Article Index

Judge OKs Lawsuit to Stop Obama Presidential Center

Suspicious Payments to AOC's Boyfriend Revealed

Social Justice Warriors Can't Handle Magazine Interview...From 1971

Old Videos of Bernie Sanders Should End His Presidential Ambitions

Gowdy Challenges McCabe's Latest Claim

Did Sandmann's Lawyers Just Cost Him Millions?

Another Democrat to Fundraise for Terrorist-Linked Organization

FBI Now Investigating Jussie Smollett

Hate Crime Hoaxes the Media Tried to Hide

1.) Michael Kadar

2.) Malden, Massachusets

3.) A Lie From the Start

4.) Racist Banner

5.) Campus Celebration Hoax

6.) Elon University: Bye-Bye Latinos

7.) Terrible Media Coverage

8.) Santa Monica Beating?

9.) Violent Trump Supporters

10.) Intercept Reporter

BONUS.) Kansas State

Protesters Occupy National Border Patrol Museum

AOC's Nuttiest Comments

1.) The Border Wall

2.) No Jobs for New York

3.) 3 Chambers

4.) Unemployment is Low…

5.) ICE Bed Quota

6.) Money for the Military

Mayor Who Attacked Kavanaugh Caught in #MeToo Scandal

Ted Cruz Proposes New Border Wall Payment Scheme

Warren's Warning for Trump

Embarrassed Ocasio-Cortez Staffer Brazenly Lies About Green New Deal

Ihlan Omar's District is the Terror Recruiting Capitol of U.S.

Store Employee Cussed Out Boy Wearing MAGA Hat. Then, His Mom Steps In.

Dem Congressman: Blackface is Okay If You're Liberal

Democrats Protect Illegal Purchases of Firearms

Potential 2020 Democrat Caught in Nasty Sexual Harassment Scandal

AOC's Latest Stream of Consciousness is Saddest Yet

Democratic Rising Star to Fundraise for Hamas-Linked Organization

Man Points Gun at MAGA Hat Wearing Victim. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

Disabled Veterans Scammed in Government Scheme

Meet the Dems Who Didn't Wait for the Facts in Possible MAGA Attack Hoax

1.) Cory Booker

2.) Nancy Pelosi

3.) Kamala Harris

4.) Bernie Sanders

5.) AOC

6.) Mark Takano

7.) Kirsten Gillibrand

8.) Mike Quigley

9.) Julián Castro

10.) Rashida Tlaib

WATCH LIVE: Shooter Ambushes Cops, Civilians

Fox News Smashes Record

House Freedom Caucus Transforms to Better Fight Liberal Dems

REPORT: Top Dem's Sexual Harassment Described in Stunning Detail

Ex-Mass. Governor Looks to Challenge Trump in 2020

BREAKING: New Details Emerge That 'MAGA Attack' Could Be Hoax

Our Favorite Conservative Power Couples

1.) Ronald & Nancy Reagan

2.) Ted & Heidi Cruz

3.) Mitch McConnell & Elaine Chao

4.) George W. & Laura Bush

5.) Bob & Elizabeth Dole

6.) Donald & Melania Trump

BREAKING: Trump to Declare National Emergency to Build Wall

Accused of Hiding Millions, Avenatti Gives Up Control of Law Firm

Judge Voids Manafort Plea Deal

Five Takeaways From FBI's BOMBSHELL Anti-Trump Scheme

1.) 25th Amendment Discussions

2.) Rosenstein's Wire Offer

3.) Not How the 25th Amendment Works

4.) Mad Rush for the Russian Probe

5.) Trump Vindicated

Radical House Trio's Growing List of Embarrassing Failures

1.) Writing for Louis Farrakhan?!

2.) Let's REPLACE Airplanes! Wait, What??

3.) VERY INTERESTING Take on Islamic Terrorism

4.) Holocaust Deniers 'R' Us?

5.) Smearing Teenagers

6.) Homophobic Conspiracy

7.) So Much for Workers' Comp

8.) Embracing Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer

9.) 'Impeach the Motherf****r'

10.) Stalinist Show Trial for Donald Trump Jr.

Former Presidential Candidate Dies

Gun Groups Come Out Firing Against Attorney General Nominee

Congressional Democrats Blame Virginia Blackface Scandals on... Trump

'Very Troubled' Jewish Leaders Staged Intervention for Dem Rep

Now That They've Cleared Trump, Intel Cmte Members Target FBI

Government Reportedly Fails to Act in Clinton 'Money-Laundering' Scheme

Trump Confronts Cuomo in Private Meeting

4 Reasons Why Trump is Unhappy With Dem Border Deal

1.) Amount of Funding

2.) Only 55 Miles of Some Sort of Barrier

3.) LESS Detention Beds for ICE

4.) A Second Shutdown?

Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Suitcase Murder

Questionable Correspondence Between Hillary Campaign, FBI Revealed

Kamala Harris Listened to These Rappers While High in College. There's Just One Problem.

