Ceiling Vote

Top Senator’s Son Joins Antifa – Congrats Dad, You Raised a Terrorist!

Antifa Thugs Typically Hide Their Faces. Let’s Share Their Incredible Mug Shots!

[MUST-SEE] What This Teacher Did to Pro-Trump Students is DEPLORABLE

VIDEO High Ranking Dem Senator Is Very Confused

Russia Is Up To No Good, Again

Gay Arabs Banned from Pride Parade for This Insane Reason

Fake News Media Attacks National Anthem for this Ridiculous Reason

The Obama Admin Exploited DACA For The Democrats Gain

CNN's Token "Republican" Has A Dark Secret

Liberal Group Discriminates with Donations to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Obama Admin Ignored Major Warning About This Group

Glenn Beck's Bad Year Continues

Texas Will Now Allow Citizens To Open Carry Swords

Kid Rock Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Law

This Country Now Bans The Hijab

Paul Ryan Works To Save Dreamers

The Plot Thickens, Comey May Have Lied To Congress

HHS Makes Massive Cuts To Obamacare Advertising Budget

Taxpayers On The Hook For Over $1 Million Of Obama's Expenses

VIDEO Liberal Pundit Calls Antifa 'Vegan ISIS'

Judge Orders FBI To Release Some Clinton Docs

Clinton and Sanders Have More Fake Twitter Followers Than Real Ones

Dem Senator's Corruption Trial Starting Soon

REPORT Comey Made Decision To Not Prosecute Hillary, Before Interviewing Witnesses

Chick-Fil-A Sends A Boat To Rescue A Customer During Harvey

MSNBC Continues To Slam The Lost Dems

Southern Poverty Law Center Is Flush With Off Shore Cash

POLL Republican Voters Want The Wall Built

9 Pictures of Fox News' Newest Hire Show Us Who She Really IS

The $29 Million Clinton Payday

Labor Unions Are Taking Advantage Of Harvey

Planned Parenthood Tweet Backfires

German Leader Has No Regrets About Allowing Mass Immigration

US Navy Takes Out Missile During Test In Pacific

Major Voter Fraud Uncovered in Chicago

Pelosi Finally Condemns This Group

FBI Refuses To Release Clinton Docs, Cites Lack Of Public Interest

POLL Majority Of Americans Support Employment Requirement For Medicaid

Caitlyn Jenner Ambushed Over Trump Support

REPORT Obama Admin Hid Key Intelligence To Bolster Iran Nuke Deal

Twice Deported Immigrant Charged In Girlfriends Murder

This Major Beverage Company Helps Harvey Victims In A Big Way

Berkeley Mayor Thinks This Group Should Be Labeled A Gang

Police give stern warning to Houston looters

You Will Not Believe What Mexican Police Are Doing To Restore Public Trust

The List of Charities Trump Wants You To Donate To for Hurricane Harvey Relief

WAR? North Korea Just Shot Missiles Over This Country

A Year Late, Hillary Finally Visits Wisconsin

GOP Gov Signs Bill Helping Criminal Immigrants

Welfare Reform In Kansas Is A Huge Success

Houston Response Has Proven The Mainstream Media Wrong, Americans Are United

Mexico Offers Support To Texas, In Wake Of Harvey

This MSNBC Show Blasts Snowflakes

Controversial Aide Departs Trump White House, Slams Anti-Trump Forces

Dems whine about Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio

Trump Issues Strong New Sanctions

New York Times Caught Taking $1 Million “Anonymous Donation”

Liberal Media Claims Trump “Flunked” Hurricane Response — Before It Even Hits

BLM Founder Claims Trump Is Trying To Follow in Hitler's Footsteps

PETA's Attempt To Raise Awareness, BACKFIRES

Soros Is Trying To Influence This Race In A Big Way

University Implementing These Much Needed Courses, To Fight Civic Ignornace

Pelosi Is Confused, Here Is Why

ESPN Host Admits That The Network Needs More Sports, Less Politics

REPORT Clinton Health Initiative Spends Minuscule Amount Of Funds On Actual Programs

VIDEO Pelosi Has Meltdown When Asked About Democrats New Slogan

Loony Leftist Judge Blames Trump for Illegal's Horrific Crime

Libs Panic: Trump Threatens Next Solar Eclipse

BREAKING: Active Shooter on the Loose in This City

REPORT North Korea Continuing Cyber Attacks

US Diplomats Suffer Serious Brain Injuries In Cuba

SHOCK POLL Americans Actually Value Freedom Of Speech

GOP Rep Explains How Border Wall Funding Is Possible

MSNBC Host Destroys ESPN For Being Too Politically Correct

Fake News Media Refers to Violent Leftists as “Peace Activists”

REPORT The Earth Was Warmer During Medieval Times

California College Fines Republican Group 15k, For Speaker

Michigan Forces Grandparents Choose Between Their Guns And Their Grandchild

Missouri Senator Thinks This Should Happen To The President

This Navy Commander Is Out, After Accidents

NYC Considering Removing Christopher Columbus Monument

ESPN Proves It Is Completely Out Of Touch

Trump Tax Cuts Are Looking Likely, According To Wall Street

Liberal City Sues The Federal Government For Enforcing The Law

Howard Dean Makes Crazy Statement About Republican Voters

Reasons The Next Election Will Not Be Favorable To The Dems

Former President Obama Lied About The Afghan War

CNN Pundit Demands Washington, Jefferson Monuments Come Down

Here's What Happened When a Man Was Mistaken for a Nazi by Wild Anarchists

Ohio Judge Returns Fire After Ambush

MSNBC Host Makes Shocking Claim About Dems

ACLU Only Protects The Left's Agenda

McConnell Debt Limit Increase Is Going To Happen

REPORT Feds Investigating Wasserman Schultz' Aids For Selling Information To Pakistan And Russia