Illegal Border Crossings Soar to Record Levels

ICE Warns Dem Efforts Will Quietly Release Flood of Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Maxine Waters' BIGGEST Scandals

1.) OneUnited Bank Scandal

2.) Travel Disclosure

3.) In the Street

4.) The Farrakhan Connection

5.) Cuban Friends

Antifa Ringleader Tied to Democratic Lawmakers

Longtime GOP Congressman Dies

Sheriffs Rebel Against Sweeping Gun Law

Here's What's in AOC's Green New Deal…

1.) Ban Nuclear Power Plants

2.) Retrofit All Buildings

3.) Universal Health Care

4.) Banning Airplanes

5.) Free College

6.) Banning of Combustion Engines

7.) Charging Stations Everywhere

8.) Government Provided Jobs

9.) Guaranteed Medical/Family Leave

10.) Government Provided Vacations

11.) Banning 'Farting Cows'

12.) Government Retirement Security

13.) Reparations

14.) Money for Those Unable/UNWILLING to work

BREAKING: Second Woman Accuses Democrat of Rape

Whitaker Hearing Erupts With Trump Appointee Fighting Back

Dem Rep. Tells Young Black Conservative: 'Be Afraid of Us'

Mike Lee Criticizes Democratic Colleagues for 'Wildly Inappropriate' Questions

Longest Serving Member in House History Dies

Another Politician Caught in Blackface Scandal

Trump Furious at Adam Schiff's Latest Hire

Covington Kids Lawyer Reveals Who They Might Sue

1.) The Washington Post

2.) The New York Times

3.) CNN

4.) The Guardian

5.) NPR

6.) TMZ

7.) Atlantic Media Inc.

8.) Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.

9.) Diocese of Covington

10.) Diocese of Lexington

11.) Archdiocese of Louisville

12.) Archdiocese of Baltimore

14.) Erin Burnett

15.) S.E. Cupp

16.) Eliot C. McLaughlin

17.) Amanda Watts

18.) Emanuella Grinberg

13.) Ana Cabrera & Sara Sidner

19.) Michelle Boorstein

20.) Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

21.) Antonio Olivo

22.) Joe Heim

23.) Michael E. Miller

24.) Eli Rosenberg

25.) Isaac Stanley-Becker

26.) Kristine Phillips

27.) Sarah Mervosh

28.) Emily S. Rueb

29.) Maggie Haberman

30.) David Brooks

31.) Shannon Doyne

32.) Kurt Eichenwald

33.) Andrea Mitchell

34.) Savannah Guthrie

35.) Joy Reid

36.) Chuck Todd

37.) Noah Berlatsky

38.) Elisha Fieldstadt

39.) Eun Kyung Kim

40.) HBO

41.) Bill Maher

42.) Warner Media

43.) Condé Nast

44.) GQ

45.) Heavy.com

46.) The Hill

47.) The Atlantic

48.) Bustle.com

49.) Ilhan Omar

50.) Elizabeth Warren

51.) Kathy Griffin

52.) Alyssa Milano

53.) Jim Carrey

Conservative Talk Radio Host Dead

Here are the Dems Condemning VA Governor Ralph Northam

12.) The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus

11.) Kamala Harris

10. Bernie Sanders

9.) Joe Biden


7.) Planned Parenthood

6.) Nancy Pelosi

5.) Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe

4.) Virginia Senate Democrats

3.) Virginia House Democrats

2.) Cory Booker

1.) Kathy Tran

Phoenix Police Disprove McCain's Claim

Border Patrol's Latest Numbers Will SHOCK You

Reporter Jokes About VICIOUSLY Assassinating Trump

Democrat's Accuser Breaks Silence in Devastating Statement

See Who's Next in Line If Virginia's Top Three Dems Fall

Another Anti-Trump Democrat Embroiled in Racist Controversy

Republicans Pounce on Warren's Native Claim

NYPD Shielding MS-13 Member Accused of Subway Shootout

Exxon Mobil to Invest $10 Billion in American Infrastructure

New Probe Into TrumpWorld Sends Shockwaves

Cory Booker Tries to Entrap Trump Nominee. Then, Ted Cruz Responds.

REVEALED: Dem Rep Blamed America for Islamic Terrorism

Meet the Senator Who Thinks Infanticide is Okay

Trump Suggests New Military Solution to Border Crisis

Migrant Caravan Expected to Reach Texas Tomorrow

Dem Controlled State Descends Into Chaos After Wild Accusations Fly

Deadly MS-13 Attack Caught on Camera

Fox News Throws Cold Water on Trump's Plan

Border Town Residents Fear Cartel Retaliation

Border Patrol Agent Killed in the Line of Duty

Democrat Power Broker's Indictment May Doom 2020 Operation

Convicted Terrorist Heads to Border

Network Labeled Dem Gov. in Racist Yearbook Scandal 'Republican'

Conservative Icon Wants 'Lunatic' Trump Primaried

Fox News' Latest Hire Will Blow You Away

Police Shooting of Left-Wing Extremist Ruled Justified

Big Gov't Bills Dems Want to Pass Now

1.) Medicare for All

2.) Debt-Free College

3.) Guaranteed Jobs

4.) Massive Infrastructure Package

The Best Conservative Counties to Retire In

1.) Paulding County, Ga.

2.) Charlotte County, Fl.

3.) Lee County, Fl.

4.) Pamlico County, N.C.

5.) El Paso County, Colo.

6.) Sarasota County, Fl.

7.) Baldwin Co., Ala.

8.) Indian River County, Fl.

9.) Union County, N.C.

10.) Tucker County, W.Va.

11.) Utah County, Utah

12.) Collier County, Fl.

13.) James City County, Va.

14.) Clay County, Fl.

15.) Denton County, Texas

16.) Douglas County, Colo.

17.) Cherokee County, Ga.

18.) Fayette County, Ga.

19.) Maricopa County, Ariz.

20.) Collin County, Texas

21.) Citrus County, Fl.

22.) Montgomery County, Texas

23.) Forsyth County, Ga.

Democratic Star's Medical School Yearbook Page Shows Blackface and KKK Photo

See the Walls Democrats Actually Support

1.) Tunisia Border Barrier

2.) Jordan's Border Security Program

3.) Israel's Border Walls

4.) Pakistan's Fence

5.) Denmark (Seriously)

The Jobs Report No One Expected

House Dems Prepare First Subpoena Fight With Trump

Cory Booker Announces Presidential Run

Families Say Healthcare System Failing Wounded Cops

New Evidence Undercuts Democrats' Collusion Theory

Here's a List of All the Congressional Democrats Who've Been Charged With a Crime

1.) Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)

2.) Ex-Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA)

3.) Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

4.) Ex-Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL)

5.) Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL)

6.) Ex-Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA)

7.) Ex-Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-LA)

8.) Ex-Rep. Frank Ballance (D-NC)

9.) Ex-Rep. Jim Traficant (D-OH)

Republican Senators Clash With Trump on Foreign Policy

Trey Gowdy Joins Fox News as Contributor

Model Admits Truth Behind Trump-Russian Collusion Claims

Not to Be Outdone, Virginia's Dem Governor Seeks to Amp Up Abortion Rights

Maxine Waters Blames Trump for Brutal Attack on Actor

DOJ Official's Wife Researched Trump's Kids

Clinton Operatives Targeting This Presidential Candidate

Black Lives Matter Leader Charged With Assaulting Police

ICE Busts Scores of Criminals in Sweeping Raid

House Dems Mull Devastating Revenge on AOC

Trump Team Prepares to Sue Fmr Aide

Jeff Flake Reveals 2020 Plans

Any Doubts About Dem Star's Anti-Semitism Can Be Put to Rest

Mayor's Green Gamble Goes Awry

Pro-Trump Senate Candidate Gets New Role

Top Dem Changes Course, Backs Trump

Lib Meltdown to Third-Party Presidential Plans is DELICIOUS

1.) Make America Grande Again, Comrades

2.) Get Over Your Hissy Fit

3.) Apocalypse Now

4.) Another Narcissist Weighs In

5.) A Passive Aggressive Democrat? Who'da Thunk It?!

6.) Meet the REAL Howard Schultz

7.) Creepy Porn Lawyer

8.) Time for Woke History

9.) Be a "Patriotic" Billionaire

10.) Our Condolences, Connie

11.) The Left Eats Their Own

Feds REFUSE to Unseal Documents Justifying Clinton Whistleblower Raid

Anti-Trump Dem Accused of Unthinkable Perversion

Gun-Wielding Patriot Stops Massachusetts Mayhem

How EXACTLY Did CNN Know What Would Happen to Roger Stone?

After Stone Indictment, Trump Has Only One Question for Hillary

Baby Survives in Bittersweet Miracle

Did Congress Cover Up Border Health Crisis?

WIDESPREAD Voter Fraud Officially Found HERE

Unpaid Border Patrol Agent's Unbelievable Act of Bravery

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Roger Stone's Arrest

1.) CNN was There

2.) Indicted on Seven Counts

3.) Multiple False Statements

4.) Already Took Polygraphs

5.) Sarah Sanders: 'Nothing to Do With the President'

Dems Get Their Way: How Did Conservatives Respond?

1.) Unhappy Ann Coulter

2.) Guy Benson

3.) Libslayer Ben Shapiro

4.) Steve Deace

5.) Amber Athey

6.) Lou Dobbs

7.) James Woods

8.) Tomi Lahren

9.) Jeanine Pirro

10.) Dana Loesch

11.) Allen West

12.) Dennis Miller

New Trump Ally 'Person of Interest' in FBI Probe

Maxine Waters Faces NEW Scandal

Sarah Sanders Bashes CNN Over Stone Arrest

Army Vet Wears Trump T-Shirt to Gym. Then, Owner Escalates.

Top Dem Calls for Party to Give In

The 10 Worst States for Gun Owners

1.) Illinois

2.) Rhode Island

3.) Hawaii

4.) Maryland

5.) Connecticut

6.) New Jersey

7.) California

8.) Massachusetts

9.) Washington, D.C.

10.) New York

Meet the GOP Senators Who Voted to End the Shutdown

Republicans Threatening to Challenge Trump

1.) Sen. Ben Sasse

2.) Former Sen. Jeff Flake

3.) Former Sen. Bob Corker

4.) Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley

5.) Gov. Larry Hogan

6.) Gov. John Kasich

7.) Sen. Mitt Romney

Dem Senator Flips, Will Vote for Wall

The Media's Native American Protester Has Dirty Past

Another Republican Senator Breaks With Trump On the Spending Bill

Third Most Powerful Dem Floats Shutdown Compromise

Anti-Trump Dem OUSTED From Powerful Posts

Dem Aides Escape Criminal Charges Despite Warnings

Jury Gives Prosecutor Who Toppled Republican Governor BAD NEWS

Dem Rep DEFENDS Hate Group That Attacked Covington Kids

'Catholic' Governor Celebrates Allowing Abortion Up to Birth

Senate Leaders Reach Deal That Could End Shutdown

GOP Rising Star Turned Down VP Offer Because of Anti-Trump Abuser

7 Examples of Liberals BERATING Christians

1.) Covington Catholic

2.) Women’s March

3.) Karen Pence

4.) Harris & Hirono Anti-Catholic Bigotry

5.) McJesus

6.) Silence On Iran & China’s Christian Crackdown

7.) Biblical Beliefs Shut Down in Schools

Trump Unveils Strategy to Stop Future Caravans

Fox News Star and Family in 'Major Car Crash'

REPORT: Nancy Pelosi Charges Air Force Small Fortune

7 Dems Reject Trump Deal They ONCE Sponsored

1.) Sen. Dick Durbin

2.) Sen. Dianne Feinstein

3.) Sen. Charles Schumer

4.) Sen. Kamala Harris

5.) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

6.) Rep. Pramila Jayapal

7.) Ex-Rep. Beto O'Rourke

9 Times Twitter Excused 'Verified' Calls for Violence Against Misreported Students

1.) How is THIS Okay?