BANG BANG Barcelona Terrorist Shot Dead

Senator Rand Paul Makes Strong Case To Audit The Fed

Navy Sailors Missing Following Ship Collision

VIDEO Dem Rep Admits Party Wants To Abandon Blue-Collar Workers

This Former NFL Coach Is Pro Life, And He Won't Back Down

Neo Nazi's "Occupy" Roots Conveniently Ignored by Mainstream Media

Social Justice Warriors Conveniently Ignore Leftist Mass Murderer Statues

Cruz Scorches Newspaper

Liberal Media Confirms Trump’s Alt-Left Claims

Hero Policewoman Takes Out 4 Terrorists Single-Handedly

ACLU Will No Longer Protect Rights Of Groups That Use Guns

Steve Bannon Is Out at The White House

Piers Morgan Gets Destroyed On The First Amendment

This Republican Senator Is A Flake On Immigration

New Video Catches Brutal Leftist Violence in Charlottesville

This Vicious Attack on Young Child by Illegal

Stabbing Attack In Finland Injures Several People

AAN Weekly Political Synopsis

BREAKING Ex Wasserman Schultz' Aide Charged

VIDEO ISIS Terrorist Arrested After Attack In Spain

Lincoln Monument In Chicago Destroyed

One Terrorist Attacker Arrested In Spain

Terror Attack CONFIRMED In Spain, At Least 13 Dead

Fox News Host Fires Back at Bill Kristol

BREAKING Terror Attack In Spain Kills Two

Court Gives Arkansas The OK To Defund Planned Parenthood

This State Is Forcing Tax Payers To Fund Abortions For Illegals

China Is Donating Massive Amounts Of Money To Harvard

The Democrats Are Having Major Fundraising Woes

Police State Warning, City To Outlaw Texting And Walking

Who The ACLU Is Blaming for Charlottesville Brawl Will Surprise You

Liberals Continue To Support Public Communist Statues

Anarchists Call for Bloodshed Over Charlottesville

Man Falsely Accused of Being White Supremacist Faces Leftist Fury

Obama Holdovers Still Run The Show At This Agency

CNN Host Admits Media Went Easy On Obama

North Carolina College Called Out For Suppressing Free Speech

Charlottesville White Supremacist Organizer Also A Former Occupy Wall Street Obama Supporter

FBI Investigating Lynch-Clinton Airport Meeting Again

REPORT The EPA Is Obsolete

Democrat US Rep Arrested For The Second Time In Six Months

The Real Reason Google Fired Whistleblower

Dems Are Afraid Of Crooked Hillary's New Book

Fake News Gives This Criminal Organization A Rave Review

The Left Has The Wrong Focus When It Comes To Violence

Liberal Group Already Fundraising Off Charlottesville

Communist Country Puts Out Hit on US Senator

Trump's Approval Numbers are Rising

Here's What Scaramucci Up to Now Since Leaving the Trump Administration

REPORT Scalise Returning To Work After Being Shot

Fake News CBS Omits 9/11 From List Of US Terror Attacks

US Senator Has Strong Words For White Supremacist Rioters

Kansas Has A 16 Year Old Running For Governor

VIDEO Fake News Host Makes Up Terror Statistic

Fake News Reporter Makes Shocking Revelation About Charlottesville

NSA Confirms DNC Hacking Was An Inside Job

Allies Line Up To Help US Fight North Korea

Three Dead In Charlottesville Protest

Fake News Political Analyst Compares Radical Christians To Radical Muslims

Minimum Wage Protests Have Collapsed For This Crazy Reason

VIDEO Maxine Waters Proves She Is An Absolute Lunatic

The Democrats Even Want Wasserman Schultz To Go Away

Narco Terrorists Make Border Security More Important Than Ever

Influx Of Immigrants Causing Rise In Slavery In Europe

Is the Trump Train Coming for McConnell?

Democrat Loser To Discuss How To Win Elections At Liberal Conference

Illegal Alien Murders Gay Man: Will Liberals Stick Up for Him?

REPORT Cuba Attacking US Diplomats With Covert Device

Canada Welcoming Immigrants VIA The US Border, And We Can't Thank Them Enough

Michelle Obama's Adviser For School Lunch Program, Arrested For Stealing From School Lunch Program

This Hollywood Actor Doesn't Back Down To The Crazy Left

Hollywood Has Lost It's Way, And Is Completely Doomed

VIDEO Fake News Host Destroys Former Hillary Aide

Judge Orders New Investigation Into Hillary And Benghazi

Democrats Will Shut Down Government To Block Border Wall

Trump's Approval Rate Skyrockets

Here's What Americans Actually Think of Trump's Immigration Plan

BROKEN Texas Dems Have No Gubernatorial Candidate

Mexicans Attacking Border Patrol Agents With Toxic Waste

SHOCK REPORT Justice Department Could Offer Hillary a Plea Deal

VIDEO Man Threatens To Kill President After Mom Loses Food Stamp Benefits

ICE SMACK DOWN 36 Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Arrested In Sanctuary City

The Booming Economy Has Food Stamp Enrollments Plummeting

Immigrants Attack Border, Demand Entry

This Former NFL Player Is Considering A Run For Congress In Ohio

CNN Admits The Democrats Are Lost

Fake News Lying About Google Manifesto

Dem Rep’s Excuse for Pakistani Staffer Scandal: Cops are Racist

Here's How Baltimore’s 'Don’t Kill Anybody Weekend' Actually Went

The Left Intends To Destroy Free Speech

Illinois Creates Holiday To Celebrate Obama

Liberals Show Just How Crazy They Are At This Town Hall

Liberal Intolerance At This Major Company Is Real

Middle Eastern Degenerate Arrested for Groping The Wrong Victim

This Happened to Blue Collared Workers After Trump Deported Illegals

Al Gore’s New Movie Totally FLOPS at Box Office

College Snowflakes Turn Blind Eye to Dean Busted for Child Porn

NBC's Self-Defense Tips for Store Robberies - Throw Fruit

Here's What Americans Really Think of Black Lives Matter

Baltimore’s 'Please Don’t Kill Anybody Weekend' - Did It Succeed?

This Liberal City Wants To Give Illegal Immigrants Right To Vote

This Fake News Show Admits The Dems Are In BIG Trouble

These Two Terror Organizations Are Teaming Up In Afghanistan

The Amount of Money Paid To Illegals By Los Angeles Will Shock You

Merkel's Huge Mistake That She Knows Regrets

Emails Expose Corruption of Fake News New York Times and Washington Post

Dem Senator Cowers When Asked If His Party Can Be Pro Life

Here's How Trump Will Start Swinging at the Media & Leakers

This Billionaire is Ramping Up to Take on Trump

BREAKING Jeff Sessions Will Remain Attorney General

Fake News Is Becoming An Epidemic

The Republicans Now Control Over Half The States

The NAACP Has Issued A Travel Warning, Here's Why

Atrocious Crime Skyrockets In Sweden After They Let In Thousands Of Immigrants

Wasserman Schultz Admits To Hiding Evidence From Police

This Liberal City Paid Billions To Illegal Immigrants

Our Property Rights Are Under Attack

BREAKING High Profile Dem Switches Parties

Politically Correct Judge Bans Use Of Term Muslim

Comey To Profit Off Of Epic Failure

Democrats Are Opposed To Democracy

Judge Destroys This Jihadi While Handing Down Strong Sentence

REPORT Germany Has A Terrorism Problem, And It Is Their Fault

Liberal Mayor BUSTED Trying To Hide The Truth About Minimum Wage

Liberal Town Bans Christians From Using These Words

The Hypocrisy Of The Left Has Reached A Whole New Level

Trump's DOJ Gets Rid of Political Correctness

Commercial Fisherman Debunks Fake News Climate Change Reports

POLL Majority Of Americans Against Immigration

HYPOCRITE Al Gore Uses 34 Times More Electricity Than The Average American

Liberals Lose Their Minds When Dems Fund Pro Choice Candidates

Crazy Liberal City Spends More Defending Gun Tax Than It Actually Collected

Did a Muslim Democrat Staffer Commit Treason?

Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Hits Far From Border

Illegal Alien Commits Horrific Crime Against 89-Year-Old Woman

UNDER FIRE Calls Intensify For Wasserman Schultz To Testify

Fake News ABC Called Out For Labeling A Conservative Group A Hate Group

Crazy Feminist Makes Nutty Claim About Men, Including Her Sons

ICE Empowers Texas Police To Protect US From Illegals

Police Powerless To Control Illegals In This Sanctuary City

REPORT Americans Too Drugged To Work

The Crazy Liberal Media Is Covering Up Countless Dem Scandals

Disgusting Reporter Makes Fun Of WWII Veteran

Senate Candidate Releases Amazing Campaign VIdeo

SNOWFLAKE ALERT Chicago Newspaper Hurt By Term 'Illegal Alien'

What This Illegal Did To Little Girls Will Make You Sick

This Illegal Alien Could Cost You Your Teeth

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Scandal Is Now Implicating More Democrats

Illegal Alien Busted With Sick Things on His Phone

EU Court Will Rule Against Countries Trying To Keep Illegals Out

North Korea Makes Move, Pentagon on High Alert

SHOCK POLL Kid Rock Crushing Michigan Senate Field

REPORT National Anthem Protests Reason For MAJOR NFL Ratings Drop

Republicans Call For Special Counsel To Investigate Clinton Crimes

PUTIN Goes All In, Kicks US Diplomats Out Over Sanctions

SNOWFLAKE ALERT College Campuses Unsafe for Conservatives

These RINOS Broke Their Promise To The American People

Kid Rock Has A Message For His Political Opponents

Crooked Hillary Getting Savaged Over Her Newest Memoir

Liberal California Politician Caught With Child Pornography

Putin Threatens US Over Sanctions

Senate Republicans To AXE Planned Parenthood With New Repeal

INSANE Pelosi Yells At Reporter For Asking Question About Politics

Crazy Hillary Wants To Lecture Us About The Election, In New Book

FAKE NEWS Refuses To Report This MAJOR Dem Scandal

Gowdy Slams This Dem Representative

ACLU Discovers Evidence That Obama Administration Violated Our Civil Liberties

SORE LOSER ALERT Hillary Writing Book Blaming Russia, Comey For Election Loss

California Islamic Center Imam Calls For Annihilation of Jews

Dem Congressman Calls For "Elimination" of Trump

Liberals Launch Sexist Attacks on Trump’s New Press Secretary

Illegal Immigrant Torches Apartment Building

Bernie Sanders Accused of Stealing From His Neighbor

Representative Steve Scalise Discharged From Hospital

Dem Leader Dodges Tough Questions About Arrested Aide.

ICE Makes Major Bust In New York

The Crazy Left Wants To Destroy Western Civilization Using This Tactic

Even This Dem Representative Won't Defend His Own Party

Shock Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Linked To DNC

Breitbart Editor Wants Double Voters Prosecuted For Felony

Conservatives Are On The Offensive, Plan To Investigate Comey, and Lynch

The Liberal Media Even Hates The Democrats' New Campaign Strategy

Crazy Animal Rights Activists Cyberbully Hunter, Cause Her To Commit Suicide

Gowdy Says Trump Investigation Running 'Exactly' The Right Way

Heartless Dems Vote Against Key Veteran Choice Program

Freedom Caucus Wants To Dismantle This Government Office

SHOTS FIRED: Firefight in the Persian Gulf

BREAKING US Navy Ship Fires Warning Shot at Middle Eastern Country

Blind Veteran Assaulted by Flag Vandals in Texas

Liberal City Mayor Boots Homeless Out For Photo Op

VERY FAKE NEWS CNN Anchor Makes Outlandish Claim

Schumer Calls Hillary A LOSER

Former Planned Parenthood Client Wants Them Defunded, NOW

Deportation Squad Chief BLASTS Sanctuary Cities

The Liberal's Double Standard With The EPA

Scaramucci's Strong Warning To Leakers

Crazy Liberal Professor Attacks McCain's Supporters

REPORT Trump is ‘On Missile Lock’ to Build the Wall

ICE Plans New Raids On Illegal Alien Gang Members

Trump Makes Promise for Military

This One Trump Confidante WILL Not Be Leaving Amid White House Shakeup

HYPOCRISY Katie Couric Decries Fake News While Getting Sued for Defamation

Buchanan: Trump's ‘His Own Communications Director’

Spicer is Out at the White House, Replaced Immediately

SHOCK POLL The Left Are As Intolerant As We Thought

Sanctuary Cities Beware The ICE Man Cometh

US Bans Travel To This Toxic Country

Rand Paul Beyond Thankful Hillary Didn't Win

Illegal “DREAMer” Commits Atrocious Crime

Hillary Clinton Harms The Environment, And She Doesn't Care

City Experiences Huge Drop in Crime After Cooperating with ICE

Open Borders Cause Germany's Terrorist Population To Surge

THE JUICE IS LOOSE OJ Simpson Granted Parole

Trump Breaks Another Fundraising Record.

BREAKING OJ Simpson Scheduled for Release

This Powerful Senator Agrees With Trump On Sessions

MSNBC Host Admits Obamacare Is A Failure

This Crazy Dem May Run For The White House

Bill Nye Thinks Old People Need To Die, Here's Why

The Border Is A War Zone We Need To Be Protected From

Canada Protects Terrorist Who Killed Americans

The Dems Apparently Hate Made In America Celebration

Clinton Campaign Received Help From This Government Agency, And It Is Illegal

Another Fox Sex Scandal Uncovered

Charlie Gard Overcomes European Socialists Murder Attempt

High School Sued for Banning Pro-Life Club

Women’s March Celebrates Birthday of Convicted Communist Cop Killer

Migrants Go On Raping Spree In Germany

Think Trump’s Unpopular? Think Again

Crazy Media Touts Gun Control After Cop Shoots Civilian

Surprising Celebrity Challenge To Dem Senator

Pelosi Fails Miserably With Declaration OF Independence

Republicans Have Decided, Enough Is Enough For The EPA

Crooked Hillary Opposed Russian Sanctions As Moscow Bank Paid Bill to Give Speech