2.) Reza Aslan

3.) What is the World Coming To?

4.) Kathy Griffin (Surprise, Surprise)

5.) Ron Perlman

6.) Mira Sorvino

7.) Alyssa Milano

8.) Pro-Choice Logic

9.) You Should Know Better, Congressman

10.) Apologies

Pelosi Loses BIG Ally as Shutdown Drags On

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Vicious Crimes Terrorizing Entire State

Child Thanks Guardian Angel for Saving Her From Axe Murderer

House Dems PROMISE Kavanaugh Investigation

Apologies Roll in for WILDY MISCHARACTERIZED Catholic Students

Bad News for Ben Shapiro

Mueller's Extraordinary Statement Proves Press Has Gone Too Far

6 Dems Launching Homophobic Conspiracy Against Pro-Trump Ally

1.) Ilhan Omar

2.) Stephanie Ruhle

3.) Jon Cooper

4.) Chelsea Handler

5.) Jimmy Kimmel

6.) Democratic Underground

Video of Dems Whining About Trump Canceled Trip is Comedy Gold

Largest Group Ever Caught Tunneling UNDER BORDER WALL

Acosta's Latest Temper Tantrum is His Most Embarrassing Yet

Things the Democrats Will Fund That Cost MORE Than a Wall

1.) Foreign Aid

2.) Sugar Industry Subsidies

3.) Amtrak Trains

4.) Unused Federal Real Estate

5.) Wasted Funds

6.) Community Development Grants

7.) The United Nations

Obama Moneyman Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE to Children

Republican Governor Stokes Fire He'll Challenge Trump in 2020

Top Obama Lawyer Caught in BIG LIE

Pelosi Accuses Trump of Putting Her in Grave Danger

Federal Court KO'd Planned Parenthood in One-Two Combo

CAN'T-MISS: Ted Cruz Obliterates Pelosi's Propaganda

Trump Gains 19 Points With Surprising Group Amid Shutdown

Dems Suckered Into Trump's Trap

Read Trump's BRUTAL Letter to Pelosi

Dem Strongholds With Murder Rates Higher Than Latin America's Deadliest Countries

1.) Memphis

2.) St. Louis

3.) Baltimore

4.) Detroit

5.) New Orleans

BONUS: On the Rise

Pro-Trump Congressman RESIGNS After Winning Re-Election

Top House Dem Punishes #MeToo Whistleblower

Shocking Reason Behind GOP's Money Troubles

NEW, Ominous Warning Signs at Border

Anti-Trump Group Scrubs Senior Secret Service Agent's 'Leadership Role'

Left-Wing Southern Poverty Law Center SUED

BREAKING: American Troops Massacred in ISIS Ambush

Top Dem CRUSHES Progressive Dream to Abolish ICE

Trump Challenger Wonders If Constitution Still Relevant

Liberals in Love With Walls... For Themselves

1.) Nancy Pelosi

2.) Katy Perry

3.) Mark Zuckerberg

4.) Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton

5.) Dianne Feinstein

6.) Barack Obama

America's Youngest Lawmaker's INCREDIBLE Plan to Build the Wall

Forget DNAgate, This Scandal May DESTROY Liawatha

Trump's Russia Dossier Could End in Criminal Charges...for Hillary

Companies That Got Woke and Went Broke

1.) Dick's Sporting Goods

2.) Gillette

3.) Electronic Arts

4.) The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia

5.) Marvel Comics

Pentagon EXTENDS Trump Military Mission at Border

Dems Float Homophobic Conspiracy to DESTROY Senator

Laura Loomer and Friends Test Pelosi's Open Borders Offer

Border Wall GoFundMe Hits Barrier of Its Own

Dems' Quasi-Legal Arguments Shouldn't Scare You

Dems' Ritzy Scheming During Disaster Will ENRAGE You

Governor's Gun Crackdown Threatens MILLIONS

Dem Rep Invites Hezbollah Fanboy to Dinner

Court Ties ICE's Hands, RIGHT Before Bloodbath

Secret Anti-Trump FBI Probe UNEARTHED

Jim Acosta’s Bad Day That Only Got Worse

1.) The Wall Tweet

2.) Backlash

3.) Trump Jr. Feud

4.) Rush Limbaugh Has Joined the Battle

5.) Trump Delivers the Finisher

6.) The Real Crisis Just a Few Miles Away

Too Good to Check: AOC Stiffed Campaign Staff on THIS

A Short Drive From Where Acosta Declared There's NO Crisis, Authorities Found THIS

Ready or Not: Here Comes the NEXT Caravan

5 Liberals Preparing to Backstab Pelosi?

1.) Chris Cuomo

2.) Cher

3.) Alisyn Camerota

4.) John Yarmuth

5.) Cherri Bustos

Dem Rep BREAKS With Pelosi, Supports Trump's Agenda

BUSTED! CNN Asks Local Station For Border Wall Take, Doesn't Air Segment After Hearing the TRUTH

Tucker Carlson Utterly Destroys CNN, Acosta

Fmr Trump Fixer Will Testify Publicly to Congress

America's Most Infamous Murderer Unmasked?

Freshman Congressman Leads By Example During Shutdown

McConnell Quietly Proves He's One of D.C.'s Savviest Operators

Everyone That Got Money From Ed Buck

Sinema, Kyrsten (D)

Lieu, Ted (D)

Schiff, Adam (D)

Clinton, Hillary (D)

Obama, Barack (D)

Donnelly, Joe (D)

McNerney, Jerry (D)

Can't-Miss Highlights From Trump's Dem Destroying Presser

DOD Wasted THIS Much as Trump Sought Wall Funds

Billionaire Lib Announces 2020 Decision

Millions Tuned In to Watch Trump, One Network Won Big

Heroic Protester Owns California's New Governor

Trump Threatens to Drop the Hammer on California

Man Found Dead With Dem Donor 'Seemed Just Fine' When Last Seen

CRAZYTOWN: Freshmen Dems Gone Wild

1.) Abigail Spanberger

2.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

3.) Colin Allred

4.) Chrissy Houlahan

5.) Sharice Davids

6.) Harley Rouda

7.) Ayanna Pressley

8.) Ben McAdams

9.) Rashida Tlaib

10.) Jennifer Wexton

The Internet Destroys Chuck & Nancy's AWKWARD Trump Response

1.) "Hell of a Visual"


3.) Good Cop, Bad Cop

4.) The First Step

5.) American Gothic

6.) Arrested Development

7.) Optics Fail


9.) Mmm, Mmm, Good!


Ocasio-Cortez Goes Off the Rails After Trump Speech

Mueller's No. 1 Defender Loses Faith

Trumpy Governor Suspends Cowardly Sheriff

Kellyanne Destroys CNN 'Smarta**' Acosta

Chuck Norris' Incredible Border Wall Solution

Top Dem Casually Dives Into Bigoted Conspiracy

Obama Border Patrol Chief Praises Trump

Obama-Era Officials Plotted Conservative's Demise

Controversial Conservative Leader BEATEN NEAR DEATH

13 Lives Ended By Illegal Immigration

Steven Marler

Justin James Dennis Lee

Officer Ronil Singh

Rocky "Roc" P. Jones

Mollie Tibbitts

Officer Kevin Will

Peter Hacking

Ellie Jean Bryant & Grayson Hacking

Dominic Daniel Durden

Grant Ronnebeck

Sergeant Brandon Mendoza

Kenneth Scott Mahr

One Man Monument Militia Continues to Clean Up D.C.

MORE Chicanery Uncovered in STUNNING Dem Upset

Fmr ICE Director Delivers Epic Ultimatum to Pelosi

The Promises Trump and Republicans Kept – and Broke

1.) FAIL – Full Repeal of Obamacare

2.) MIXED – Border Security and the Wall

3.) MIXED – Repeal Dodd-Frank

4.) KEPT – Nominate Pro-Life Justice to the Supreme Court

5.) FAIL – Pain-Capable Abortion Ban

6.) FAIL – Defund Planned Parenthood

7.) KEPT – Tax Reform

8.) MIXED – Scrap Unconstitutional Executive Orders

9.) FAIL – National Right to Carry

These Republicans Quietly Broke With Trump, Voted to Reopen Gov't

CNN Erupts as Pro-Trump Guest Gets Honest About Shutdown

Freshmen Dems Embrace Anti-Semite, Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer

One of the Most Powerful Dems BREAKS With Liberal Talking Points on Border Wall

Anti-Trump Rally Scrapped After Leaders Exposed as Racist

Mueller Probe EXTENDED

Judge Gives Race-Faker Rachel Dolezal Bad News

Fox News Regular to Run For Senate

Here are All the Democrats Defecting From Pelosi’s Reign

1.) Rep. Anthony Brindisi of New York

2.) Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee

3.) Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah

4.) Rep. Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey

5.) Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan

6.) Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia

7.) Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey

8.) Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York

9.) Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin

10.) Rep. Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania

11.) Rep. Max Rose of New York

12.) Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon

13.) Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado

14.) Rep. Joe Cunningham of South Carolina

15.) Rep. Jared Golden of Maine

Gowdy Wipes the Floor With Fauxcahontas in Front of Nation

500 Pounds of Freedom Lands Squarely on Al Qaeda Leader

Everything You Need to Know About the Fight For Trump’s Wall

1.) Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Want Any Discussion

2.) Open to Options

3.) Trump Doesn't Plan on Caving

4.) Shut Down All Month

5.) Dems are Fighting Hard

Mainstream Media Destroys Life of Autistic Woman

Congresswoman After Being Sworn In: 'Impeach the Motherf****r'

Badass Photo of Congress' Combat Veterans Goes Viral

Trump Considers Dem as Mattis' Replacement

Bikers For Trump Energizes With New Video

Conservative Icon Goes Into Hiding After Death Threats

Haley Goes Out With a Bang

6 Rising Women in the Republican Party

Liz Cheney

Kristi Noem

Kay Ivey

Kim Reynolds

Mia Love

Elise Stefanik

BAD SOCIALIST: Bernie Botches Response to Sex Misconduct Allegations

Liberal Revolt Spoils Dem's First Day in Power

Bikers For Trump Steps Up During Shutdown

Trump Fires Back at Romney After Blistering Op-Ed

Mexican President Teams Up With Trump to Stop Global Crisis

2018's Most Ludicrous Examples of Government Waste

1.) Studying the Sex Lives of Coked-Up Quail

2.) Promoting Tourism... in Egypt

3.) Millions on Daydreaming

4.) Tormenting Small Animals

Dems Earmarked $500K For Struggling Minorities. Instead, They Spent It on THIS.