Trump Announces New Sanctions

Illegal Alien Weaponizes Car Against Americans

Border Patrol's Excitement Mounting Under Trump Administration

Megyn Kelly Woke Up to Shockingly Horrible News

Liberal City To Tear Down Mural Honoring Fallen Police Officers

70 Year Old Veteran Fired For Doing The Right Thing

Federal Agency Wastes Huge Amount of Your Taxes On This Ridiculous Project

Hannity Refuses to Back Down To Joe Scarborough

IMPEACHMENT ALERT This Loony Democrats Files to Impeach Trump

Pro-Trump singer gets death threats

Caitlyn Jenner Considers Senate Run

Trump to Launch ‘Made in America' Campaign

Trump Responds to Latest Mainstream Media Polls

How Comey is Capitalizing on His Bizarre Career Crumbling

School District Cowers to Atheist Group, Moves to End Graduation Prayer

Deep State Seeking To Destroy Trump, Break Will Of Americans

VIDEO Bill Clinton Looks Bizarrely Unhealthy

TWITTER FIGHT NATO Tweets Russia Responds

Sharia Law Laws Take Over The Legal System

Melania vs. Hillary, New Poll Shows Who's On Top

BEAUTIFUL Trump Gives This Person A Second Chance, Media Silent

Planned Parenthood Is In Big Trouble, For This Fraud Against the Taxpayers

The Russian Lawyer Who Met with Trump Jr. Worked With Democrats for Years

FBI Documents Reveal ‘Flawed’ Hillary Clinton Investigation

Media Calls Christian Lawyers a Hate Group After Sessions Speech

Trump's Deportation Squad May Kill Obama Illegal Immigration Policy

SHOCK POLL Number of Pro-Life Advocates On the Rise

Chelsea Clinton In Big Legal Trouble

Was Donald Trump Jr. framed by Obama?

Fake News: MSNBC Cuts GOP RINO When He Mentions Hillary Clinton

A Town Council Approved A Demon Worshiping Cult From Desecrating Veterans

How Hillary Clinton Colluded With China During The Election And No One Bat An Eye

Bush's Lawyer Drops Surprising Bombshell About Trump

Forget Millenials, Here's The New Youngest Generation, and Their Politics Will Surprise You

Illegal Alien Deported Seven Times Destroys American Family in Cruel Way

Here's How Much Border Wall Funding Trump Could Receive

Muslim Terrorist Tries To Murder American Federal Judge, Gets This Instead

Landlord Fined $12,000 For "Offending" Islam

President Trump Defends His Son

Trump Puts His Foot Down on Dangerous Obama Loophole

Explosive device set off at Okla. recruiting center

Mainstream Media's Latest Power Move to Silence and Censor Conservatives

The Bernie Sanders Family is Now Neck Deep With Investigation

Savage Muslim Commits Unspeakable Acts Against North Carolina Woman

Deported Illegal Child Rapist Re-Arrested in Texas

Will This US Ally Ban George Soros?

Is Bernie Sanders Running Again? It Looks Like It

Trump Impeachment Ring Leader's Latest Nasty Trump Attack

'INCREDIBLE BOMBSHELL' Trump's Squad Blasts Comey After Shocking Report Released

Ivanka Trump's HUGE Pledge the Media Swept Under the Rug

BREAKING Man Arrested For Threatening to Kill THIS GOP Senator

SWAMP DRAIN Soros Backed Obama Holdover GONE From Trump Administration

Anti-Trump Celeb Gets Arrested for Degenerate Behavior

Trump Still Wants Mexico to Pay for the Wall

JUSTICE SERVED Trump Inauguration Rioter Gets Sentenced

Muslim Feminist Calls For "Jihad" Against Trump

Financially Failing State Passes Huge Tax Increase To Cover Mismanagement

Woman Convicted for Making Up Rape Allegations Against Shocking Number of Men

Rachel Maddow Has Fake Trump-Russia Collusion Documents

Disrespectful Protestor Thugs Block Melania Trump from Exiting Her Residence

Donald Trump Donates Salary To Preserve American History

Scientific Study Reveals Disturbing Fact About Liberalism

Black Attorney Caught Making Racist Phone Calls To Himself

TOMI VS. CHELSEA Pundits Will Clash Head to Head in Debate

Here's What Trump's Considering for North Korea

VIDEO Trump Strikes Back at CNN Snowflakes

DISTURBING Philly Woman Caught On Video Urinating on American Flag on 4th of July

IRONY ALERT CNN Reporter Accuses Trump of Fake News Conference

Congressman Steve Scalise readmitted to ICU in ‘serious’ condition

CNN Blackmails Fifteen Year Old Trump Supporter

Democrats Sue to Overturn Georgia GOP Victory

Trump Hammers China As Tensions Rise With North Korea

Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime Get a Voice

CNN Blackmails Creator of Donald Trump Wrestling Video

JUST IN Poll Numbers on Trump's Travel Ban

Impeachment Ring Leader Makes Nasty Vulgar Threat to Ben Carson

Border Patrol's HUGE Independence Day Bust

Socialist Bernie Sanders Attacks Fox News

REPORT: North Korea Conducts Missile Test

US Coalition Hits ISIS 25 Times With Its Own 'Fireworks' to Celebrate Independence Day

BREAKING NEWS About Supreme Court Retirement

Cowardly ISIS Fighter Dresses As A Woman To Detonate Bomb

NOT SHOCKING: Bernie Sanders Tries to Blame GOP for Getting Investigated

Democrats Step Up Efforts To Impeach Trump

REPORT: Obama Working Behind Closed Doors to Sack Trump & GOP

Democratic Rep. Claims 700 Billion People Will Lose Healthcare Coverage Under Trump

Liberal Hero Says No To Gay Marriage

Bernie Sanders' wife tried to evict disabled residents

CNN Exposed Saying Nasty Things About Trump and Voters, plus Selective Editing in Undercover Video

Illegal Immigrants Busted For $100,000 in Heroin

Members of Congress Stripped of Ridiculous Parking Perk

Federal Judge Blocks California’s Latest Gun Grab

BREAKING Former Fox News HOST Sacked At New Network

Trump Nominates New Top Doctor

Donald Trump's Special Guests Will Anger Illegal Immigrants and Their Congressional Pals

How Trump Turned the Tables on ISIS

German Gestapo Raids Homes of Citizens Who Posted "Hate Speech"

The Hilarious Reason Rand Paul Refused To Take A Handicap While Golfing With Trump

Top Dem and Secret Foundation Have Close Ties With Russian Ambassador

Trump's Ten Million

"Fake News Network" Uses Sesame Street In Disgusting Way

Palin Sues New York Times for Its Fake News

Disney Announces Trump News

PAYBACK Ban on North Korea Coming Soon?

SHOCK POLL How Many Americans Support Trump’s Immigrant Welfare Ban

Rand Paul Says Trump Wants to Work With Him to Fix Health Care

Transsexual Traitor Honored At Gay Pride Parade

Democrat Heads to Prison for Registering Dead Voters

Democrat Heads to Prison for Registering Dead Voters

BREAKING: Army Installation Locked Down Over Possible Active Shooter

Sean Hannity Calls for CNN’s Chief to Be Fired for Fake News Scandal

White House Says Assad Prepping for Another Chemical Attack

This “Never Trump” Reporter’s Ratings Are At All-Time Lows

One of Trump's Top Diplomats and Her Son Booed in NY Restaurant During Gay Pride Parade

Report: FBI Elements Colluded with Trump's Enemies

Gay March in Chicago Turns Anti-Semitic

BREAKING Supreme Court Rules on Trump Travel Ban

Pat Buchanan Issues Scary Warning About Anti-Trump Efforts

Trump: Rips Dems on Losing Strategy

HILARIOUS Dems Stuck With Their 'Dear' Leader

Is Bernie Sanders Going to Prison?