Conservatives We Lost in 2018

1.) George H.W. Bush

2.) John McCain

3.) George Deukmejian

4.) Barbara Bush

5.) Charles Krauthammer

6.) Bre Payton

The Absolute WORST Media Highlights From the Year

17.) Beto Rise and Fall

16.) North Korea Olympics Fiasco

15.) CNN Harasses Old Woman

14.) Avenatti Saga

13.) Search and Destroy: Kavanaugh Must Be Eliminated

12.) CNN Dives Into Complete Trash

11.) Desecrating a Grave: Stan Lee

10.) CNN and Their Prostitute Friend

9.) Twitter and the NPC Army

8.) Remember… No Retraction

7.) NBC Sits on an Egg: Kavanaugh Chronicles

6.) Pewdiepie: Terror Incarnate

5.) Search and Destroy: Kavanaugh Must Be Eliminated NYT Icy Adventures

4.) White Men are the Greatest Terror Threat

3.) Impeach Trump… NOW

2.) Trump Voters are Public Enemy Number 1


Elizabeth Warren to Challenge Trump

Unsettling Fox News Developments Should Unnerve White House

Roseanne's Big Plans For 2019

Kelly Says Trump Gave Up on Promise Long Ago

While Dems Slept Over Holidays, Trump Did THIS

Court Further Destroys Obama Legacy

Dems Prepare For Largest Expansion of Government Ever?

Mall Santa's Horrifying Secret Unearthed

Mueller Target Drops Bombshell

History's Most Famous Walls

1.) The Great Wall of China

2.) Atlantic Wall

3.) Hadrian's Wall

4.) Maginot Line

5.) Berlin Wall

6.) Walls of Troy

7.) Walls of Constantinople

Schumer's Very Awkward Comments About Border Security Resurface

Star Athlete's Stunning Double Life REVEALED

Hospital Potentially Exposes THOUSANDS to HIV, Hepatitis

University Tells Student Remove 'F*** Nazis' Sign Because It's Not Inclusive

Meet Shadowy Democrat Behind 'False Flag' Russian Operation

Karma For Sanctuary City's 'Satanic' Christmas Display

'Deportation Bus' GOP Candidate Goes to Jail

Christians Face Extinction Where Christmas Began

All the Countries With Border Walls

1.) Northern Ireland

2.) Spain - Morocco

3.) Cyprus

4.) Hungary - Serbia

5.) Greece - Turkey

6.) Morocco - Western Sahara

7.) Saudi Arabia - Iraq

8.) Israel - West Bank

9.) Turkey - Syria

10.) India - Bangladesh

Unusual Stocking Stuffer Takes California By Storm

Time Running Out For BILLION DOLLAR Winner to Claim Prize

Authorities Quietly Dumped Hundreds of Migrants on U.S. Soil Christmas Day

Fox Star SNAPS at Trump Adviser

Fmr Prostitute Says Top Dem Did THIS to Her

Shady Mueller Case Comes Before Supreme Court

How to Survive Christmas Day With Your Liberal Relatives

Read the Vile Hate Mail the Wounded Warrior Behind #GoFundTheWall Received

Avenatti Just Keeps on Losing…

Avenatti and His Liberty Vandal

Divorce Fiasco

Domestic Violence Charge

Where is the Money

Stormy Lawsuit Loss and Fiasco

Coffee Chain Collapse

Meet the Next Secretary of Defense

The Top 20 States With the Most Gun Owners

20.) Wisconsin

19.) South Dakota

18.) Texas

17.) Minnesota

16.) Nevada

15.) Tennessee

14.) Kentucky

13.) Mississippi

12.) South Carolina

11.) Louisiana

10.) Hawaii

9.) North Dakota

8.) Alabama

7.) New Mexico

6.) Montana

5.) Wyoming

4.) West Virginia

3.) Idaho

2.) Arkansas

1.) Alaska

FBI Fails to Act After Comedian Uncovers Pedophile Ring

BIASED: College Professors Going All Out on Republican Students

1.) Citizen’s Arrest

2.) Expelled?

3.) Republican Student Racist?

4.) F*** Your Lives

5.) Wrong Pronouns

BONUS) The Art of the Argument

Trump Decided to Withdraw From Syria After Leaving His National Security Team Speechless

Wounded Warrior Comes Under Attack Over Border Wall GoFundMe

Surrounded America General Told the Nazis F--- Off on This Day in 1944

The Most Likely Replacements For Jim 'Mad Dog' Mattis

1.) Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane

2.) Sen. Tom Cotton

3.) Sen. Lindsey Graham

4.) Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan

5.) Former Sen. Jim Talent

6.) Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats

Chief Justice Joins Libs in Bitter Blow to Trump

2020 Contender Threatens Trump

Dems Prepare For Civil War Over Issue Barely Mentioned in Midterms

Mexico Agrees With Trump's New Border Plan

Here are the Advertisers Sticking With Tucker Carlson

1.) Mitsubishi

2.) AstraZeneca

3.) John Deere

4.) Alka-Seltzer Plus

5.) Farmers Insurance

6.) MyPillow

7.) Gold Bond

8.) Meet the Undecideds

Rollins Details How Stacked Mueller's Probe Is...