Violent Immigrant Punished After Threatening Shoppers

Here's How Many GOP Congressmen Have Been Threatened By Democrats

DEA Busts Huge Cartel

Trump Trolls the Media with Three Questions

These People Will Stop at Nothing to Be Like Trump

Fake News CNN's Ridiculous Fox News Claim

Democratic Party Official Fired After Saying These Nasty Words About Shot Congressman

Trump Signs Bill to Help Our Veterans

Obama's Back on the Campaign Trail

WARNING The Shocking Number of Illegals Stole Social Security Numbers

Judge Decides Fate of Pro-Life Group Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

COP SPEAKS OUT Illegals Murdered My Buddy Execution-style

Pro-Life language Included in GOP Healthcare Bill

FBI Refuses to Call Scalise Shooter a “Terrorist”

Bill O’Reilly's Job Offered Just Pulled By This Network

Cop Stabbed In Neck At Airport

Good News About Steve Scalise After Shooting

Deported Illegal Alien's Family Tries to Sue Trump's Team

Obama Could Be Hiding Incriminating Documents In His Own Presidential Library

Sean Spicer Won't Be Behind the Podium Much Longer

Trump Supporter Stabbed 9 Times by Middle Eastern Gang

Trump Forces Blow Top ISIS Cleric Off the Planet

Reports: Trump Looking to Replace a Top White House Staffer

Fox News Host Considering Senate Run

Playtime is Over: Team Trump Scraps Absurd EPA Employee Benefit

O'Reilly Announces Comeback

Here's How Many Americans Support Trump in the Witch Hunt Against Him

Muslim Diplomat Brings Slave to New York City

Beloved Fox News Star Hospitalized

Trump’s Going to Do Something Huge Regarding Comey This Week

NBC Under Fire Over Megyn Kelly

Gingrich's BOMBSHELL Revelations About Comey

Trump and GOP SMASH Another Record

America's Toughest Sheriff Changes His Mind About Trump Admin Job

Judge makes declaration in Bill Cosby sexual assault trial

Dennis Rodman Hits North Korea With a Trump Surprise

Islamic Fundamentalists Carry Out Ramadan Strikes on Newest Target

Brave Border Patrol Agents Attacked Just for Doing Their Jobs

Trump Fills Vacancy With Top House GOP Staffer

Trump to Release Plans for his Big Beautiful Wall

Trump's Approval Numbers Are Big League

Alex Jones releases full Megyn Kelly interview

SHOCK POLL: Trump Haters Are Going to Explode

After Scalise Shooting, Two Congressmen Propose This To Strengthen Gun Rights

No, Kelli Ward was not attacking Jeff Flake on day of baseball shooting.

Black Lives Matter Activist Tries to Make Scalise Shooting About Race

Liberal Media Calls for Trump’s “Execution”

New Jersey Teacher Gets Suspended After Censoring Pro-Trump Yearbook Photos

Trump Rips the Latest Witch Hunt

Trump Has TWO WORDS For the the Mainstream Media's FAKE NEWS

Are Your Kids Safe? Cops Seize Drugs Targeting Children

Active Shooter Attacks Mailing Facility

[AAN Exclusive] Firsthand Account of Shooting that Injured Congressman, Aides and Police

Massive Voter Fraud Ring Arrested

Indian Village Makes Incredible Gesture to Trump

Dem Congressman Claims Every Racist Voted for Trump

Top Dem Calls for Investigation into Clinton FBI Interference

Biden’s Niece Dodges Jail After Horrendous Crime

Special Counsel Mueller Hires Hillary Clinton Donors

Fewer People Pay for Obamacare

Gorsuch writes first opinion as Supreme Court justice

Trump Issues Deadline to Reince Priebus

1 Winning Powerball Ticket Worth $447M

Mike Pence rips Democrats Over Healthcare

Border Patrol Agent Kidnapped, FBI Investigates

While Washington Salivated Over Comey, Gowdy Got Some BIG NEWS

ADAM WEST DEAD TV 'Batman' dies at 88

The 51st State? Vote Takes Place Sunday...

Democrat-tied Group Charged in Voter Registration Fraud Scheme

The Interesting Conversation Between Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton about Trump

Trump blasts Middle Eastern Country for Funding Terror

Warning Issued After Girl Chokes On Fidget Spinner

Jeb Bush: Trump did not obstruct justice

Dems Bingo Games Lead to One of The Largest Fines Ever!

Trump Breaks His Silence on Comey

London’s Muslim Mayor Humiliated over Queen’s Invitation to Trump

CNN Backpedals Once Comey Destroys Their Fake News Narrative

Here’s A Unique Way This Man Showed His Displeasure With The Government

Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells, Study Finds

Comey's Testimony Completely Free of Substance

Biden’s Brother Drops Bomb About Presidential Run

Comey Confirms What Trump Said In New Leaked Testimony

How This State Massively Cut Food Stamp Recipients After This Policy Change

Retired Generals Ask Mattis to Allow Transgender Recruits

Liberal Lawyer Gloria Allred Kicked Out of The Bill Cosby trial

Chelsea Clinton Refuses to Sign Book for Bill’s Rape Accuser

Team Trump SLASHES Obama-era Special Interest Payouts

BREAKING: Eric Holder Accused of Obstruction in FAST & FURIOUS Scandal

The Media Won't Tell You But Trump’s FBI Pick's Praised By Dems

ISIS claims responsibility for two attacks in Iran

BREAKING: Pro-Trump Group ATTACKS Comey

LOL Alleged NSA Leaker Once Claimed ‘Being White Is Terrorism’

London Muslim Mayor Creates Diplomatic Incident With America

How Government Could Take Your Kids Away If You Don't Follow This Sick Ideology


Bernie Sanders Has Officially Become What He Despises

How Fake News CNN Now Stages Fake Events

Transgender Athlete Unexplainably Wins Title Against Girls

[AMAZING VIDEO] Reckless Thug Attacks Female Officer, She Puts Him in His Place With a SHOCKING Counter Attack

An Inconvenient Truth for Freedom Hating Environmentalists

Trump's Plan to Further Breakup the Bureaucratic Cartel

Several deaths in shooting near Orlando

[VIDEO] Fox News Confronts Al Gore on Phony Global Warming Predictions

Casualties Soar in Ramadan Attacks

Trump Responds to London Terror Attack With Stark Message of US


How Al-Qaeda Quietly Raked in Millions

Liberal HBO Crank Bill Maher Goes Over the Line BIG TIME During GOP Senator Interview

Big Fox News On-Air Personality Leaving Network

FLASHBACK: Kathy Griffin's Nasty Threat to Trump & Barron

BREAKING: Obama Holdovers Sabotaged Trump’s Plans

Ivy League Law School Wising Up!? Maybe so...

Elon Musks Hits Trump on Climate, Cruz Exposes Elon's Hypocrisy

FBI Raids House in American Muslim City

Bernie & His Progressive Followers Just Can't Stop Losing

Rosie O'Donnell's Latest Attack on Barron Trump

HIGBIE: How Trump Can End the Leaks, Clean House & Right the Ship

Comey Heads to the Hill Next Week to Testify

ISIS Jihadis Kill Children as Young as 13

TRUMP BOOM New Numbers DESTROY Expectations

DROPPED: Fake News CNN Removes Kathy Griffin after Nasty Trump ‘Beheading’ Photo

Obama's Freed Terrorist Is Back To Waging Jihad

Did Hillary Wear Anti-Seizure Glasses?

Explosive Scandal Over Border Patrol Agents Corruption

Report: Trump is About to Pull the Plug on the Environmentalists

Violent Chinese Immigrant Could Get Punishment from ICE

Trump's Campaign Spokeswoman Calls for Massive White House Shakeup

Watchdog BUSTS Swing State For Voter Fraud

Captured American ISIS fighter Faces Trial

If You Ate at This Fast Casual Chain Recently You're Data Might be in the Wrong Hands

Homeowner Association Tries To Ban The Flag, Veteran Responds With This

Report: Physically Weak Men More Likely To Be Left-Wing

Here's Who Americans Think Was The Best and Worst President Since World War II

The Investigation of Muslim Hill Staffers Just Blew Up

Eric Trump Calls Out Russian Investigation for What it is

Judge Hands Parents of Benghazi Victims Taking Action Against Crooked Hillary Sad News

Rachel Maddow Just Gets Devastating News After Trashing Fox News Founder

Tim Kaine's son charged for anti-Trump actions

Shameful Hillary Clinton Has Another Excuse For Why She Lost

The Shocking Number of Jihadists Plaguing This Country

CREEPING SHARIA: Muslim Man Sues National Pizza Chain For $100 Million

New $80M Anti-Trump Soros Network

Rachel Maddow Details One Thing Fox News Founder Tried to Do to Remove Her from TV

Donald Trump Tells Truth About German's Trade

The Truth Emerges on Obama’s NSA

Montana Voters Supportive of Montana Congressman, Despite Recent Incident

ICE Goes on a HUGE Bust in California

Senate confirms new Trump nominee

One of Trump's FBI Frontrunners Bowed Out

Donald Trump Makes One Stern Promise to the Leakers

New Details Emerge in Montana Candidate-Reporter Scuffle

Trump Tells the Freeloaders to Pay Up, No More Handouts

Debbie Wassermann Schultz Threatens Police Chief

Father of Manchester Suicide Bomber Arrested!

Fake Navy SEAL Gets Locked Up

CREEPING SHARIA: Concert terrorist’s brother gets bad news

DISGUSTING: Mexican National Allegedly Attempted to Lure Young Girls into World's Oldest Profession

Trump's Approval Rating Rises

THANK YOU: Trump's 10 Billion Dollar CUT to this Department

MSNBC Host Suggests Trump's Not a Christian

Gowdy is Getting that New Job!?

Trump Drops a Bomb on Texas Mexican Mafia Members

Manchester Terrorist Name Released. Guess Where He's From?

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Brutal Attack

Trump Calls Out the Terrorists

Trump Administration Will Leave it to The States on this Education Policy

ALERT: Terror Attack Rocks English Concert Venue, Casualties Confirmed

WHOA: 'F*** Trump' chant led by Democratic Party Leader

Son of Deceased Fox News Mastermind Delivers Message for Those Who Betrayed Him at Funeral

TRAILBLAZER: Trump Becomes the First Sitting US president to Visit This Holy Site

Obama's Most Hypocritical Move Yet

'Activist' Illegal Alien Charged with 103 Acts, Some were Anti-Trump

Melania and Ivanka Stand Strong, Drive the Muslim World Nuts

BINGO: Trump wants to destroy key ObamaCare piece

Refujihad: Austrian Town Won’t Accept Any More Refugees After Raping

North Korea's Cartoonish President Launches Another Missile

VP Pence cites Trump's 'leadership' in commencement speech

NBC reporter faces jail time

BRAVO: President Trump Refuses to Do This ONE Thing Obama Did in Saudi Arabia

SENATE: Comey's Coming to Town

Trump's Latest Order Delivers DEVASTATING News to ISIS

Iran's President wins second term by wide margin

President Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia

FAKE NEWS ALERT: MSM Throws ABSOLUTELY Reckless Anonymous Allegation at Trump White House

Things Just Got WAY Worse for Weiner After Pleading Guilty

[ALERT] The White House 'May Massacre' for Trump Loyalists

SHAKEUP: Fox News Axes Host, But This Firing Might Make You Happy

Biden Reveals What He Really Thinks of Crooked Hillary

New Evidence Tells The Truth About Trump and Russia Collusion

Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty To Degenerate Behavior With A Minor

The 'Sexting' Secret Service Officer Gets 20 Years in Prison After Nasty Acts

Trump's New FBI Frontrunner

Tough Sheriff Gets Important Job in Trump Administration

The Reason For All The Leaks In The Trump Administration Is Finally Revealed

Team Trump Slams Obama Administration’s Internet Regulations

Mueller and Comey's Relationship That The Media Doesn't Want You To Know About

Report: This Well-known Congressman is About to Quit

Former Fox News chairman and CEO has died at 77

CNN Obsessed with Criticizing Trump

President Trump Will Go Heads Up With Fake News Network Anchors...Literally

BREAKING: Video on Senator's Collapse

American RINO Ups Attacks on President Trump

[VIDEO] Trey Gowdy Unleashes New Details on the Clinton's & FBI

Obama's Reported Words About Trump are Vicious

Fox News Personality Confirms Talks with Trump to Replace Spicer

Here's Who's Responsible for the Sharp Rise in Cop Killings

FBI Arrests Man for Threatening GOP Congresswoman

GOP Senator Collapses During Race, Hospitalized

US Senator Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer

Hillary Clinton Announces Her New Political Venture

Another Wild and Crazy White House Jumper Arrested

Kellyanne Conway Fires Back at MSNBC’s Baseless Attack

Gowdy's Breaking Announcement About FBI Job

Obama Admin Blurted Out Classified Intel on Bin Laden & People Died

Trump's Hunting Down the Leakers

The Latest Mainstream Media's Fake News Attack On President Trump

Did Obama Illegally Spy on the Supreme Court?

Trump's Going to Do Something Amazing to the White House Tonight for Fallen Officers

Liberal MSNBC Host to Get BOOTED

Trump Is Surging In This Part of The Country

Obama Responds To Trump Destroying His Legacy

Trump’s Trade Representative Confirmed, Eyes Up NAFTA

Chelsea Manning to Remain Active Duty Army After Prison Release

Trump to Dump Spicer for Fox News Host!?