Explosive Court Docs Show GOP Insiders Had Early Eye on Trump Dossier

Bad News For Anti-Trump Star

Freedom Caucus Leads Charge Against Wall-Killing Bill

Beloved Restaurant Turns on Fox News But Not Saudi Arabia

Judge Rules on Deported Migrants and Trump is Not Happy About It

BREAKING: McCain Associate Leaked Dossier to Press

Feds Caught Paying Farrakhan to Do THIS

Fox & Friends Turns on Trump as Border Wall Crumbles

WATCH: Female Trump Supporter Physically Beaten By Thug

Meet the Advertisers Abandoning Tucker Carlson

1.) Pacific Life

2.) Bowflex

3.) Indeed

4.) Minted

5.) NerdWallet

6.) SmileDirectClub

7.) Voya Financial

8.) Ancestry.com

9.) Land Rover

10.) Zenni Optical

11.) IHOP

12.) Just For Men

13.) United Explorer Credit Card

14.) ScotteVest

15.) TD Ameritrade

16.) CareerBuilder

Trump's Executive Order Just Made Christmas a Little Better

Fox Superstar Has an Important Message For Trump

Violent Antifa Leader's Identity EXPOSED

Trump Seriously Considers the Unthinkable on the Wall

Tucker Carlson's Tough Week

The 7 Most Corrupt Politicians of 2018

1.) Former Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.)

2.) Former Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.)

3.) Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

4.) Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.)

5.) Congressional Candidate Russell Taub (R-Rhode Island)

6.) Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)

7.) Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-New York)

Congressmen Help Caravan Migrants Hop Border

BREAKING: Conservative Gets McCain's Seat

Avenatti Stands By Statue of Liberty Vandal, Loses Big

Women's March Meltdown Begins After Shocking Report

Journalist Who Broke Trump Dossier Story Now Doubts Its Authenticity

6 Conservatives Standing Firm on Trump's Wall

1.) Jim Jordan

2.) Steve King

3.) Mike Simpson

4.) Kevin McCarthy

5.) Steve Scalise

6.) Tom Reed

BREAKING: Detained Migrants Sue ICE Over THIS

BREAKING: GOP Senator Retiring

Terror-Linked Country Funding U.S. Education?

Fmr Federal Prosecutor: Mueller Destroyed Evidence AND WORSE

Child Rapist Fools Judge, Spared Deportation

FBI Finally Releases Key Dossier Evidence

TRAVESTY: Decorated Green Beret Gets THIS For Killing Taliban Bomber

FBI Brazenly Ignores Senate Judiciary Committee

Muslim Congresswoman Mocks Mike Pence's Faith on Twitter

New Chief of Staff Trashed Donald Trump on Video

Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare

BREAKING: Top Trump Official Leaves Administration

Dehydrated Child Dies After Days-Long Forced March By Parents, Libs Blame Border Patrol

Intelligence Agency Holds Key to Exonerate Flynn – But Hasn't Released It!

Mayor Creates Holiday For Radical Jihad Group

Former Presidential Candidate Gives Trump Bad News

Biggest Terrorist Attacks This Year

December 11th, 2018 Strasbourg, France

November 9th, 2018 Melbourne, Australia

September 22nd, 2018 Ahvas, Iran

May 1st, 2018 Mubi, Nigeria

February 18th, 2018 Kizlyar, Russia

March 23rd, 2018 Carcassonne & Trebes, France

January 27th, 2018 Kabul, Afghanistan

BREAKING: GOP Senator Quits

Whistleblower Visited By FBI Mysteriously Sent to Psych Ward

Justice Dept. Won't Make Whistle Blower Available For Clinton Probe

Judge's Ruling Spells Disaster For FBI

Boy Scouts Face Bankruptcy

Caravan Organizer Outed as Likely Terrorist

Time Magazine's Worst Persons of the Year

1.) Adolf Hitler

2.) Joseph Stalin (TWICE)

3.) Ayatollah Khomeini

4.) Pierre Laval (Nazi Sympathizer)

5.) Nikita Khrushchev

6.) Jimmy Carter

7.) Vladimir Putin

8.) The Protester (Occupy Wall Street)

Fox News Legend Believes Trump Committed Felony

BREAKING: Radical Billionaire Challenging Trump in 2020

6 Things the Media Isn't Telling You About Cohen's Prison Sentence

1.) What's He Actually Guilty Of?

2.) A Clinton Political Operative Couldn't Save Him

3.) Surrender By March 6th

4.) Here's His New Home!

5.) He Owes BIG Money

6.) The #Resistance Will Use This to Push Impeachment

Incoming Dem Vows to Destroy Trump's Entire Family

Jaw-Dropping Price Tag For Latest Migrant Caravan Demand

Star Has Amazing Gift For Children of Fallen Soldiers. Why Isn't He Time's Person of the Year?

Liawatha Stunned as Media Giants Turn on Her

7 Ways Trump Savaged the Dems in ONE Meeting

1.) I Won’t Sign It

2.) I Don’t Wanna Debate…

3.) He Does… He Doesn’t?

4.) NO WALL!!!

5.) Elections Have Consequences

6.) I Will Shut It Down

7.) 30 Minutes in Overtime

Will Comey's Dodges Under Oath Lead to Criminal Charges?

Sheriff Joe Strikes Back Against Mainstream Media in Major Blow

Residents of THIS Major US City Have 90 Days to Turn in Their Guns

FBI Fights to Keep Clinton Whistleblower Raid Docs Secret

Destroy Trump Agenda Secrets REVEALED

Unable to Find Collusion, Dems Obsess Over THIS

6 Female Teachers Caught Traumatizing Their Male Students

1.) A Not So Safe Selfie

2.) Never Go Off the Meds…

3.) Math Teacher x Student x Student x Student

4.) Special Investigation NEEDED?