Trump's Tillerson roasts Hillary Clinton's Silly Russia Move

Crazy North Korea Open To Talks With President Trump

Trump's EPA reverses Obama-era decision

Nasty Protesters Mock Death of GOP Lawmaker’s Special Needs Daughter

Does Sarah Huckabee Have Her Eyes on Another Job in the White House?

Trump's Plan to Fight Voter Fraud

Patriotic American Responds To Creeping Sharia in Schools

Democratic Congresswoman Embodies Stupidity By Saying This About Comey, Trump and Hillary

Silly 'Resistance' Crybabies Deface More Trump Property

Dad speaks out after son injured by illegal immigrant

Illegal Immigration Activist Gets Unwanted Surprise from Trump Admin

BREAKING: Crony Dem Congresswoman Convicted!

FBI raids Republican campaign consultants

Bombshell Revelations About Clinton Corruption Come To Light

Drunk Driver Illegal Kills Another Innocent American

Savage Immigrant Murders Two Doctors

Democrats Lose Another Winnable Election

Team Trump Strips Protections From Illegal Immigrant Darling

Comey's Out, But Hillary Might Still be On the Hook

Bill O'Reilly Might Have a New Job Very Soon

Bill O'Reilly Might Have a New Job Very Soon

Trump's Short List for FBI Director

The Hypocritical Democrat Feelings on James Comey

ARRESTED: Illegal Deported 15 Times Hurts 6-year Old

[VIDEO] Trump Reveals the One Simple Reason Why He Fired Comey

[VIDEO] Trump Reveals the One Simple Reason Why He Fired Comey

President Trump Defends James Comey Firing

Donald Trump Has a New Nickname for Chuck Schumer & It's Hilariously Accurate

ACLU Admits Trump’s Travel Ban Would Be Legal - With This One Condition

California's Communist Employment Program

Trump's Deportation Squad Rips County Over Dangerous Illegal

Ted Cruz Cleaned Sally Yates’s Clock

North Korea's Kim Jung Un Makes Fun of Obama & Hillary

Kellyanne Conway Gets Harassed At Airport, Here’s What Happens Next

Trump Nominated New Judges - Here's What Conservatives Think

Why Liberals Aren't Nearly as Tolerant as They Think

Trump’s Deportation Squad Cracks Down on Illegals and Their Congressional Friends

WATCH Fight Erupts at Airport Amid Spirit Airlines Cancellations

Muslim Nation Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler

WATCH Trey Gowdy Messed With On Live TV, But He Remained Ridiculously Calm

Trump’s Latest Move Will Make Al Gore Fry

ISIS dealt big blow in Afghanistan after commander killed

Trump's revised travel ban faces first big test

Seattle Mayor Taxes "White People" To Deflect From This Horrible Scandal

McCain Accuses Trump's Top Diplomat of Abandoning the US

President Trump Taps Ivanka to Head Up Big New Task

BREAKING: U.S. Olympian Found Dead

Top Trump nominee beat back Obama, defended the little guy

Pentagon IDs Navy SEAL killed in Somalia

This Liberal City is Fighting Back Hard Against Trump's Illegal Immigrant Deportations

FBI Is DIGGING DEEP on Bernie Sander's Family Fraud

This Host Might Be in HUGE Trouble for NASTY Trump Statement

Trump's Potential GOP Primary Talks About 2020

ISIS Fighters Returning to US Biggest Euro Ally

Laura Ingraham's HUGE Announcement

Radical Feminist Embraces Islam - Guess What Happened To Her Next

Trump's Approval Rating High With This Surprising Demographic

Donald Trump’s Army Sec Nominee Withdraws After Being Attacked for His Religion

Breaking: ALL The Fake News Channels Ganging Up on Trump

How Trump Made April Great Again

ICE Searching for Previously Deported Illegal After alleged Rape

Mike Huckabee's Daughter to Step Up Today at the White House, Fill in for Spicer

Did Obama Spy on Senator Rand Paul?

US Navy SEAL killed fighting Islamic terrorists in Somalia

Feminist Mom Does Horrible Thing To Her Son in Name of Progressivism

Here's Why Conceal Carry Saves Lives

You'll Never Believe How Many Federal Inmates Are Illegals

Berkeley's Ridiculous Plan to "Stop" Leftist Terrorism

SHOCKING: McCain Might Join Trump Administration

How Trump Secretly Worked Behind the Scenes to Get Obamacare Repealed

[VIDEO] France's Trump Gets Assaulted by Commie Thugs. How She Responds is Priceless!

BREAKING NEWS Obamacare Repeal Passes the House

NEW TWIST: Refugees Hopping Over the US Border, But It's Not What You Think

Turkey Makes Overt Threat to US Troops in Dangerous Territory

Trump's Drug Czar Nominee Drops Out

Hillary's Top Aide May Have Committed a Crime Sending Emails to Weiner

One Group's Fighting Hard to Ensure Obamacare Repeal

Obama's Back & He's Trying to Anoint a New President

[VIDEO] The Beautiful Story Behind Trump's Make America Great Again Hat

FADDIS: Islamic Extremists Tell You What they Are Going to Hit Next

Has-been Hillary's Back & Her Plan is to Destroy Trump

Sore Loser Hillary Still Blames Russia And The FBI For Her Loss

Sean Hannity Reveals His Fox News Fate

Liberal Professor Goes Nuts Over What This Christian Student Did

FBI Translator Investigating ISIS Does Something Totally Insane

Hillary Whined About Why She Lost, Trump Had Some 'Nice' Words for Her

Trump's Secretary SLAMS Dems Border Wall Funding

Laura Ingraham Says GOP Will Have "Hell to Pay" If This Happens...

Laura Ingraham Says GOP Will Have "Hell to Pay" If This Happens...

Fake News Refuses to Run Trump's Hot New Ad, Here's Why...

RINOs Backstab Trump Over The Budget

Liberal State Lets Illegal Criminal Walk, Until Trump Put His Foot Down

Terrorists Didn't Expect This To Happen During Their Sing-a-Long

[VIDEO] Loony Liberal Candidate Suggests You Kill Yourself If You Don't Believe in Climate Change

Biden Just Revealed his 2020 Plans

Religious hospital sued over refusing transgender surgery

Bernie Sander's wife could face jail time, FBI investigation over college scam

The One Thing Hannity Warned Could Ruin Fox News Just Happened

Trump Roasts Media In One Sentence

Cartel Members Using New Sick Trick To Get Drugs Across Border

BREAKING: Live Shooter on the Loose

Trump Announces His Next Choice For The Supreme Court

Facebook Allegedly Targeting & Taking Advantage of Our Children

New Fox News Show Begins With Biggest Interview Possible

Liberal MSNBC Host Tells Truth About Why the Dems are Losers

SWAMP DRAIN? Anti-Trump GOPer Retiring from Congress after 18 years

Trump Ridicules Media at Rally

Trump Unleashes Killer Squad Capable of Smashing ISIS & N. Korea

BREAKING: Trump Moves US to N. Korea's Doorstep, War Looming?