5.) A Candlelit Encounter

6.) Don’t Lie to the Sheriff

SHOCK REPORT: You Help Fund Soros' Globalist Agenda

Little Known Facts About the Migrant Caravan

1.) Not Just Women and Children

2.) Scary Tactics

3.) This is NOT a One and Done Event

4.) They Are Not Peaceful

5.) Trump Has Not Violated the Law By Using Tear Gas

6.) They Don’t Want Asylum

7.) MS-13 Gang Members in the Fold?

8.) The Big Dollar Connection

Kavanaugh Joins Libs to Protect Planned Parenthood

Clinton Foundation Bigwig Snitches on Hillary

Google's Anti-Breitbart Coup EXPOSED

Fox News Analyst Predicts Trump Indictment

Comey's Confession: Anti-Trump Dossier Never Verified


Mueller's Latest Filing Nothing But Bad News For Cohen

MASSIVE Illegal Alien Raid Nabs Child Predators, MS-13, Other Notorious Criminals

Meet Trump's Next Chief of Staff – Unless His Enemies Defeat Him

Al Sharpton's Daughter Caught Doing THIS After Filing $5M Suit For Sprained Ankle

Federal Judge REOPENS Investigation Into Clinton Email Scandal

A Few Questions For James Comey the House Must Ask

1.) Did the Election Affect Your Investigation?

2.) What is Crossfire Hurricane?

3.) Who Started Crossfire Hurricane? And Why?

4.) Why Christopher Steele?

5.) Identify All Those Connected to “Spygate”

6.) Unnamed Source Nightmare

7.) What was the Point of Crossfire Hurricane?

8.) Carter Page FISA Warrant

9.) Were You Looking Into Trumpworld Prior to Crossfire Hurricane?

10.) Leaks in Just the Right Spots, Huh?

11.) Who was Involved In/Knew About Crossfire Hurricane?

12.) Talking With President Trump?

13.) Who Signed the Order?

14.) The Trump Tower Meeting

15.) Did Obama Sign the FISA Warrants?

16.) The Insurance Policy

Ocasio-Cortez Threatens Stalinist Show Trial Against Trump Jr.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Next Attorney General

1.) He's Critical of the Mueller Probe

2.) Hostage Crisis Success

3.) He's Staunchly Pro-Life

4.) He Climbed the Corporate Ladder Afterward

5.) He Served in the CIA

Fox News Superstar Turns on Trump

Trump Goes Scorched Earth on Mueller

DNC Chair Just Insulted Everyone Who Ever Went to Church

Fmr Top Dem Arrested on These Heinous Charges

IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Every One of Mueller’s Targets

Roger Stone

Julian Assange

Jerome Corsi

President Trump

Michael Cohen

Paul Manafort

George Papadopoulos

Email Chain Hides Most Damning Evidence of Comey's Abuses Yet

First Caravan Member Gives Birth in the United States

Prominent Dem Repeatedly Caught in Women's Restrooms Resigns

Obama Swamp Thing Resigns

Spiked Fence Helps Cops Catch Thug in Most Painful Way Possible

Top Dem Employed Rapist Until Victim Went Public

America Dangerously Unprepared For New Threat

Grassley Demands Answers on FBI's Clinton Foundation Raid

Democratic Socialist Lives Like Kings While Warning About Climate Change

If THIS Doesn't Move You, Your Heart Might Be AWOL

Sweetheart Deal: Sharpton's Sells Life Story – to His Charity

Firm Behind Infamous Trump Dossier LIED. Here's Proof.

KID ROCK WAS RIGHT: Joy Behar Shows Her True Colors

CNN President Hints at 2020 Plans

Ocasio-Cortez Called Out

Country Banishes Criminal Aliens to Remote Island – Will Dems Give Them Second Chance?

5 Bombshells From Criminal Complaint AGAINST Mueller

Partisan Prosecutors

Illegal Plea Deal

Corsi Claims Innocence

False Testimony Wanted?!

A Monkey Wrench in the Mueller Plan

Did Mueller Withhold Key Detail That Will Exonerate Trump?

Major Metropolitan Police Force Becomes Enforcers For Antifa

BREAKING: Clinton Pals Indicted

WW2 Footage Shows Young George Bush Rescued From Certain Death

Congresswoman Helps Caravan Members Breach Border

Sanctuary City Police Chief Sued

SHOCK REPORT: Even MORE FBI-Linked Agents Tried Infiltrating Team Trump

Predator Drone 1, ISIS Boss 0

Brenda Snipes Rescinds Resignation

Instagram Girls Shooting Guns

1.) You Have to Load Before You Can Shoot

2.) Duel Wielding Riffles??

3.) Not the Best Idea

4.) CC For The Win!

5.) Full Auto Baby

6.) Nice Shot

7.) I Have a Question

8.) MISS

9.) I’ll Have What She Is Having

10.) WOW

11.) STOP

12.) Give Me That

13.) Melt the Bad Boy

14.) Zombie Time

15.) NICE!!!

Kid Rock Booted From Xmas Parade After Joy Behar Slam. His Reaction is Epic.

America's Most Notorious Serial Killers You've Never Heard Of

1.) H.H. Holmes

2.) Belle Gunness

3.) Atlanta Ripper

4.) Earle Nelson

5.) Jake Bird

6.) Cleveland Torso Murderer

7.) Donald Henry Gaskins

8.) Edmund Kemper

9.) Carl "Coral" Watts

10.) Herb Baumeister

BONUS: Kermit Gosnell

Pedophile Connected to Clintons Gets Off Scot-Free