Trump's Gun Pledge

North Korea Fires Another Missile & Trump Has Something to Say About It

President Trump's favorite drink?

Sean Hannity Says if This One Thing Happens, It Could Be The 'Total End of Fox'

Trump Did It To Elizabeth Warren… AGAIN

Cartel Smuggling Tunnel Uncovered under Mexican Border

Trump Names Pro-Life Leader to Top Post

Trump's Former GOP Rival Could Challenge Him Again

Friendly Competition? European Country Builds Beautiful Wall To Stop Illegal Aliens

Trump Ally Slams Left-Wing Activist Judges

Trump Did Something Amazing For Our Veterans That Obama Refused To Do

[VIDEO] Well, Trump Just Broke ANOTHER Record in His First 100 Days

Sarah Palin Grades First 100 Days of Trump Admin

Illegal Alien Rapist On The Loose

Chelsea Clinton Gets Ridiculous Award for This Reason

SHOCKING 'JIHAD' BAN Country Bans Muslim Names

SHOCKING 'JIHAD' BAN Country Bans Muslim Names

Here's How The "Feminist" Political Party Is Doing

WHOA: Trey Gowdy Might Get a VERY Powerful New Job

Clinton Donor, Obama Ambassador Pays Major Money to Settle Fraud Case

This Could Make it Easier to Put Cop Killers to Death

Trump Gives Mattis Ultimate Gift to Destroy ISIS

Is the FBI Sabotaging the Trump's Border Wall?

Trump Points Out Who's to Blame for a Government Shutdown

Trump's New Tax Plan Unveiled. Here's What's In It

This MONUMENTAL Announcement on Trump's Tax Plan Leaves Liberals Spinning

Illegal Gang Member Got What He Deserved

"Witchcraft" Candidate Fined for Misusing Campaign Funds

"Witchcraft" Candidate Fined for Misusing Campaign Funds

Guess Who Was Found Faking an Anti-Muslim Hate Crime?

Fake News Now Thinks Trump's Presidency is 'Fake'

Court Acts Against a Key Trump Policy, He FIRES BACK!

Ted Cruz has a Brilliant Idea to Pay for Trump's Wall

Ted Cruz has a Brilliant Idea to Pay for Trump's Wall

All Hands Needed on Deck for Trump's Ally

Stunning Truth FINALLY Revealed on Sean Hannity Sexual Harassment Allegations

[DISGUSTING VIDEO] Muslim Man Gives Instructions on Wife Beating

Obama's $400,000 Wall Street Payday

One of Trump's Biggest Critics Gives Him A Shocking Rating

Manhunt in North Carolina for Illegal Immigrant Serial Rapist

LAW & ORDER 95 criminal illegal immigrants arrested

President Trump Makes Ultimate Threat to Mexico, Canada

WAR ON FOX CONTINUES: Sean Hannity FIRES Back After Woman's Bogus Harassment Claims

Sheriff Rejects ‘Sanctuary Cities' Trend

Taxpayer-Funded Communist University Sued Over This

Mainstream Media Thinks This Conservative Is A Bigger Threat Than North Korea and Iran

Trump's New Move: Drill, Baby, Drill

Bill O’Reilly's Return

Team Trump Hires Former Fox News Anchor

Team Trump Hires Former Fox News Anchor

Here's What Trump Has To Say About Sean Spicer

US-North Korea Stalemate is Over

Trump Boasts Undefeated Record on This

The Democrats Pro-Life Purge

President Trump's Hollywood star vandalized again

NOT A JOKE: UN Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission

Trump Impeachment Ring Leader Runs Crony Nepotism Cash Scheme

Trump Awarded Purple Heart to Army Segeant Wounded in Afghanistan

Did Obama's CIA Director Collude with Foreign Spies to Bring Down Trump?

Deep-State Presidential Candidate Has A New Plot Brewing in Utah

Tampa Teacher Punishes Christian Kids While Pushing Gay Agenda

Obama Attempts To Sway a Foreign Election

American Muslim Legislator Supports Life Insurance for Terrorists

Trump's Sanctuary City Shutdown

Trump's Top Adviser Roasts Megyn Kelly

Illegal Alien Kidnaps, Brutally Rapes Autistic Woman

CONFIRMED: ISIS Responsible for Terror Attack

Trump's Republican Party DESTROYS Record

Alaska University Features Horrifying Painting of Donald Trump

The Democrats' Popularity Is In Freefall

Shocking Numbers Reveal Huge Problem With Millennials

FOX NEWS SHAKE UP Here's Who's Replacing Bill O'Reilly

Trump Calls Out Pelosi and Schumer in New Endorsement

Prof Who Wants to Trump to Hang Gets Special Treatment by University

President Trump Will Meet with Pope Francis

Liberal's Trump 'Resistance' Fails in Round 1

BIAS ALERT: Mainstream Media Dumps on Trump & Patriot's White House Visit

Trump Admin to Launch Investigation in True "America First" Fashion

Trump Names Former Senator to Diplomatic Post

President Trump's Agenda in Jeopardy

O'Reilly Responds to Fox News Ousting

BREAKING: Leaked Documents Show Who Sabotaged O'Reilly

Congressman Who Tried to Keep Obama's Administration in Check Won't Seek Re-election

200 Illegal Migrants Storm Town Hall, Injure 14

[VIDEO] High Ranking Democrat Blames Their Woes on Their Once 'Savior'

Could Laura Ingraham Trump the Senate?

Disgraceful Olympic Medalist Glorifies This North Korean "Policy"

75 Year Old Military Vet Acquitted After Being Targeted for Patriotic Act

Treason: MSNBC Pundit Begs ISIS to Do This To Trump

O'Reilly's Fox News Fate Revealed After Brutal Character Assassination

Anti-Trumper Falls Short

Anti-Trumper Falls Short

Sin City HIV prevention initiatives include syringe vending machines

JIHAD ALERT: Crazed Man Screams "Allahu Akbar" & Goes On Shooting Rampage

Obama Crushed Biden Over Hillary

Mainstream Media Busted In Most Ridiculous Trump Lie Ever

Trump Has News for 'Gang of Illegals' That Should Have Them Running for Cover

Muslim Terrorists' "Truck of Peace Tour" Strikes New City

Savage Berkeley Liberals Call for Horrific Crimes Against College Republicans

Berkeley Liberals Call for Horrific Crimes Against College Republicans

Trump's New Executive Order is a True "America First" Agenda Item

Obama Holdover's Lawless Border Action

Obama Holdover's Lawless Border Action

Here's Who The Obamas Spend Time With Now

Liberal Loon Wants To Ban Patriotic Tradition At Sports Games

Facebook Murderer Video [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

One Tough VP Mike Pence Breaks Protocol to Do This to North Korean Soldiers

ACLU & a Disqualified Judge Wage War on America's Toughest Sheriff